thank you to all that been supporting the channel by checking out our merch at reject naations and becoming Royal rejects what is going on citizens of the reject Nation it is I Andrew Flash Gordon and I am joined BYO it is me hello welcome back Aaron how

you doing buddy you feeling okay good man I’m feeling a lot better I may have caught one a little bit but I’m back I got cough drops I got tea but I’m not sick don’t you worry like car sger he is back and we are happy to have

him here and we are here to do a film that neither of us obviously has seen Transformers the animated movie came out in 1986 I believe now there was a show an animated show neither of us have seen it I’ve only seen the first three films with Shuff

that Michael Bay directed I stopped there I saw the first three Bay movies the one with Mark Wahlberg and I’ve seen the Transformers Armada series from 2003 shout out sideways if you guys know you know let us know in the comments what you think about this one is

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heading on over there what do you think Aaron don’t you think most definitely is that your Peter Colin Optimus Prime voice this is my Optimus Prime voice well in that case let’s start Transformers 1986 the movie commence oh my God I love this art oh this is so

cool is that whoa that was a gold 360 wait a minute I recognize I recognize that shape do I see some horns at the front this is really cool I’m loving the visual style ooh I love this music though yeah yeah it’s a Vibe oh now I wish

I watched the but I’m sure I’m I’m sure I’m still going to be able to follow I would assume knowing me who knows this is so vibrant sometimes I’m not able to follow whoa cool colors you know in most of these Transformers movies we really don’t get the

chance to see Cybertron which I believe is where we’re at right now so this is very cool earthquake it’s unicor it is Unicron okay that’s why I thought it was the only reason I know that is cuz I watched the Armada cartoon and I had the toy growing

up those those little horns yeah the horns were a giveaway I knew that too damn well let’s hope Unicron never comes to Earth this feels this feels like anime in the way that it’s it’s drawn like ‘ 80s anime like it’s reminding me of Aira a little bit

oh damn it’s like a garbage compactor oh my God okay I’m I’m going to guess this is not Cybertron oh yeah it is just eating it oh man did your Unicron toy eat up things like that too you know when I when I would put other Transformers in

it yeah but like uhoh it didn’t look like that your toys just like turned into I just like shov it in there must feed yeah God I wish I was alive when this came out I would have been in the theater just dancing oh I’m so I’m I’m

so downloading this on YouTube later the Transformers the movie Little redundant whoa that part’s not for kids my God it’s full of stars all when the When the Music’s this good you’re allowed to be redundant this almost giving me like a Superman Vibe with the credits oh I

totally yeah the the flying yeah uh Leonard neemo yo okay live long and prosper baby Robert Stack I like Robert Stack Robert Stack Robert Stack Robert Stack he was in beas and buad do America fact fantasy and history have come together to tease the imagination okay shout out

cup let’s go cup the Transformer or Wells is Unicron wow that’s great that’s wonderful shout out blur I hope that’s a fast Transformer I’m going to be really disappointed I’m glad you’re here to let me know who all these characters are I have very base level Transformer knowledge

guys I’m not I’m not a Transformer Expos Experian but I have I have some Bas level stuff it is the year 205 the treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobots home planet of Cybertron D I’m loving this music but from Secret staging grounds on two of cybertron’s moons the

Valiant Autobot prepare to retake their Homeland take it back take it back this music is fire dude every time I look into a monitor Prime my circuit Sizzle when are we going to start busting decep I want you to make a special that I know who he is

listen iron hiy iron hide ener on cubes to power a full scale assault ready the shuttle for launch your days numbered now to creep he they about to get in that deceptic ass real quick I remember it was a big deal when they got Peter colen for the

uh first movie with the Michael Bay film report security status no sceptic Prime what about Moonbase 2 gas to moon base 2 Bumblebee and SP bumblebee that’s a that’s a whole guy that’s a whole guy on with the Transformers hey iron hiy tell my son Daniel I miss

him and tell him not to worry I’ll be coming home as soon as we’ve kicked Megatron’s tail across the Galaxy I’m going to be so honest I have no idea who that guy is commence countdown 5 4 3 2 1 let’s go now all we need is a

little Energon and a lot of luck I like that they got Leonard nemoy for I think the third Transformers movie so that was cool that he’s in this and then he came back for that for the live action one live action oh wow if I’m not mistaken welcome

l beak unlike some of my other Warriors you never fail me that Soundwave playback laser beak SP me laser beak you command Megatron that birds a tape that’s so cool I love that I want you to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth but Prime but

Prime we don’t have enough energ on cubes to power a full scale assault now all we need is a little Energon and a lot of luck yes let me provide you some luck sir roll a D20 for luck let’s go play D and D I have not fantastic

where’s the shovel whoa we just turned into a gun yes yes oh this movie is awesome this movie is so cool and the music is fire oh oh my God what get Andrew get it Andrew uh uh uh yo damn there’s MC in the autobot was almost too

easy star scream that attacking a real threat the autobot room base you’re an idiot starcream remember starcream was in the first live action film The Bots will be vanquished forever no such heroic nonsense not the sniveling oh okay no he he was I was an Autobot begging for

life okay that makes more sense I thought that was starcream for a second oh no no wa God I love 80s animation what what was going on okay hey what’s the matter is he the one who’s father is up with the Transformers I assume he looks like a

smaller version of him so I’m going to take that leap it’s my dad yeah don’t worry Spike will be back soon oh hey I got something the fact that it a giant Transformer fishing pole is hilarious I’d never thought I needed this in my life but yeah in

comparison to him if he drops that fishing pole it’s going to crush that kid that kid’s not going to make it out of that sh’s coming let’s watch it land talk about doll Daniel yes all about Catch and Release even though I’m a very big fish eater when

a fish lasts longer than the Autobots do damn I want a skateboard like that whatever that is I need this Transformer soundtrack stat yeah we’re going to probably mention that a lot I need it in my life oh R ride in style that kid would not have made

it out of that had he not been there let’s go baby dude I’m I’m loving the visuals too and yeah the animation’s gorgeous it feels like anime like 80s anime you can tell every shot is very very particular and they took their time mhm and and care and

love hella anime right there pun I’ll straighten you out yet I feel like this is a movie that uh Johnny from Cobra Kai would love Johnny Lawrence 100% he would still be watching this today he watches this religiously yeah well came out in ‘ 86 same year as

Iron Eagle there’s a hole in the shuttle what Decepticon oh I love the sound effects beautiful chef’s kiss whoa damn right into battle I love it let’s go whoa I wish the kid’s name was Spike and the dad’s name was Daniel I thought you were going to say

sam like shuff’s character Sam would have been cool too then we need annoying parents too for him yeah get him damn yeah oh not bad for an Oldtimer Oldtimer that’s something you’ll never be if you don’t get back to the city hey I’d so want to see cars

like that driving on a Rock Canyon like that but they’re Transformers so we’ll suspend disbelief this makes me want to like a a rocket League Transformers hybrid game Ultram Magnus a cursory evaluation of Decepticon capability indicates a distinct tactical deficiency in other words perceptor we’re outnumbered he looks

like a prime yeah I thought that’s what I thought it was for a sec he doesn’t have the optim face sheld what about me Magnus what about me I can help I want to help what about me blur you can help I’m so happy that’s blur oh my

God oh my God on RC let’s go I’m happy I was right I’m happy he definitely fits his name but hot rod and C are still outside the city we can’t wait they’ll have to take care of themselves this is so chaotic and I love it really it’s

like very highp speed fastpac I’m sure those were the studio notes not fast-paced enough we got to keep these kids attention come on no downtime pathetic fools There’s No Escape whoa oh shoot no no no okay he’s Aon that’s okay damage assessment even the backgrounds look like paintings

a little heavier on the electron electron up yes the incons you’re in our way the insect gon that is so cool insect gons is crazy I love that just take a swatter right a giant swatter oh or just Ram drive over them that’s a dead bug I think

they they can get away with violence because they’re not technically human so they can just be as gome as they want to be for a kids movie Optimus Prime do you read me the Decepticons of blitzing aot City we’re really taking a pounding don’t know how much longer

we can hold out you should have thought about that earlier eject operation interference he’s just shooting tapes Transformer tames damn he got four little guys in him the Decepticons are blitzing out of our city we’re really Tak you are officially jammed first we crack the shell then we

crack the nuts inside whoa run Blaster save yourself damn those little shit’s really getting on him yeah the intensity and the urgency I could really tell there do you think you got through to Prime so so cuz if I didn’t we’re all going to look like burn out

toaster ovens what’s wrong with toaster ovens it’s very derogatory Mr Transformer if we beat with wall in the air we shot out of the do leave uswhere that’s where think blur’s my favorite character so far B is definitely on that stuff he definitely uh had some Transformer powder

before this battle went down we’ll keep it at that stuff we got to get this launcher into place keep out at Spring my boy help hand we all get that little boy out of there he’s going to die hey if Anakin could go into nabo and into a

war zone this kid is fine now this is Pod racer construct cons construct o cons devastated whoa huge now that’s a big boy I got better things to do tonight than die that’s right I’m going to say that line from now in any situation even if it’s not

necessarily directly applicable either that one or you’re bleeding I ain’t got time to bleed which incidentally came out the very next year after this 87 Predator all the great lines come in the 80s apparently ‘ 80s had the best dialogue for real it’s true damn Dinobots destroy Devastator

Dinobots transform whoa all right I think and we did just get a uh damn you see the eyeballs come up oh not the eyeballs here’s your Ice Age immediately immediately got to work o damn bird well we just saw the new Transformers was the dinosaur version one right

I think I think so right again like yeah this song I know this one you know this one yeah this film should have been nominated for best soundtrack really if not the Academy Awards missed an opportunity yeah let’s go get him Optimus get him Optimus one shall stand

one shall fall that’s right why throw a away your life so recklessly that’s a question you should ask yourself I’ll Crush you with my bare hands whoa stay away lad that’s Prime’s fight oh come on come on Optimus you got the power power oh my god oh no

how’s he going to get out of this he’s he’ll be fine you got damn no more Optimus Prime grab me mercy oh God you Mega are without Mercy now plead for it I thought you were made a Sterner stuff Mercy is for the weak no you don’t Megatron

out of the way hot rod why would you jump why would you jump in there like that hot rod bro are you for real no no shoot him you have a gun Optimus don’t do this it’s over Prime Optimus you has your gun it’s right there it’s right

there please shoot him you ain’t is Megatron damn Optimus forgive me for what being dumb or Reckless or both all the above you mighty Megatron wow don’t leave me Soundwave star screens fake as hell a conniving little weasel he is oh so they just let Megatron be shout

to the sound effects the Decepticons are retreating time get it during the time does that girl Autobot have lipstick on what’s up with that what’s up with that please be okay Optimus oh some heavy damage yeah his windows are all cracked be hot rod on that bed I

fear the wounds are fatal yeah oh what she definitely has lipstick on it’s okay we don’t we don’t judge here I don’t judge I’m just curious do not grieve soon I shall be one with the Matrix a Ultra Magnus it is to you I shall pass the Matrix

of leadership I’m not worthy nor was I but one day an Autobot shall rise from our ranks and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour oh my God are we really killing Optimus Prime right now until that day till all one no oh wow

we just killed Optimus Prime dude what well he came back in the second mve maybe he’ll come back here there’s a second you lost all his color damn oh my god oh dude second there’s a second animated oh no I meant I meant the liveaction movie remember when

he he died and then he came back oh I think that was for real I think I think they actually killed him it was this exact moment I realized vision and infinity war was inspired by Optimus Prime yeah cuz he lost his color yeah that’s a good point

and he lost his Stone and he lost his color yeah I’m sure that visual reference had a lot to do with that for sure AST train has requested that we lighten our burden in that case I say it is survival of the fittest and against wow okay oh

how it pains me to do this wait I still function what a bit oh see you Megatron pardon my French Andrew but uh star screen’s a little I nominate myself as the new leader of course you do I feel like some of the bad guys in VR Troopers

were inspired from this too you remember that show VR Troopers no oh I’ll show you after we’re done just thinking in my head about that show hey nobody call I like the four little dudes live in his chest that’s hilarious no way of course now there’s infighting without

a stable leadership you guys are just going to turn on each other and and fight for power cuz nobody can get on the same page God I love this 80n may have been little scra but you know you Capt you guys together oh is uh oh it’s going

to get eaten up by what’s it called unic Meg uhoh like you said you would eat up the your Autobots right yeah Autobots and the seticons who said that an Unicron is that Orson his voice just sound like his breath stink I have summoned you here for a

purpose nobody summons Megatron then it pleases me to be the first you are to destroy the autom up metrics of leadership it is the one thing can stand in my way oh I have already crushed Optimus Prime with my bare hand you exaggerate the point is he’s dead

and the Matrix died with it did it though The Matrix has been passed to their new leader Ultra Magnus that’s a cool POV shot from inside yeah the animation’s really good in there very detailed I will provide you with a new body a new tro command I’m sure

starscream’s going to be uh Curious when he sees him in a little frightened oh definitely they belong to nobody get his karma on your way to no no your whoa this visual is insane I know you keep saying that or you said that starscream’s a little but but

when Megatron’s on the precipice and Edge of being uh deleted he becomes an a mea every time that he does that he does or a decep a whoa what is there we go what is this transformation that we’re doing here this is cool new body new body new

body Galvatron okay should be your minions Megatron becomes Galvatron and now he’s getting minions okay scor the tracker I would imagine back in this day they sold a lot of these toys oh yeah this Transformer screen is reminding me of Digimon in Digi Transformations but it’s also very

80s and this shall be your ship Oh Ship will rip open Ultra Magnus and every other Autobot until the Matrix has been destroyed the speed in which he flipped from I’m not working for you to going to this mission is crazy a new body will do that for

you he’s got a new lease on life he flip-flo harder than men summer foot wear destroy the Matrix but what will Neo say about that sure he’ll have some two cents get in there even the horns move in this universe my fellow Decepticons as your new leader I

oh sorry Start scream who disrupts my coronation coronation star scream this is bad comedy Megatron is that you yeah it is it is him oh no that’s what you get damn okay his color wasn’t uh you know shifted so he could be okay he literally dis integrated I

know kid will anyone else attempt to fill his shoes what did he say his name Galvatron oh hell Galvatron this movie moves quick man we ain’t got time to waste we slow down a little bit when Optimus died but then like all right we just pick back up

let’s go where’ that come from it’s interesting uh to see morale with without Optimus now cuz this is going to be a tougher battle oh definitely talk to me Earth we got a situation out here we got a situation out here Roger me W me anything hello hello

Earth I’m picking up a f signal I love me some black transformers this is great enormous weird looking Planet just showed up in the suburbs of catron and it’s attacking moon base one and I ain’t got time for this oh Unicron eating away again he is mean he

is hungry he’s hungry ignition and if I remember correctly I think Unicron I think death botle did Unicron versus uh galatis CU are very similar in premise yeah that’s a giant space booty hole this monster Planet just ripped the first moon to shreds and it’s heading this way

but you’d better get here fast because we’re not going to Dad uh-oh can we get that kid somewhere safe please he should not be here he kid he’s got plot armor get to the Jet Plane is it going to explode now is that going to do anything to

unicorn I doubt it nope that’s bumblebee it is look real different oh what are we going he said a cuss word we got a cuss word everybody how dare you Cybertron and all its moons belong to me I know migraines are tough man I belong to nobody are

you sure you’re in a body you’re in a body he provided so you kind of do belong to him I will obey Unicron he’s always acting tough until the the tables turn it’s so funny it’s like it’s like his character trait I’m loving it Megatron does not stand

on business this new Menace is more dangerous than all the Decepticons put together somehow we Must Destroy it before it devours Cybotron she’s wearing lipstick Aaron she is and what are we going to do when we get there maybe the Matrix can stop it you’re right it can

what do you know about it lad I just got this feeling I have a bad feeling about this Andrew why don’t we see grown men named Spike anymore what’s up with that you got me there Aaron I Galvatron will crush you just as Megatron crushed PR and you’ll

die trying just like Megatron how did they hear him through the ship autobus scrap cuz there’s a hole in the ship oh stay close to me Daniel and you better stay close to me get that kid out of here man no youd better stay close to me what

was that nice din good din with sugar on top and a cherry and some cream nice din good din sweet Dino me Grimlock not nice Dino me brains W I didn’t know he can do that what is that what is he shooting at him that doesn’t look like

fire Auto fire I I guess Auto fire shut until I get into the shutle but I can’t see to get them into the shuttle CU they’re impossible impossible impossible okay forget it he’s hitting those lines in between scenes I’m telling you man I like Ultra Magnus that’s that’s

definitely Robert Stack I know his voice so well I do not but he was in beas and buad do America he was in basball and he was also in everyone’s favorite film catty Sheek too one of the worst movies ever woof this reminds me of the battle on

Alpha 9 the Petro rabbits with Grimlock get your noodle out of my Grimlock love comes more stories you’re living one now he said Grimlock if you don’t get your ass out of here man your shipmate squirt all right but if you get you’re going to walk this kid

is not phased by any danger in the slightest I love it I wish I was this Brave hurry wait ultr Magnus are SE still out there this kid is going to need better help when it’s all over oh oh W see why do they why do they design

Transformers to look like that thanks actually scared me I that’s I felt the tension there I remember the dust was so thick of beta four you had to use windshield wipers on your optic sensors me Grimlock know all about wipers good great that’s great Grimlock I’m happy for

you man looks like Woody wh pecker well the dust was really thick and then this gigantic Yak came trumping and stumping down the mountain a better things to do now than tell old stories like what maybe figure out how we’re going to rescue our friends and then save

cyberon and not recklessly endanger them right hot rod I’m disappointed that cup doesn’t transform into a cup they’re closing on us how’d you beat them oh yeah we invaded polarity whoa all right we survived that yeah but will we survive this all right let’s play game of chicken

cyclonus transform and attack oh damn I can’t control it jeez we’re going to crash whoa C and hot rod just bought it I can’t deal with that now oh okay sorry to inconveniency Sir prepare for emergency separation that’s too dangerous what choice do we have sometime being a

leader makes means making leader and tough choices Aaron that’s right this music never stops being fire the music’s fire and I’m hot it’s turning up the heat in here wow the OTS have been terminated excellent only Arnold Schwarzenegger is allowed to say that line no unicor why take

me to unicor I remember when I was conflicted misusing my influence this is very upbeat I like this music it’s so 80s I love it did we have to let him detonate 34 of the ship listen Andrew I know I’ve said it a few times today you love

liptick oh I actually like it I think it’s a fun trait that Transformers might hear me out that’s what I’m saying that’s all I’m saying I think they wanted to let the kids in audience know that she’s a female just my guess whoa fish this is this is

so cool damn this animation must have taken so long to do underwater cuz you got to get the bubbles right you got to get things mhm it slaps I’m sorry 80s music rules that it does my friend that it does you’re driving underwater yes we’re breaking new ground

here guys I love it now he’s running underwater well that I could buy that it’s a Transformer more importantly Aaron he’s an Autobot Aaron’s not liking my Optimus impression no it’s great it’s beautiful he’s just being nice guys that’s so cool I damn it Inked on him is

that cup talk to me fix right away put that cup back together damn homie losts a arm and a leg pour some TLC into that cup nothing’s going to stand in our way a in not a thing ooh brace for impact brace for the impact oh I like

that she was protecting uh she’s motherly yeah what’s his name again uh Daniel Daniel that’s not Spike I was about to say that is not the grown man named Spike I was about to say sam say something anybody I can’t deal with this now remind me to give

the autopilot a raise Daniel I’m okay so if their ships have autopilot that means the other ones have decep a pilot ah I see what you did there it’s rough out there kid you don’t say it was Spike’s Exo Suit he told me all about it here try

it on I like I like that jump that was great Perfect Fit beautiful I like how his Ecto suit has a face on it good job kid just think about what you want I actually no I I like that that he’s having trouble I mean it makes sense

like good yeah no that’s a pet peeve of mine is usually in movies when they know how to use something right that’s why I thought the first Iron Man nailed is like how much trouble he was having adjusting to use an Ant-Man how much trouble they were having

adjusting to the suit I like I like when like we obviously we don’t have time to have him learn but I like just that first like a minute just establishing as a little trouble it’s nice little traits exactly I wholeheartedly agree relatable he’s especially if he’s human stranger

with that good coffee flavor oh snap we have Australian Transformers offer expires while you wait let’s go Transformers with facial hair I didn’t know we can do that well what do you think of all a second glitch diode blowing dim wiy you left a piece out you’re welcome

anyway all things considered you did an amazing job L Cup’s not full really yeah better than the job uh that you did with Optimus true not a cup zero out of 10 all the transforming looks so good looks really great in here it seemed like I know they

probably went a distance but it seemed like they transformed into cars to go two steps to transform back it did seem like it wasn’t very far B weep gr weep pen b b we GR we where are our subtitles can you say that bana Greenie bang I don’t

there we go offer them an En goodie looks like gum this is getting expensive don’t worry that’s what they said about the production of this movie empty this is like children when their parents tell them there no more candy all right salty and ungrateful little guys reminds me

of the night of slave mind on ggan 7 every place reminds you of someplace else experience lad you should learn to appreciate it what’s going on over there whoa Imperial magist reached a verdict I have what are those sharks I’ve seen something like this before but I can’t

put my finger on it in this moment the flipping heads that’s a thing you have memories and experiences over everything Aaron isn’t that a line we just heard it is need to get some experience Andrew I shall try to become an expert at something over time Aaron oh

the world of the Savage sh Charming glorious I am kic my planet was destroyed by Unicron who’s Unicron a planet that devours everything in its PA it’s like galatis okay it’s like the galatis But Metal yes metal galatis exactly I’m the last survivor trust that Transformer he has

a soul patch let him go ow has the Imperial magistrate reached a guilty or innocent innocent yay well that’s only oh that’s innocent the one’s guilty damn not the end I’d wish for that dang yeah I really do want to know what what guilt he is right maybe

he means opposite things on that world me swop no see nothing me Grimlock positive hot rod and come close I would say too Power Rangers was very inspired by Transformers as well I could see that behind who say that at least with the dinos swords you go wrong

way you fool I say me Grimlock fool picture you got no fool you not I feel like I feel like George Lucas got the Aria for jar Banks from that guy not a slingshot oh my boy hit my no Grimlock looks like Rudolph now Grimlock the Red Nose

Autobot had a very shiny nose yes he did this I love this music thing that they have for Unicron yeah it’s really it’s really good really ing why did you torture me you have failed no Unicron it’s good The Matrix has not been destroyed and ultr Magnus lives

on the planet of junk stalk him tear him apart St him make a fake Instagram account observe his activities wa this EXO suits fantastic for and go for the gospel what would you call that facial hair Andrew facial hair I don’t know the seticons we got to draw

them off and double back to the shuttle thinking maybe like Samurai style facial air I don’t know there goes the Shadle whoa so cool what do I do transform transform you can do you’ve never used the suit but you can do it you can do it you just

left this kid behind dude that’s wild you left a whole 11-year-old to fend for himself in the middle of giant robots battling waa glad they left the kid alone and let him fend for himself and the power of belief and Faith you got this kid try to unleash

the power of the Matrix open damn it open you have to say the magic password we exterminate him die whoa oh my God I guess Magnus is gone I guess so oh kind of exploded not expecting that I did not see that coming silence or will be held

in contempt of this court I have nothing but contempt for this court yeah you tell them guilty or innocent innocent then what the hell is guilty y’all they’ve got more shark Neons than we have Photon charges then let’s hold a demolition dve oh yep we can do that

we’re Autobots we can do anything yeah that’s right want to get a car that can drive underwater whoa that’s so cool working on next ni yeah momentum baby that was awesome that was pretty sick so it’s like I wonder if trans species is like a sub race of

like the overall Space robot humanoid thing or if they’re a different thing entirely we can’t hold out forever cup but we can give them one humongous repair bill and if there’s one thing people hate or Autobots or Transformers hate it’s repair bills o not teeth and going to

the dentist ex them ooh me Grimlock want to munch better where’s Grimlocks little red nose we’re not keeping up with continuity here Aaron what are we doing guys sh don’t execute them oo me Grimlock say execute them yes we shall listen to Grimlock I think the problems on

this planet will be solved yeah but what about our problem is that Magnus yeah first Prime now Ultra Magnus how much loss can we endure in one single day so much d death guys de it’s time to play end the yeah Australian Transformers let’s go wait no not

not no not let’s go let’s get away they suck almost this almost has like a Mad Max feel to it I can see it I totally feel that I’ve never seen the original Mad Maxes and I didn’t see uh I’ve only seen Fury Road I know right weird

order to go in uhoh it’s not hard to knock come down it’s getting them to stay down yes that’s always the trick they’re indestructible and they’re everywhere let Daniel do all the work he’s got the exo suit he’s got it he’s a grown ass man he can take

care of himself you know who they should have got for that role Paul Hogan crocodile dundy himself he’s Australian he could do it got it that was this is the same year as crocodile dundy too which by the way Aaron and John did a reaction for go check

it out right we did I want to see that a crocodile Transformer i’ be here for it love how I say that and then there’s a green one damn yeah I told you did we call it let’s go it’s hot rod ba weep gr weep n bong we

gr we we gr mini winie bong yeah whatever he said CB we have space gum space gum of unity let’s not argue you see George your smashed up friend soon like brand new with 0day warranty hey put them back together y he’s not dead woo Ultra Magnus is

coming back well because his color hasn’t been turned out that’s right that’s why they can put him back together but see unfortunately Optimus can’t be put back together all alive The Matrix has gone aren’t you glad Ultra they didn’t say we can’t deal with this now Galvatron has

it where’s Galvatron and the answer is Unicron I like how he I like how he answered that like it was a game show right Unicron but like how and the answer is Unicron again like it’s a game show yeah you improv dun on planet is sleep sexy import

sexy they movies that sexy oo scandalous again there’s that music I love it Unicron answer me see this he’s going to betray you be careful you’ll do my bitting or taste my wrath you underestimate me gatron let’s go let’s go planetary Transformations right Andrew yeah yeah Mega fist

whoa Big Boy buddy I was not expecting that yes oh damn what a time I serve you I serve you I serve you that’s metal as hell sping your wretched little planet Cy you shall witness he has wings too woo now that’s a big boy uh see you

Galvatron wow where’s my my dad and Bumblebee know Daniel can take him Daniel can take him all by himself he’s himself nobody stands a chance against Daniel not even Unicron he’s the X Factor he’s the chosen one The Matrix chose him give it to him put it in

his chest Daniel Prime you know it’s funny as when he’s transformed into this as scary as is looking as he is I feel like he was more invulnerable when he was more like the circular horny horn yeah he all armed the horns now his now his bits are

exposed and now I’m going to see comments of that saying what I just said that’s right is it time for Hot Rod to redeem himself for what just happened to Optimus earlier The Matrix it will do you no good Autobot it cannot be opened not by a Decepticon

we are allies now against a common F the enemy of my enemy Aaron is my friend now will you yourself to be obliterated of course of course Daddy I mean Master as someone who’s experienced the worst headaches you can possibly imagine for the last six or seven years

I can understand the pain that Galvatron is going through when he does that he’ll do anything to make it stop me Grimlock kick butt yeah go Grimlock yeah you kicked that butt Grimlock yeah show that show who boss whip that tail I know it hadn’t been created yet

or at least not here in the States but I wish we could hear the song Go Go Power Rangers yeah Daniel Daniel I just want you guys to know if Daniel dies is your fault oh he’s a child we talked about this in the 80s he’s got plot

armor and he’s got to be reunited with his father and Bumblebee soon it’s got to be you think when they reunite they’re going to hug in their suits probably they’re in space that they have to I would assume this the image of that is funny to me ooh

that’s that’s shiny goop ooh melt I’m melting I’m melting over the world Dad what can I do knock down the acid cover this was impeccable timing but I don’t have a gun use your Exo that’s right I have that now I feel better Daniel we called it he’s

the MVP I did it no your exos Su did it I did it Dad yay we all must die sometime not today Galvatron I thought he was going to back into him it’s so funny okay we can only do forward hits not backwards yeah yeah this body is

my domain yeah Technically when he’s making all these holes and stuff they’re in uh Unicron yeah so I said this body is my domain cuz he’s whipping and driving through him yeah roll on his ass Crush you with my bare hands not this time die Autobot that’s a

weird time to transition out of that in my personal op no I agree that’s a very odd choice in the middle of him choking him I would have continued on with the scene but again I’m not a filmmaker like we’ve got other things to do we got to

go I know you got a big battle going on I get it but I just think that was a weird time to transition it was a very weird choice I wholeheartedly agree pity you Autobots die so easily or I might have a sense of satisfaction now oh get

it you got the T arise Rus Prim Optimus okay this reminds me of when Neo gained his powers in The Matrix as the one and then just beat the crap out of agent Smith which is funny because agent Smith was the voice of Megatron in the live actions

Hugo weaving that’s funny I make that comparrison and I know Matrix came out way after this 13 years later this is so cool the music the lighting the scene it’s all like Perfection I would so work out to this soundtrack same just make me want to get in

shape and be a be a real Transformer man be a real 80s action star Autobots transform and roll out yeah he said the thing I was waiting for somebody to say roll out in this movie and now he’s got an experience story to tell too that’s right it

was your right this whole time guy right through the eye right through the eyo I want to see a big explosion you cannot destroy my Gest wow and then his head became a Celestial head called nowhere Aaron understood that reference I feel like that explosion would have destroyed

a lot more surface area probably would have killed some planets kill all R1 all r one don’t end here I want more that’s all 80 movies end they pan out they pan out with the conflict itself and then were wrapped possible over possible sequel is going to grow

a new body oh all right we’re done let’s just do this the whole review yes music is so good citizens of the reject Nation or should I say Royal rejects cuz that is who we call those who check out our RR apparel at reject naations we come

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Royal rejects see you guys soon oh Cory Burton he’s so I such a good I believe he did uh Star Wars the Clone Wars really I believe so w Eric idle what id you know who that is right nope how dare you sir how dare you Stan Jones

how dare you how dare cve reel do you know who Clive Revel is nope I believe and you guys can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Clive Revel was the emperor and Empire Strikes Back before they did the reversion of Ian mcdermid after you know e

mcder was cast in Return of the Jedi and then obviously played uh you know Senator Palpatine and the emperor Every Which Way and then he came back to do The Empire Strikes Back when they did the reversion you know yeah but I believe Clive Revel was and also

too fun fact I believe Clive Revel was Alfred pennyworth and Batman the Animated Series for a few episodes before they recasted and I think it was Ephraim zalis Jr I hope I said his name right God Rest in Peace uh to that amazing actor who did that great

job with such good chemistry with Kevin Conor anyways getting back to here uh if you don’t mind leaving us a rating on Apple or Spotify we would so appreciate it also if you want to look cool like Aaron and myself and the rest of us here at the

team of Rio rejects uh reject naations you can get cool te’s like these like these like these and you can assemble and go and get some um yes please help support us um I I really enjoyed it it was fun I really wish um I would have

I mean I still again I still loved it I really enjoyed it um I’m glad I at least had the couple of movies we did have for context at least like in terms of uh to have a little emotional context and depth with like for instance Optimus Prime

with his depth I felt that just because of you know watching the uh the movies I I really like that character from that the his leader complex how much he values human life yeah so I felt I actually gave a damn when you know I still feel like

I still would have cared but not not to the extent that I did I feel like if I would have watched the show I would have cared extremely more um had I not seen the movies is is the point I’m trying to get to here but because I

I have that context of the character from the three movies I’ve seen um uh that’s uh but again I’m I still felt it here um I do like the frenetic Cas again you got an ‘ 80s animated film so um and I assume they knew Their audience was

going to be at the time uh children um I I like the uh the that frenetic Pace that you go waste no time oh no um it was pretty pretty basic and simple and easy to follow so I loved it the action was great the animation fantastic they

really you can see there was so much care and love that they um put in each shot and it was such hard and difficult work so I really appreciate the animation so much and was again I love that 80s style and again speaking of 80s the music was

so it’s almost like a character in the movie itself um yeah 100% um you know you got like this song that we’re hearing right now um and also too I love that theme for what’s the bad guy’s name from morson Wills Unicorn hey I got it before you

said it ha I beat you no um and I thought of Orson Orson Wells like before he actually transformed and I will say like as menacing and looming of a presence as he was when he transformed and he was that was so cool I was not expecting that

which I know you’re probably all thinking it’s called Transformers dodo of course he’s going to transform yes I know but because he was a little space thing like that I didn’t know and I didn’t know space I didn’t even know who Unicron was before this so again my

apologies um but that was a cool little twist in there to see him but the point I was just trying to make is like when he was that little ball thing with the horns I said it right this time so but you’ve probably all made fun of me

for that other comment I made anyways the point I’m making is when he was that like he was extremely menacing and I think Orson Wells uh lent that gravitas to that sense of menacing uh tone to him yes you know you get to see him like eat up

a bunch of stuff but I like that that uh presence that uh he even when he wasn’t on screen I always felt his presence looming over and I love that stronghold he had over uh what was Megatron’s new name gra Gravitron gatron Galvatron thank thank you so much

appreciate appreciate you being here but also too I think one before I let you uh get on here uh cuz I’m I know I’m speaking too much here but I will say to one other thing I did appreciate about this was all the new characters uh that I

again I didn’t know uh it was cool to see some of the characters from the movies that I did know like iron hiy Jazz obviously Optimus Prime Bumblebee who is barely in the movie I’m glad Michael Spike our man Spike’s barely in the movie too was spike in

the in the uh Michael Bay films I don’t think so okay the cartoon though oh okay um but either way I’m glad I got to meet some new characters like you got uh uh hot rod here and then you had uh what was the the the dinosaur that

I really loved Grimlock Grimlock thank you again Aaron um and all these other new characters that we got to meet it was fun like seeing and just all the different types you got these uh Australian uh type junkyard ones you got the ones in the water it was

just cool to like just see so many different types of Transformers I appreciate that that was fun I do have some critiques I’m going to get to but I think Aaron’s probably like can you shut up so I can talk so I’m going to let this guy go

ahead and get it in you are you are the cup of the real reject no no no no um I I do have one critique I want to mention with hot rod although that was so sick him doing the Matrix thing I remind me to get to what

my my minor critique is of him in a second I want to hear your thoughts though on the film first oh I had a blast this was so much fun uh from the mus music to the animation style to the voices and all of the silly things in

between I had amazing time watching this movie with you Andrew uh and I hope you guys enjoyed watching this too because I I wanted to see this movie for years and for some reason I just never had the chance to you were saving it for this I was

saving it for this young Aaron just knew preemptively he was going to watch this on the real rejects uh but yeah this was this was great you know it was it was funny it was heartfelt the music was incredible it’s it slapped back and forth up and down

throughout the entire runtime not only the soundtrack but all of the the needle drops or the original the original soundtrack and the score is what I meant to say score uh but yeah like and it’s funny because you said you’ve only seen the first three of them I’ve

seen uh the first three Michael Bay movies the first one of Mark Wahlberg and I’ve seen Bumblebee and I saw the most recent one that came out rise of the beast and it’s funny watching rise of the Beast prior to seeing this movie because that’s where uh the

dino robots are introduced in that one that’s what I was saying to you the Dinobots were introduced when I was saying that earlier sorry continue yeah so seeing things that I know from from pop culture and previous Transformers movies uh explored in this one this being like the

nucleus Point as far as films go to be the inspiration for those other things I thought it was really cool I I enjoyed seeing those things that’s why I like knew Grimlock and remember that name cuz oh yeah I saw him in the movie A minor I guess

spoilers it’s rise of the Beast it’s in the trailer right right right I’m not going to spoil anything else about that movie oh I know Grim luck said it how dare you but now yeah no I definitely like after seeing this and getting more expansion of characters I

again because I had only seen the first three I definitely this got me more invested in wanting to see that uh definitely let us know in the comment section uh let Greg and John know if probably not going to want to watch the four I mean I I’m

I’m down to watch whatever you guys want us to watch I don’t even care if it’s a good film or a bad film I always want to do what you guys uh want us here to do um he a man of the people I am I really am

but uh yeah if you guys want me to continue the series after uh three I don’t care which one it is um you let us know I I would love to do more I don’t know who else on the team has not seen uh after three um but

yeah let us know which ones of those films but like I said because this got me a very emotionally invested in just all the expansion of the other characters um I will say this as cool as the design of of Megatron was it was hysterical watching how tough

and brooding he was and then when his life is on and again I know you can make the argument well like you probably would be the same way in that situation yeah but I’m not an evil villain at least I don’t think I am it’s just so funny

when his life was on the line like how Mega like a mega he became yeah like pegging for his life is is hysterical pegging for his life begging begging but you you can think that cuz you’re in a Deadpool trance of mind right now but um I will

say one minor critique and again if you disagree with me that’s totally cool it’s all subjective you know um as as much as I loved a hot rod and like this you know sense of like taking the Throne of the Matrix and all that stuff that that was

all great I loved it I wish and again I I know this is made for kids and all that so I I get not trying to go into a whole layer of extreme emotional depth and all that I would have liked even if it’s for a few minutes

Aaron if they would have had like him feeling really guilty about the mistake he made and costing optim and I know they they did focus on that for a little bit of a second because he hugged Optimus said I’m so sorry but I would have liked if like

maybe a scene or two after that if you felt that a little bit more and I get it they’re they’re robots but they still like have the the the relatable human personalities that we feel you know what I mean I I would have like and again I know

it’s an hour and 24 minutes like we got to get going we can’t focus on St like that but I would have liked just maybe another scene or two where he’s still feeling that and like maybe uh mag Magnus is that his name uh that’s the one I

can’t help you on uh the uh one that Robert Stack the one who Optimus gave the Matrix to what’s that I think so okay uh well I would have liked or someone on the team saying hey like you made a mistake it happens we learn from mistakes and

that’s even lesson you could give to to children or whoever’s watching this in general It’s A Life Lesson so I would have liked again just adds another emotional layer to his character and just again it’s a good life lesson for him when like mistakes happen like you didn’t

do it on purpose you were just trying to help Optimus um again I’m glad that they did include the moment where he hugged Optimus and said I’m so sorry that was great I love that I just would have liked again just just one maybe two more scenes of

him like still feeling guilty about that um and then like one uh one of them like hey can I still go on him I don’t want to get any of you hurt I’m I’m a liability out here on the field yeah I’m not I can’t do this anymore

and then like uh I get it we’re in a frenetic Pace it’s tough to focus on something like that but that’s just my minor minor critique I would say other than that I really yeah um what do you think do you agree or disagree am I a piece

of crap for having that opinion you’re definitely a piece of poo poo for having I’m out of here see you okay bye we can’t we can’t disagree with respect no no I’m just playing I I do I do agree with uh with your sentiments there I think yeah

a lot of them could have used a little bit more character development and I understand this is more of an ensemble piece and more about the event than the individual uh but yeah I could I could have used some of that but that being said I think it’s

about The Vibes and the experience and the stakes of what the overall story is and I think we really got to Relish in that and because of that I had a great time I had a really fun time with this one yeah and I likeed getting to see

how they all work together and seeing the the story spread out you know and like we split up our characters to have to face in Conflict so like at one point there was like three to four different like obstacles or um antagonists we had to to face and

for this movie being an hour and a half or less than an hour and a half yeah while still having all those things I thought it was great I thought it was incredible that was for sure at that that run time that was impressive to do all that

and still wrap everything up for sure absolutely exactly yeah it was it was fun the character designs were cool oh yeah and the cinem the cinematography on top of the animation I just thought they worked in tandem together uh fantastic there were some really cool POV shots some

shots where you were inside Unicron as well like just again you felt that menacing looming threat from inside of him like oh my goodness uh but overall loved it I’m going to get some trivia facts in second it all do you have anything else before I get to

the trivia uh I wish would have got some more Optimus Prime I feel like he died very early in the movie I agree with you there like to seen some stuff with him I agree I understand why they did that because they had to pass on the Matrix

uh let me see what if it was Robert what Robert Stack’s character because now it’s driving me crazy give me one second here guys uh Ultra Magnus I was right it was Magnus Ultra Magnus is his name now you can’t help me anymore um yeah no I I

I get why they did that at that first battle um cuz they had to pass on the Matrix to him and then obviously we had to have that moment uh where hot rod gets it at the end but I agree with you I would have preferred that happen

maybe in a middle battle but I mean again with the fenetic pace and such a short run time I I understand the decision but that definitely happened pretty early on but yeah anything else you’d like to add Aaron um I wish I to hear Optimus say roll out

at least one time but at least you got to a nitpicky thing we get to hear it eventually to hear it enjoying your voice when you heard it to me I was so happy I wish um yeah I like that we had that Arc of like the the

dude who ended up ultimately causing Optimus death end up becoming the guy who got the hot rod ended up getting the spark in the end and you got the spark right yeah he’s the he kept it uh The Matrix yeah the Matrix I believe so he did he

did keep it he earned it he he wasn’t chosen for it but then he earned it by the end of the movie which I was like that’s right that’s that’s the appropriate choice for this movie feel that and I can imagine you know I wasn’t there but being

a kid in the ‘ 80s growing up with this cartoon and then going to the theater so hyped so excited to watch it and then having your favorite Transformer just die in the first like 10 15 minutes was probably not fun experience to go through this is probably

a lot of kids like first real death real trauma in their Liv because they grew up every Saturday morning watching Optimus and the Transformers kick the Decepticon asses and yeah your hero’s dead and he’s not coming back Mom what did Dad where’ you take me to I hate

this not this not this movie teaching you about death and object permanence that’s crazy no I feel you no it’s a good point but yeah I’m done what do we got are you really done um troll out uh so this was Orson Wells hold on before I get

to that I just want to confirm it was Orson Wells who did Unicron I believe it was yes it was okay was really good as unicorn so this was Orson Well’s final film before his death on October 10th 1985 at the age of 70 he recorded his he

recorded all of his lines 5 days prior on October 5th no wow that’s insane wow oh wow that’s really sad this was Scatman C’s final film before his death on November 22nd 1986 at age 76 wow geez a lot of people his name was Scatman Scatman CS h

okay this film is considered the bridge between the second and third seasons of the Transformers which came out in 1984 as several third season characters are introduced here and several first season characters are killed or altered EG Megatron to Galvatron okay so like this is Canon to this

to the show yes that’s if you didn’t have the money to watch this would you’re probably like yeah you were probably like watching the show like what what what did I miss guys did I miss a few episodes I’m happy they don’t do that anymore I’m happy movies

that are tied in the shows are like more standoff experiences and aren’t essential viewing yeah so you can enjoy them on on your own time you know let’s see let me find another good one this movie takes place 20 years after the end of Transformers Animated Series second

season 20 years after that doesn’t make sense cuz they just expect us to know who Spike and Daniel are if they’re not even characters in The although the show although a toy was not released until 2003 an action figure of Unicron was designed but the Prototype had flimsy

arms and a faulty voice chip and was scrapped damn yeah then it became Chucky uh Spike was originally to be absent from the film along with the other former human characters in the finished script he received a a crucial if small role yeah very small role crucial I

wouldn’t say his role was super crucial he’s just kind of there Daniel was more crucial yeah I was going to say Daniel was way more more crucial uh Orson Wells died in 1985 as we mentioned earlier sparking rumors that Leonard nemoy took over and provided the voice of

Unicron however Susan blue RC has since confirmed that Wells completed the voice over work before he died okay man all right let me get to some spoiler ones because those usually have some fun ones spoilers oh by the way spoilers in case you guys haven’t oh I I

assume you’ve seen the movie now this movie was produced at the same time as G.I Joe the movie 1987 by the same company it had been agreed that both movies would suffer the loss of their lead Heroes Optimus Prime and Duke production started on gi. Joe first but

Transformers ended up being completed and releaseed first Optimus Prime’s death sparked a huge amount of controversy causing the writers to change Duke’s death to a coma GI Joe was released direct to video had that movie been released first Optimus Prime might have survived wow damn it why didn’t

we release GI Joe first all right two more in the theatrical release Spike says oh what are we going to do now when he and Bumblebee realized that blowing up the moon did not affect Unicron oh had been included to guarantee a PG rating uh G-rated movies got

fewer daily showings than other films at the time the line was uh excised from home video uh releases until 2001 it was restored on Rhino Home Videos release and had remained on subsequent releases you know what I have to say to that oh all right was changed to

not sure not let us know 9B they don’t care you guys let us know in the comments you guys are so smart I trust you all right uh we’ll go two more and that’s it Optimus Prime’s death became something of a running gag almost every Transformer series featur

Optimus Optimus Primes or his equivalent dying only to be resurrected sometime later that’s what we’re talking about in the second uh Transformers Michael Bay film he died in that film and then came back but he didn’t lose they stood on business in this film they died and he

stayed dead as they should death matters Make It Count wrer R last one um okay we’ll go two more because this one’s actually interesting no the second like the third time you said two yeah but this last one’s actually interesting writer Ron fredman described himself as extremely opposed

to killing off Optimus Prime who he considered a father figure and icon to remove Optimus Prime to physically remove Daddy from the family that wasn’t going to work fredman said I told Hasbro and their lieutenants they would have to bring him back but they said no and had

great things planned in other words they were going to create new more expensive toys it’s all about the toys it’s all about the money all about that paper and the and the toys I promise last one and then two more I’m just kidding last one last one I

promise okay Megatron is transformed into Galvatron in the television Seasons that followed Frank Welker took over the role of Galvatron Welker had previously provided the voice screams only for Spock in Star Trek 3 The Search for Spock which Leonard nemoy appeared in and directed fun connections very cool

facts amazing Aaron do you have any final thoughts you would like to let the citizens of reject Nation know oh that that listen that girl Transformer is pretty hot I’m not going to lie to you the lipstick the lipstick the lipstick in just the whole presentation this is

the this was the Lola Bunny of the 80s hey that’s what I that’s what I think would happen to kids okay so you’re going to call her doll face huh okay got it all right anyways uh I really enjoyed this film like I said I just would have

made personally I’m not a screenwriter I don’t uh consider it to be one but I would have liked just a tiny bit more of an emotional depth on that the hot with hot rod with his character just in terms of feeling a little more guilty with optim I

did like the moment where he embraced him and felt guilty there but just another scene or two would have even just been a little more icing on the cake for me overall I still loved it um fun film great I I understand the hype and and the praise

it gets uh yeah it was great uh I’d like to see more if you guys want me to continue the series um I guess now after three let Greg John know in the comments section below um yeah I can’t continue the series i’ I’ve seen them all guys

yeah but we Transformers I’m sure there’s Maybe maybe terara Roxy or someone has not seen many some of the other ones so let us know in the comments and what did you think of this film um love to hear your thoughts and we will see you guys later


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