TikTok Wireless Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW and SOUNDTEST

What’s up guys! So this is the tiktok wireless 
Bluetooth speaker I bought a while ago  
and today I’m going to review it. This is the box 
that it came in and you can find some information  
about it on the side. It only came with a manual 
and a micro USB charging cable so there is no  
auxiliary cable included. First impressions 
it’s a bit heavy it weighs around 260 grams  
or 0.58 pounds so it’s heavier than the 
JBL GO 3 which only weighs 0.46 pounds.  
The body is all plastic and the speaker grill 
is metal, it has two rubber feet located on the  
right side and on the top you will find the micro 
USB port for charging and the aux port hit it on  
this side is the TF slot for your micro SD card 
and they say it supports only up to 32 gigabytes  
anything higher it will not work on the back 
you will find only three buttons and some of  
these buttons have two functions while the others 
have three i will put on your screen what happens  
if you short press long press and double press 
the RGB lights have 6 different effects and you  
can also turn them off if you want if you are 
wondering if the rgb

lights sync with the music  
yes it does but it’s upside down if 
you’re confused just keep watching  
i will show it to you during the sound 
test which is what we’re going to do next  
so please don’t forget to wear some good quality 
earphones or headphones for this part enjoy
The Bluetooth device is ready to tell the 
bluetooth device is connected successfully.  
As you heard during the sound test there’s a 
little bit of rattling noise coming from the  
speaker and that’s because the buttons at the 
back are loose so it will make noise when the  
speaker gets louder and you don’t get any punchy 
bass at all so if your main concern is bass  
then this is not for you it’s more for decorating 
your table and playing relaxing music during the  
night i’m planning to open the speaker up and 
see what it looks like on the inside so if you  
don’t want to miss that video please consider 
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that way you won’t miss that video 
or any of my other future videos  
anyways thanks for watching and i’ll 
get you guys on the next video peace

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