Thor Love and Thunder Movie Review

thor love and thunder is a full-blown comedy 
more in line with austin powers than say  
thor one i’m not mad i’m disappointed
director taika ytt is back for thor love and 
thunder after doing thor ragnarok which i  
thought was awesome i love thor ragnarok it’s one 
of my favorite mcu movies definitely in the top  
10 range for me so after seeing this i start to 
question my own taste that’s not fair to myself  
thor ragnarok is absolutely awesome still because 
it does a great job marrying action comedy drama  
and spectacle into one beautiful two-hour film 
this however goes so far in the comedy space  
that anytime something serious happens you’re 
just waiting for the next joke to discredit it  
as my intro stated i’m not mad i’m disappointed 
because i didn’t hate thor love and thunder when i  
realized very early on that this was not gonna be 
a movie i could take seriously and i’m just here  
to get some laughs and walk away and not think 
twice about this film ever again the part that  
disappoints me is it should have been so much more 
especially hot off the heels of some great thor  
outings in both ragnarok and infinity war slash 
endgame hemsworth doesn’t miss a beat playing the  

still looks like a i mean he looks like 
a god he’s massive he’s impressive to look at he’s  
a specimen beyond all compare his dialogue however 
and the way he carries himself our full-blown  
parody at this point he’s a character of his of 
thor one and two joining him on his misadventures  
is natalie portman as jane remember remember 
jane everyone’s favorite from from the old films  
sarcasm after an extended break she’s back in the 
mix this time dining her own armor and that hammer  
that trusty mjorn mjornin your i can never say 
it the hammer that thor loves and that’s where  
the bulk of the comedy comes from not so much his 
infatuation with jane and the one that got away  
but that of his hammer and how he has to deal with 
stormbreaker and the jealousy between these two  
objects again it’s it’s zoolander okay it’s austin 
powers there were a series of web shorts that came  
out years ago where chris hemsworth played thor 
but he was in a more comical situation like an  
office space or just in an apartment with a 
roommate these were only like five to ten minute  
long things and they were just total comedies 
through and through they were very funny i liked  
them i never really thought of them as being part 
of the thor universe though they were just kind  
of their own little spin-off things i think thor 
love and thunder and i hate myself for saying this  
because almost all the disney plus shows are trash 
would have worked better as a disney plus show and  
with it would be the understanding that this is 
not the thor 4 we were expecting to see this is  
like a side story a fun little spin-off and then 
we would get the real thor for in in a year or so  
i brought up jane i’m not done with you yet missy 
everything she says is absolute cringe and that’s  
not the fault of natalie portman although i feel 
like i say that a lot but maybe it is her fault  
too anyway she plays lady thor here she’s flying 
around jumping doing all sorts of cool stuff  
and i was worried it wouldn’t be justified she 
would just get the hammer because she’s suddenly  
worthy and that would be that but no a lot of 
montages in this but he does take some time  
to build this character and why she’s worthy 
and and the explanation behind it is actually  
very compelling and dramatic it should be far more 
dramatic actually and there’s lots of stuff like  
that sprinkled through this script where i could 
look at it and say man there was actually a really  
good emotional story at the core here but taki 
just wanted to make a comedy so all the stuff that  
should be focused on is just brushed aside 
it’s just glossed over so quickly because  
the jane foster stuff that was a movie and it’s a 
movie that i think would have worked really well  
it’s funny kat dennings shows up for a small 
little scene here and she was the comic relief  
in the first two thor movies that were much more 
serious now somehow she’s like the straight man  
of these films because they’ve gotten so looney 
tunes bonkers she comes off as the most sane one  
just a weird uh weird flip ragnarok’s valkyrie and 
korg are both back they’re perfect zero complaints  
about them i would have liked to see even more 
valkyrie the guardians of the galaxy are here too  
briefly for about five to eight minutes they don’t 
last long which sucks i wanted them in this longer  
especially with the t’s at the end of 
end game that this was going to be a  
as guardians of the galaxy adventure they would go 
on the dark knight himself christian bale is here  
playing gore not to be confused with thor or korg 
lots of a lot of ores in this film i’m not gonna  
lie i was getting some tommy lee jones batman 
and robin vibes from this guy uh it’s unfortunate  
christian bill’s an amazing actor but again i 
think it’s because he’s kind of overly serious  
and hamming it up contrasting that with everyone 
else who looks like they’re in a space jam movie  
it’s tough it’s a tough thing to see i said 
this works better as a disney plus show not just  
because of the script but because of virtually 
everything happening in here this is a movie  
that probably costs a stupid amount of money 
but looks like a tv show production often times  
they’re not even trying anymore it’s just scene 
after scene of actors in front of green screens  
i’m so sick of it like i know nothing’s real and 
granted yeah oftentimes they’re in big coliseums  
or on a different planet and you know we don’t 
have that stuff readily available but you can  
build things i’ve seen lord of the rings they 
build [ __ ] they make costumes that don’t look  
like knockoffs from that pop-up halloween store 
and that’s another thing these costumes are so bad  
thor looks like a jackass in this in this movie 
everything is just noise and not only is the  
noise coming from the colors it’s coming from 
the music and the sound effects remember this  
screaming goat meme from a couple years back 
pepperidge farm remembers he uses it like 15  
times and i’m not even being over the top i 
think there’s 15 legitimate goat screams in  
this a lot of action in this it’s 50 50 whether 
it’s played as a serious moment or something  
out of a hot shots film and again 90 of it’s 
in front of a green screen with fake weapons  
so it’s just watching actors pretending like 
they’re me like in front of a green screen
throws the hammer sprays off always
goat sound effect
guns and roses song number three playing in the 
background and speaking of which what the hell  
happened here does disney have stock in guns n 
roses merchandise or what what sort of synergy  
[ __ ] is taking place not only is their guns 
and roses songs prominently featured there’s  
a poster in the background of a kid’s bedroom 
another kid is wearing a guns and roses t-shirt  
what is going on with the guns and roses there’s 
a kid in the movie that wants to be called axel  
i don’t i don’t get this there is some jackass 
executive that’s using this whole film as a case  
study to sell to different bands or some [ __ ] 
i guarantee you they’re like all right uh let’s  
put a guns and roses song in here and let’s have 
a t-shirt and a kid change his name and all this  
stuff and then we’re gonna look at spotify and 
itunes and record sales we’re gonna look at the  
charts and the schematics and we’re gonna see what 
changes and how much influence we have and then we  
can package that and sell that going forward as a 
perk like look we’re making the next black panther  
you want to be the next kendrick lamar we got a 
slot for you it only cost seven million dollars  
we’ll drop a name we’ll have a kid wear a backpack 
maybe a hat that’s cash money penis in your pocket  
baby long story short if you’re looking for a thor 
movie that’s going to respect the source material  
it’s going to treat gods and goddesses and 
different characters walks of life with respect  
don’t don’t watch this movie if you go in with the 
knowledge that this really is nothing more than  
a comedy you can get some laughs out of it and 
you can have a good time like i did just because  
i enjoyed it on a superficial level though 
doesn’t mean i’m not incredibly disheartened  
absolutely devastated that 
this is the route they went  
huge misstep for me huge i talked long enough 
now i want to hear from you let me know in the  
comments if you saw thor love and thunder or 
if you have zero interest because of what you  
heard or what you’ve seen so far maybe you don’t 
like ragnarok in which case i can’t imagine a  
single living being would like this film 
if they don’t like ragnarok in fact this  
is one of those movies where you’re not going 
to gain any new supporters and you’re probably  
going to lose a good chunk of them that came 
from thor 3. make sure to take that hammer and  
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what the hell was russell crowe in this he 
he was supposed to be zeus but he came off  
like that gay golden robot from futurama can’t 
remember his name the caesar bot or whatever  
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