THUỶ TIÊN : Review Booklet Album Vol 6 : Vẫn Mãi Yêu Anh

Hi guys welcome back to my channel
today I will continue to closely review photos of singer Duy Tien’s album,
you guys when I find book 8 for this next review. If
there are a few albums, I’ll just put the photos, but there are some albums
I can find in my inventory, moreover, here are the CDs and DVDs,
when it’s sunny, look at this, I’ll just look at the album You guys will see it and those of you who want to see my
close-up review from the place to the beer, please tell me your name to see Mam also a review first
, Minh, the number of photos of Singer Duy Anh is very beautiful. another friend is much always a
a a
beautiful woman à à
à à
à à
process much of this one here is that a picture book big in the east are
doing with lyrics song and when opened then you’ll see pictures of spending money should go
here are the photos backstage videos of your friends see each other It is more à à à yeah yeah you
here have an enlarged photograph of
you a bracelet that goes by the band. Let me end

it here guys See you
in the next videos If you find it good, please give me 1 like 1 car 1 registration.

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