The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Last summer… felt like a dream. It was unlike any other summer. I want to memorize it all. You never know the last time you’ll see a place… a person. I knew I’d lose Susannah eventually, I just didn’t know I’d end up losing all of them. I should be celebrating with Conrad and Jeremiah, but they won’t even text me back anymore because you made things messy. -Hi, Jeremiah, I’m so glad– -Conrad’s gone. I’m gonna see if I can track him down. I’m coming with you. Belly, you were my best friend. We hooked up, and then you

hooked up with my brother, and then everyone expected me to act like I was fine. And I wasn’t! I’m sorry. I was so focused on being there for Conrad, and I should have been there for you too. Jere, the house has been put up for sale. What do you mean the house is for sale? What is she doing here? Susannah loved this house, and the boys desperately miss their mother, and those two things are pretty tangled up in one another. I’m hoping you’d consider backing out of the sale. Sorry, but I choose to put it

on the market. I thought that when we lost Susannah, we lost the magic of Cousins forever. But maybe there’s still a way I can bring

it back. It’s good seeing you and Belly get along again. I know she missed having you as a friend. You know, I just feel everyone slipping away, and the house is the last thing tying us together. We’re not giving up. We’re gonna figure something out. Together. -I’m in. -Me too. I love this for us. You’re so corny. Belly, I don’t think I could ever get over you. There is nothing left

between me and Conrad. There will always be something between you and Conrad. When I used to picture forever, it was always with the same boy. The future is unclear… but it’s still mine.

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