"This day will always stay in my heart!" | Interview with Mateu Morey

I’ll stick all videos and photos of this day in an album. I want to have something like that because this day was really special. It’ll always be in my heart. Have fun with 1&1 A moment of goosebumps coming up. 88th minute. There’s a change in the BVB team. And you know what? The lad coming on is with us for four and a half years now. Today is the first time he’ll play in front of fans in this marvellous stadium. Isn’t that something?! Coming on, wearing the number 2 jersery: MATEU MATEU MATEU This is brutal. I

noticed that on the pitch. But you’ll have to send me this audio file. I reckon this day will be forever in my heart. I worked so hard for this moment. In the end I did it. Now it’s time to keep up the fight for more. It’s time to keep up the hard work. We showed that as a team. And we’re on a good way. We need to stick to this to progress. Did you realize the whole crowd gave you standing ovations? Sure thing. I did notice that. I never had the pleasure to play in front

of our fans here. And I realized what a great moment that was. That definitely was the best moment of my career so far. You just

mentioned how long you worked for this day. It took 1,015 days for you to come back, more than 2 and a half years. What did Edin tell you before he brought you on? He told me that I did work tremendously hard. He asked me if I remember when he visited me in hospital back then. That’s 2 and a half years ago now. He told me that I deserve this. And that’s

it’s time for me to enjoy this. You went in full throttle. You almost scored a goal. Scoring a goal in that match would’ve been the perfect day in my life. But in the end I am very happy to be on the pitch in front of our fans. A Friday night game, 3 points for us. That’s a dream come true. After the game it seems like Niki Süle nd Greg gave you a little push. Did you not want to be in the limelight? Oh, I wanted all of that. To be honest, I thought every night of

it when I went to bed. For 2 and a half years I thought one day I will enjoy this moment. Obviously I wanted to celebrate with our fans. I’ll stick all videos and photos of this day in an album. I want to have something like that because this day was really special. It’ll always be in my heart. In the end it all turned out well. I have to be greatful. I have to thank the fans, the coaches, team mates, physios. I have to point out how grateful I am for what Doctor Braun, Peter Kuhnt and

Dennis Morschel have done for me. I worked with these three an awful lot of days. They were always so patient. And they helped me so much. There are not enough words to thank them. I will always be grateful for their help. Now I am happy that we accomplished all this together. But this goes out especially to them. I bet the fans are happy that you’re back too. One of them it seems asked you for your jersey in this clip. Right? That’s right. Many fans did. But I kept the jersey, the pants and the socks. All

of this went straight back home. I just have to keep my jersey from a day like that. It was a special moment for me and my family. That’s why I still have my jersey. I fully understand. After the game Edin gave you a big hug. And he said some things to you. Would you maybe like to share some of that? At the end of the day I also have to thank Edin. When I got injured he was BVB coach. After that a lot happened. But he is BVB coach again now. He backed me up the

whole time. He always supported me, always had a nice word for me. And I have to thank him for bringing me on yesterday. From this point on we need to keep on fighting for more. And like I just said, we’re progressing in these first weeks of 2024. Keep on fighting – sounds about right. But don’t you think this moment calls for a little party with friends and family. Did you celebrate a little? Or did you go like: I need to be at the training session tomorrow morning. I did enjoy the moment on the pitch. Then

at home with my family. I had a phone call with my parents. My family and everyone around me are just so happy. A moment to enjoy. But we keep going. It was quite a long way to go. But we need to look ahead. The best thing is to take things step by step. And the next step is our upcoming game. We want to win that one. Training for this game started today. And the focus is on that next game. Are you really going for it now? Thomas Meunier just left the club. He plays on your

position. What’s your current situation like? Like I said in Marbella. There are three of us: Julian Ryerson, who did a splendid job coming back from an injury. He was out for two months and he did a great job. Marius Wolf and myself. I am there to help the team. I’ll play on the position they’ll need me to play. I’ll always give everything I got for this club. Will you watch yesterday’s game calmly today? Or did you already do that last night? I already watched the last minutes of the game. The moment I came on. But

I think I’ll watch it a few more times.

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