THE SWARM 2020 | Movie Review HD

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today I brought you another France movie
The film was released on year 2020
The name of this movie is ”THE SWARM”
Although the film was released in 2020
Later Netflix acquired the broadcasting rights here
Also, this movie belongs to the Slow pace category,
it means everything cannot be expected to happen anytime soon
The film received an IMDB rating of 5.5
and 100% of rotten tomatoes rating
So let’s talk a little bit about the movie
The main character in this movie is virginie
she lived in France
she runs his own business
And she has two kids
He runs a locust business
Something about locusts, is that she makes flour from these locusts
Some may think that this is a lie
In fact, there are businesses in the world that make such flours
So this flour is said to be high in protein
There are obstacles in running any business
So she also faces these obstacles
Her insect population is gradually declining
The last thing that happens is that she can’t even feed her children
So more and more she is getting more and

more economic problems
So one day she gets angry and starts destroying everything in his greenhouse.
during this, her slip and fell on the floor, and hit her head, injury
So somehow when she regains consciousness, she sees those locusts drink blood from her
So after this incident the locusts’ laying of eggs begins to increase gradually
Then she starts to give them blood
So if you want to know what happens beyond that you have to download and watch this great movie
and this movie is a good story for the whole family to watch together
let’s meet again with another interesting movie review episode

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