The Voyeurs (2021) Movie Review

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let’s talk about the film let me know if you were 
excited for it if you liked this cast but more  
importantly once you’ve seen this erotic thriller 
what do you think about it let’s talk about  
the highs

the lows what did you think of the 
direction the cinematography the performances  
the twists the turns and more importantly what 
you think about that ending let’s talk about it  
all in the comments below so i will say right up 
top this movie will not be for everyone ladies  
and gentlemen as i mentioned this is an erotic 
thriller and for me personally i love thrillers  
uh you know erotic thrillers falls within the 
sub-genre of the thriller genre but i don’t  
normally gravitate towards erotic thrillers not 
just not because of the sexual nature of the film  
i don’t get uncomfortable with sex scenes but it’s 
more so i find erotic thrillers and i’m gonna put  
some up on the screen right now for you all to see 
for example but i i tend to find those movies to  
be a little bit too dramatic for my taste to be a 
little bit too over the top to be a little bit too  
unrealistic in the situation at hand so i don’t 
always watch this type of film the last one i  
think i watched was uh netflix’s what was it 365 
dni which was a very toxic film which is another  
reason i don’t really dive into this genre they 
tend to be toxic and have like the wrong messages  
and they romanticize toxicity and listen who am 
i to judge you know erotic novels and this erotic  
thriller because i watch horror films i love 
horror genres and i watch people get their heads  
chopped off and bloods and guts and everything so 
what does that say about me so who am i to judge  
people that like this genre but nonetheless 
here we are discussing this film when i saw  
the trailer a couple months ago or about a month 
and a half ago i was intrigued i’m like okay this  
seems like an interesting story it seems like it’s 
saying something about today’s society but also  
i like the actors uh sydney sweetney i like her 
justin smith i like him so here we are discussing  
and starting off my positives and i want to touch 
on those two actors starting off with the lead of  
this film sydney sweden who i think personally the 
stuff i’ve seen her on on television like euphoria  
which i can’t wait for season two of that but 
more recently the white lotus i think she plays  
so great in her roles on television unfortunately 
the movies i’ve seen her in hasn’t really worked  
that great for me there was a movie that came out 
on amazon it was a horror film that i just wasn’t  
a fan of her acting but it was more so the script 
but neither he know there i think for me this  
is her best role on a film that i’ve seen thus 
far i think her as i believe her name was peppa  
she’s a newlywed uh woman married to jessica 
smith who we’ll talk about here in a second but  
it seems like everything’s going well in her life 
she’s just married moving in with her husband for  
the first time which by the way not to give too 
much away in the film because i want you all to  
kind of experience this if you decide to watch 
this erotic thriller but essentially this married  
couple moving in for the first time really nice 
apartment they look across the street and their  
neighbors have their windows wide open to see 
right as their lives and what i mean by right  
into their lives not what they’re watching on 
netflix or what they’re eating for dinner but  
what’s going on in the bedroom if you know if 
you know what i mean and they get tied into  
as jada smith would say this entanglement in 
their relationship so i just kind of leave  
it at that but seeing peppa again it seems like 
everything’s going well in her life but she sees  
this couple and she kind of gets entangled in 
their relationship in regards to being obsessed  
with what’s going on with them which i think her 
character in the narrative that the film is trying  
to say which i think they do an okay job at i’ll 
get to my criticisms about the narrative of this  
film but in regards to what pep is doing in this 
film she’s spying on these people and she’s so  
consumed with what they’re doing she’s forgetting 
about her own life she’s forgetting about her  
husband and stuff that you know what they’ve 
built together because she’s so engrossed and so  
and infatuated by their sexual life their 
personal life and everything that they’ve  
got going on so i really enjoyed her narrative and 
kind of how she navigates to the film emotionally  
and there’s a lot of emotions that this character 
goes through for better or worse and i thought  
again that sydney did a really good job of 
bringing out that character in my opinion but  
speaking of her co-star her co-lead justin 
smith who very similar to her i like him on  
television i liked him and the stuff i’ve seen 
more recently generational hbo max as he plays  
chester i think he’s a really cool character and 
a really interesting character on that show but  
translating to film i’m not the biggest justin 
smith fan but i gotta say he did a pretty good  
job in this movie now he’s not as heavily involved 
in the narrative besides being the husband that’s  
okay yeah honey this is interesting this is okay 
this is a turn on for us i guess it’s something  
new that we’re doing because again if you all 
don’t know the definition of this film the voyage  
uh the voyeurs essentially the definition of it is 
people that watch other people have sex and they  
get off on that switch i don’t know what would 
you call me for someone that’s watching the movie  
about people doing that me watching that what does 
that make me but neither here nor there he’s like  
yeah honey this is cool i guess but after a while 
you see justin smith’s character thomas start to  
be like is am i not enough is our relation not 
enough are you like are you do you want to be with  
them so seeing him kind of handle that and seeing 
all his switching turns really interesting so  
as far as our two main leads i thought they 
gave solid performances i thought that the  
the script kind of you know changed my thoughts on 
some of the characteristics of our characters but  
also i do want to point out ben hardy who plays 
sebastian who’s the guy who’s in the relationship  
with the women the per the people that they’re 
spying on i thought he did a really good job i’ve  
only seen ben in a couple movies i know his first 
film was x-men apocalypse as angel uh which let’s  
not even talk about that uh and that’s really 
the only thing i’ve seen him in but i was pretty  
impressed by his thrilling kind of menacing nature 
mysterious nature of this photographer who’s doing  
things outside of his marriage with other women 
and and what his character goes through i was  
pretty impressed by him so i thought for the most 
part guys that the performances were pretty solid  
i thought the cinematography was pretty solid in 
this film i thought again the theme of what the  
film was trying to say which i think they over 
they threw their hand and kind of beat you over  
the head with this message but the message of the 
film is we get so consumed with everyone else’s  
lives whether it’s on our phones scrolling through 
tick tocks scrolling through instagram and we just  
get so lost in their lives we forget to live our 
own life so i kind of like how the film throws  
that kind of social commentary within the film 
and i thought that they for the most part handled  
it pretty well but let’s get into my criticisms 
guys this film as i mentioned when it comes to  
this genre when it’s just like over the top and 
just like this really wouldn’t happen in reality  
there’s a lot of that going on now i will say the 
first half and the third act are really when the  
film has the most interesting elements to it the 
setup was really interesting the first half of  
this film to me was a legit really good thrilling 
aspect of a thrilling film the second part of this  
movie guys this is where the film kind of loses me 
because we see our character and i won’t say who  
one of our main characters does something against 
the grain which i just don’t think mentally  
again i mentioned that this genre plays into 
toxicity and just kind of romanticizing certain  
elements of like bad characteristics in people and 
i just like i i can’t really roll with where this  
film is going and then in the third act it kind 
of you know flips itself on the head but that  
second half of the film man really kind of was a 
bit of a bore fest and also just really kind of  
narratively speaking just didn’t make that much 
sense to the characters that we had seen on film  
and it just kind of went from zero to 100 like 
really really quick and i just thought that the  
way that they handled this switch and tone 
switching the narrative just wasn’t executed  
from my personal taste which brings me into again 
this film um gives you a lot of twists and turns  
and i think the one main twist and when you all 
see the film you know what i’m talking about  
i just didn’t buy it uh i just didn’t buy on and 
again i know this is this is the trope this is  
what plays in this genre i just just like to me 
it’s just like what world are we living in that  
this would go down that this would happen it 
just it wasn’t believable for me in that sense  
and once we kind of go throughout the film again 
i thought that the performance was really strong  
and i still think the performances are strong but 
i think the script unfortunately plays against the  
characters and it plays against what we’ve learned 
from these characters in the first half the film  
and it just really switches on the head just 
to play into the tropes i don’t like when films  
build characters and then they just throw them 
into the stereotypical tropes with her come within  
that genre which i thought really kind of was a 
detriment to this film outside of those things  
you know i have to say it’s very toxic i don’t 
know if the message again i feel like this film’s  
message was was saying something for the most part 
again about living in other people’s lives and not  
minding your own goddamn business uh neither here 
nor there but i feel like the film just really  
beats you over the head with that message 
especially when you get the big big twist and  
it’s just like really i i’m not an idiot i know 
what you all are trying to say and just like the  
film to me was just kind of like forcing down 
your throat do you get what i’m saying do you  
understand what i’m saying is it cool are we being 
unique i just felt like the film just kind of  
really played its hand into what it was trying to 
say so there’s other things i can say negatively  
about this film but i don’t want to give too much 
away in regards to spoilers but again when you  
all see this movie this is just a lot of moments 
where i’ll give it props for i was entertained i  
was like what the this is those type of movies 
where you’re sitting down watching it with your  
friend and your sniffing other you just like 
no that ain’t she he ain’t that and they do it  
it’s that type of film and sometimes it plays to 
that but then sometimes like come on they’re not  
it’s that type of movie ladies and gentlemen so 
before i give you all my overall thoughts and my  
score this film if you haven’t already make sure 
to like share leave your thoughts in the comments  
once you’ve seen the film and of course subscribe 
to this channel if you haven’t already so overall  
what i think about this movie i think that it 
plays within this genre which is a good thing but  
also a bad thing i do applaud the performances i 
do applaud the narrative that it was trying to say  
before it unfortunately played too much into 
the message of the film and trying to beat the  
audience over the head of what they were 
trying to say in regards to social media  
minding your business being in people’s other 
business and all that stuff and then also to  
just some of the twists some of the turns just 
felt too unrealistic for my personal taste so  
with all that being said knowing that this is 
an erotic thriller knowing that it has certain  
tropes and certain things that it has to kind 
of play within to appease its normal audience  
because i’m not the target audience i can 
admit that i’m going to give this film a  
2.8 out of 5 again on an erotic scale i didn’t 
touch on the erotic nature of this film there’s  
some pretty interesting hot and steamy sexual 
scenes that don’t pan away from the camera you’re  
seeing what’s going on so on an erotic level this 
is probably you know one of the best erotic films  
i’ve seen in a long time that nature but as far 
as the narrative and the film goes like i said  
2.8 out of 5 from me take that score for what 
it is and let me know if you end up seeing this  
movie and if you did what did you think about it 
again the performances the direction the story  
the message did you enjoy it did you not 
enjoy it let’s talk about in the comments  
ladies and gentlemen that is my review hope you 
all enjoyed it if you haven’t already make sure  
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hope you all are staying safe hope you enjoyed 
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