The Suicide Squad 2021 Movie Review – (No Spoiler)

Hi Everyone! I’m here with The Suicide 
Squad review video. The Suicide Squad  
hitting theaters. The movie was released in 
the United Kingdom on July 30. On August 5,  
it hit theaters in the United States and at HBO 
max. First of all, I have to say that because  
people haven’t been to the theaters for a long 
time due to the coronavirus pandemic, the movies  
that are released nowadays are satisfying to 
the audience. We cannot give a fully objective  
comment. If your expectation from this movie is 
to leave the rules of logic aside and have fun;  
The movie does this very well. But if, 
like me, you take every superhero movie  
you watch seriously, let’s take a look at this 
movie together. Compared to the first movie,  
this time it was a better movie with the touch of 
James Gunn. But Don’t have too high expectations.  
There are long scenes from time to time, it can 
cause some boredom, but if we make a comparison,  
it is obvious that it is much better. The theme 
of the first movie continues in the same way; The  
villains are asked for a mission that will result 
in all kinds of death at the end of the job while  
making agreements and threats at the most

points, our villainous team finds themselves in a  
very dangerous job again. The movie has tried to 
be entertaining with the characters rather than  
its own story. They are aware very well of how 
the movie can capture the audience because it is  
impossible to do that by this story. One of 
the strongest aspects of the first movie was  
the casting, and the same is true here. The only 
thing that makes the movie watchable is the cast.  
It has to be admitted that some of the jokes 
and the action in general, although illogical,  
will appeal to some audiences as well. But that’s 
it. The movie has no depth or seriousness at all.  
James Gunn said “let’s have fun, let’s forget 
about the rest”; this is very clear. Some  
decision-making scenes of some characters written 
for the sake of two jokes or a surprising scene  
are so absurd that the movie proves that it 
doesn’t take itself very seriously anyway. 
That is, you should go to the theater with the 
expectation of stopping the expectation and only  
going to the theater and watching a movie full 
of action and traditional scenes. It reveals  
that Margot Robbie is a perfect fit for Harley, 
as in previous movies. As for the scene herself,  
she does what she has to do as Harley Quinn well. 
The character development that started with the  
previous movies continues in this movie as well. 
On the subject of King Shark, when I saw it in  
the trailers, I was wondering if it would create a 
new Groot effect, but it did not give the effect I  
expected. In Bloodsport, Idris Elba played the 
character written by himself well. Rick Flag,  
on the other hand, has gotten rid of the swagger 
in the first movie. I loved Ratcatcher’s story  
and Daniela Melchior’s acting as the 
character. Moreover, I can say that the character  
that surprised me the most in the movie is 
Ratcatcher II. Honestly, I can say that I  
didn’t like John Cena’s acting very much and that 
I was extremely alienated from the character due  
to the combination of his acting in the movie 
and Gunn’s unsuitable humor. I watched the movie  
with the thought that the studio would interfere 
with the dose of action and violence 
that Gunn promised in his interviews. But not as 
I feared. The dose of violence was not avoided  
in the action scenes. Although The Suicide 
Squad’s fast-starting pace slows down a bit later,  
we witness plenty of action scenes 
again towards the end of the movie.  
Special attention was paid to the shooting 
of certain action scenes. I can say that  
I especially liked the fight scene of Harley Quinn 
and the action scene reflected from Peacemaker’s  
helmet towards the end. As a result, although 
The Suicide Squad is a more balanced movie  
in terms of the integrity of the scenes, 
unlike the first movie, James Gunn’s bad humor  
may turn you away from the movie. If you’re into 
superhero and action genres, The Suicide Squad  
will still give you a good time with plenty of 
action and beloved characters like Harley Quinn.  
But still, don’t expect too much from this movie. 
I had fun watching it. It’s like a very long  
and very high-quality youtube video.

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