Top 5 WATCH ALONE Web Series in HINDI/Eng on Netflix, Amazon Prime (Part 8)

Everyone wants to watch it, but talking about it is taboo. The 18+ series of this list will not fool you just by showing nudity. But imagination, suspense, thrill regarding sex you’ll get everything top class. And I’ll tell you further in the video how can you win the latest iPhone 15 that only for Rs-1. Today’s review we will do Top 5 Watch Alone Web Series Part 8 How the drug addicts of the late 70s and 80s make their gang and keep their dominance in the market, it is the story of that. If I say clearly, then

a girl turns a simple boy into Kabir Singh. The series is not for everyone that’s why with 2 positive and 2 negative The series is filled with rough sex and brutality. As the name suggests, it’s not a fairy tail. A prostitute makes a child into a man, and then from man to… Telling more than this will be spoiler. 50 minutes, 6 episodes, the long episodes may feel slow sometimes. You will also feel this length, but there is not season 2 thing at the end. Lead actor Klaus is completely unpredictable. And the girl he’s mad about,

Jetta, she is a deadly combination of beauty and beast. Available on Amazon Prime with a very good Hindi dubbing. You can call the number

4 series Japans Savita babhi. Keep the story aside this series has given complete enjoyment. What can I say about it’s positive and negative. 8 episodes of 7 minutes each, a story of three college students. There is only sex and nothing else. But I want to say by keeping my shame and pride aside, I liked it. Showing sex so imaginatively. You’ll get to see the angle, position, everything. I got the recommendation of

this series from Badal’s Anime channel. “What hidden desires will it fulfill?” We will watch web series, but tell how will we get latest iPhone 15? First you have to download My11Circle from the link given in the description. And you have you make your team for the India vs Sri Lanka final match of The Asia Cup. You can join the giveaway contest at just Rs-1 entry fee. And can win the latest brand new iPhone 15. By the way, this is the final match of The Asia Cup. So you have this last chance. And you can also

win an SUV car in the mega contest. And if you use our coupon code then you’ll get 20% extra cash in your My11Circle account. So download My11Circle from the link in the description and make a team for India vs Sri Lanka. By uploading n*** photos of girls on the internet, Hunter Moore one by one, makes his target becomes most wanted on the internet. “If I don’t bully” “then what will I do?” “I will become mad.” Must watch documentary for everyone. 2022’s The Most Hated Man on the Internet. 3 episodes, but 1 hour long. You’ll see

the most Bastard character Hunter Moore. He may be the first man on the internet who uploads n*** photo of girls and promoting it. And he also has followers to defend him. Then he confronts a mother. Who after her daughters n*** photos getting uploaded, who gives all her strength to expose Hunter Moore in the entire internet. “That time it was very important to stop him.” 1 hour long episodes may feel a little lengthy. But Netflix’s Hindi dubbing will tie you up. Before the top 2 series only 12,000 likes on this video. And in the next part

I will bring watch alone series even from hell. Some series runs in your mind even after the ending. Many times romance dramas has fooled us by showing nudity at the start. But not now. Because I’ve found a series which will go from your brain to your heart. Psychological romance drama with 2 positive and 2 negative I saw this series after Where the Crawdads Sing. Because Daisy Edgar-Jones was inside my mind. And she also did Queen of romance work in this series. Connell and Marianne both have some problem in them. While watching both best and worst

phase of their relationship you’ll get a feel-good experience. There are some performance which says a lot without saying anything. This is of that type. And on top of it, only 30 minutes, 12 episodes. A little depressing phase comes in the middle. And that was stretched a little too long. But the characters tie you up with their performances. Series has half-nudity, love making scenes. Available on Lionsgate, must watch for romance drama fans. At number 1, My God! It’s not a series, it’s a type of addiction. Everything, I mean the private part is also shown here, it

has crossed the limits of brutality. A schoolgirl is highly obsessed and influence by a famous singer. And she crosses all the limits of violence. She doesn’t fear anything. You’ll get scared, that what is she doing? “Damn! you got a dead body in there or something?” It is presented in such a realistic and raw way, every episode is 35 minutes long. You won’t be able to stop yourself to complete all 7 episodes in one go. The best thing in the series I thought, when she comes in a very dark moment in every episode then suddenly such

a comedy situation comes, with feels completely natural. A disgusting thing is happening in front of you but even then your are laughing. It was a wired cocktail of comedy and brutality. Don’t go for the IMDB rating, the series has won my heart. On top of it, with top-class Hindi dubbing available on Amazon Prime. And before going don’t forget to download My11Circle from the link in the description. Because, iPhone 15, 20% extra cash, and to win a SUV car, it’s a last chance. By liking this video, YouTube will get to know that you’ve started to watch

quality content. For Watch alone movies, the right video and for previous video click the left one. Thank you so much. Love you, Take care Bye Bye.

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