I don’t know if I can give the spoiler
the spoiler.
I don’t know if I can do it.
Hello, Hello Welcome to my Booktube
channel and today we’re gonna try to
talk about
the book called The Silent Patient by
Alex Michaelides. I’m going to try… I’m not even going
say that. They’re going to be spoilers
because I need to get this out
and I need to speak with y’all about how
this book
has literally sat on my brain for
weeks. I was like “you need to do a
review about it because everybody else
needs to know how great this book is. The author
who wrote the book actually didn’t think
it was a thriller. Which I found
very interesting because I was very much
There were so many twists and turns that
put me in a state of being like
“do I need to lock these doors” kind of
situation. Anyhow the author thought that it was
more of like a whodunit a mystery
versus a thriller. The author took years
on writing this book. The author also
used moments of their lives
as inspiration for different parts of
the book.
The author himself actually worked at a
unit and used some of that experience to
create the character, Theo.
So before we go into Theo and his
character development. Let’s first start with Alicia. So Alicia
was a
famous painter and her husband Gabrielle
was a famous photographer
and they both were married and Alicia
had a very troubled childhood. She lost
both of her parents and was living with
her aunt and her cousin.
The story starts off with Alicia being
in a psychiatric unit
and not saying a word. Hence the Silent
She was silent and didn’t say anything.
The book goes back and forth in time
and it has two points of views and it’s
from Alicia and the character Theo.
Alicia was arrested for being accused of
killing her husband
by shooting him five times.
Who knows? In the psychiatric unit with
other patients Alicia was known as the crazy one. So Theo a psychotherapist
who worked in the unit was trying to
talk to
his supervisors of trying to get more
about her and trying to figure out why
did she do it, right?
What happened? Why does she snap?
PAUSE! Snap is not a thing but
a lot of pop culture like to be like “oh
they suddenly snapped” and
No! Things build up, experiences happen.
got the okay, it wasn’t an easy road but
got the okay
from his supervisor and with their help
to do private sessions with Alicia to
try to get her
to talk about what happened. But Alicia
nothing. Meanwhile, Theo was going to her
aunt’s house trying to interview her
Her cousin, the person who worked with
when she sewed her painting. He even
contacted her therapist
that she was seeing before she was
accused of killing her husband.
So months and months go on Theo tries
different type of
approaches. He tries to incorporate art
into the therapy and you know advocate
for her to have some art supplies
that went terribly wrong. He tried
different mythologies
to help Alicia to speak her truth
about what happened to her.
However, he didn’t know and by he I mean
Theo. Theo did not know
that Alicia had a journal and she
have been recording what has happened to
her and
things that has happened to her in her
life and her opinion on those things.
While this story is going you’re also
figuring out
or learning about what’s happening in
Theo’s personal life.
Theo is married to this woman that he is
absolutely head over heels for.
But he found out that she was cheating
on him.
So he started following her
and following the man that she was
cheating on.
Also trying to figure out like
why would she do this to him? And that no
one would love her
the way that Theo loves her. Only to find
out… I won’t do it
however, the story ends with you figuring
who Theo really is. What happened
to Alicia? And how the story was resolved. I
would have
really hoped and loved for this to be a
series I’m gonna say it.
I feel like the ending
was just too easy.
You know, I just felt like there should
have been
more, more drama, more suspense,
but the whole book was suspenseful. I
think I was just on like this to spend
high. I’m like
more, more, more, more, and it was just so
I say all that to say, that it has
been a very
long time, a very long time since i’ve
a thriller that I have truly enjoyed.
I mean, I was on the edge of my seat. But
I also should make the disclaimer that
your mood really
is the change agent on whether you’re
going to enjoy a book or not.
I actually started reading this book
months ago
and was like huhhh because I think I saw
someone make a review about it or
it was on their TBR or recommendation
And they were talking about the book. I
don’t remember what they said
all I saw was thriller and mystery. We
all know that’s my genres
and I was like “okay I’ll read it.” And I
when I tried to read it, I was not in a
headspace for that.
Sometimes I will read a book and I would
be like
hmm if i was in a better headspace or
another headspace I would truly enjoy
this boo.,
So I’ve stopped reading books. I don’t
really call them DNF. But I’ve stopped
reading books
and then read them at a later date and
enjoyed it better. So that’s what I did
with this book.
Because when I first read it, I just
could not get into it.
It was too much. I was too confused
on the point of views at first. I thought
you know it was Theo and Alicia who was
married. It was just
too confusing for me. So I had to restart
the book.
And i’m so happy that I restarted the
book because
my god, my god, my god, (*CLAPPING)
it was such a great book. It was such a
great book. Please pick it up
when you can. I did drop in a couple
spoilers but I didn’t say them all.
So please read this book when you’re
Thank you so so very much for
subscribing to my channel
and listening to this book review on the
Silent Patient.
FIVE! FIVE! FIVE! Stars… I definitely
recommend it.
If I haven’t said that ten thousand
times already.
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