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hello everyone and welcome in to today’s video Welcome Back to MCU Mondays with me KL hello this is my journey through the MCU for the first time and today I’ll be watching Thor from the year 2011. thank you so so much for being here if you are new to my channel and this is the first video you have seen of mine you will not want to miss the previous MCU reactions I’ve done so make sure to click up here and go get caught up on my reactions link will also be in the description and feel

free to save that playlist because I will be adding to it as time goes on and I keep watching these movies and that will ensure that you do not miss out but you should also subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss out on anything else I upload because I’m not just doing MC right now I do a lot of stuff so what do I know about Thor not much kind of just like every other movie we’ve watched so far my knowledge with MCU is very minimal so all I know about Thor is that

it stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman and the only reason I know that is because I’ve seen many a photograph of the two of

them I believe that Chris Hemsworth plays the character known as Thor I do not know what Natalie Portman’s character’s name is it’s possible I’ve heard it and as soon as I started the movie then I’ll probably realize and know but yeah I don’t really know much and I think at the end of Iron Man 2 that was Thor’s hammer that we saw in that post-credits scene or mid credit scene wherever it

appeared so I’m excited to find out I feel like this movie is gonna have kind of a different vibe to what we’ve seen so far I don’t know why I’m assuming that going in maybe it’s just the character type that is just different from the Hulk and different from Iron Man that’s maybe giving me that feeling but I’m excited to learn the story and meet the characters and just have a good time as always I do have a patreon if you are someone who prefers to bring your own copy of the movies to watch the

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it’s just been lovely so if you are someone that wants those kind of benefits feel free to join us patreon is the fuel for this and allowing me to keep doing this at the consistency that I am and I would love to keep growing and be able to hire editors and put out more videos for you all and do all those things so link as always in the corner in the description thank you so much to my existing patrons current patrons right now y’all are the best and I appreciate you so so much and with

that it is time to press play foreign New Mexico I figured you were probably going to start here because of how Iron Man 2 ended is that the actor that plays luffin in antor that is oh my gosh and Natalie Portman Jane you can’t keep doing this I’m telling you there’s a connection between these atmospheric disturbances and my research what is that I thought you said it was a subtle Aurora go oh my God that was very loud holy cow do me a favor don’t be dead please this is our guy looks like it also

the tornado left like a really neat design in the sand I caught it just a little bit tomsburg mankind accepted a surprise 965.80 965. some worlds man believed to be home to their gods others they knew to fear from a realm of cold and darkness came the frost Giants this is somewhat Game of Thrones shit there’s a bit oh is that Anthony Hopkins I’ve only seen the Silence of the Lambs that’s the only movie of his I’ve seen so far reaction is on the channel if you’re interested it was one of my horror movies that

I watched last month and it was awesome he literally looks like the night King our armies drove the frost Giants back into the heart of their own world across Cheyenne’s White Walkers the king Fells oh I love that makeup job their power was taken from them the last great war ended we withdrew from the other worlds and returned home asgar I’m loving like the fantasy aspect to this every other movie has felt very like science fiction to me but this one is giving me Vibes which I’m appreciating this building kind of looks like an instrument

to me wow that was the day will come one of you will have to defend that piece do the frost Giants still live when I’m King I’ll hunt the monsters down and slay them all just as you did Father a wise King never s out War I love how the eye patch looks that’s so cool only one of you can Ascend to the throne both of you were born to be Kings uh is my guess this is very fancy I really realized that Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hemsworth kind of look like they could be related

they kind of have a similar facial structure they got like the same nose Thor Odin son my air my firstborn so long entrusted with the mighty Hammer mjolnir well the hammer has a name cool Power has no equal it’s a weapon to destroy or as a tool to build foreign do you swear to preserve the peace I swear I owed in all father Proclaim you how’d they get in here without anyone seeing them oh foreign oh my God wow there’s one ew the yogans must pay for what they’ve done they have paid for their lives

they broke into the weapons Vault if the frost Giants had stolen even one of these relics they didn’t well I want to know why I have a truth but the lovely King of the Hilton he just broke your truce what action would you take March into jordanheim as you once did thinking only as a warrior this was an act of War it was the active but a few doomed to fail look how far they got I as king of Asgard but you’re not King I was just about to say you literally were about to Crown

Him King Mill right and he’s the other brother right or the other son also I love that his last name is Odin’s son because Odin’s his dad and he’s the son of Odin I also like the all-father name but I kind of empathize with Thor though like I want to know how they got so close too this was to be my day of Triumph it’ll come in time if it’s any consolation I think you’re right if they found a way to penetrate as God’s defenses once who’s to say they won’t try again exactly exactly just

about a jinx there I know that the only way to ensure the safety of our borders oh it’s Madness we’re going to yodenheim it is forbidden my friends have you forgotten all that we have done together we’re going to yodenheim let’s do it so the brother the dark-haired one I’ve seen images of him I I think he is Loki or lokai I have no idea how it’s pronounced and I’m sure this movie will tell me but there’s a show a TV show where he is the main character in right and I feel like that’s maybe

a show that I’ll have to watch to get more like info and contexts and stuff I look forward to that day my name is LK and I’m sorry to interrupt this reaction but I do have a public service announcement if you’re going to leave a comment down below for kale to read make sure that it is about this movie and this reaction only thank you so much this has been LK with a public service announcement and let’s get back to the reaction this is so pretty I love it it’s very unique looking too oh get

yourself a good Honda you’re not dressed warmly enough oh I love his voice so much I’m done maybe we pass never has an enemy slipped my watch until this day cool I will honor my sworn oath to protect this realm as its gatekeeper I have no plans to die today is this how they get to earth or they’re not going to earth oh my God yotenheim this place looks both really cool and really scary where are they hiding you’ve come a long way to die as how did your people get into Asgard the house oh

your father is a murderer and a thief nothing but a boy trying to prove himself a man oh stop and think look around you we’re outnumbered oh your place brother you know not what your actions would unleash I do go now they’re big run back home little princess I love how everyone just did that Lego great face they knew that he wouldn’t be okay with that Amber didn’t work on that guy there we go oh careful oh heck that’s cool oh that’s so neat okay I’m learning everyone’s abilities and what they are also the scene

is very loud so I apologize if I am speaking louder no foreign oh hell no time to go Thor’s not gonna want to go God oh gosh all right over the bridge God damn whoa oh my God wow oh shit really we’ll finish them together silence is Father here to do like the final Kaboom oh Father you look weary lovey end this now your boy sought this out these are the actions of a boy oh we are Beyond diplomacy now oh Father he’ll get what he came for war and death so be it nice all

right not the final Kaboom just the final words realize what you’ve done what you’ve started I was protecting myself to protect the kingdom come to the healing room no there won’t be a kingdom to protect if you’re afraid to act the yotens must learn to fear me just as they once feared you that’s pride and vanity talking not leadership the old ways are done you’d stand giving speeches while as God fall you out of vain call a boy you are an old man and a fool we love a father-son argument that was a fool do

you think you were ready father hey he’s been quiet this whole time don’t yell at him you have betrayed to express command of your king through your arrogance and stupidity you have opened these peaceful Realms and innocent lives to the horror and desolation of war and worthy of Israel wow all right well this is a little harsh I think I now take from you your power whoa oh my God whosoever holds of this hammer Worthy is that how the hammer ends up in New Mexico oh and this is how okay okay cool okay I get

it now I get it okay I feel bad for him I feel like Mr father all father a little bit excessive with the whole cast out thing but you all right I love how he’s in normal clothes we have to move quickly before this all changes I’m down I know you can hear me open the bar Frost Hospital you go okay what realm is this New Mexico death threaten me Thor with so punium freak out all right well this movie has started off very interesting to me I’m excited to see how Ah that’s a hammer

right yep totally the hammer that was that seen in Iron Man 2 g h o R yes Thor how dare you attack the son of homie oh gosh this must be so confusing for him you’re no match for the mighty oh I understand how this works so the one who’s truly Thor is the only one that can pull it out of this thing you don’t think this was just a magnetic storm do you the lensing around these edges it’s characteristic of an Einstein Rosenberg these scenes just make me like I don’t know I’m thinking about

Star Wars right now like imagine if luffin and Padme had been able to like work together with Mon mothma oh my gosh would have been awesome you’re stuck I just lost my most important piece of evidence typical I’m not sure finding him is the best idea well our data can’t tell us what it was like to be inside that event and he can so we’re gonna find him I’m so sorry I swear I’m not doing this on purpose oh wow it’s a party out here is everyone lining it yeah okay I love how they turn

this into like a party and a barbecue oh gosh did it work Stanley Agent Coulson yep excellent I’m so eager to see how this all like ties in together sorry I tased you he doesn’t know what that means what is this oh oh awkward they’re the only clothes I had that would fit you it was so fast welcome this Mortal form has grown weak I need sustenance he talks so proper compared to us at least he’s only banished Not Dead oh his hand’s all healed up you told the god I saved Our Lives I had

no idea father would banish him for what he did okay you must go to the old father and convince him to change his mind he’s arrogant he’s Reckless he’s dangerous you saw how he was today is that what Asgard needs from its king I don’t deserve just always been they were treated in the house of Odin a master of magic could bring three your things into Asgard but you’re talking about something else entirely he’s got a point though maybe it was him that brought those guys in stop what am I you’re my son oh okay

the casket wasn’t the only thing you took you took from Europe and I am that day was it ah oh is he one of them in the aftermath of the battle I went into the temple and I found a baby abandoned suffering oh my gosh wow damn okay why you were an innocent child no you took me for a purpose tell me I thought we could unite our kingdoms one day bring about an alliance bring about a permanent peace through you but those plans no longer matter so I am no more than another stolen Relic

why’d you twist my words you told me what I was from the beginning I wanted only to protect you from the truth I Am The Monster who parents tell their children about at night sense now why you favored Thor all these years because no matter how much you claim to love me you’re gonna have a frost giant sitting on the throne of Asgard oh my god did you just die oh that was a great scene learned so much just drink I like it I know it’s great right oh my God what was that it was

delicious I want another well you could have just said so I meant no disrespect all right well no more smashing I have my wood oh excuse me did you say there was a satellite crash this is going on Facebook smile that was adorable nobody could lift it Which Way 50 miles west of here where are you going 50 miles west of here why do you have what belongs to me you just intend to go in there and take it yes all the answers you seek will be yours once I reclaim you on there what’s meow

meow can I have a word Jane he is like so into her this is no coincidence Thor and by Frost it’s the stories I grew up with a jump but I can’t take you and this is where we say goodbye foreign that was very wholesome but she is not going to let this go she cannot hi hey uh what the hell is going on here it’s Foster I’m Agent Coulson with shields oh he knows who he is right we need to appropriate your records and all your atmospheric data by a procreate do you mean steel

and everything I know about this phenomenon is either in this lab or in this book and you can’t just take this away hey thank you for cooperation um they took our backups they took the backups of our backups they were extremely thorough took everything who are these people he knows Pioneer in gamma radiation Shield showed up and wasn’t heard from again they’re not going to do that to us let me contact one of my colleagues he’s had some dealings with these people before someone we already know oh Father we must speak with you urgently our

father’s not around anymore father has fallen into the ocean sleep you talk to me now we would ask that you end Thor’s punishment My First Command cannot be to undo the all-fathers last to perhaps reconsider we’re done part of me feels like she’s not okay with that and then another part of me feels like she is okay with it I don’t know hard to get a read on her David King oh I was I was looking at the completely wrong book the worst day I need a horse we don’t have horses just dogs cats birds

hey you still need a lift it’s like what the fuck have you ever done anything like this you’re gonna be a dynamic duo these two far more clever than anyone else in this realm you think we’re strange yeah I do good stranger bad stranger I’m not quite sure yet but who are you ‘ll see you soon enough well that’s also valid what you seek it’s a bridge God I hope you’re not crazy how long will it last this time this time we were on we must include I think I’m starting to understand why Loki has

his own show seems like a very interesting character wow they really set up a bunch of shit here once I have me on there I will return the items they’ve stolen from you you think you’re just gonna walk in grab our stuff and walk out no I’m gonna fly out I’m excited for this we’ve got something outside the fence West Side just in case you don’t hear from me in the next hour just come by the Crater site I did exactly what you told me he’s got such a wonderful smile I need eyes up high

with a gun foreign all right maybe he’s not just gonna stroll in and grab the hammer oh cool go get Monier last chance to wait I want to see this oh no I fully expected that he was just gonna pick it up his dad did take all his power so it makes sense this isn’t good they’re just gonna think he’s a regular guy that broke in here all right show’s over this is really sad I’m excited to see how things go to where he gets the hammer back and goes back to the way he was

because that has to happen right you can’t just leave him there why you didn’t see what I saw I’m talking about science not magic well Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet Arthur C Clarke who wrote scientific question a precursor two signs back why don’t you tell me where you received your training no you strike me more as the Soldier of Fortune time isn’t it one way or another we find out what we need to know don’t go anywhere oh shit what are you doing here let me explain to Father father is dead what

your banishment the threat of a new war it was too much for him to bear I don’t like that I know that you loved him I tried to tell him so but he wouldn’t listen so cruel to put the hammer within your reach knowing that you could never lift it the burden of the throne has fallen to me now can you can come up the truth with the open home is conditional upon your Exile that’s what couldn’t we find a way your mother has forbidden your return this is goodbye brother I’m so sorry I am

sorry I hate that he was lied to he’s just taking it as truth yeah you can’t lift it either bitch I love how nobody oh maybe he’s invisible to everyone because nobody seems to be able to see him he’s got a visitor Jane his name is Donald Blake a doctor he was distraught when he found out that you’re taking all of our research gonna be all right I’m taking you home now where are we going get a drink father no they’ll find out soon enough who he is and what he is thank you for what

you’ve done I only did it for Jay the father and I taught at University together I don’t know if you were delusional just care about her I’ve seen the way she looks at you I swear to you I mean her no harm in that case I’ll buy another round do Boilermakers oh gosh Loki come back to tell them hey I’m actually one of you surprise I was taken like my whole lifetime ago and maybe they know well maybe not after all I’ve done for you so you’re the one who showed us the way into us

God I will conceal you and a handful of your soldiers lead you into Odin’s Chambers and you can slay him where he lies why not kill him yourself I suspect that the asgardians would not take kindly to a King who had murdered his predecessor once Odin is dead I will return the casket to you I accept what troubles you gatekeeper I turned my gaze upon you in newtonheimer could neither see you nor hear you perhaps your senses have weakened after your many years of service or perhaps someone has found a way to hide that which

he does not wish me to see he will open the buy for us to no one until I have repaired the damage that my brother has done if we fought he made his ancestors proud Dior Chambers it’s it’s more of a temporary living situation can we die awkward they are with each other I’m really glad you’re safe you’ve been very kind to me I’ve been far less grateful than you deserve I’ll hit you with my car a couple times so I think I couldn’t even think that oh my God this is all I could get

back I’m sorry it’s not as much as I promised no no this is great listen to me you must not give up you must finish what you started why because you’re right your ancestors called it magic and you call it science well I come from a place where they’re one in the same thing your world is one of the nine Realms of the cosmos linked to each other by the branches of Victor Sil the world’s tree now you see it every day without realizing the images Glimpse through what did you call it this uh this

Noble tell me more so the nine Realms she’s fallen in love we must find Thor to help with trees and suicide so would do the same for us I’m now might be watching time doll demands your presence maybe Heimdall is on their side and is gonna go with them you would defy the commands of Loki our King maybe not yes good okay help us I am Bound by Honor to our King I cannot open the bridge to you look okay now that we’re like oh well we’re well over halfway through the movie at this point

it feels like it’s gonna end with a little Thor and Loki battle and if I’m correct I’m excited for that but I’m excited regardless he’s so wonderful how are they being watched him too ensure my brother does not return wow destroy everything they’re just cosplayers it’s fine you won’t be able to convince the scientific community of any of it but without hard evidence found you my friends this is this is good living oh excuse me I’ve never been happier to see anyone but you should not have come you know I got like a realm your

father still lives we have come to tell you the truth oh no I’m worried about him tell me Loki how did you get the yotend in to Asgard the pie Frost is the only way in and out of this realm you are relieved of your duties as gatekeeper and I need no longer obey you oh oh God that one of starks I don’t know kind of tells me anything it’s about a question I’m just a man I’ll only be in the way or worse if what if you killed that I can help get these people

to safety nice uh maybe not what oh gosh this thing is just metal and Fire because if you’ve done all you can stories will be told of this day live and tell those stories yourself now go you must return to ozgar you have to stop Loki don’t worry my friends I have a plan Shane’s like I have to watch I must see what’s he doing I also don’t know what he’s doing brother whatever whatever I have done to lead you to do this I am truly sorry but these people are innocent I understand foreign oh

God oh Jesus that’s so fun he’s not dead I refuse I refuse to believe it’s a great great shot right here shall possess the power of Thor ah I see okay yeah Jamie by the way now okay kid him is probably freaking the fuck out inside laughs I’ll admit that this whole scene right now is like kinda a little bit cheesy but I’m enjoying it casual walk back so is this how you normally yes we must go to the bifrost site I would have words with my brother excuse me oh hey Coulson I don’t think

you’ve been completely honest with me know this son of Cole you’re going to fight for the same cause the protection of this world from this day forward you can count me as your ally if you return the items you have taken from Jane stolen borrowed son of coal wait I need to debrief you Jane is definitely becoming one of them poor gatekeeper especially since he’s still fully conscious within that and that would suck I’m dull open the buy Frost yeah he won’t be able to yeah heimdall’s a little iced up unless he manages to go

nice I must go back to wise God but I give you my word I will return for you it’s an excellent passionate kiss they also just look really good together get him to the healing room leave my brother to me all right I’m excited for this oh gosh why it transpires around you I hope it’s true your death came at the hand of laughing oh and your death came by the son of Odin well that was a Twist that I wasn’t expecting the heck you saved him uh um I think I understand what’s happening that

they will pay for what they’ve done today yeah okay Loki oh why don’t you tell her who said the Destroyer to kill our friends to kill me what well I must have been enforcing father’s last command they are a talented liar brother always have been I had to destroy a young mine the bifrost will build until it rips yotenheim apart I love that they’re still here why have you done this big father that I am a worthy son she wants the father’s approval you can’t kill an entire race why not what is this newfound love

for the frost Giants that changed so have I oh now find me thank you I only ever wanted to be Oracle I will not fight you brother I’m not your brother Loki this is madness is it what happened to you on Earth so stop Jane maybe when we’re finished here I’ll pay her a visit myself so what happens if you fall off the Rainbow Bridge do you die oh you son of a bitch wow wow can he lift it off I feel like he can’t oh boy your strength and what goodness there’s nothing you can

do can you destroy the bridge forgive me Jay oh hey Dad I could have done it father for all of us no lucky looking low what the heck yeah time to leave because nothing’s gonna happen I feel at least not in this movie to be fair he didn’t tell her when he’d be back only that he would I’m sure he’ll be able to find you he misses her he moans for his brother that too he misses her that more I think I’m glad he didn’t die there will never be a wiser King than you or

a better father someday perhaps I shall make you proud you’ve already made me proud the words you love to hear from Dad I’m glad heindel’s okay oh is this where he told yes that’s so much I was just like is this where he tells him no you see huh yes oh well that’s nice how was she She searches for you oh to be continued wait directed by Kenneth Brana Brana that’s the guy that played little little kills Roy Lockhart in Harry Potter thorough Return of the Avengers oh spoiler Dr Selby hi Nick so you’re the

man behind all this yes it’s quite elaborate I was thinking and taking me down here to kill me I’ve been hearing about the New Mexico situation your work has impressed a lot of people who are much smarter than I am Legend tells us one thing history another but every now and then find something that belongs to both power doctor if we can figure out how to tap it maybe unlimited power Unlimited highlight I guess that’s well I guess that’s worth look oh okay I see I see so that was Thor and I had fun watching

that one I’ll say that it is my number two MCU movie so far out of the four that I have seen Iron Man for me is still my number one I’m very curious to see how long Iron Man is my number one for it would kind of be hilarious if it’s always my number one I think the reason I enjoyed this one so much is because of the huge fantasy aspect to this I will admit that I didn’t expect MCU to kind of dive into fantasy territory I think I just made the assumption that it

was going to be like always on Earth just a very heavy like sci-fi aspect to it and that is what we’ve had so far so getting thrust into this like Realm and uh yonheim and Asgard I want to say Isengard every time and it might take me a while to like not want to say Isengard and just say Asgard but yeah getting to be introduced to all of that and introduced to these new characters that live in this world and get to see like how they travel around and what their life is like and stuff

I just it was very welcomed and it was a nice surprise and was the writing phenomenal in this area like no it wasn’t it wasn’t this amazing wonderful thing but it was something new and it was something fun and I didn’t hate it at this point I’m starting to get a really good sense of kind of how the MCU structure is we we’ve got lots of humor we’ve got a lot of goofiness and silliness at times mixed in with a few more like serious moments and then we’ve got a lot of action so I think

it’s good for me to kind of like expect this now moving forward and not to really set my hopes up that I’m gonna get this like super serious kind of franchise it’s meant to be more on the fun side and enjoyable so I’m starting to kind of feel like I know what the structure is if that makes sense I will say right now that I am very excited to see Thor and Jane and Loki and crew again in more movies because obviously the movie itself said we’re gonna see Thor again in the Avengers and I

do know that there’s the Loki TV show that comes later on and I’m just very excited I feel like this movie did a pretty good job at kind of like introducing us to these characters setting up the backstory just giving us that kind of information kind of similar to how Iron Man one was for setting up the Iron Man character or the later movies so it’ll be interesting to see if I like Thor this Thor more than the Thor movies that are coming and then the Thor movies that or the other movies that he’ll be

in as Thor yeah I’m just I’m very excited to find out very excited to learn and just know more I find it interesting that this movie especially feels like it really thrusts you into that like yep you’re gonna see these characters again more is coming um I feel like this movie was the strongest about that than any of the other ones we’ve seen so far and I think at this point so this was 2011 I feel like at this point now they knew that the MCU was gonna work you know four movies in they were

doing well like I think I think they knew that this was going to become this giant thing so it makes sense for them to really like not close things completely with these films and have these post-credits scenes and and you know make it known that like yeah you’re gonna see these people again so I’m excited for that now that I’m four movies into this it really feels like we are being introduced to all of the characters that will eventually come together in what I assume was called The Avengers years to fight something I don’t know

what don’t help me of course but if that’s how it’s gonna play out I’m looking forward to it first I want to talk about Thor and Jane I really really liked their romance in this movie and it’s my favorite romance so far out of all the movies we’ve seen and I cannot wait to see those two again because obviously it’s clear now that the movie’s over it’s clear that the images I’ve seen of Natalie Portman from the MCU we’re not at that point yet that’s coming later so I’m very excited to see how we get

there and get kind of that context that is missing because obviously I’ve only seen photograph and now I have this like origin story for these two in this film and I’m just excited to see it build I think that Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Poorman have a ridiculously awesome on-screen chemistry just the way they look at each other their facial expressions their body language not to mention they are both very attractive individuals they just look good together on screen so I think that was a big selling point for me on their romance especially and also you

just gotta love Natalie Portman she is such a sweetheart wonderful smile great personality and the character she was playing obviously had the same so it was really easy to just like her immediately and I think one of my favorite things about Jane is like Jane is so driven and passionate to learn and understand and find out more info and just like really dig deep and I really admire that about her and then you’ve got Thor who well he started in the movie being like kind of like Tony Stark almost like there’s this cocky and arrogant

and like ho ho I’m the best kind of guy and then as soon as he had his powers taken away and was banished and he got to Earth he really became this like super chill guy like a guy that I would love to be best friends with and watch movies with and walk around with and just hang out with all the time like super laid back super chill guy and he’s just got such a great voice that’s so easy to listen to and it’s so awesome so it was just really awesome that like kind of

middle part of the movie well I guess it goes all the way but especially that middle part where he didn’t have his powers and he was kind of just like your regular average guy I just really enjoyed that Loki is a character that really really interests me and I cannot wait to find out more information about him and just see where the story takes him not just for the next movies coming up but like once I get to his TV show as well because at this point I definitely want to watch the Loki show because

just the way he was introduced in this film like I mean there were moments where I really didn’t like him but when I sit here and think about it and I think about okay like how is he when we first met him and then what happened during this movie like when you really think about it he was the least like child and his brother just completely took over as like I’m the best I’m gonna be king blah blah and he was just kind of like a shadow in the background that nobody like really paid attention

to and also he thought this whole time that he was like a legitimate child in this family and then comes to find out that the very people that they’re trying to fight and not have to deal with anymore he’s actually one of them and he’s being told this like as a as an adult and just the shock of that I don’t know he’s just he’s got such an interesting backstory that I think you know it’s moments like that when you grow up that really impact who you are then moving forward like once you find out

this information so he feels very villainy to me but a villain that you care about and I’m gonna compare to Star Wars just because I’m very much in Star Wars right now and I’ve been watching it a lot but he kind of reminds me of Darth Vader because Darth Vader has an origin story that you empathize with because you know it was a a good person who unfortunately just had shit happen to them and it went the way of you know that and I kind of feel like Loki is the same in a way obviously

it’s going to be completely different to that but that’s just kind of my understanding of him from this movie and I am just excited I love his abilities I think they’re great and I’m just excited to see like what he can do with that and how it just impacts the overall story obviously please do not spoil anything for me down below with Loki I have thankfully avoided pretty much everything not and not to mention if I had if I have seen stuff in the past from the Loki TV show which I almost guarantee I have

I didn’t have any context so the memories just don’t exist for me like if I if I saw photos or even a clip from the show or anything like that I could not recall it to you right now because I didn’t have that context I hadn’t seen anything so to me I did not like I had no idea who Loki even was if you had told me Thor’s brother I would have been like everything is getting very interconnected now so normally I do like looking up stuff about movies after I’ve watched them but in a

series this big where I know that characters are going to return and there’s so much more out there I haven’t looked up anything whatsoever we’ll not be looking up Wikipedia Pages IMDb is is sticking to just the cast list and uh yeah don’t want to be spoiled Anthony Hopkins as Odin was a very nice surprise because the only thing I’ve seen him in was the sounds of lambs so I only know him as Hannibal Lecter right now and seeing him in a role like this was really really good I really enjoyed his performance we didn’t

get a whole lot of him but what we did have was really great and I think the scene that stands out the most for me is the scene with him and Loki when he is telling him what his actual origin is and the fact that like you’re not actually my birth son my blood son you’re someone that I stole which when you think about that is really terrible and I don’t really like that but I’m just gonna have to see how this all just plays out and Heimdall even though he wasn’t in this movie a

ton I think that every scene that we saw him in Idris Elba just did such a great job and my favorite scene with him specifically was that scene where he just let the group go to Earth and was kind of like oh yeah fuck it go go ahead guys yep you’re free to go all right all right the last character I want to talk about real quick is Eric played by Stellan Skarsgard who plays luffin in Andor which I just wrapped up watching and I have been watching since it came out every single well just

about every single week I watched it but Andor is incredible Andor is one of the best Star Wars things I’ve seen and I still haven’t finished all of the Star Wars shows yet but Andor was fantastic and him as Lutheran was great and I really came to appreciate his performance and his acting and just who he is and seeing him in this movie was very unexpected but I love that he was kind of like he kind of was like Dad for Jane and Darcy that’s kind of how I just got his Vibe it was really

hard for me just not to see him as Lutheran especially since his voice was very similar and he looked pretty much identical to how he does in Andor but yeah I think that he he did a good job and that post-credits scene was definitely really fun I love that he was the one that got pulled in to go talk to Nick Fury and kind of been given a little bit of insight on what’s going on so that was a really good scene so yeah overall thoughts this film wasn’t bad it wasn’t amazing it was again

one of those like middle of the road fun middle of the road kind of movies for me and I am just very excited I think this movie more than any other one so far this movie has me really excited to continue I want to see more of these characters I want to see more of Asgard I want to just see what their roles are in the in the universe overall once we once we keep meeting more characters like Captain America and all the others and for the letterboxed review segment of this video I did not

go digging too much because of fear of being spoiled so I’ve grabbed two real quick that I really appreciate so the first review is by Patrick Willems a three star review that says I forgot how hard this shifts from Royal fantasy drama to Wacky small town comedy and uh yeah he’s not wrong he’s not wrong at all and we have another three star review from Betty that says I too would fall in love at first sight with Natalie Portman honestly yeah I don’t blame Thor at all all right so now we arrive at the time

of the video where I ask you to leave your comments down below and please let me know what you thought of Thor and wait for what you thought what you think of this movie please do not talk about any of the movies coming up that I have not seen yet if you’re going to talk about other MCU movies please keep it to ones that I’ve already seen preferably just talk about this movie in particular I am so excited to read your comments you all have been really great so far on the spoiler front there’s only

been a handful of comments that have had to be deleted across all four three videos which is really great so I’d love to keep it that way I really appreciate that so many of you appreciate How firm I am about spoilers and not receiving them so I appreciate you all if you’re not yet sub to the channel definitely click here to do so and if you want to keep watching I’ve got links over here thank you thank you thank you you all are the best and we will see you in the next reaction video take


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