Thor: Love and Thunder movie review and Analysis

after the Avengers endgames Phase 2 of
Marvel has started and everyone was
expecting so much from this phase and
Marvel promised that but but the way
Marvel movies are being created in this
phase is not less than a horrible
experience apart from Spider-Man no way
home and Doctor Strange maybe I don’t
want to recall the names of other Marvel
this time Thor returns for his fourth
solo adventure with Thor love and
thunder hail made by taika batiti the
film follows the events of Avengers
endgame with Thor recovering from Loki’s
Tom Hiddleston death disbanding of the
Avengers and finding purpose in life as
he travels through the Galaxy with the
Guardians of the Galaxy however the god
of Thunders run with the Guardians ends
when he realizes that a god butcher
formerly known as God the butcher is out
taking down Gods from different worlds
avenging the death of his daughter go
seeks revenge from the gods his newest
Target is Thor the God of Thunder gets a
sniff of his plans and heads to Asgard
situated on Earth to protect his people
however to his surprise there’s a new
Thor in town Mighty Thor

Natalie Portman
struggling with her own battle with
cancer she puts others first protecting
everyone while he was away with the
Guardians the lady Thor oops sorry she
hates being called that AKA Dr Jane
Foster wields the mjolnir leaving him
surprise soon Mighty Thor Thor and
Valkyrie unite to fight fight the goal
the film follows their Journey to the
menacing MCU villain and their battle
with him while Thor love and thunder
explores new territories with god and
goddess of thunder and go into the film
doesn’t live up to the expectations the
film is based completely on convenience
the subplots change as per the
character’s convenience with several
storylines explored with just passing
mentions Thor love and thunder is also
fast paced in the first half while it
acts as a positive factor in the start
getting the audience hooked from the
word go the pace becomes a problem when
it doesn’t allow you to invest in the
stories unfolding Thor and Jane’s
reunion also falls flat due to the PACE
on the contrary the second half becomes
a little drag when Thor and Jane’s Love
Story becomes the focus on the acting
front taika has channeled Thor’s funny
side with the film yet again much like
Thor Ragnarok but this time around it
comes across as a little silly and even
forced at certain points Chris follows
tyker’s Vision to the point but there is
nothing new he is offering in the new on
the other hand Natalie breaks free from
being just Thor’s girlfriend to take the
lead she shines in several parts of the
film especially when she is trying
comedy and action we need more of her in
the MCU Tessa Thompson continues her
impressive run as Valkyrie but
unfortunately she is sidelined the best
part of the movie is undoubtedly
Christian Bale it’s Christian Bale who
steals the Thunder the actor like always
makes go his own Christian transforms
into an intense and Sinister goal with
absoluties it is clear that Marvel
Studios are giving their baddies the
deserving Limelight unfortunately this
Limelight is costing the superheroes
much like Doctor Strange where Benedict
Cumberbatch felt like a supporting actor
Thor love and thunder also puts Chris
Hemsworth on the back foot while
Christian Bale is in the spotlight if
the film is Thor love and thunder
ideally I’d want a little more from Thor
and this time we had to after Thor
Ragnarok expectations are set lightning
high with Thor love and thunder however
the film has more light happening but
less Thunder bottom line Thor love and
thunder brings back elements of the
first three phases while introducing and
including elements from the newer world
of MCU but in this blend Thor loses out
and that was video guys what you guys
think about Marvel Phase 2 movies do let
us know in comment section I will meet
you in the next video Until then take

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