The Way Back Movie Review

the way back as of this moment it’s 
still 2020 and it’s hard to believe  
that was a film that came out earlier this 
year on the big screen feels like eons ago
but even when this was in theaters hardly 
anyone watched it i’m guilty myself which  
is two back it’s fantastic and now that’s 
on hbo max we can all watch it easily  
ben affleck showed he can be a terrific actor in 
the right role or at least a great actor you know  
in this role jack cunningham well it’s nothing we 
haven’t seen before and maybe that’s part of the  
reason the movie didn’t do better the plot seems 
so familiar a man who’s dealt with trauma becoming  
an alcoholic and thrown his life away as a result 
finds his redemption by working with children yet  
the movie works beautifully nothing 
about it feels hackney try at all  
the performances are universally 
excellent not just affleck but  
al madrigal and the others and then the 
scoring is brilliant the cinematography  
beautiful and then the best thing is nothing as a 
writer seeing as a film fan the screenplay is so  
sharp but it doesn’t feel like 
anything was pulled from a cliche  
bag jack struggles and what drawing the point is 
feels so real his

interactions with his students  
his players all their different personalities 
feels just right what a coach would say  
and i’ve never been on a team by men’s exactly 
what feels like inside that locker room and i’ve  
never been out there man that’s what it feels 
like inside the bar where jack is wasting away  
really this film seemed like a something low 
budget but got the maximum value of every dollar  
and since we still can’t go to movies 
on a big screen i recommend you  
all check the way back out on hbo max i’m sure 
you’re all subscribing to it now anyway given  
warmer is releasing its entire theatrical 
sleep for the next year for free  
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