The Woman King Review – Viola Davis, Hand Her That 2nd Oscar! Disregard The "Woke" Haters! Must See

an evil is coming that threatens our kingdom our freedom but we have a weapon they are not prepared for oh yes ladies and gentlemen a must see a oscar that should be handed to viola davis and ladies and gentlemen if you ever wanted to see how they did a dna test in the 19th century west african side of the world this movie is going to show you how they did it with a shark’s tooth and i’m gonna also talk a whole lot of to those fake ass woke haters that have corrupted the word woke and

i’m here to tell my black people and those that support the plight of blacks and folks who have been oppressed upon in america just go ahead and let them have to turn woke let’s get into this movie review we are the hornet what’s happening youtube it’s your boy lamont tyson please be sure to subscribe to the channel this is your first time finding me you can also follow me on twitter ig and the instagram i got a tick tock now and to anybody who’s close to viola davis if she’s watching this review holla at your

boy for interview i’ve

interviewed some other stars and i don’t care if people pick on me because i’m directly asking for an interview i am because she not this one out the part so ladies and gentlemen let me go ahead and address the historical facts before i get into the movie because i feel like that is important because this is a situation where art is imitating life is based on a true story but of course everything that happened in the movie isn’t true so i’m going to address those things so that you can have something

to rebut the fake ass woke folks who only find it convenient to believe in facts when it suits their narrative and here’s some things i’ve heard them say and you if you black you probably heard this too whenever we talk about the issues we have here in america with race we hear some white people say well i don’t see color okay then you have some who will revert all the way to back to the history of africa and say that your own people was a part of the slave trade and ladies and gentlemen they’re right

and this story talks about that however what they’re wrong about is it’s always convenient to go all the way back to that but the issues we’re having here in america are of today’s time and we’re trying to fix issues of today’s time back as the world and life itself evolved there were tons of brutish malicious behaviors that went on even if you believe in the bible even if you believe in evolution either way you go there were some terrible behaviors but we have supposed to evolve to be thinking better to be better and in terms

of racism in america america is supposed to be the beacon hope of democracy a certain way of money in terms of free market capitalism and we’re supposed to be solving all the ills that the world has seen to be the greatest nation on the planet so you tell that to your fake ass woke haters and ladies and gentlemen let them have the word woke because we don’t want it no more how about we call ourselves those who believe in facts and logic no matter what it means and so yes as i said before this movie

does delve into the fact that the the homie tribe and i love that name the homie i can recall when i was in high school i used to call people my homie and i would say the big homie even to this day i refer to people that i get along with as the big homie but the name of the tribe was the homie it was ran by king giza and my source for everything i’m about to tell you in terms of the facts of the story comes from the person who worked on this film named

leonard watchiki he’s a professor at princeton he’s involved in international studies and politics he worked with this crew which is directed by gina price by what bythwood and writing credits go to dana stevens maria bello and dana stevens and his work with them came up with all this data ladies and gentlemen listen to this they once called these women the europeans that came and saw these women fighters they referred to them as the homie amazons and they really didn’t say that in the movie and a lot of people are happy because that was kind of

a it was a pejorative as well as a positive because europeans made that statement based on the greek mythology of all female warriors and they call them amazons kind of like what you call wonder woman in the dc universe secondly ladies and gentlemen when you’re talking about this movie it took place and said the this real deal trade was going on in the 1729 and these women first started out as a group of elephant hunters and then they kept evolving because they did so good with that and inclusivity was something that the homie tribe believed

in way back then they believed in inclusivity gender roles for men and women that you could do both and this particular fighting group that seems to be based off um this the dora malay from black panther black panther was based off this they’re called the agoj and it made up about 40 of the dahomey’s fighting force and that 40 percent was around 6 000 members of the agoj fighting force now ladies and gentlemen here’s the uncomfortable part of the truth the homie did get rich their nation along with all most of the other african nations

that were rich got rich because of the slave trade and the homie took slaves and gave them to the oyo empire which was kind of like the empire overseeing everything in that region and so the movie itself really takes place in 1823 where it claims to end slavery ladies and gentlemen but in reality that slavery did not end until decades later so okay i’ve already gotten un unearthed a false from the movie so that you guys can understand what happened and the other bit of truth ladies and gentlemen the dahomey tribe was responsible for 5

of all the 12.5 million slaves taken in africa damn so make no mistake ladies and gentlemen the agoj women they weren’t slave raiders but this story depicts what eventually happened to the motherland and most tribes because the issue in the motherland was it was losing its greatest commodity that they didn’t realize was the greatest commodity until years later which was its people those were the greatest commodities and so getting back to the story amazing story and it starts out with viola davis who gets raped in the beginning of the story she gets raped by the

homie who was the main general for the oil empire obey adade and i’m sorry y’all butchering these names but just go see the movie and take my word that is definitely worth it and so what happened to her the motivations for this character are simple revenge and part of that revenge is trying to convince her king who is played by john boyega that we must end the slave trade because the greatest commodity we have is our people we need to start giving the europeans gold and other things and something else this story did that i

like ladies and gentlemen they told a unique perspective of the porch that we call here in america and they had one porch dude whose name is malik and i’ll get to him later because his telling of the story was very unique and most of the time when we think of the porch dude we’re not talking about them in a good way we’re thinking about them in a negative light but there were several porch negroes that did do something positive and malik became one of them but back to the main story she is hell-bent on revenge

now i’m talking about viola davis character because she was caught and involved in slave trade she got raped and that rape ultimately led to her having a baby and that ultimately led to her being the general of the agoj women in the country of dahomey and throughout this we find we meet another young character who winds up being passed to a king by her father and she’s so defiant with this person because this dude beat her because he didn’t want to she didn’t want to feel on him give him a kiss you know rub him

you know get his man-child up high and the dad just gave her away just gave her away and said you know what i’m not fooling with you i am going to take you to the homie and give you to these fighting women and let you deal with them and she was frustrated this young lady and throughout the story is building on her determination her grit her drive and everything that makes up this young lady and it reminds you of someone else that we’ve already met viola davis character and so as this young lady is going

through the trials and errors of the tribe and trying to get into this woman fighting group you start to realize that there is a connection between her and viola davis’s character you don’t know what it is but you can see it you could see viola davis being this young woman if the story was based on viola davis as a young woman and along the way naui is the young woman who got thrown into this tribe you meet azogie who’s played by lashana lynch and she knocks it out to part two ladies and gentlemen i mean

lashana lynch probably is going to be considered for supporting rogue oscar in the because she hit it out the part and they become friends and between the general which is viola davis and azoji which is lashanna lynch they noticed something special about naui the young lady that was sent to the tribe and so one of my gripes about this movie is how long they take to get through the development of these characters before we get to the third act very very small gripe in a grand scheme of a great movie but that is one of

the gripes i have and so here’s one of the reasons why i feel like viola davis deserves an oscar simply because we’ve seen her in all these other roles knocking it out the part we’ve seen her win an oscar for fences but we’ve never truly seen her be able to embody everything she’s done in those other roles and also be a fierce kick-ass fighting warrior and i was like going into this thing i couldn’t picture her doing it but seeing the way she was able to marry all these elements of who she is as an

actor together definitely she needs to win the oscar for a lead role in a movie with this right here because she brought this together beautifully and throughout this building of the this empire and dealing with the king you have great one-liners and touching moments because the king himself walks in and it seems like coming to america at one point in time because he walks in and he’s saying hello to like 1500 wives and one of these wives is extremely ambitious and she gets into it with viola davis character all the time because the king has

such loyalty to viola davis as his general the wife is a little bit jealous and like i said she also wants to be the person that folks come to when they need the ear of the king and everything viola davis wants to do to get rid of slave trade of course this particular jump off wife is like hell to the naught because it’s making her rich and ladies and gentlemen think about some of the sacrifices people have had to make for the greater good of human civility i mean a lot of people give up certain

rights certain privileges they have because they see the greater good for humanity and that’s what viola davis wanted this king to do and this particular wife was not trying to have any of it and so as we get on through the story and they’re building and they start to see that now we the young lady that was brought to the homie she’s tough she’s just like viola davis she’s rebellious but she’s tough she’s loving but she’s tough and as she’s going through her trials and becoming the best warrior they have she does some stuff that

they don’t want her to do number one she’s going through a trial in which she’s going to get a claim from the king and instead of just running through the trial whipping everybody’s ass easily she goes back and saves a friend and still wins the trial when a fight breaks out and viola davis character has an opportunity to get revenge on the person that raped her played by the general of the oil empire obe adade viola davis character was going to be killed in that moment but now we went back and helped her and got

chastised by viola davis character for disobeying even though she saved her ass and viola davis’s best friend who’s one of these warriors they had a little discussion and guess what i told you guys she got raped by dude who ultimately she wants revenge for who is the general for the oyo empire she got pregnant she had a baby and ladies and gentlemen she gave that baby up for adoption and as much as you might be thinking it you’re absolutely right that baby came right back to her doorstep as maui and let me show y’all how

they dna tested that baby ladies and gentlemen when the baby was born viola davis cut a big gash on her left shoulder and put a shark’s tooth in it and in the moment in the movie they’re both in the pool of water cooling waters and she cuts the shark tooth out to realize that this is her child but the one mystery they never said who’s the baby daddy i would have to think if there was going to do a part two of this that obey adolier would have been the baby daddy but you know you

all going to watch the movie and see his ass is dead viola davis finally got her revenge and ultimately along the way of that revenge she also was able to convince the king that we need to quit giving away our greatest commodity which is the people of the homie there are three main characters you’re going to fall in love with people nanetzka the general nowi and agoj which is lashanna lynch’s character and a sub person you might fall in love with is malik the porch negro i was talking about so malik rose up with his

portuguese uh i guess partner that he grew up with who slaves trade from this region back across the seas and this particular brother he has freedom unlike most black people and not only does he have freedom but his mama was from the homie and the dude don’t look like it because he’s light-skinned and he’s mixed so the dad was something else and he always wanted to visit the homie to see what he’s missed out on and he had a chance to do that and when he visited the homie he is blown away by now we

and her beauty and guess what ladies and gentlemen in the very end oh pretty boy pretty ricky he winds up helping to save now we never got the draws he did not get the panty draws but he saved her and wound up freeing a bunch of slaves ladies and gentlemen i want you to make no mistake the way we we have a negative connotation of the porch negro the quote-unquote uncle tom during the slavery eras there was a lot of them that had that position of privilege that had that position of being better than the

slave hands working in the fields that ultimately helped slaves escape so i was glad they gave that perspective of malik who had a great life comes back home to see the way his people was being treated and decided you know what i’ma get in this fight for humanity and i’m gonna help save some people and then i think you know falling in love have a little something to do with it too but damn dude you fell in love so fast you ain’t even get the draws but i digress overall ladies and gentlemen go ahead and

hand that oscar to viola davis she knocks the hell out of this tribe and out of this performance and i believed in john boyega’s accent i believe in all the accents but my people in africa that follow my channel let me know how you guys feel about their accents and i know some of you guys might be a little upset because you wanted more representation of yourself but they did have some representation of you in this movie but let me know about those accents so overall ladies and gentlemen on a life game scale of zero

to 10 10 being the best this movie gets a 8.5 for me a must see immediately because the action in this movie in the end was great the score was great costume was great cinematography was beautiful the only gripe i had was the first couple of acts were a little slow they could have progressed a little faster but other than that you will not be able to take your eyes off viola davis you will not be able to take your eyes off lashana lynch you will not be able to take your eyes off my boo

i think that’s the name for the character who played now we you’ll love it and when you get to that final act you’ll really really feel indebted and you’ll feel like you’ve learned something and then when you want to get the real history or send somebody to get the real history be sure to share this video because i did give you the real history that’s going to do it for this video don’t forget to like the video comment subscribe get yourself that life game be sure to follow me on instagram twitter and the tick tock

and you can also download this on the life games podcast until that net sexist hell video i’ll see you

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