Top 10 Best "INDIAN WEB SERIES" in 2024

2024 made 10 such web series whose stories will make you addicted. “Anything?” You started the first episode, that means you’ll definitely end it. Now, which one is your type out of these 10 series? Today’s review we will do Top 10 Indian web series of 2024 There is a

family drama on YouTube right now which is doing a huge hit. The IMDb rating is 8.7 right now given by 3,500 people. A modern couple is living in a modern city. Will we be able to teach today’s modern ways to their old fashioned parents. Not only the age

difference, there is a huge difference in thinking too. “Sapna, our daughter-in-law is teaching you.” “Have you ever seen your father bowing down in front of a woman?” “Put your neck down.” “Yes” Feel Good Comedy Drama Now, for whom is this series for? If you don’t want to see

any heavy or twist and turn filled, you want a light comedy family drama, then start it. All its situations, the ones that happen in our homes these days with mom and dad, all of them are relatable. Some situations will seem to over-exaggerating to create comedy. And on top

of that, as this is a TVF content, so it is guaranteed to be relatable. I found it the cutest in the series when their parents ask questions for small things, like

why are the clothes so small, why are the clothes like this? The comedy that is created on

top of that, it was a lot of fun. The next series is a mystery. 25 year old Sheena Bora has disappeared in 2012. Indrani and her third husband say that she has shifted to the US. This case has been going on since 2012. Even now, the convict has

been released on bail. No result has been found. CID is still investigating and Netflix has made a documentary. Very controversial So, no one can hold Netflix’s hand in a crime documentary. They make the best. But because literally there is no conclusion in this series, some things will seem

one-sided to you. At some points, Indrani Mukherjee is shown like a goddess, then at some points, she is shown as a villain and evil. In short, this whole investigation case is so mixed up and especially, the best thing is that the different theories they are making. In short,

this investigation case on Sheena Bora is so confusing. One theory is being made over the other. It is an orgasm for those who watch crime documentaries. But how much truth, how much lie, who is the hero, who is the villain, all this is very confusing. And it feels

like they are showing it one-sided in the series. The next series is the most expensive series in India. The Heeramandi of British times, where Malika Jaan is ruling. But her past has come back. he is going to turn the table with an entire political conspiracy. Full-on drama available

on Netflix Around 7 IMDB rating given by 21,000 people. I won’t give useless hate to the series. What I liked is good and what is bad, I will tell you for whom it is not. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has visually outstandingly seen every frame in such detail. Money will

come out of the frame. So many diamonds, jewels, gold, all of this at the grand level. And on top of that, everyone’s performance are at the top level. Everything is going on in big boss level at home. But you stay engaged with every character, till the time they

start to bore you. Bro, it could have been a 2-hour movie, that’s all the story was. But they had to pull it, pull it, pull it, pull it, you have to give 8 episodes, 8 hours. I have watched it on 1.5x, so it is not a slow burn,

it is very slow. There is no nudity visually in the series, but there are adult scenes, so it is difficult to watch with family. If you want to see the Joker and Harley Quinn of India, then the next series is for you. A murder has taken place while

hiding his theft. Now a wife and her lover try their best to hide it, but this thing does not hide again and again. To hide one lie, they have to say 10 lies. Watch the series for two reasons. First, the performance, Konkona Sen and Manoj Bajpayee both are

competing that I will act better than you. The second reason is the comic timing and mystery that has tied us in the series. And it ends in the last episode, which means you don’t need a second season. It shows the ending, which I liked a lot. The problem

is that there is raw, real and realistic story going on in the series, they have put a supernatural, hallucination concept in the middle why the police die and it comes in the dream, and it tells everything that go here, go left, go right, you will get clues here.

What is going on? This thing will turn off a little in the series. There are a lot of curses in the series, there are adult scenes, there is no nudity, but it is difficult to watch with family. Kerala, which is known as God’s Own Country. There, elephants are

being killed and business is being made. Before this cruel man kills all the elephants, he has to be stopped. As much as the story feels simple to hear, the presentation is mind-blowing. Twists and turn are dangerous. With 8 episodes, Around 2000 people have given an average IMDb rating

of 7.7 “While killing these poor animals” “those monsters have created a 10.5 nil rupees industry.” “What is nil?” “Sir, one crore crores.” The way the jungle is shown in the series, it is very outstanding. I couldn’t believe that this is a web series. Even Hollywood doesn’t have such

a high budget. The performance by Nimisha Sajayan, Debayanthu Bhattacharya, bro, what a next level. I just found one problem. The series is very slow. Slowly, slowly, the situation builds up. And because of that thing, I couldn’t finish it in one go. First 2 episodes, then 3, then I

turned it again if I was in the mood. Only its top-quality cinematography, storytelling, kept me tied. You won’t get any adult nudity in the series, but there are abuses. And the brutality is very dangerous. The way the animals are killed is shown, so much brutal. The next series,

My God! this was a big surprise for me. A brutal serial killer, who is targeting only gay people. He doesn’t use a knife to cut the guts, he takes out the kidney and writes the name of the next victim on the hand. This is not confidence, this is

called beating the entire system. Now, to find this serial killer, 2 different investigations have started. One is legal and one is private. The series has a negative too, but you should watch it for 2 reasons. The series doesn’t care about what they show, everything is exposed. It is

so much adult. he brutality of this level, I last saw in Abhay series on Zee5. And the second reason is, LGBTQ, gay, everyone avoids these topics, they keep it away. Weather is it biological or hormonal changes? The series has also discussed this. So if you don’t like the

LGBTQ topic, then the whole series is around it, you can avoid it. Rest, if you want top-quality crime drama, then this is for you. On Jio Cinema the performance of Ashutosh Rana and Vijay Raaz My God! This guy is a masterpiece. You must have seen Vijay Raaz for

2-3 minutes, hardly 5-10 minutes in every movie, but Vijay Raaz has ruled this whole 8 episodes. In some moments in the series, when every character tries to shown as LGBTQ, or gay, or lesbian, or is forced then you feel that it is a little too much. But in

the end, we get the result, we get closure, that is the best thing. I enjoy when in India, such disturbing, adult and brutal content is made, that too without any hesitation. You don’t even have to think about it with your family. In the middle of the mountains, in

a village’s jungle, murders are being committed in a strange way. And this is done by a creature living in the jungle, who is a human, a monster, or supernatural, we don’t understand anything. 3 investigating officers are after it, on Amazon Prime. Around 2000 people have given an average

rating of 7.2 on IMDB. And its Hindi dubbing is also very top-class. There is only one small negative of this series, right now our mentality is to watch 8 episodes or 6 episodes, maximum 40 minutes long episodes, that’s it. There are 10 episodes in this series, that too

1 hour long each. you have to give that much time, in this investigation. In the beginning, this series runs at a very high pace. Watch the first episode, you will get hooked, it is that much engaging. But after coming in the middle, I am thinking that something will

happen now, but they entered their personal life, they entered into his personal life. And in suspense trailers, when they enter into their personal life, I get so irritated, brother. Yes, it is necessary in a way, but it is stretched a lot. But brother, the horror built in the

series, just like Hollywood’s Stephen King, was a top-class one. Before the top 3 series, I have a complaint for Amazon Prime you have so much top-level content, do promotion… you see it yourself first, then do its promotion. Another mind-twisting hidden gem from the Telugu industry. A journalist gets

frightened when a piece of a newspaper that he finds in different place. There is a prediction in that newspaper, what dangers are going to happen in his life in future, how to stop it, why is he only getting it? Why one by one murders are happening? Horror mystery

of the Telugu industry, with very good Hindi dubbing is available on Amazon Prime. The best thing about the series, from the first episode itself, our main lead has become the suspect. and he is running against time. The man is literally in bad shape. The series makes you feel

that. The performance of everyone is definitely top-class, but the different brutal murders shown here, My God! With that screwdriver… I really enjoyed it. An average rating of 7.8 was given by 4500 people on IMDB. After watching this, you will realize, that when she came in December 2023, we

made a big mistake by ignoring it. Just a turn-off that I felt, that some incidents are not as huge or big, as they are over-exaggerating and acting. it Maybe it is the fault of the Hindi dubbing, they did a little over-exaggerated dubbing. But I felt like that. The

next series is one of the best courtroom dramas, which is made in India, because I am going to compare it with Suits. I know some people will cut me off, but I enjoyed it. How in the District Court, how by taking the smallest of case the biggest cases

are dragged on for a long time. What is the on-ground reality of Indian courts It is shown in such a humorous way, they have literally slapped it. Straight 8.1 IMDB rating given by 7000 people. Recently released on Netflix In every episode, you will see different cases coming in

this court, and in the middle of it, by balancing right and wrong, how these advocates people take their advantage. Have to praise Ravi Kishan and Nidhi Bisht the performance by both of them their comic timing is god-level. I will put a case on you if you did not

watch it with the family. The number 1 series, My God! The Viral Fever They are the Christopher Nolan from the web series. TVF is the Rajamouli of web series. Guarantee close your eyes and dive in. 65,000 people have given an average IMDB rating of 9.4 If Animal is

showing alpha male in the movies, then in the web series The story of two characters, one fire and one water, and both have big dreams, and both equally have a fire in them that I have to fulfill my dream in any condition. “What do you want?” “Money.” “Tones

of Escobar like money” The theme of the series is real estate, so you will get to see both the good and bad sides of it. My favorite character in the series is Jimmy Ambrish, who is playing a role on the negative side, but the person’s performance and acting,

the way he teaches a lesson to the person in front I am impressed, bro. It is a full-on emotional roller coaster ride. The series is not that typical TVF family drama type at all. It is a little on the darker side. You will get a hormone avalanche in

you the way the series will pump you up. Available for free on the TVF YouTube channel. Press the bell icon of the channel for such recommendations every week. For outstanding Hollywood movies on Amazon prime the video on the right and click the left one for the previous video.

Thank you so much. Love you, take care. Bye-bye.

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