THE WHALE (2022) MOVIE REACTION! Brendan Fraser | Sadie Sink | A24 | First Time Watching!

here’s the story it’s a little past 10 p.m right now and I was editing a movie reaction for a couple I was a couple hours into the edit and then um something went wrong with my computer and then I lost all the progress on that edit and I went screw this I’m gonna watch the whale I’ve been on the to-do list I was like sure why not it seems like a good time I’ve never seen the trailer for this movie I’ve heard great things about it specifically that bread and Fraser is awesome in it and

I love Darren aronofsky’s work I know they can be quite sad and intense I’m not sure exactly what the movie’s gonna fully uh entail or or be about uh but the subject matter does sound intriguing to me at least from the few things I’ve heard about it I’ve told you guys have been here as part of the reject Nation for a while yeah I’ve been in therapy for like a decade at this point and you know a big part of a lot of my therapy discussions has has definitely been my struggles with body dysmorphia I

had it since I was a little kid binge eating and using food as a coping mechanism I’ve had some massive Kuwait gains

and weight losses over the years it’s a constant struggle every time I’m on camera it’s the first thing I’m always thinking about myself as much stomach even when I got stressed by that I instantly get this urge to be like I’m gonna go get Taco Bell or something like that while I know this movie is not going to be any anything like that at least I imagine won’t be necessarily about that that was

part of the Intriguing part of the subject matter of oh yeah a guy who uh uses like pretty much harms himself with overeating and I can relate to that to a certain extent definitely not the degree of the makeup effects that I’ve seen applied to burn and Frazier but there’s a part of me that melee was like yeah I feel like I could understand a decent amount of that subject at least regardless you’re gonna throw that all out the window throw my personal life out the window and just watch this movie so with that in

mind Let’s Escape leave a like uh subscribe and click that notification Bell to get notified when we got a reaction up on this channel that might pique your interest full interaction watch long so you sync up with your own copy of the whale I bought this off Amazon just now available for super sexy Rejects at our patreon page thank you to everyone who’s become a super sexy reject since sincerely your support has been exceptional without further ado let’s see what all the hype is about interesting is it in this aspect ratio the whole movie it’d

be good for everyone to review the paragraph structure PDF I sent you a few weeks ago he’s not on screen and yes the camera on my laptop still doesn’t work believe me you’re not missing much oh this title has always fascinated me oh geez just use your key gosh are you okay should I come on maybe that’s actually calling in that’s embarrassing do you have a phone at my phone’s dead I need to just read it okay that the author is just trying to save us from his own sad story this book made me think

about my own life and then it made me feel glad so he’s the whale and the makeup is incredible it’s an essay but why did you have me read it to you because I thought I was dying and I wanted to hear it one last time this is Adara daronovsky movie he’s probably going to die shut up what hush you probably have really high blood pressure man deep breath he’s got such a sincerity to his performances man what was my blood pressure 238 over 134. wow we that’s you must be from New Life why the

hell would you want to believe that the world is about to end I believe that when Christ returns it’s going to be beautiful yes believe me he doesn’t want to hear about new life because it’s caused him a lot of pain oh this guy’s just gonna stick around isn’t he killed his boyfriend killed his boyfriend what he probably won’t be here next week where is he going I’m sorry put it together man you have congestive heart failure if you don’t go to the hospital you’ll be dead by the weekend you will die sounds like that’s

what he wants well then I better get to work because I have a lot of essays this week God damn it I’m sorry did you still want to hear about Christ message of love and Savage no he does not God I still don’t understand why you had me read that essay to you this is a really good essay it’s it’s really this has to be based on a play yeah it has a has a real Play Rhythm I’m sorry you say you’re sorry one more time I will shove a knife right into you I swear

to God go ahead What’s it gonna do my internal organs are two feet in at least I have a good morbid sense of humor please that’s sad swatching your friend die thank you oh man that is sad later they set out on a ship captain by the pirate named his entire life set grounds trying to kill a certain whale we think this is sad because whale doesn’t have any emotions wow it won’t help him at all this book made me think about my own life is ultimately the whale but he’s also the other characters counting

this week I wonder why the choice to shoot it in this aspect ratio how long this is gonna last thank you God this level of self-harm does this mean I’m gonna get fat so that’s cool you’re a senior right you actually care of course they care so there is sweating his ass off I just thought that maybe we could spend some time with each other time with you this is a terrible week you’d still be that piece of dad who walked out of me when I was eight all because he wanted one of his students

can I have one of these yet she’s here just thought that maybe we can get to know each other I don’t even know I’m here oh he invited her directly I can pay you I can pay you how much can you pay me everything I have 120 000 something like that I’d have to check don’t tell your mom stand up and walk over to me I can’t really shut up come over here she is a commanding presence yes oh God oh uh shuts that door doesn’t even want to give herself a second to feel sorry

for him yeah everyone just wants to check up on him it measures perspiration it’s an indicator of stress here I don’t need a little machine to tell me to take a few deep breaths and stop sweating and sometimes you do though was she here you haven’t seen her since she was eight years old and you’re gonna reconnect with her by doing her homework for her it’s fine it’s not fine you’re gonna help it is stress level it doesn’t look like she has any friends I’m worried that she’s forgotten what an amazing person she is fall

okay I have to go soon trying to help but also enable very interesting nice to go puke was brighter book oh oh my God are you choking oh okay damn this guy could die at any moment seems like a guy who’s made a lot of mistakes in his life but it’s probably a decent guy underneath all of it it’s a really depressed one if you say that Walt Whitman wrote song for myself yeah it’s called A Song of Myself my title is better it’s overwritten and dumb and repetitive and and in reality he’s just some

worthless 19th century ouch that’s an interesting perspective it would make for an interesting essay nah man you can’t be honest something with your harder than a homophobia part is your mother with anyone right now no why are you interested of course not I love their scene work together man they’re so good together why’d you get all that weight I don’t if you’re gonna interrogate me I’m going to do the same thing oh it’s like he did he do it intentionally someone close to me passed away and it it had an effect you had him over

for dinner once when Mom was in Montana visiting Grandma uh damn how’d he die I don’t I I really don’t want to talk about that right now tell me what you really think you want me to write what I really think I’ll be right back in like 20 minutes man the talking pool of Sadie sings performance here it’s got a lot of depth underneath those eyes kind of actor you could feel what she’s thinking and Brendan Fraser is okay now he’s phenomenal I get all the hype foreign asked about the boyfriend you okay yeah yeah

fine I’m fine who’s outside are you his friends or his daughter are you surprised yeah I guess what’s more surprising that a gay guy has a daughter that someone actually found this song from New Life what I like about religion is that it assumes that everyone is an idiot and that they’re all incapable of saving themselves I think they’ve got something right with that you could write an essay I have some pamphlets that I think how did you just do that are you coming back tomorrow I’m sorry what’s happening yeah what what are you doing

I’m really uncertain about that whole dynamic there I have probably read everything new life church has ever written that’s great and everything but these tracks are just the beginning there’s so much more in the Bible that we can’t I read the Bible God creates us expels us from Paradise we wander around for thousands of years killing each other before he comes back and saves 144 000 of us meanwhile seven and a half billion of us fall into hell foreign yeah that is perspective there’s a reason why I knocked on your door right when you needed

someone the most isn’t there any way I can help I mean it seems like he needs someone the most all the time well there’s something you could do for me I hope you know I wasn’t I’m not oh my God I’m pleased you gotta believe me when I say I’m not attracted to you you’re a fetus please just let me help thank you it’s very helpful praise be to God it’s a fat guy wheelchair what would you pay for this thing nothing we ordered it for a patient a few months ago what happened they lost

a lot of weight good actually this is really nice yeah it’s great for him she got an electric where are you from uh Iowa you’re from Iowa and you came to Idaho to do missionary work he’s dying he’s refusing to go to the hospital but he needs is spiritual guidance foreign slide over my big brother did some missionary work for New Life went to South America dad had set it all up pushed them into getting married to the skull from the church he barely knew practically arranged he met someone else fell in love started a

whole new life I thought he was going to be able to get over all that religious stuff but it was like a cancer he couldn’t shake it it’s a knee deep in you man stop sleeping stopped eating lost a ton of weight this guy’s out jogging on a bike path here the river in Lewiston sees something washed up on shore and that was Alan the love of Charlie’s life and my brother oh to this day my dad won’t admit it denying him to the end damn in a few days he’s probably gonna be dead so

what he needs is for you to leave him alone I’m the only one who can help him you understand me wow he managed to sneak up on their conversation actually I got another night shift tonight I better uh you good for the night damn bonded by the trauma I mean they’re probably bonded before that but Alan’s death just unified them even more yeah you can um Charlie have a good night okay just leave the Pizza his apartment smells this notebook is recorded I hate everyone #mood this uh Park and smells this notebook is I hate

everyone that the author was just trying to save us from his own sad story foreign I hate everyone forget about the poem write whatever you want whatever you’re thinking he’s such a sweet guy you know I was in a really strange place in my life when I married your mom ask I understand that you’re angry she’s hurt okay you know what you can’t throw me away like I’m a piece of garbage and then suddenly just want to be my dad eight years later I’m glad because you taught me something very important people are seems like

they probably had a really great relationship prior to all that if you had all that money saved up and wanted to be a part of my life so bad you could have been sending money to Mom I did it could have been a part of my life really who would want me to be a part of their life foreign acceptance and resolve I hope you know what an amazing person you are I couldn’t ask for a more incredible daughter she has no idea he’s died does she is such an interesting history with all the characters

here someone’s outside again I like this inclusion I always show the shot of someone walking around in the back is he okay I don’t know I ground up some Ambien and I put it in a sandwich where did you get Ambien it’s the pharmacist nice does this make you nervous because it’s just bought I know what pot is okay no you only think you know what pot is because your parents told you a bunch of lies about it don’t i’ve smoked pot before oh oh I’m so impressed I wasn’t trying to impress you’ve not smoked

pot before yes I have it it was awesome it was kind of a problem that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life I had a problem you were a stoner you had a hobby all right I’m gonna go just tell him I was here you know you leave I’ll feed him the rest of the pills I have in the bottle what wow it’s like a devil and angel in this room ticket I don’t want if you don’t take a hit I’m gonna call the police and I’m gonna tell them that you

tried to take a hit damn girl you are you are something you’re for God what are you gonna do with that picture I’m gonna Master to it look I’m just with you all right damn you’re a Ted’s personality can I take another hit it goes against a religion and that makes you hypocrite go ahead they’re all Hypocrites it’s part of being a sinner a human do you find me attractive because I’m not attracted to you at all just so you know damn I just don’t think you’re very good looking or interesting or intelligence very mean

is this your way of flirting you’re not from your life there’s a kid in the grade below me who goes there he told me that they stopped doing door-to-door stuff last year why what is that going on what a random plot turn Sky Jerry all he had us doing was standing on corners and handing out pamphlets you could just tell it you didn’t need to earn or prove his faith at all yeah okay after a while I was just like am I really helping maybe if you get Light One Candle I was worried I was

gonna get arrested for smoking pot for stealing from the mission badass and when everyone went to sleep I I took the petty cash how much a hundred twenty thousand dollars two thousand four hundred and thirty six dollars I thought I could use this money for my own mission you know see my faith save just one person so why do you keep coming back here hoping to get money from Charlie so that’s why you want to save my job uh oh Ellie how much money did he offer you how’d she what you think I’m an idiot

you think I would believe that you were coming over here out of the kindness of your heart Charlie doesn’t have any money if you call the money from his teaching it’s been going we could have gotten you anything you needed last winter when my pickup broke down and I had to walk through the snow to get your groceries for you I offered to get your truck fixed yeah and I refused because I thought you had seven hundred dollars in your bank if there was ever any kind of emergency I’m with money would you I offer

to fix the truck I I don’t care about you get that through your skull damn this is mean Ellie your your essay it’s good essay oh Jesus Christ try to make a stir-fry thing yeah almost at the entire apartment building on fire oh my God this looks so painful it was left raising our kids for a man what about us for a while you know you know gosh she’s awful isn’t she is that why you kept her for me all this time you thought that I would think that you’re a bad mother kinda makes you

Charlie she’s evil she’s not evil oh what there’ll be a grease fire in hell when he starts to burn oh that is messed up she’s a strong writer that’s your response the only reason you married me in the first place was to have a kid I know that very pleased wow this is very unpleasant I never got to say that I was sorry about your friend boyfriend you’re wheezing gotten worse should I call someone probably feels like he destroys the lives of everyone he loves we took that trip to the Oregon coast together I went

swimming in the ocean that was the last time I ever went swimming actually hear the ocean waves interesting choice to cut back to this dance I think you said for days after that it’s about like sea water dying Mary I need to know it’s just gonna have a decent life and she’s gonna be okay damn I have to have anyone else I need to know that I have done one thing right with my life do you need anything before I leave I really just feel like the full-fledged history of all these characters you know I

definitely got temperature just blow snot into my shirt yeah thanks Dan have a good night okay dad you’re the MVP of this movie does he have this pizza every night damn right nice to get a message like that oh he’s really going binging right now it’s like he’s trying to end it tonight yep your daughter she took these pictures of me smoking pot and she found my church in Waterloo somehow and then she sent it to them and they sent it to my parents and and you know what they said it’s just money and they

want me to come home how awful is that awful you think Alan died because he chose to be with me yes wow Alan loved me he thought it was beautiful halfway through the semester started meeting me during my office hours uh-huh it’s perfect temperature outside we took a walk in the Arboretum tests huh Alan can see what I have done to myself Carly okay stop this is disgusting yes I’m disgusting you’re disgusting it there you go you found honestly Thomas it’s a really fascinating examination man I’ve been replaced by someone who will no doubt have

you rewrite less authentic less you with every draft Julian you wrote sick of people telling me that I have promised the truth will set you free I just want to be honest with you too this course doesn’t matter amazing honest things things they matter this movie is aggressively sad those last few months before Alan I’d come over here Shake him to scream at him just trying to get him to eat something God that was awful it was awful for me too yeah well you weren’t the one who had to identify his body all bloated it

wouldn’t let me I wasn’t family oh I tried to save him please I thought that if I just loved him that he wouldn’t need anywhere else me oh nobody could have saved him believe me I spent years trying I don’t think I believe anyone can save anyone only you can save yourself she was trying to help her do you ever get the feeling people are incapable of not caring he people are amazing what the did you do I need to talk to him is she actually had to actually expect to see her again do you

ever get the feeling that people aren’t capable about caring capable of caring I failed that’s a really good essay I don’t care that you’re dying do you want me to fail out of high school is that why you did this I didn’t write it read it read it I wrote this in eighth grade for English why do you and I feel saddest of all boring chapters that were only descriptions of whales oh the author was just trying to save us from his own sad stories just for a little while I wanted to know how you

were doing in school and she sent it and it’s the best dancing I’ve ever read be like this I’m sorry for leaving you I was in love and I left you behind you did not deserve that I don’t I don’t know I could have done such thing you’re so beautiful you’re amazing stop ah it’s an Essie miss you you’re the best thing I have ever done you’re going to the hospital you just need surgery or something oh God yeah you kidding me oh yeah yeah please oh I just named Moby Dick and which is what

in the course of the book the pirate Ahab encounters many hardships this is sad because this whale doesn’t have any emotions it doesn’t know how bad AF wants to kill him he’s just poor big animal he said his life will be better if you can just kill this whale but in reality it won’t help him at all I felt saddest of all when I read the boring chapters that were only descriptions of whales because I knew that the author was just trying to save us from his own sad story just for a little while this

book made me think about my own life and then it made me feel glad for men that’s a Crescendo of an editing right there oh wow I did not put that together that she had rid of that I feel like I should have power it was rare word is so gay holy God oh man I just gotta sit with that for a second oh foreign that was an experience all right I don’t think there’s a post credit scene yeah okay let’s talk about it I’ll be right back just gonna blow my nose okie dokie okie

dokie right I’m pretty sure quite a few times on this channel and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen a movie where just like that that fight I don’t know I could be blanking on it but like that final few moments are just like wow this is like husky damn uh that was uh that was that was crazy well all right not really knowing much about it other than all the talk about Brendan Fraser is amazing in this film and it’s so sad and I I found the experience interesting because all right

Greg time to focus it’s time to get your thoughts in order after that I found the experience interesting because you know I didn’t know what I was really walking into other it’s there like someone’s saying it’s so sad I’m like well it’s Darren Aronofsky his tends to be pretty sad I really love like Darren aronofsky’s work I think it’s very striking I find Black Swan to be one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen I even like uh a lot of his most uh divisive movies I I first joint mother and I I like

I like pretty much most things that I I’ve seen from him and I know uh you know Christianity and inclusion is often a Common Thread and this was one of those things where it kind of starts off in a very melancholic seems like too light of a word it’s harsh it’s like a harsh World Of This Moment In Time uh quite aggressively right away and normally I haven’t seen the fountain though that popped up on my I still haven’t seen the fountain uh but when when uh when a movie becomes like so much like that

like you know I liken it to what I call the the student film syndrome or the short film syndrome was like look how freaking dramatic we are look how sad we are to the point where it becomes ineffective because it just feels like that’s what they’re they’re going for but the performances are so strong and it was the moments it wasn’t really like this stuff when I would like especially when I get like choked up or cry or something it wasn’t really the stuff where it was just going you know be sad be sad or

something like that because because it was it was getting to the it was sometimes linger in in aspects of that where I found myself kind of thinking in my head am I gonna end up liking this movie is this gonna feel monotonous is it gonna feel I don’t know if the right word is pretentious but is it gonna feel forced right and whenever it was layered once the movie really started to click with me I don’t exactly know what point it was but there was a point where I started to under really feel like I

was understanding who the characters were at least my interpretation of it you know this is the kind of movie I imagine there’s some really great think pieces on and dissection of the characters because there are fully realized characters every character here is is very much fleshed out and you really get a sense for their background and it was stuff where because pain is like what this whole canvas is painted with the pain it was Winter honed in on not not like why the pain is there and you know I thought I didn’t know if it

was going to be a movie about like a movie that’s about body dysmorphia a movie about obesity you know like that’s that’s an aspect obviously but it’s but it’s like he has become this physical embodiment uh of of his pain you know that that is what he represents as as this person as this very obese struggling person who’s like on the verge of death is accepting the fact that he’s going to die he it’s like he shapes himself into that you know and I I didn’t know if it would just be because a lot of

these characters have these habits uh of and what I mean by why like why the pain the specifically the word why why the pain why that hit me so hard excuse me guys I’m just coming off a crime session trying to get my thoughts perfectly aligned here why that hit me so hard is because you would see that there was so much love and that love led to so much hurt and you really got that sense with this Charlie character especially him but you could see that with the even with the the wife and Sadie

sink and the Ellie character you could see that there was probably a point in time where their Foundation even before they did the flashbacks on the beach or whatever there was probably this point in time where they were really happy you know and he and he probably did love them but just didn’t love her the wife how you could tell he still had a love for her but just wasn’t in love with her because he was really gay and then the path to being in love with this Allen guy and and what that did for

Alan being part of this church I can imagine this movie you could offend some people especially with religious this movie does not do do this is what I’m gonna do it a little bit later if there’s one criticism I have about the writing of it it has to do with the real I’m not religious whatsoever but there is there is a criticism I have in terms of how the religion aspects are sort of handled here regardless of what that feeds into the character of he just wanted he’s like maybe I can save this guy by

just giving him you know uh overwhelming flow of love and he died and he just blames himself you know and while these characters often when gets too hard they will escape via rather storming out or resorting to anger he resorts to binge eating you know it is a form of physically harming yourself and I’ve I’ve never I’ve been in situations like that where I just want to eat my pain away I did that for a very long time and I gained the like massive amounts of weight and there would be sessions where like every Saturday

I just end up throwing up just because I would just eat until I threw up and it it’s a sad way of living in and and I appreciate the movie portrays it in a way that’s not trying to make it about that but it also is kind of about that because really it’s about who these people are it’s it is it is a human experience it is a human journey of everyone here and how yes there’s a lot of trauma that keeps these people bonded together but there’s also it’s also rooted in a lot of

love and when you have that quality kind of shine through because I could see I could see how there could be a lot of people probably don’t like this movie too because I feel like it could register as I don’t know what the right words misery porn but I’m gonna go with that I see I could see how it could register as that versus like look how artistically depressing this is nah man when you got that that’s why that Crescendo was so beautiful to me like God damn that poem he that essay he keeps reciting

uh throughout the whole film and how you know he’s just saying that he just wants to hear it before he dies and he’s just triple and he just wants to make his daughter happy that’s all he cares about and that’s that’s been consistent with him throughout his whole life it wasn’t like he’s been ignoring her he’s wanted to be in contact with her he saved up all the money like it’s it’s been a focus of him of his entire life and it’s it’s also a Journey about everyone learning to just be honest with themselves and

being honest with everyone else you know like that level of honesty of coming to terms with the truth EV how do we really feel underneath like it’s a movie about emotions while there’s a lot of dialogue parts that can feel repetitive and whatnot at the end of the day the the movie is uh the story is about emotions the story is about being very honest with it’s kind of like inside out but on a very adult level it’s very it’s so much about just okay yeah you got you you put this on display you you

take out you take you take out all your pain on your body like this you’re a drinker he’s a binge eater he’s led to obesity he’s got all these health problems Ellie’s doing everything Ellie does Liz is very Stern and built up like like she goes into the aggressive route as well but you got a sense of everyone’s backstory and so over time as you peel back these layers by the end you just get to everyone’s true emotions and the movie even had me going with Ellie it honestly reached the point because at first it

wasn’t until it was when she sent the letters the the when you find it because you’re like okay she’s gonna do something with this recording and stuff is when she sent the recording off to Thomas’s family and you know preceding that the mom was going uh like she’s evil you know it’s like no one to me is born evil it’s usually some form of conditioning right and like I don’t think she was evil what she was doing but she didn’t seem like a great person and I I did when it reached that point of did

she do that to hurt Thomas or to help Thomas I was here going I feel like she might have been trying to hurt him like that’s what the move that’s what I had been sold on where prior to that prior to the whole like ambient and all that and and the recording of Thomas I was really under the impression like you know what yeah she’s she’s got a attitude but but really she loves her dad and like that was very obvious but I never I didn’t really imagine would get a scene where as I had

I had thought that she wasn’t going to come back into the movie actually I I really thought for some reason that she just wasn’t going to come back maybe you did and you’re smarter than me whatever I didn’t think she was gonna come back I kind of forgot about it I didn’t forget I just didn’t come back so when when she did come back and then you see like oh the the essay is what she wrote this beautiful essay and this is how oh it’s so that’s so smart like it makes the whole journey worth

it I I honestly think those last few minutes make the whole journey worth it and um what was I talking about sorry what time is it it is it is literally 12 55 at the four degree out of watching this movie so it’s just such a red it was such a random night for me becoming delusional the uh this stays in the video me try to remember what I’m talking about um yeah yeah uh with with aliens everyone’s being honest you find out why everyone is the way they are I don’t remember what I was

exactly talking about whatever this is all state I don’t know I don’t care this is gonna be raw I like the whale’s emotions and Sadie’s sink whoa holy everyone can act so well that’s what I was trying to say is that I had the movie was selling me so much on I actually don’t even know if this is how the girl’s gonna if the movie’s gonna end on a note with uh yeah as you might have just been a uh but no she like like she was too far gone from the pain and the trauma

she experienced it was too far gone and there was there’s that she wasn’t gonna ever turn to being dabbing a resolve like Sadie’s sink was phenomenal in this movie is she nominated are the nominations out I miss I mean yeah I know they are is Sadie Singh nominated for this film because she’s so good nominated for an Oscar I guess not damn I mean I don’t know who else was told to do this I’m not gonna be like what the hell why this person I don’t know who else was nominated she was phenomenal I like

her scenes with Brendan Fraser were so were so real and believable and layered um talk about Nuance my God that was so effective I loved it loved the I loved their dynamic there were times where there’s something about the Thomas character that’s my one criticism about the movie that just out of all the pieces for some reason he was the only part that I wasn’t it was the only part of the movie that I found myself constantly walking a line with of is this working for me or is this not working for me and I

don’t think it there’s a lot of things like that it did Sir for the the bigger purpose of of the narrative that undoubtedly yeah and especially with the backstory with Liz who by the way amazing is is she a funny woman or something like that is she like a comedian lady I remember her in the menu uh and she was excellent in that too but uh I’ve never seen her worth to this degree she was she was phenomenal absolutely phenomenal what’s that actress’s name let me find it for you guys Hong Chow I don’t know

her work or maybe I do and I just forget but yeah she’s uh she was excellent uh yeah another beautiful performer there um because I did the pizza yeah what would it keep my God okay yeah you know it’s been it’s been a little bit of a 13-hour day no no no I know I tend to uh zigzag in a conversation on these reviews post reaction but it’s especially gonna go down tonight and I’m keeping it all here um yeah with Thomas Ty Simpkins while I think the performer Ty Simpkins did a really good job

the while I’m not a religious person I did think that there wasn’t much given to this it started to work for me once you find once you find out what the hell is really going on with this guy and why he’s really here uh like everything that Ellie ends up finding out that that’s when the it’s I was like okay this is this dramatic shift is actually making this click for me more it’s because most of his lines pretty much just felt like America’s got totally God put me here for a reason you got to

find God like it just never got deeper than that and it it didn’t become like it never became thought provoking anything that he was pitching or saying I could feel the whoever wrote the because I imagine that this is a very faithful play did Samuel D Hunter who wrote this movie also write the the play I could feel the thought process of of the the writer uh implementing his views on religion and you know like I don’t want to offend anyone here I really really not a fan because I’m I’m the kind of individual who’s

like well I’m not real I grew up Catholic I have a lot of my own reasons of why I’m not religious now um I still think that I’ve I know a good amount of people who do have faith whether it be Christian Mormon Catholicism Judaism I know a good amount of people and if it works for them and I see that like you know what you’re a good person and uh and I can I can still be myself around you and I feel like really comfortable all around you like I I love you you’re great

so I don’t want a dog uh I don’t want a dog religion Dogma I don’t want I don’t want a dog religion um this movie I thought like yeah you know there are I have no reasons too for why I’m not a religious person and I I so I while I don’t subscribe to any faith it did feel like I was hearing a lot of those The Writer’s voice just imposing it and not really giving any Nuance to uh Thomas’s reasoning for God or belief or or other to say to char like it never became

like a real debate or conversation about it you know it just kind of felt like the same repetitive dialogue then they like assholed himself up by the end like that that last scene that he had with him like oh dude dick move I know he had good intent to put in you know bad maneuver there so yeah that that was the one quality of the movie that I I understand like the purpose it serves thematically for the characters and and for the movie as a whole I did think you know even if it is extremely

faithful to the play that it it could have it could have used some enhancement as opposed to just the ones who are going to have the biggest amount of of of uh expansion on reasoning and debate is going to be all the characters who are opposed against the religion but the one who is just keeps showing up to want to instill the faith is it’s never like a compelling argument like I know this is that it’s not a Netflix this is not a Netflix series it’s a movie but I think a great example of one

that does it is um midnight mass Mike Flanagan show the the priest on that show like when he does a sermon uh I don’t remember what episode it was but I was like you know what I follow this guy I become religious I was in the room screw it I’m cool I’m going full Catholic right now and not that it needed to reach that level I just think you could have used a little bit of peppering of that is all I’m getting and then I think I I would have just been fully immersed in it

but yeah no this was a miserable experience in a lot of ways but what are those one of those that I was I was just full I I did I did get lost in and you know it’s it as much as uh in the beginning it was like this definitely feels like a play uh it began to really evolve into feel like a film like and I mean I mean that in a really complimentary way like there are certain movies I watch where I just feel like I was watching a play and and sometimes it’s

not complementary like sometimes you gotta you gotta fuse the worlds I think when you translate uh play to film like like Glenn Ross is an amazing job at that from as being a film uh fences while beautifully acted I really felt like I was just watching a stage flame they were cutting back between the same three shots where here you still have a nice great use of cinematography um atmosphere you could feel the isolation yet you get a sense of like just beyond the door is the outside world where he’s never gonna go to eeo

what’s the wildlife Erin obstacle bringing some of his visual like I felt like the ending especially with him like raising up you know dying with acceptance and peace and happiness getting that relief that felt very aronofsky-like and even the use of the flashback uh on the on the beach felt very aeronofsky so having some of those like film language visual flourishes I thought was great I thought there was amazing music in here uh the Liz character I really like the dynamic between them because you don’t really see a dynamic like that in film and uh

I thought that her she just feels like people I’ve met like she really does she really feels like people I’ve met where it was also cool about her it’s nice to get like an I don’t think they did they don’t ever make mention of the fact that she is actually Asian huh as a Filipino it makes me happy to see her in fact that she’s a nurse I think she’s a nurse I might just protect you um but the fact that she’s Asian and they don’t make it a thing that she’s Asian I’m pretty sure

they don’t they’re more kudos to that but the dynamic of you were the best thing that happened to my brother and I loved you for who you were when my brother was around and now I must protect you too and look after you as well it’s a very fascinating Dynamic and again you could really feel you could feel like these actors all fleshed out the history that’s like that’s what you want from these performances is you don’t need to say much but whenever you guys are talking like I can tell that all you guys know

all the memories more than what’s being said on screen or even into that like you guys really know your memories and yeah I haven’t really touched much on him Brendan Fraser I saved it for the end when most people have already clicked off this video Brendan Fraser is peace Beyond exceptional he’s astronomical in this film I thought I’d be watching a movie where I just kept going Brendan Fraser doing great you know where I’m just aware I’m watching Brendan Fraser the whole time and like look at Brendan Fraser acting he became this guy hands down

the best performance he’s ever done hands down he was just this dude you know and he he wasn’t like ever it’s like a heavy per no but it said it’s like a heavy performance it is and what I respected so much about it was it did feel like I was looking at someone’s life on screen because I’m not even talking about how it correlates with Brendan Fraser the actor or something like that I I’m talking about how you know they had that thing in there where he tries to be optimistic and he tries to find

the positive spin when clearly this guy is in a world of his own misery and it’s just utterly depressed he he carried this it felt authentic just so the word that comes to mind is sincerity it’s it’s genuine that that uh that tenderness towards others that that interesting care and and and the power of the language and the and embracing the honesty and like the love that he has you can really feel it just embroiled in so much so much shame and lack of self-worth there’s like no self like so much love exerted but no

but no self-love you know like even when he talks about Alan and Thomas or he’s getting defensive he’s like I was never remember the best looking guy in the room but he thought I was beautiful like even then before he even became this like shape that he becomes even then you get the idea that this guy never never really had self-love did he as much as he could find it elsewhere as much as you can find love he never had it for himself it was such a fully realized performance it was painstakingly beautiful who’s he

up against I want to know who’s up against yeah oh boy you deserve some awards um Oscar nominations 2033 oh you’re going up against Austin Butler you did become Elvis for like five years foreign Fraser still deserves it I’ve seen both of these movies and uh yeah I think Brandon Frazier deserves it I’m saying that right now anyway guys awesome Butler will get another chance the guy’s like five years old he go get another chance let Brendan Fraser have it and Austin Butler can go up on stage and slap him ladies and gentlemen what did

you think of the whale did you enjoy it I guess I’d give it like a 8 out of ten yeah yeah I’m confident with that like an eight out of 10. alrighty well I had to jump like an 8.5 like the acting it’s just two two two two minutes not my favorite Airline like not by not by a long shot but uh it’s it’s still it’s it is very moving and that ending that ending like really made the whole thing like really sing for me oh the person plays wife also incredible incredible she has like

one scene in this movie like she showed up he she did her homework she was great and that again I appreciate the I appreciate how it’s not just people screaming at each other that they would you could see that it was all at the end of the day all whatever anger frustrations there’s always rooted in in love anyway reject Nation dig deeper in your emotions and and if you’re in pain or you find yourself in a stress or angry State sometimes I gotta do that sometimes I’m like just kind of like I do these exercises

because I can be a very emotional guy I do these exercises where I close my eyes and I’ll just start saying how I feel like just very subconscious very stream of Consciousness and I’ll just find my face doing this why do I feel angry angry is usually a sign that I’m hurt am I feeling hurt by something what am I hurt by like I gotta like dissect it a little bit so I encourage the same thing too alrighty I’m gonna try to edit this other movie reaction first to round to it but thank you for

being here

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