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what is happening there citizens of the reject Nation we are about to kick off our reactions for Henry cavill’s last season of The Witcher um I’m not as excited as I would like to be mainly because I’m aware the best part of the show is leaving yeah it’s hard to yeah cope with that yeah but it’s his last season so I figured why not just go in with like an open mind obviously and uh have a little bit of a Bittersweet experience I suppose and uh hopefully uh it ends up being really enjoyable that’s my

best wish I’m not going in here to be like hyper critical or something like that we even liked the season that a lot of people didn’t like which was season two so it’s by no means a thing about the show it’s just the fact that Henry Cavill is leaving which has made the experience a bit dejecting is all but let’s be professional ladies and Gentlemen please go ahead toss a coin to the like button also subscribe click that notification Bell to get notified when I react for the next episode of The Witcher is up here

on this channel this is the first episode so uh you know usually full introduction watch laundry stick it with your own copy

available for super sexy Rejects at our patreon page but because it’s the first episode that one is made public and so if you want to sync up watch along with us uh there’s a link in the description box and pin comments so you don’t need to pledge to our patreon page for the first episode so please just go ahead and use that if you’d like Anyway let’s see what this episode is like we’re

seeking a girl and a Witcher masterians will recompense you handsomely for illumination as to their whereabouts because he’s a fire guy looking for me dude ah damn look at that CGI blood it’s gotten better it’s got more weight to it I am petunia um it’s like out of a video game nice that head fell incredibly gracefully to the ground for your discretion thank you I will not count this anything helps I will do everything in my power to help Siri grow her magical skill it’s going to be a long road ahead for all of us

your friend Jennifer I’m officially in the friend zone dear friend she has great potential but little Talent it’s okay she mastered The Witcher course Knows My Name wow I mean it’s not like you burned their actual home down yeah I mean you could probably repurpose this place pretty easily I could have just left it let it be for your discretion I will not count it anything helps any little Satchel of coin I assume is plenty the honor System is what we abide by this is Trope of these kind of fantasy movies and shows I’ve always

loved would never counted people know the weight of the right amount of coin dear friend it seems that you and Syria thoroughly enjoying our fourth house in as many months finding time to bond so delightfully I will remind you though that you asked nay begged me to teach her magic uh-oh someone’s starting to become bitter I’m Eric Siri taketh away slaughter them Siri tell yennefer we’re leaving and I expect payment for my discretion just any Satchel will do just let me hear the sound of the coins we’re good we’re so far off the map here

that we may never leave again we’ll continue magic lessons before the ice melts I promise but for now perhaps the girl deserves a break just having fun with me now so it’s okay I’ve been wanting to invite me to dinner ever since we arrived yeah bye no but I look through your window and you have more wine and I’m begging for really far isn’t it girls fill it with your urine dear friend that’s not wine you’re drinking yeah look at them oh it’s like when families on the edge are divorce during covid finally managed to

make things work got no choice otherwise I am enjoying this simplistic bonding of them before things becoming crazy you know convoluted plots before all the plot lines converge prophecies automatic is tricky that’s what you said about Earth Magic and air magic what do you have power like nothing I’ve seen I think so hard for both of us try fire how could Fire magic be any worse with Fire magic the source is you take something you never get back your magic yes oh a built-in festival’s just down the valley you should come I’d love to it’s

not a bad idea and everyone will be in costume what could go wrong oh my fresh Chum for you now see how you like my new pets whoa that one hurt that jacket pace is trying to smell your kind from a league away then I’ve come to the right place uh I need to find a girl with Elven blood oh my Japanese is a sense I’ll do you one better oh is that the same actor I can’t tell is that Liam Hemsworth she is out of there have there been sightings or are we chasing more

rumors we don’t know yeah Galadriel I will find dobathana but how there is no Sanctuary left for elves here all the become clear once we have cerrilla she is our new hope Siri you could unite everything he doesn’t need you to play nurse maid he needs you to play Soldier Medics Are Soldiers too is that Robbie Amell he looked familiar maybe the whole continent is our doorbell we tried sharing the continent for centuries if there’s to be another genocide this time it’ll be the humans don’t worry global warming is gonna take care of everything you

promised me a princess you swore cirilla would be mine perhaps a tad go out to your highness we wouldn’t want your beloved to catch wind our attention has been diverted because of the squirrels oh yeah more excuses they’re blaming us for murdering that stupid elephant baby it definitely wasn’t ours a spymaster who can’t find one girl now it’s time for exchange right of it what’s that this is gonna go great as for Prince seed waste all departure I’m not gonna order someone to babysit the prince while he flits about looking to the girl we don’t

trust anyone else we’re actually gonna see this guy’s personality a little more yeah if I do this I’ll be the only one giving orders when I get back this will definitely help differentiate from his house of the Dragon character what do you think I think you need to hide your hair and mask your eyes would it kill you to say you look lovely you look like a no daughter of mine my name’s got a bad idea oh you look hot you’re so hot it looks lovely nice let’s do some Eyes Wide Shut look at what

happens when we let her have one good night let’s not pretend your motivations aren’t Italian selfish Jennifer happy birthday to you too oh you do care say you remember our good night after the gin season one call back the overnight carriage ride from ellender to Moen the Beltane Festival in the mornings they were lonely you’re often left before Dawn oh you did but then one time girls did remember you guys remember scared what would happen if we really tried I was unsure it was actually what I wanted not just some trick of the Jen’s Magic

and now I oh these always go well never turns into a psychological nightmare yeah you’re not gonna have some kind of vision in here hahaha cut through the hedges man it is it’s like a big old monster pill bug yeah damn raining paid off damn strength catch it in a magic jar staying at the right spot squelch intensifies we draw him out we give him the thing he wants most you have a caravan leaving tomorrow don’t you I want to go with you but it’s important that no one knows that for us this plan isn’t

going to work tell me what I need to do get her on the care of it without the listening we need you to complain about the spoiled brat who ruined belting for everyone now I have to hold that Ava brat Palace all the way to Aiden with my Caravan no they’ll know who you’re talking about you think this Mage is going to believe that you let Siri raid with an escort she’ll be traveling with someone we trust seemingly innocuous oh come on yes yes my man is what we do my sweet we are creatives free

thinkers All is fair I am doing everything that I can we invested a lot in your operations and we’ve gotten nothing in return deeksha and I are ready to cut you loose what is this new or am I forgetting something like what did you fall in with them look at me look at my eyes there is no need to harm the innocent that’s it this guy’s not so bad oh cirilla girl has enemies everywhere is not a bad place humid in the summer but the food is spectacular oh he’s actually good at his job yeah

so far you could be a robot no no a stayed life at court is not for me if your time at court has been stayed you’ve been doing it wrong dang it’s a persuasive guy deliver the girl or we will single-handedly undo Every Good Deed you have done for the elves you five days and I remember helping the elves this season feels so much more modern yeah yeah even in some of the ways they talk and stuff yeah your friends need help of course they do it’s a tight spot alaran Brave and inspiring Elven Warrior

who thought she could defeat the humans she was wrong they always are after the conjunction humans arrived the elves thought the humans were just a nuisance sure but they would die off in the blink of an Elven eye but the humans kept multiplying as we do like a disease sounds like she thought what she believed in she did fight for what she believed in she let those young and passionate elves to war at this place this is where they fought of how much of a father he’s become yeah gotta fat you up need you back

out there food goes to the ones who fought all elves share equally otherwise we’re no better than the humans we are socialists it seems like this guy is going to be starting his own faction of elves ask where tail forces should be United what did you see out there to change your mind I simply had time to consider your position three you two really think I’m that shitty of a god another dream sleep thinking about Halloran and my grandmother burned with the exact same mission looking off for something different a way forward that doesn’t divide

but unites exactly I understand both because I am both and that is my strength yes yes I have the power to change the cycle of hatred and I want to because I am sick and tired of Destruction and loss I don’t doubt you Siri I too doubt the world though it requires an action yes it’s just one big action scene out there I got so much more Hands-On and affectionate yeah it’s meant to be a father she can do this hey I’ve brought more friends this time you could do this Siri remember your Witcher training

stormy my magic foreign that frame rate I like my arms I like how old’s better go team that’s not good are you sure you sent him to the right place all right good we just need to wait for goat oh no hey oh what’s up team oh no Dara so she’s always been so badass I don’t look so special yeah just hurt my feelings feel that one you call yourself an elf she’s a quarter elf she belongs with me damn your Majors out of her death where’d his sword go use it preventing him from being

able to do stuff now yeah oh oh nice oh sweet oh my God this is great the way the way he moves wow wow that was great choreography that cavel whoa yeah dang I hope you got to eat before that you’ll be fine your loots on the other hand has seen better days it’s okay isn’t the only Rogue mate we’re dealing with someone very powerful is puppeting him I need help oh I can talk to you no you don’t know how difficult it is to embody power but not have access to it going to aratuza

cannot be the only answer it’s the best thing for her is it or for you yes I need to finally answer to finish him off I can’t go with you and we can’t go with you France just feels like a nuisance and not much of a threat yeah figure for for all the build up lessons it just seems kind of like a guy who shows up to get in your way Tennessee lost her brother and I have lost a dozen more she lied to us as I wonder we need her everyone needs her she brings

nothing but death the problem isn’t her that’s that one I’ve had enough where are you going to get help from an old friend I have no idea who he could be referring to who haven’t we seen yet I’ve got her yeah and I say this isn’t goodbye for good that there are more good nights to come yes that you will of me that’s my problem to you no a new excuse this time I’ll do it serious in danger and so the people around her it would be best she landed somewhere safe nowhere is safe Mage

with a fondness for fire brilliant get rid of them you will have earned series Trust and girls and might in that order you’re good at this game if you say sick babe yes odd character dear friend I wrote you but you still ain’t calling should I say we sides are a Tuesday is not to her liking I have my eyes on our next home a dollhouse on a squid Farm oh yes friend and left after all those good nights because I was scared for the first time I understand real fear oh his hair is very

dry for that rain I’m just uncertain on this continent oh I will learn to trust you again you Siri and I We Belong Together finally oh boy no cherish her memory just wants his daughter I know and he burned those screenshots from season one hey well um that’s cool yeah yeah that’s cool or or back in the world doing stuff feels like a part three it does see yeah that’s a good way to put that it’s got a little bit of a different way of moving it’s got a little bit of different way of speaking

and it’s trying to like hit you real quick with a whole bunch of stakes don’t let people get bored yeah don’t let people get bored yeah speed it up this is so fast paced like for Witcher standards especially yeah this was so fast yeah yeah and after at least the first kind of Chunk where you’re like living with them for a little bit and even though it’s hopping through time and places they’re living like At first you’re like okay I’m kind of getting into the and then like once things really pop off it’s like wow

you’re just getting everybody back in the game yeah yeah yeah even we’re at like ultimate because they split this up into two two parts which I’m not sure what the purpose was for that um so I thought it’d be even slower yeah when you do something like that but this was so it’s just so quick and like think about everything that I can’t even possibly recap every single thing that happened in here um but yeah that it was really the pacing was it was the most jarring part to me because the writing and the dialogue

seemed so much more modern than before and I know those they were already like kind of transitioning there with season two where it was feeling more accessible because I remember season one it was a little bit of a okay trying to like brain on him notes pretend you’re reading it there’s a lot to keep up with here um and then season two that did make it easier to digest and um you know just keep up with what’s happening but here it was like I kind of likened some of the experience of this too how I

was feeling with Mandalorian season three oh this is really fast and it’s it’s more fun it’s a lot more action uh and I didn’t I I I still enjoyed it though I don’t want to just seem like I’m I’m just dogging on it to dog on it or something I I still enjoyed it for the most part uh the the the acting still good they’re the um I like I like that’s Rafael I just gotta look that up right yeah yeah go look it up yeah it looked pretty sure and when he showed up I

was like wait a minute like yeah he looks super familiar yeah so uh and Witcher have you type that in yeah you know I don’t know I wouldn’t be surprised we’re gonna get the Liam Hemsworth treatment soon for Robbie seems like he would be just just as easy to slide in on the heels of an announcement like that oh yeah let me see here it was Robbie melon Witcher yeah yeah yeah he plays um Gallop yeah he plays Gallatin is the guy’s name gotcha and then I’m going to check if rants has been recast because

that character too like when uh yeah okay so it is a different casting on him as well and that character like when he showed up in the previous I was like okay like at the outset you’re like ooh fire Mage forbidden magic this guy’s gonna be twisted and uh and yeah now here it kind of feels just like ah you know he’s a guy who shows up to give us a fight once in a while and that’s about it I mean I hope it results in something a little bit more than that but I think

they just wanted this one to be Swift and entertaining because I felt like it was really devoid of tension and Stakes the entire time which is something Witcher really needs it really needs that especially when the plot is like last season ends off with everyone wants Siri yeah that is and the reveal of um her dad you know like all that is it was a great ending uh for it and a great setup and I mean obviously it’s still the plot here yet you know by the time you get to that finale where ever everyone

shows up that should be like intense and high stakes yeah and it’s just sort of uh fleetingly entertaining with some occasional cool sort of play you know and I’ll admit yeah it’s a little bit um it’s a little bit weak to me is it possible see there’s on the weaker side of Witcher for sure yeah I mean it just doesn’t feel as substantial like there is I don’t know like not they’re clearly out of the position where they feel like they have to keep up with like the tonal elements of like living I feel like

The Witcher show was probably at first brought to light as you know kind of Netflix going we need our Game of Thrones and I feel like earlier on in the show there was a more literary feeling tone where it’s like you would kind of stay in a place and you would feel its Vibes you would kind of it doesn’t feel right no exactly it’s like this feels like actors playing dress-up now yeah they would go a long way in earlier at least in the first it’s kind of you know it’s become yeah more blockbustery as

you know season two and now season three at least at the start you know kind of feels as it has gone on but yeah I feel like you need some of those elements of you know taking the time to live in the world and stew in these character beats and stuff like that because especially for what Siri is going through I mean yeah like they start to feel now like the family in some kind of medieval Adventure movie rather than you know this fated Trio who has been you know across so many different timelines and

and prophecies and and you know Arrangements of fate and blah blah like yeah now it sort of feels like well everybody likes the three of them together so we gotta you know like really ride that family Dynamic and then split them up yeah split them up so that we have that’s our tension because that’s what people want is they want Ninja to get back to baby Yoda now and that’s that’s our but they were like they just got we didn’t re-watch it okay they didn’t all come to converge together the three main characters until the

end of last season right yeah it was the end of last season yeah and now they’re divided again except of course you know yeah they have this whole thing yeah they’re one of their locations with the witches you know yeah sure yeah um cool yeah uh I I thought I liked the I thought it was as what it really played well on is the fact that I just I like the performers and I like the characters especially our three leads and I like the world generally generally I like the world yeah so it was mainly

working off of that like my favorite parts of it were actually just them hanging out and bonding and having a good time like that that was my my favorite part is spanning that time and the letters that those some of my favorite parts of the of this whole episode and seeing geralt be a lot more express it like he’s been so stoic all these seasons and now you could feel the note of this season girl it’s gonna be a lot more emotionally available he’s going to open himself up now he’s the Ultimate Fantasy character he’s

like you he’s a totally nurturing he’s Joel from the last of the Year Dad of the year but he can still slice people up yeah yeah he’s really he’s a lot more open even the way how he’s reserved and standoffish towards uh and not Syria uh Jennifer the way he stand office towards her uh even there it’s like at least not totally I mean look at it you know him he’s a big soft you know this is still flirting yeah it’s a little bit more soap opera in the way they handle it it’s a lot

of that that was kind of sort of charming to me other than the the cutesiness of it like it was way cuter than before yeah uh it did feel like they were this lack of living in it and a lot of telling me what I should be thinking and feeling the whole time well there’s just so much more dialogue that is plot oriented and and I mean we’re joking about Recaps at the beginning but like recap oriented and and I just feel like yeah this was the kind of sh it feels like every season’s at

a different showrunner maybe they have uh I don’t know who the showrunners are but each one has felt like it was like watching The Walking Dead like yeah it starts to change each time you come back and each sensibility they approach it with and here yeah like there’s not doesn’t really feel like there was much character meat on any of the dialogue especially they were they were saying stuff though to provide characters yeah I realize now what I need is what I fear is losing you guys and what my motion like that’s what everyone was

so I everyone had a note for what they wanted for their character this season and then they just said the note yes like they don’t this isn’t a show so much right now or it’s not presenting as a show that’s about scenes and about really building this lore and really you know weaving this intricate web of convoluted but like there’s there’s an art to yeah coming up with all these you know places and factions of people and finding a way to get you caught up in all of it rather than just having it be like

okay wait who are these people again and what do they want they all kind of wants the same mumbo jumbo thing are they gonna kill her they got a user um and yeah it’s like this kind of felt like okay you know we’ve got this prologue that’s got everything everybody likes which is three of them and then it’s just like Hey we’re gonna hit you with like familiar characters and we’re gonna jump around and you know I feel like this could have been a couple episodes worth of material and let it breathe yeah because I

was like oh this should be a bummer that they’re splitting apart yeah and the like the things there’s so much plot happening at this point I’m like I feel like sure you montage over it but I don’t really it’s a little Revel in the Beltane celebration like it should be a big moment for Siri because it is her birthday and it is like a she has been in hiding and feeling this angst of having to move everywhere and as much as I don’t want it to be like a soap opera of like you guys never

let me do anything but we have to protect you like you know it would have been nice to Revel in some of those feelings have some conflict and even in that moment where they’re attacked and the big creature shows up and then they leave again like it still doesn’t quite truly feel like there was like a huge risk of life or some kind of you know shattering like damn it this was our this is what we finally found at home yeah it just feels like ah we gotta keep this thing moving you know yeah yeah

I don’t really like yeah I don’t know what’s the name rents here uh the fire guy yeah uh rants is what they’re going with this same guy yeah a different actor same guy same difference yeah so it is a different actor yeah okay um yeah I’m not a big fan of of of I mean I remember liking him in season two uh but I liked the performer no no shade to the new actor but I did like that performer enough to like that character it doesn’t feel threatening um at all and the character who I

did like a lot though who which the one that surprised me is the the brother to the king yes he was a really nice surprise because he is just so bored but he’s that guy who could just show up but because he’s bored he’s but he’s so confident in a way that is so natural yeah because it’s a it’s that confidence that stems from I just don’t care enough yeah you know yeah um then when he when he shows up like I loved his introduction we were like oh god king God is Idiot Brother on

it and then he starts talking and he asking you’re like oh never mind this guy’s like freaking amazing at what he does he’s a persuasive guy yeah yeah using that that sort of I that whatever that is that that like oh this guy might not be very bright to his Advantage yeah this like apathetic quality that he has that was really great yeah it was the one engrossing it was the one engrossing character thing because they threw somebody at you who yeah you have this initial impression of and then over the few scenes we get

him and I was like okay so is this guy just like smarter and more Charming than he looks and then at the end I’m like is this guy actually a lot more like skeevy and depraved than he lets on like yeah and and this I feel like that’s a type of character too who like especially can lend you know your pulp and your uh like really uncomfortable so like I feel like these shows more so than even a lot of modern shows are populated by these like feral people who you know can present as you

have to bored or amused but are secretly like sick and twisted inside and and that was the one character where I felt like man I want to know what’s inside this guy like I want to know who this guy really is I was out of outside of our main Trio whenever we cut to him I was most interested yeah I mean I like the main Trio because we like the main Trio and I like yeah skier because I like yaskir but even hear something they wrote him like he’s a fan favorite it wrote him like

a lot of the way of the writing was in this episode was was very off to me you see I I heard the complaint about the writing with them not being adherent to the source material yes I don’t know what here is accurate to the source material I’m talking just about General writing right now yeah and um that was very off to me this entire episode uh I don’t know editing and writing was just way off to me and and so to me that’s where I was like ooh not a good sign Henry Cavill of

course is is as awesome of a presence as always and he’s got that benefit of he’s got that the I had a brief sometimes an actor sticks around for a show and you could tell they’re bored and they want to leave the show and eventually they leave the show you know but they’re just getting a paycheck the benefit of Henry Cavill is even if geralt looks bored you’re like but that could just be the character sure because it’s scary yeah sorry either wait I don’t I don’t feel like he’s not committed I’m not I’m not

saying that it’s just sometimes you have a behind and I feel like this show this show more than ever especially knowing that they’ve already got a replacement um and like everyone knows that you might observe some of the performance with that like is he still here like is he still truly invested he seems invested uh but uh but anytime he seems like he’s not invested I’m like they could just be careful you know yeah yeah no no and it’s a testament to his presence as an actor and and what he has been able to maintain

like because yeah in a situation like that it makes me wonder because yeah if he is bored I think he’s doing a very professional job at it because it’s still engrossing to watch him and and I think the character also benefits from not being the most talkative guy so there are times when you get to just watch him be yeah yeah um but at the same time yeah I mean part of me wonders about the recasting part of me wonder you know just looking at this and then looking at stuff from before I feel like

I could fathom how as an actor you might be less enthused about the current scripts sure and what they’re giving you to work with especially knowing that Cavill is such a big Witcher fan and it you know was like really gunning for this role and how much he cares about geralt definitely and you know the other drama about like do the writers really hate the books you know right right yeah it’s just yeah it makes it takes me out of just being invested in the moment of the show and makes me wonder things like that

yeah man oh well it’s an odd odd one but fun like you said this is fun yeah I was I was um I didn’t quite hit board yeah yeah so nor was I like very entertained they’re like this is working this cookies is really I was never like this is really fun nor was I like I am bored out of my mind right now no I was always intrigued and I’m still willing to like root for the show and give it the benefit of the doubt yeah yeah um yeah I was I was like um

you know Henry Cavill the only time I’ve never really dove into what anyone was ever saying um but the only talk I ever heard was that oh Henry cavill’s leaving um because of how much they’re straying away from the material and then watching this I was like did Henry Cavill leave because because it’s just not as good anymore I would not be at all surprised and the thing is like I yeah like because I felt like personally I thought season two as a non-book reader um for all books as a not as a non-liter reader

of The Witcher I thought it was a decent like I still way preferred season one but I thought it was a decent enough hybrid of what they were wanting to achieve to make it more attainable for audiences I personally this is like whoa no this is like three colonelitis just do the movie version yeah yeah and and as a non-book reader yeah it’s that thing where you’re sitting there going I don’t know the source material but I bet it’s not exactly like this whereas like you watch the first season you’re like I don’t know but

it feels again it feels literary and then a I agree the second season still maintains some of that and this just feels like you know one of the later Game of Thrones season where they’re just like just cut around you know let’s get some plots moving yeah that was uh that was bumpy alrighty guys well sad part is I heard this is the best episode of the season oh no could be wrong maybe they’re all boys willing to disagree with with whatever opinions I’ve heard um I’m ready for a sleeper so yeah uh surprised me

with something great late I don’t know maybe this reaction series will be just us bagging on the show now um rage watch The Witcher alrighty guys well before we go uh let us know your thoughts and um let’s send this for the patreon Brian Perry you sound like this is perfect I feel like Brian is like the elemental version of this name this you know like well-worn classic name and you know how words and things warp over the years but you’re the original you’re like the that nugget that like you know little Cornerstone of the

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