THE THING (1982) FIRST TIME WATCHING! MOVIE REACTION!! Full Movie Review | Ending Scene

citizens of the reject Nation welcome to the first Bostonian team up on the reject Nation I’m here with the ever lovely ever effervescent ever World girly Roxy’s try how are you doing do you think that’s true we’re the first two-time Boston people on the show two-time returning Champions some people are gonna love this who else would it be uh maybe Jason Tatum he’s in here all the time uh Mark Wahlberg Ben Affleck pops by should we go back and forth with them Mark Wahlberg I just said that I came in with Mark Wahlberg I was

distracted to that picture Matt Damon and so it threw me because that’s why I went Ben Affleck sometimes I see Matt when you say Mark um some other woman I don’t know why when I think of Boston I only come up with man John Krasinski B.J Novak yeah there’s a lot of dudes yeah where are the women speaking of women this movie might have some but we don’t know that because we haven’t seen it this is our first watch of the thing a movie I got a lot of crap about having not seen yeah me

too for a really long time people have said that this is the best body horror movie and I’ve never seen it and I’m excited

to be able to shut people down now we’re gonna watch the thing please do like subscribe hit that notification Bell leave a comment below of which is your favorite Bostonian US hunt Roxy down on world girls they got a lot of cool stuff I like that new tracksuit please do check this out as well over on patreon if you want to watch it front to back sink to sync start to finish

with us just watching the whole time that’s how you get it here on YouTube you can see you know pieces of our experience if you want the entire Journey including our resting watching faces like this that’s where you go over the patreon to hunt us down there and let’s watch the thing good I actually don’t know much John Carpenter work which is crazy because I know that I do this for a living and he’s like the God of this but it was like just before our time like are you saying we’re young yeah it’s about

aliens I know so I’m So Smooth we put on Star Wars we did accidentally John Carpenter Star Wars here’s the thing here’s the thing okay UFO stuff what nope not a UFOs laughing because I was like I think that’s a helicopter actually you know standard issue helicopter that dog gets hurt I swear to good where’s the dog coming from don’t you do it don’t you do it do we never find out the dog’s name oh my God don’t love this is it is it an alien Peta PETA okay he’s either a very bad shot or

that dog is bulletproof is he trying to tag him that’s a gun right it sounds like bullets yeah those don’t sound fun this is a beautiful quality for like an 80s movie which looks great he’s beautiful quality I mean he’s beautiful that helps that I mean that is the shot I saw and went beautiful I don’t understand how the agility of a dog is taking down a helicopter and a theoretical sharpshooter I think the dog’s the alien he’s the thing on the dog are they gonna guess the dog what is this classic movie don’t you

guess that dog oh my God and they missed how is he the worst shot ever maybe they’re trying to scare the dog so he runs home so they’re trying to follow him what Corral them like a sheep I don’t know because shooting at him doesn’t seem like a good approach up what’s your plan here man you’re gonna blow up the people oh what what how do you think oh my God what’s happened oh God they’re human beings just shot a guy after blowing up here we’re after slipping a grenade Where Are You Gonna escape to

after shooting a guy that’s fair that’s I mean I want to see the blood of the snow Georgia yeah what’s going on there he looks like Rupert Grint but it does like night at the cabinet like modern Rupert Grint whoa that guy’s cool looking look at those eyebrows brows it’s beautiful work anti-eugine Levy oh that explode it exploded yeah yeah gasoline and grenades dude there were grenades in there if you guessed the name of the dog correctly I’ll give you a hundred dollars uh uh Mosby that’s your one it’s not great obscure is the move

don’t feel proud of that I Sparky it’s gonna be one of those movies isn’t it four stitches barely grazed it what were they doing Flying that low shooting in a dog at us yeah good question it’s fair Cabin Fever who knows U.S number 31 calling mcmurdle come in over podcasters first we got smash look to anybody on this entire continent and you want me to reach somebody yes good recap that’s kind of the point of the radio in general I think it’s your job probably maybe we had whirlwind oh okay Greg mentioned Tarantino I get

it now I can’t condone it much myself but it is a short haul now or there an hour back doc I’ll give you the lift nope nope I won’t forget it Palmer hey thanks for thinking about it though it’s quite the sausage fest it is a lot of dudes the thing is like that’s what it’s about ten things very subtle this is really 10 Things I Hate About You start beefing with each other I can’t get over how good his beard is yeah it’s like an immaculately thick beard it’s really good you don’t want to

fly we don’t fly you really want to save those crazy sweets Norwegians Which Way doc Southwest gonna have through the map because I’m going to be busy kind of crazy how they shot this I mean unbelievable looking just all the white out and lighting it must have sucked Lighting in snow and reflection of it all yeah this man is in Sons of Anarchy the prequel before I also miss movies being lit so you can actually see everything yeah like it’s a bright movie but it’s still tense okay there goes the UFO oh look at the

UFO it’s crazy I can’t identify it at all no one can tell what it is what are you flying object no will you turn that crap down I’m trying to get some sleep I was shocked today this must be this song is the 70s right yeah I love when movies do that and don’t pretend like they’re decades the only decade that it drives me yeah because I don’t listen to Jess today because today’s music sucks I talk superstitious you can tell those lyrics are poignant here though I’m telling you that’s the whole point if you

believe in things that you don’t understand you suffer okay Shadow what you got oh I think something’s off of that dog not Swedish imagine all week Theory we assume the dog is good because dogs are great no we don’t you clearly the dog’s not good that’s what I’m saying is that we’re gonna find them all dead because the dog killed because like we as an audience are like why are you shooting at the dog but instead it’s it’s playing an expectation yeah the thing is inside the dog yeah and it’s already gotten these Folk the

dog through the ax 100 yeah The Shining everything was just so bright and now it’s such a gorgeous set yeah froze bled some too you say blood soap true Frozen blood icicle let’s go that is metal is fudge oh like instantaneously Frozen the hell happened here come on Doc he could have been Han Solo oh it’d been great would have been great I mean I love Harrison Harrison Ford’s perfect I’m just like in this era looking at him it’s like damn it would have been different but totally A vibe or Indie honestly they’ve got kind

of similar it’s that like stoic badass thing yeah like you want to know more but he won’t tell you let me dig through your beard for all of your secrets wherever you keep your secrets bearded man it remains of some animal buried in the ice and they chopped it out but where is it look at this was that a suitcase or kerosene it said on the thing like different kind of gasoline like a different fuel those companies to bury them that’s kind also frozen ground that’s gonna be a they brought them home even though Frozen

still smells that bad well it’s steaming so I think it’s like thawing so all the smells would be coming out keep it outside man Blair I’d like you to start an autopsy right away this moment is your impression that this is the thing right now I think the thing killed that okay I think the thing is the hunter not the body you think this is a human body I think it was I think it’s like a mutilated remain of a couple bodies oh two yeah see like it looks like a like a cell dividing I’m

wondering if when this thaws out it is the thing and that the monsters it’s like we’re gonna see a monster is two-headed I don’t know I I think your theories I don’t trust him mine’s all based on not trusting me okay I don’t trust Mosby he seems sketchy no drugs no alcohol oh man the makeup is good in this I am repulse that’s why he’s in the open credits it’s so bad stop squeezing it so much my dude is so viscous it was a Jello appears to be anyway a normal City internal organs art of

your mouth to be normal so it was a dude there’s an eyeball yeah this is like splitting why you say dude I mean it looks male that’s what men look like to you from Boston no wonder you’re into women that’s true that’s if that’s the competition I know it’s sad I fall on I keep thinking that they’re in like a submarine that’s what it feels like it’s so isolated it feels like lost you know yeah and I think the framing’s helping that like that sense of enclosed spaces and it’s getting tighter totally there’s a hole

outside but it feels like that and the outside does like have a black and white vastness like you talked about so I like when it’s inside its color and dense with the others where it belongs what’s his name you just said this mutt I know but somebody’s got a name I don’t know if I trust him is he sleeping things gonna wreck why do they have so many dogs out there I don’t think it’s companionship is there like a liquid yeah or something are they sled dogs Little Shop of Horrors that was graphic oh wait

what it keeps on furling yeah now it’s got like The Faculty tentacles it feels like something’s inside yeah I think that’s the thing totally but can he transform back and forth or oh or is it just like yeah I don’t know oh oh that guy’s dead I feel like it did this it was in the other body as the host and now it’s moving back now it’s yeah I mean that’s fair wow he is just so interesting like he’s striking but let’s look different it’s weird and pissed off whatever it is go get child Mac

wants the flamethrower Mac wants to why that’s what he said now move smart I like that this movie just knows skip the five steps goes right to the flamethrower yeah come on Charles I think it’s the first name we’ve heard Mack wants the flamethrower two names oh it’s like a dog shell so that’s practical what like what’s under that oh it’s like threading out to get into the next thing oh it’s spreading into the other dogs I think why is he stop why was he stopping him I think he felt for the dogs but that

dog was dead foreign I would have let it burn a lot yeah I would not have put that out yet up podcaster he’s just got sunglasses at night inside Antarctica it’s like eating lobster oh that’s why I don’t do it I don’t mess with lobster that’s why I got a kick me out of Boston no it’s a Boston boy I wasn’t welcome anymore they told me to leave they’re like little cockroaches of the ocean you like clam chowder oh Mexican food’s better it’s why I’m out here do you love Mexican food and it doesn’t look

like the thing when this thing attacked our dogs it tried to digest them absorb them the process shape its own cells to imitate them imitate them so it’s not taking them over it’s trying to be we got to it before it had time to finish finish what finish imitating these dogs so what does that mean that they got to it before I had time to finish that he’s out there just not full-blown dog I’m assuming there’ll be some sort of humanoid at some point how long were you alone with that dog I don’t know an

hour and a half maybe what the hell you looking at me like what are you getting at it’s nothing at all I think he’s wondering how long it would take what’s that looks like something buried under the ice a helicopter UFO remember we did start in space here is it the place where they’re spending most of their time pretty nasty out Mac 35 knots grew it I’m gonna go up anyway not a nautical term yeah Memorial that hat is majestic this has to be a UFO switch right it has to be we met one at

the top oh that’s cool it’s a painting they just stood in front of I feel like one of you should stay up there at least okay yeah it felt like all three of them were about to go down let’s go see what happens yeah how long you figure this has been in the ice I’d say the Isis buried in is 100 000 years old at least so it’s thawing out the aliens a hundred thousand okay we are going back was that where they’re buried dude maybe that’s where they they got out thousands of years ago

it crashes and this thing gets thrown out or crawls out and it ends up freezing in the ice I just cannot believe any of this Voodoo he’s so young uh he’s got a great voice he works all the time now well this is I guess in this assimilation if they are correct about it well assembly likes to take over right so like it’s saying that it has assimilated I thought this was the assimilation of what they think is happening no I think no that’s Refrigeration yeah remember in the find of the century that’s going to

win somebody the Nobel Prize okay I don’t trust it because when they rushed out to meet the helicopter it felt like there was like 20 of them but now I don’t know like you uh got the keys I didn’t trust it there’s something wrong with Blair he’s locked himself in his room and he won’t answer the door he needs to be alone and in close proximity with the life form to be absorbed so is Blair cracking up or what in Blair that was cool get some sleep kind of rooting for this guy to die I

mean I don’t like him you run right at minimum at minimum that’s all he had to say he did run I thought he ran towards the guy and I was like bro what are they doing out here in the first place I think they’re scientists but they have army vehicles that’s a good point that’s my way to get there whoa yeah he’s gonna light him on fire got to they’ve shown that works yeah yep foreign for 10 years he’s my friend you gotta burn the rest of them is it only 10 but like I don’t

know I wish we knew this movie does not care if you like its characters know its characters it’s really about the yeah like the horror of it that’s kind of cool even know what they’re sciencing oh so they have to burn the rest of them because if if the organism stays any cells yeah it seems like they can divide yeah they gotta go find the original guy that was with the dog who locked himself in the room that they questioned yes oh and the chef I can’t find Blair okay if I Blair okay Blair Windows

is in the radio room still trying to get through everyone else in the rec room you go on I’ll be in in a minute don’t do that don’t trust it here we go find Blair because Blair’s obviously been infected yeah Blair’s gonna be our first human one I think like fully formed it can be in multiple places at multiple times that’s why I think it’s a spring yeah yeah nobody gets in and out of here nobody podcaster got messed up go around to the bathroom door talk to him so he’s going crazy because he’s been

slightly infected by this thing I assume he’s not an imitation because I don’t think I could replicate this level but maybe like why is he doing this because he’s going crazy I’m guessing come on man you don’t want to hurt anybody does he know podcasters in the room I don’t think so I think he would have killed him yeah oh cool really cool good use of tables yeah that’s why you asked for the table to Ram them damn great Foley work yeah I was just thinking I want him in my shack we’ll lock him in

the tool ship are they carrying the doctor or I think I think the Dr Blair yeah what kind of drugs just stupefy you what happened I think they’re gonna like exorcism it out like is he crazy or possessed might have nothing to do with the guy remember at the beginning they were like you can go crazy down here which I imagine happens a lot so probably that it was just paired wide hey what why don’t you just trust in the Lord works out great see how that goes for you watch Clark and watch him close

did you hear me watch him the dog guy is his name Clark because he was around for around half Clark so when he locked himself with her I think so I thought he had locked himself in a room everyone that’s seen this movie is judging us so hard I know because they’re like they should know this here’s the truth it doesn’t matter this movie is awesome oh it’s riveting there’s no plot like it’s not a full plot movie and you don’t know the characters it’s an experience movie yeah how do we know who’s human if

I was an imitation how would you know if it was really me I’ll break Agatha Christie yeah love this possibly have been thinking about a blood serum test you could take a sample of each person’s blood but mix it with uncontaminated blood as if there’s a reaction we’d know who isn’t human classic we’ve got whole blood and storage let me start working on it keep an eye on Clark he’s close to that dog yeah that must be Clark we’ve got like half the names now you think Clark’s a red herring I think so it knows

what this organ is but get the rest of his notebooks start going through but is he far gone because of the space Madness or like alien man I think it’s the spaceman because like I’d go crazy there and then the stimuli the alien Lake gushy oh bro what where’s clock right here wait a minute wait a minute was this broken into the lockers on I feel like the doctor’s the one then 100 who’s got access to it yep who else could I use that key I just give it a cover whenever he needs it could

anybody have gotten it from Utah I don’t see how as soon as I’m finished I return it right away it’s got a nose ring I told you the nose ring guy just missed it the only one who’s got any business with it oh now wait a minute Gary you’ve been in here on several occasions yeah me too I would be too yeah put it down Gary you don’t want to hurt anybody on the floor now I don’t want him to die yeah suddenly endearing because I’m him he took off the glasses yeah now he’s not

such a d you can shoot them is he I love this because you don’t know all right place your bets red herring dog guy Giles is fine one of the other three could it be Kurt he’s too big a movie star like he’s destroying all the evidence to like seem like he got it there’s so many they’re growing this thing doesn’t want to show itself he wants to hide inside an imitation it takes us over and it has no more enemies nobody left to kill it and then it’s one this is awesome so glad I

knew nothing about this yeah me too there’s a storm hitting Us in six hours we’re gonna find out who’s who let me let me know what you’re gonna break the needle in mind he’s doing a real fun job okay they’re gonna do that one other thing rips through your clothes when it takes you over Windows found some shredded long johns but the name tag was missing nobody trusts anybody now make everybody take their pants off that’s the trick issue classline hit hard you should go back into the other room everybody get naked right now let

me see your name tags drop trial who cut holes in their pants RJ McCready helicopter pilot U.S Outpost North 31. helicopter pilot U.S Outpost is it like a protection like a defense for America like Antarctica what are we protecting from I don’t understand your job sir and everyone should prepare their own meals and I suggest we only eat out of cans you’re really weird if you were it and suggested that but I wouldn’t surprise me this has been very like good at twisties any of them move you fry them you hear anything anything at all

you cut loose on the sirens we all meet back here in 20 minutes regardless real close they roped up dog guy definitely a red herring though I feel like he’s good how many of them do you think are not okay it’s like two or three yeah at this point wouldn’t it be crazy if they’re all fine they killed them all in the First Act they’re not gonna address it won’t harm anybody you’ve got to let me come back inside you saw what I saw right yeah there was a news between the two of them and

it was hanging tangling like what foreign he might be yeah his innocent face I don’t trust it and they first offered him to be the guy oh the leader yeah it was stash in his own oil furnace when must this lasted but I don’t think he saw me fighting I cut him moose he’s one of them what do you think he got to him I don’t know so that’s Mac yeah which is Russell so he must be because he yeah like he got his clothes on yeah hello do you think he’s changed hit a guideline

cut it loose anyone messes with me and the whole campus put those torches on the floor and back off badass move yeah ba move smooth bomb move free this what happened oh clear oh okay I guess correctly that he had it inside him uh oh God unbelievable looking incredible work oh that’s so cool do they not see the head I don’t think this I think it’s under a chair or something those are like things coming out of his come on yeah yeah I mean that’s tradition for alien things Roger does Roger’s on it all right

you’re getting a little flamethrower happy I do worry there’s an entire building you’re in everybody’s down real tight what for for your health you would also he just blew up the other guy why would it be him that’s close enough Clark he ain’t tying me up then I’ll have to kill you child then kill me he does look familiar to me he’s in Requiem for a Dream yeah bad guy I think I’ve seen it he’s a lot of stuff he’s really really talented I guess you do oh I don’t think he had the thing nope

just just dude we’re gonna find out who’s the thing wash the knife bro not watching it denim’s very sanitary like if you the organism might oh podcaster’s name is Windows you should have switched to Mac should have would have gone better for you Mac and windows sooth saying this new before wow I’m back and I’m a PC one’s cool one’s nerdy it’s all right there oh yeah you also didn’t see him stab him like he could have maybe I don’t know it’s a clever test though I’ll show you what I already know oh yeah now

Clark Clark oh they’re on his dad right yeah I think on the right yeah and clock was human huh which makes you a murderer don’t it I mean he swung Adam his instincts don’t agree oh Palmer you were the only one that could have got to that blood cool oh why is Windows just hanging out oh no oh Palmer was really Incognito for a minute that’s what happened yep oh what’s up with your flamethrower very unreliable I don’t know that you can get more fire it’s pretty on fire what a stunt it’s gonna be real

cold inside now yep now the organisms are everywhere let’s breathe it in just keep breathing he got eight go to the board games what are we gonna do we know that oh okay so we still tests no it’s Niles nulls nulls learning the names like third out what are Childs it is child’s wait now it’s not Niles and Childs are those Childs I thought it was like Giles I don’t remember what I thought it was originally now how would they play this on TV I remember like this was on like TNT when we were kids

like what how what do you show we’re going out to give Blair the test if he tries to make it back here and we’re not with him I don’t know who the him left so it’s child’s now now Mack and the eyebrows yeah okay I don’t know if we’ve gotten eyebrows his name yet no he just did oh what was it I don’t know it was in the petri dish but his hand was over it oh that sounds okay and he’s out he escaped but also he’s his shoulders have noose he’s in there I nope

I wouldn’t not nope why is there like how many days did you guys leave him it’s a spaceship player’s been busy out here all by himself how long was he out there what you stole the parts from the helicopter smart SOB put it together piece by piece where was he trying to go space any place but here okay that’s the first part of the movie that actually doesn’t make full sense because like somebody explained that if that was like two days and they wouldn’t have just put him so maybe he’d been working on for a

lot longer that’s what he does but then they accidentally put him in that building above it yeah maybe foreign ADR moment cut to their faces we need this plot point they did a focus group did you guys understand that they were not going to get out of their life throw it in we should say it directly someone should have explained the ship to us how did he build it we need lots yeah that part that’s the only thing so completely flabbergasted yeah it’s a caterpillar in there so they’re trying to heat things up so that

this thing can’t freeze wherever it is they don’t know where it is practice do you think that there is a rescue team that’s going to come and somebody’s going to get out alive I I’m thinking it’s gonna be pretty nihilistic and they all die yeah but also the alien could just wander into the cold and and hibernate right I was thinking that like why it’s not stuck there maybe he’s lonely he just wants to be home with his friends generator room because I think we 10 or 15 minutes left in this see I can’t tell

if it’s like a denouement or if the third act’s gonna end like yeah some of this is so built out like we also never really get in a sense of setting yeah which works for the mystery I’ve just realized we haven’t been anywhere like this yet yeah so cold to film yeah like they look freezing gone gone crazy yeah how do you fix that we got to bring this whole place right down into the ice Gary Planters in the old storage room all down by the generator no no do you think you’d be nice to

know no that was no not now just no no no oh so now they all trust each other but they can’t trust a third of them now and he knows to do that Roger whatever his name Gary you know Roger Gary nulls no it’s not now Todd no Todd was at the beginning the name that we read a real person so the guy who was shooting the doctor he was crazy the whole time he was infected the whole time yeah and he was building a thing so I’m wondering if like he was infected before the

movie started to me that’s what makes it why he was able to build it that whole time because he’s an alien creature you know the dog brought it didn’t it or was it already there because if the dog brother is still only like a week yeah but he alien moved fast you saw flash that’s true that’s your quick aliens that thing with the face with the holes was um the whole thing yeah and they dragged him away by his own face like putting your fingers in somebody’s so cool okay maybe he doesn’t want to leave

yet thing because he wants them all to die first oh maybe oh we’re going full like lovecraftian well there that goes please time to do a somersault gotta look cool it looks so non-cg so real it’s just so beautiful it’s so nice to see an explosion it was like that was like we built this thing yeah yeah yeah like they blew up a chunk of Antarctica for us yeah yeah where do you think they shot this maybe they’re they look cold there’s space I feel like maybe Alaska Alaska ever so off to get a little

accent oh how did he survive that I don’t know but when he started walking away I knew that the movie was going to make him survive it because he had a great last line that’s why that’s why he’s got the temperature up all over the camp it won’t last long though yeah we’ve got any surprises for each other I don’t think we’re in much shape to do anything about it what do we do play here for a little while see what happens uh it seems like a non-plan like dying yeah cool I was kind of

hoping they would do that I like that a lot I like the the nihilistic ending okay let’s get everybody’s name okay McCready uh-huh that was Wilford Brimley as Blair a name that we missed complete okay nulls TK Carter Palmer I think we said one maybe I don’t know which one though Keith David’s name child’s child’s sorry Norris we might have said in the beginning I don’t think don’t think I said bendings Clark Gary I know I threw a Gary in there at least once Gary was said Fuchs the other Tom Waits wait which one was

podcast he was winning Wednesday yeah yeah not a PC Norwegian yeah wow there’s very few actors oh yeah it’s just the people yeah like lives like a bottle movie almost because it was like one set which is cool which is why I think they blew it up oh stun people y’all 10 of them thanks guys that’s great that’s incredible like this is most the credits that’s in like that’s it yeah what it takes to make a movie based on a story who goes there did you know that no I wonder if it’s like an alien

paranoid Thriller and they just moved it up I like who goes there as a title but the thing is just got so much power to it pop it’s lasted what 40 years like the thing is still one of those classic titles and the font and everything I had this moment a few times in the movie where I kept thinking like this feels like a classic movie like when you’re watching it and you’re like oh this is important it was so simple yeah um and just like unbelievably executed like you know when you re-watch movies from

your childhood like predator or alien or any of the movies that we actually did see yeah and they feel like nostalgic yeah this felt nostalgic the first time like there was elements I know what you mean where you’re just like oh like that makes sense that this says with the test of time yeah it’s just it whole it holds up I guess there’s like a built-in importance because it’s like so meticulous but also freeing it was not until we got to the like whodunit aspect of it not even who or who is it yeah that

I was like I see what why this is the thing yeah the First Act I was like oh it’s a cool Creature Feature totally and and the because of the costume because of the design because of all that I was like oh okay this is a this is a classic yeah but then when we got to the actual premise when we got to like what where what we’re supposed to be guessing feeling yeah then I was like oh that’s why this this that’s why this is still watched still talked about and I’d seen some of

the design like some of those gifts are iconic like the things exploding and the guy’s head coming off the shoulder like that but I still never knew anything which is cool like we got to watch this fresh 40 years later it it didn’t feel like it is a horror movie but it didn’t feel so scary it because it felt real it felt like oh this is how I would be feeling if I was there no one did stupid stuff yeah like no one ran upstairs so there’s a couple of times where we were like don’t

do that don’t go down there yeah but overall still I’m a little unclear on how he built that spaceship no idea I have I’m gonna ask everyone immediately after this it’s fine though that’s fine it was still I mean it allowed a ticking Time Bomb like you need that incident in the third act yeah but it definitely felt like we needed it not that it made sense yeah definitely how do you feel about the fact that we don’t know any of the characters I think I would be bothered by it if it wasn’t for the

level of suspense we still felt yeah like you and I were still riveted without the names totally and usually you’re not watching something having to repeat the name you just don’t know and then you see and you’re like oh that’s who where he was you know I prefer this to those scenes where it’s like hello Tom how are you today yeah and you’re like wow yeah there was very little Exposition in this honestly and there is very little like I knew no one yeah they didn’t care if you did and I think that is a

unique sense of tension because you have to like them or not immediately and like then like Windows grow on us and stuff yeah podcast boy podcast yeah Windows was uh interesting and then the other part that the other guy that was interesting was the guy that dies right before Windows where we shot him right and and they’ll find out he’s human and we both thought it was a red herring but I like that they kept manipulating that by having him tied up and we were like okay are they doubling down yeah yeah completely and I

really liked Childs the whole time but I liked that we were supposed to to be suspicious but I couldn’t tell if that’s because I know the actors work I don’t think it’s a surprise that Childs and Mac are the two at the end too because child’s the only one who even though he didn’t know his name he’s the only one who we knew right and he seemed capable the whole time yeah which I like that everyone that like survived were the ones that you could hope in the beginning would is your interpretation at the end

that the one of the two of them has the thing in them my interpretation is that they die and the thing still survives because like it could just go out in the cold but like if he so it in either of them then the things still ready well the thing was you know the dog and all the things were represented so it could be that was the everything like all of it that was left but I don’t feel like that would be enough with the things we got shown I think that the thing the thing

needs a host to live sure and without hosts then so there’s only two hosts left right I’m assuming that that the doc we said the big thing that happened at the end was the doc mixed with the guy everything left yeah so that’s dead because we um through a dynamite at it right so I’m assuming that either the thing is dead or it’s in child’s or Mac so using one of them well I think that the problem is Max says why don’t we just sit here and wait it out which is what somebody who has

the host in them would say because you want to and Charles is so tired he didn’t do anything to test anything right but if you so if you don’t have it in you not to be but you should off yourself right you know if as an audience member we’re watching going I trust Kurt Russell because we just saw him take out the other thing right but from a dialogue and an ending standpoint you know you’re gonna die either way right so if I didn’t have it in me in that moment I would burn the other

person right and then eliminate all options and yeah like get rid of variables but they don’t and they’re both there right and we know they can’t both be the thing or they would know that they were both the thing and then they would just be fine I do kind of feel like one of them is the thing do you think it like left like a piece of it was able to get into him no maybe I think child if anyone because he just stumbles up like hey I was just looking for Blair yeah and that

seemed like a line yeah I’m with you I’m with you but if it isn’t child then Kurt in 15 minutes you’re gonna have to snap into it Mac and you’re gonna have to see I think Mac was just out like he was just done like I don’t think he had anything left to fight like I don’t think he had any he said that but no I think he’s gonna wake up he’s like you think the thing too is like this very clearly set up so that there could be a sure and that was a big

thing in the 80s yeah I mean there’s serialized content now but there’s not a lot of sequels now you know what I mean like this felt like it could have a sequel not like a franchise this is a uh I guess I don’t know this for a fact I assume there is no thing too I don’t think I’ve heard of a thing too or if it wasn’t well loved because this is beloved and I’ve heard the thing too yeah do you feel like they could do that today well so at one of the major strengths

of this is the Prosthetics and the Practical yeah but that was one of the only flaws I had was at the end when you see the full size of it there was a moment I would have liked another 10 seconds before he blew it up so I felt the sense of dread intention because I felt like you’re like it was like big reveal and all of a sudden it was like awesome line of dialogue like 80s and then it then it was over so there was all this escalation and then the actual climax moment was

so short so I think that was because they could only show it so much because you’ll notice once it was fully formed they like hit a lot of it for budgetary purpose yeah and just for like design because you’d want it like the fear of the thing is how amorphous and alien it is so if you show too much it’s less scary so I do feel like the only weakness in that last beat was that it was like all this building building and it explodes whereas I would have I think modern audiences there’d be a

bit more of that like build to the oh no he’s not gonna make it but I don’t want to see this with CGI like this was this would not work with a CGI villain and do you think that today doing this with practicals would just make it too expensive to even make money I don’t think studios are willing to risk what this would take today because otherwise a lot a lot of movies be better because half the time you see bad C drives like well they should have taken a chance and done practical and they

just don’t like I really worry about the fact that we’re cutting corners on the movies that make a billion dollars so why would a movie that maybe make my like 500 million dollars yeah because if the big studios are cutting corners on CGI there’s no way they’re going to invest in the human element if they did do a thing today I feel like they would have to almost like I I don’t feel like Kurt Russell is in it and is like hears that there’s something goes like I feel like we still don’t know what happened

and then you just put the other pieces one of them got out and I think the only way to do it today is to do the second act and later creature and do it a tiny budget film and make the first act all suspense and who done it you know what I can’t stand about myself that like the first thing I’m thinking about when this ends because of the ambiguity of it is like a sequel yeah and it’s like wait that movie was bomb it was full circle like it was enough but then my 2023

brain is like but what see my thought is that the ending being ambiguous is good because it doesn’t have a sequel so I have the same thought like what if there’s a sequel glad there’s not I think yeah no I’m glad there’s not two but I will but I wish there were I’m glad there’s not but see I I’m getting a little franchised out yeah completely you’re that’s absolutely right like when cocaine buried and I was like that was a cocaine bear and like I felt good about like all right that’s a whole last movie

whereas like I’m very worried about the fact that I I like your thought I was like what sounds different do you not like cocaine bear isn’t that supposed to be made for me and I was just like it’s a movie about a bear on cocaine no it wasn’t bad and I loved that about it it wasn’t the thing though I mean it’s not gonna be like we’re not gonna talk about cool camera for 40 years so what do you think in terms of did this hold like people talking about this oh this was definitely the

movie that I was promised okay you yeah I almost feel like I thought I wasn’t gonna like it as much uh another I haven’t seen what is it the fly is that the other thing we’ll talk about Jeff Goldblum yeah he’s the fly um I think and I I don’t know in my head I think I like confused the tooth the thing of the fly I’m one of these article noun movies I don’t know Cronenberg but there’s article nouns I haven’t seen a lot of these types of movies so I kind of they all blur

together a little bit not not that the Flies this type of movie just like I love this it’s like a creature review something like that yeah I haven’t seen a lot of movies from the 80s and I haven’t seen a lot of horror movies from the 80s so all I knew didn’t know that this had anything to do with aliens I didn’t know that it was gonna be Kurt Russell I didn’t know that it was going to be Antarctica like a desolate like I did didn’t know anything about this so I just had heard that

a lot of my horror friends loved it so I thought it would be really scary yeah and very nostalgic so I was really pleasantly surprised that I think that this is just like a true great movie beginning middle end that didn’t do the things that usually I care about which is like backstory and character it just or plot development like it didn’t do any of that and I still loved it which is interesting it to me was the thing that I think a lot of Studios try to espouse which is like turn your brain off

and enjoy it and it wasn’t turned to burn off because it’s dumb it was we don’t need all that stuff you just described but successfully like some people say theme park ride about like Transformers and stuff and that doesn’t feel good whereas this is a theme park ride that felt good like it was fulfilling as a ride the experience was fulfilling yeah I really I really F with that movie yeah I thought this was spectacular that was really good I also think that it was nostalgic in that I recognized some of the influences but it

didn’t feel like I was worried about where like when I watched The Godfather I’d already seen Men in Tights 100 times so I felt like I’d already seen like the comedy version so by the time I watched The Godfather I was like I liked it but I didn’t feel that like profound sense of like Cinema I was like oh that was a movie whereas this I could see how it influenced things but I didn’t feel like I’d already seen it yeah wow this is really good yeah dug this and also I could see why Cronenberg

influenced a lot of filmmakers I can see like the cronenbergian uh use of special effects which is referenced I know uh Fantastic Four a lot of people tried to make a Cronenberg body horror thing multiple times didn’t work but like I definitely feel the impact of this movie without and also the gifts and things I’ve seen like memes of it but it didn’t ruin the experience I knew Kurt Russell was in it only because of memes but it didn’t make me it didn’t change anything yeah and also just not with horror but with mystery also

yeah it’s definitely yeah I think we’re in the middle of it you’re like Knives Out moment yeah Agatha Christie yeah all of a sudden I was like they’re they’re going to have that thing where they’re trying to figure out who’s the the bad one on the playing trainer automobile yeah and you can see at the second that we start questioning in the car like wait he’s been there what’s happening here and you start thinking oh my God some of them have it and I love that this is probably going to be fun for people to

watch because we hadn’t seen it and they have like a lot of people probably grew up watching this and they would be like what what a silly thing for adults to not know and so that’s gonna be joyous to see them think we know what’s going on we never did did you in the last two hours come up with the name of somebody from Boston that is uh a woman um I can’t say it did you uh that’s how I was in the movie I was I was so enthralled in the film it at one

point halfway through I was like oh Sarah Silverman and then I was like oh no no it’s because she’s a Jew not because she’s from Boston you’re like okay let me process women in filmmaking wait wrong category what have I done uh yeah so we don’t know if that’s gonna stay in the cut but uh at one point uh Roxy and I were just trying to name people from Boston only dudes came to mind but there are women in Boston there are and they the many talented successful ones that’s one of them I uh well

you’re out here you know what you’re the first woman from Boston yeah you did it JoJo went to Northeastern I don’t know he’s from Boston though that’s the thing it’s so tricky we’re gonna we’re gonna solve this mystery that’s the thing uh people in the comments leave your favorite woman from Boston let us know who you enjoy from that world has nothing to do with the thing but we’re curious uh this was awesome I had so much fun this actually lived up to very lofty expectations if there are any other Cronenberg films 80s films Thrillers

anything you think we might not have seen because that’s a definitely a void in my film knowledge blind spot for me like I don’t have it maybe the fly I’d love to watch the fly if you enjoyed this uh like share subscribe that way we know that you did that’ll inform us to maybe watch The Fly let us know in the comments what you want us to check out next thank you for being a reject we appreciate you all very much we will see you next time for more or koi and Roxy don’t watch movies

from before they were born but should here in real Rejects foreign

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