TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You Review by Caruto

TONIKAWM, TONIKW, TONIK. ahhh f it lets get 
into the video, today I wanna talk about an  
anime I should have done a video on for a 
long while called Over the Moon For You.
It’s been 3 weeks I have finish this anime but 
i know there’s many videos talking about it  
but here i go, What is Over the Moon For You?
It’s about a boy who studied his either childhood 
life because of people making fun of his name  
that is Nasa, was his parents drunk because 
that would be totally understand able.
Anyways after he was going home he saw 
a very pretty girl and wanted to ask her  
but little did he know he was 
standing in the middle of the road,  
as truck-kun was heading towards his 
way. Welp his about be isekai’d, well  
that what we all thought until we saw that 
same girl he wanted to talk to over him.
Mission failed truck-kun, mission failed but 
anyways she told the driver of the truck to  
ambulance but i guess Nasa had other plans. He 
rush after the girl whiles bleeding told her how  
he felt and ask her to be his girlfriend, 
but little did we know what comes next.
She told Nasa she would agree

only if they 
get married and so he agreed then pass out. 
Honestly i thought she was scuming him when she 
didn’t show or she was, some kind of gold digger  
because holy bananas this dude got cash. I love 
how the anime gives you more of an insight on  
how marriage/relationship life is and there 
are stuff I learned watching this anime.
Like i didn’t know there was 2 types of rings 
you have to buy and it’s very expensive, honestly  
i thought the same ring you use to propose is 
the same ring you give her on her wedding day.  
Nasa and Tsukasa are great for each Nasa is 
very book smart but lacking in street smart  
that’s where Tsukasa comes in, someone who’s 
every knowledgeable about tendering things.
The background characters are not much to 
speak of basically Tsukasa sister hates the  
idea they are married and wants to keep 
Tsukasa to herself, Tsukasa sister maids  
are just there for the joy rid and the rest of 
the characters are supportive of they marriage.
Sometimes i feel like this anime was rush because 
it started showing in a episode but i can’t  
remember which one, but all I gotta say about this 
anime. It’s very wholesome and funny, some people  
are mad saying they shouldn’t have gotten 
married because of their age but Nasa is still a  
teen so technically he still 
could date another teen.
But anyways that’s all for today’s video 
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