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hey guys today we are going to be checking out Thunderball from 1965. let’s get to it oh music really gets you right in the mood well are we right into another mission just like the last one this one’s pretty long so must be some good adventuring we get up to that’s when you sleep so they tell me I’m so disappointed two of my colleagues I like her accent later perhaps oh later I get it Oh Sister villain got villain music here beautiful the Widow is she who she seems to be oh I don’t think you

should have opened that car door by yourself oh my God oh my God this is amazing I love this so much like his neck Blondie doesn’t mess around what’s he gonna do jump onto a bike this might be my favorite one so far wow is that for the bullets amazing now we got an opening I think that’s my favorite opening so far punch is the Widow not really a widow but I was wondering about the name Thunderball such an odd name everything in these is like amazingly outrageous all right hey no parking here look at

this guy with the eye patch maybe we have a villain he’s wearing gloves usually the murderer oh Secret Door are we about to go into a villains

Lair here we have here down number two it’s number one he’s a good villain just biting the cat number eleven red China narcotics two million three hundred thousand dollars you don’t steal from number one oh and then life to be replaced by another number nine I have sent back that agent count lip making the necessary preparation much for 280 million B now Mr Bond oh is this the second

time we’ve just seen Bond getting a massage very much enjoys his life you know nice to meet you Mr um funny looking bruise hands of a widow he didn’t like me at all red square with a spike the red dragon from a car file it till you get back I’ll put you across my knee I can hardly wait I love her she’s my favorite part of these movies maybe she’s just so cool what’s better money Jenny or Jenny Penny if I had to be that character hmm all right we have sneaking music here okay well

now buddy you never know it could be a trap this foreign that sounds awful who is the man in the room next to yourself car crash I understand I’m looking to see how you’re doing in 15 minutes just to run in the middle of spine stretching is that is that thing do people do that now maybe I don’t know maybe there’s a whole trendy area of spine stretching that I’m not aware of what is this did you see who did it not be good Mr Pond thank God yeah lady maybe don’t leave him unattended on

that wacky machine I can’t think how it could have happened I must have pushed the switch accidentally he was trapped in do you remember I hope to relax you oh my all right who is this eye patch oh he’s gonna mess with his dials just cook them alive what is that half dollar medium rare vegetable waiting is this our Bond girl you’ll be late at the air base you’ll be here when I come back but I may not be in the mood yeah right do you want to bet all right all right happy Landing wait

oh gosh shut that door the babes are always evil in this your breathing equipment isolate you from the oxygen supply Democrats instantaneous he has his own gadgets guess no I love a fat stack of cash hundred thousand dollars is not enough two years watch plastic operations make it a quarter of a million number one we made a new Arrangement all right but I guess quarter of a million is Watch Identification disc however no no ciao does he know how to play a plane or is he just gonna wing it get him to his pajamas okay

so it’s not dead then or maybe they’re just gonna bandage him up I don’t know okay sorry about all the questions well that’s him for sure definitely not uh flying a falcon armed with two atomic bombs atomic bombs I do hope we get like a grand plan like in the last one I did enjoy that a lot like an evil villain plan damned airplane all right Bonnie wrap it up looks kind of like the Ecto one from Ghostbusters I thought I’d take a little uh he never saw him again I feel like we don’t see

Bondi in short sleeves that often Maybe I’m Wrong I like this music aha okay what’s going on here oh he’s definitely dead he’s got the silencer Bonnie behind you oh beside you well he’s seen that guy’s face so when he sees him later as a pilot he might know the truth okay this is good but freaking silencer here bondy oh now yeah didn’t get the guy with the gun though what’s going on I don’t know haven’t you had enough exercise funny she’s so pissed at him you can’t change places with the co-pilot I guess we’ll

see if we can actually fly a plane all right he’s gonna pull something now what’s he gonna do he’s got a little Gadget depressurization all these guys are gonna die oh instantly dead or passed out study now then we just see bond in the little jet pack wait a minute NATO training black we haven’t been able to pick it up anywhere we can’t scan below 300 feet in his arm doesn’t she two Atomic weapons that’s how to search notify the animating at once so we’ve lost our Bombs all right so it’s rapidly descending so you

can go below radar and steal these bombs got it do we ever get to see number one’s face switch on the underwater Landing lights gonna land in the water uh easy now easy coming in hot I didn’t think you could just like land a jet like that on the water isn’t it gonna sink I I really don’t know I’m sure it’s some sort of Gadget uh oh right here’s a mask that’ll let him breathe okay this is all according to plan we’re going down open the other what the heck he doesn’t look quite as intimidating

in a wetsuit open see underwater hatch this is cool we’re going underwater layer here very neat uh is he stuck oh well these are the bad guys so I shouldn’t be cheering for them really they don’t make good teammates because they always turn on each other yeah guys we’re good guys this would have worked out yeah oh boy again I don’t want any innocent people to die but when you show me two bombs I do kind of want them to explode at some point no one is he gets hurt just a nice big explosion or

two amazing now just got a small atomic bomb handle like eggs what is this for just camouflage yeah yeah okay all right number two now what where’s Bondi at during all this getting a massage no doubt number two is done well I like can’t flip it like this send a message to the execution Brown look at his ring what kind of work do you do licensed troubleshooter another time another place all right just ready to shoot it’s got the guns on the side of his wheel oil slick ejecto seat this guy’s got a gun built

right in what is going on behind you body one explosion down maybe this is actually a sexy lady I think she’s our Bond girl she’s evil but she’s sexy you are late something pretty big every double oh man Oh I thought we lost a dog okay Mandy let’s hear the mission get the gadgets save the world last one in making an entrance now that we’re all here he’s such a bad boy that you’re about to hear two atomic bombs are now unless your government pays 100 million it will destroy a major city signal your acceptance

by our agent for Big Ben this price at six oh that’s a good signal the Prime Minister and the president have agreed to do it payment will have to be made prime minister Mr Grant room take charge um a secret man I hidden Walmart I love it extensive search has failed to locate any evidence we’ll keep you in touch from number 10. oh secret dossier yes yes yes yes classified her name Thunderball Thunderball is the code name that’s cool all the members of the crew you’ll be working with NATO CIA so I respectfully suggest that

you change this sir I think this lady is very very sexy well it was a photograph of Batman but he was dead he was in boarding the Falcon took off last night that’s enough for me to initiate inquiries who is it I like him the valve’s sister I think she’s worth going after that I would definitely we’ve only got four days that down below handle it he knows what to do smashing figure because that has and he’s matching with your request delivered a man more misunderstood you may be able to calm the old man how

many Penny said alive how else will you recognize her do moles on the left thigh well we didn’t get very much flirting there but I’ll take it I love a good money Penny scene stinking around underwater amazing they hook up underwater then he is an absolute Legend never fear madam James yeah I was right I’m not with you oh you soon will be foreign oh no he’s gonna need hide from be sure to lift I’m a boss you don’t mind taking the service but perfect was that enough time for him to woo her I don’t

know I have some of my conch chowder you’ve been reading the wrong book being an aphrodisiac is that what he was trying to do friend of yours works for my guardian he likes to know where I am they’re definitely going to sleep together Fawn likes to sleep with the Enemy Girls It’s kind of his thing perhaps we can open up together no uncooperative dominoes it’s on the bracelet on your ankle we are 50 minutes into this movie pretty much and this is the first time we’ve seen him in a suit uh maybe he was in

a suit when he went to Em’s office but not in a text I feel like fund is a good gambler I thought I saw a specter to show that the Specter of defeat good luck we’ll soon find out 500 pounds that’s provocative Bondi ah it’s your Specter against mine huh you wish to put the evil eye on or you may ask me let’s see if it does for the card I don’t know what game this is Funko Bond never tries to hide who he is though he usually wants the villain to know he’s there is

that good to buy me a drink soon may I be allowed to buy the lady a drink it’s going to be impossible if his luck doesn’t change I don’t think it will tonight are they gonna sneak off and do it yo Mr lago’s niece better than mistress so he called her his niece ew I’d much rather down let’s see James Bond in England with the NATO forces there the way you hold me he’s very Charming we are going the day after tomorrow we haven’t got very much time when will I see you again are you

sleeping abroad tonight you know where you can find me you must tell me what Mr Bond had to say he talked about you all right bond has his Conquest in sight I’m sorry no man thank you she thought he was cute oh cool oh we left the tape running to hear what happened in here oh my God damn he’s good that’s brilliant look at that silencer fine way to treat the CIA just the stupid CIA have you seen everything you came to see you’re gonna let him go little fish I throw back into the sea

too cool they even kill him hello can’t even be bothered is that even a pool it’s just a shark tank what did you find nothing a little fish to the Sharks oh no ah don’t listen here are your gadgets here we have a Gaga counter it’s waterproof of course but of course especially with that treated with equal it takes eight pictures in Rapid succession try to be a little less than your usual frivolous self right at the stress signal yeah look do you mind look you’re annoying me breather not being available for short periods only

of course homing signal to a special receiver swallow it you’re right okay so he’s going to swallow a pill that’s a homing device okay a container will be will be Flawless diamonds diamonds one container we have diamonds signal from 007. that is a slick wet suit we’re going in the water underwater bondy counter there oh good thing he’s a bad shot no underwater stabbing oh grenade I didn’t know a grenade would I guess I know a grenade would explode underwater I don’t really know anything about grenades foreign they’re definitely onto we’re gonna outsmart them underwater

that’s not really him it’s just a decoy is it a sexy lady I got another lady what’s your name James Bond all right maybe she’s our Bond girl I mean they’re all Bond girls this is the road to Nassau eventually she’s going real fast what is her end game here even bondi’s a little nervous too hot too hot girl and then she picks in the NOS this is my hotel what a coincidence look at this I wonder what a hatch underwater hatch that’s what we’ll have to look for the plane all right underwater search could

you see something from up there it is camouflage no luck just a gun sitting on the table I thought perhaps you’re another visitor no yeah right I know a little about women you might admit Mr Vegas just point at him with a gun Mr bun I thought he was a martini guy is that not really a thing spawn gonna wind up getting thrown in there I’ll give you some creatures the most Savage the most dangerous what does she do about 15 knots near 20. perhaps Mr Bond will be kind enough to take you to the

Junkanoo oh perfect oh hello Mr bone must have a very high opinion of himself he has a date with me too oh whoa hey so they’re gonna smother us ing a killer now she knows damn this is for the celebration okay Bond let’s see your moves let’s CIA doofus James oh it’s gone check out of the hotel kidnapped probably strapped to an atomic bomb you’ll have a power cut as you requested all over there done done he’s got his sneaking outfit on ready which over to the emergency generally yes sir hmm come on Bondi oh

here we go here we go she’s dead oh man you couldn’t save her that’s not cool I guess you better just get out of there dude you gave away your cover why would he do that oh there’s some shooting at each other bond is good I need to trust him oh my God that wasn’t smooth that actually wasn’t smooth at all oh from the Shadows look at the shark pool or just a regular pool oh no close them in oh oh oh oh knifed him the Sharks the sharks crap what is this Secret Door oh

that’s not what you want I hope there’s no more sharks coming out yeah yeah yeah yeah up and over I mean they they smell the blood so go go go go go go that was lucky foreign it’s gonna be a beautiful woman from where I’m standing mind giving me something to put on Bandy I had no idea that we were neighbors almost as if it was intended uh-huh agreed now look oh my these two they both know they’re the enemy sleeping together anyway that’s his move and the way we can have a little talk I’m

gonna try and sway her to the other side because I think she’s actually evil oh well friends of yours no doubt you’re dressed quickly too I didn’t see that gun in the mirror and when did you find out wearing the same ring is Largo vanity yeah it’s pretty sloppy and you know so much about what I did this evening was for king and country came in only has to make love and she starts to hear Heavenly choirs wow she’s calling him out you having a failure you can’t win them all interesting this girl she kind

of played him and tell him we’re being held up here now lighter on fire what was that blood shot in the leg change clothes put a hat on wounded have we ever seen him get wounded kiss kiss oh my oh the henchmen are on him thank you I’d love to love to rock just gonna dance on his wounded leg may I cut him now they’re just gonna angry dance for a bit why don’t you come with us quietly you see I enjoy my dancing none of that guy’s going nuts someone’s about to get murdered here

oh my one of my friends sisters was just dead yeah party there’s where did they shoot this that’s the golden Grotto oh then that’s where it is you’re back in the water oh I don’t want to see Bond v shark well maybe I do he’d probably just punch it oh he found it If Ever I see a shark I’m just gonna do the James Bond it’s gonna find all the dead easiest pie are the bombs on board no we’ll check on the Disco Volante who you going to ask Largo I don’t think we’ll have to

preparation Thunderball all such a good name oh are they about to hook up under water like I called earlier oh my God oh my God that dude can get it anywhere they’re poisonous just racking them up in this movie oh with his mouth it’s the first time I’ve tasted women they’re rather good I have to tell you something yeah Spill The Bean you’re going away now it’s about your brother good well that’s nice that he brought her his stuff very sweet he’s dead it involves your friend Largo Domino I need your help such a cool

name that’s why you make love to me underwater made love slick look Lago had your brother murdered when they’re being loaded they’ll have to find out you’ll do it she’ll do it yes if it starts clicking it means the bombs are born oh really not even sweating it promise me one thing you will kill Largo I think you definitely will there’s a small bridge over the canal Largo never allows strangers Perhaps it is important after all please be a secret lair we haven’t seen a secret layer yet well we saw a number one kind of

in a in a layer a little bit but I’m gonna need more of a secret layer here all right what do we have it’s like we’re diving again all right so he’s got his homing device inserted karate now put the suit on no think that you’re him yes disguise this is gonna be good which one’s bondy I need a way to tell about the most handsome One obviously but wait for our Target area Miami fine you only have like 20 25 minutes to save the world uh that that’s enough whoa is it a secret lair

it’s a secret something what do we have what do we have those are huge all music just kicked in it’s about to go down he’s been spotted foreign probably they always kisses someone at the end how much fun knows I don’t know if she’ll talk it’s scientifically creep what do you want we’re activating the bombs this will have to wait there is no one to rescue you wrong that’s just false she’s on the way it’s the twisting the Homing Castle while it is still working that is a good thing Pandey looks a little defeated was

he just waiting for his ride boys right on time I wonder how long it was stuck in that hole all right let’s rescue the girl rescue the bombs whoa then the target is Miami this is kind of making me want to go diving looks pretty fun not a great swimmer though so I don’t know is that Bond or all the 007s what is this back in the water I’m still wondering like why Thunderball why operation Thunderball what does that mean is there significance to that name if so please tell me and if it’s just a

cool name then agreed it’s very cool look at this Army of divers water battle literally underwater battle damn ah getting shot under water I knew everything looks good I knew everything looks good true he knows whoa why is that yellow crazy knife battle underwater this is pretty intense well if I ever go diving I have to remember to bring my knife knife that works too a little less gruesome nice that’s good you can tell which one bond is because he’s not wearing any pants throw a little bomb in boom oh all right was this really

Sean Connery doing all this under the water or did you have like a diving double oh underwater surrender get him mods on it final showdown Bond only has eight minutes to save the girl and get the bombs so you’re gonna kill number two let’s go just firing cannons at them okay that’s a pretty good villain move I like that I don’t think the Coast Guard was ready for this or meanwhile the bad guys are getting away though I hope the girl’s not still on that one whoa no the girl must be on this one we’ve

still got one bomb aboard he’s got married not so fast car ready get him with your bare feet that’s so fast number two hello whoa they are going a 1 million miles an hour that’s too fast oh my God this is like wacky snap is stupid eye patch Mr bone who is it the girl I had a girl I’m glad I killed him you’re glad look out the Rocks yeah maybe slow down just you know too late to land up to go please explode yeah okay cool great now they’re gonna make out in a life

raft yeah yeah there’s time for that what’s that what is he making when arrows meet is he gonna yeah okay amazing foreign okay guys well that was Thunderball and that one was really fun another fun installment in the James Bond series the whole underwater sequence was definitely unique to this movie and probably like blew everybody’s mind at the time it was super fun and great music as always lots of bond babe James Bond doing lots of lots of stuff Karate kicks and shooting people and he got shot himself so yes lots of stuff happened we

saw number one again which I’m actually very happy about and number one didn’t get killed or even caught or anything like that I don’t even know if Bond knows who he is so I feel like number one will be back in the future which is good because he might be my favorite Bond villain so far I love that we don’t see his face and he just pets his cat that’s so MVP surprise surprise I’m just gonna give it to James Bond this is his show we’re just along for the ride and uh he deserved it

he worked his butt off in this movie I think well besides getting you know massaged and having lady Affairs uh he also got got the job done as usual you can count on 007 to get it done and have fun doing it so James Bond you are the MVP low-key MVP I would like to give it to Domino one because that is a super cool name Domino is very good Bond girl name and two because she really came through in the end and she shot the bad guy James Bond didn’t kill the bad guy she

did so good for you girl and you got a little piece of James Bond on the side I like it Domino you are our low-key and baby and the worst award like I said this movie has a great villain and the worst award is gonna go to number one I mean it with the utmost respect that he is the worst he is a super evil villain and I am excited to see if he’s in the next one so we will give our worst award to upgrade villain the mysterious number one overall I had a lot

of fun watching this I’ve been loving this Bond ride we’re on so if you guys want to see the next one which I actually don’t know which one that is but if you want to see the name one or if we should skip over watch some other bonds from some other eras let me know below because I definitely would like to watch more if you guys want to see it I’m down to do it thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it I had a great time I hope you had a great

time too and I will see you next time bye guys

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