Top 7 Hollywood Movies Must Watch in 2024 {Part 40}

After watching 10 useless movies, one movie comes, which makes our mind go crazy. I short-listed hidden gems from many useless movies in today’s list. Their concept is so unique that it will definitely satisfy you. Today’s review we will do Top 7 Hollywood movies beyond imagination. Think of a

ring that you can wear to rewind 57 seconds back in time. Franklin has got this ring. Now he will go to the casino, will gamble and earn money. Because if makes a wrong bet then he can travel 57 seconds back in time. Think about it, you can’t do

anything, but Franklin wants to take revenge. From a pharmaceutical company owner who is selling drugs in the name of medicine. Don’t go on the IMDb rating, it’s only 5.4, but the concept is very unique. is on Amazon Prime with paid subscription. You should watch the movie for 2

reasons. First, the concept that I told you about. And second, you feel how important every second of the movie is. If the person is a little late, then he may can go back in time, but he can only go back for 57 seconds. But the problem is that

they could not justify such an epic concept in the movie with their action scenes or with a unique twist and turn. But for sci-fi fans, it is a hidden

gem. Suddenly, there’s a big hole in the ground and a 4-floor high building goes down. Half a kilometer below

the ground and rain is pouring down from above, water is filling up. how will they be saved? It is one of the best Korean movie for me. But only 25,000 people have given an average rating of 6.2 on IMDb. It is not justified at all. It is an

awesome movie. Now this movie could have been finished in 1 hour 30 minutes, but half an hour of starting they literally passed the time. I have started to fast-forward a little bit that is this movie the same thing that I had thought before going. But as soon as

this building gets buried in the ground, I dare you, you will not even blink. You think that they will die, no, no, no, they are saved, they will die, they are saved. If I say more, it will be a spoiler. Go brother, it is a must watch. Animation

movies are going on a lot and from them came out a hidden gem. Only a small 1 hour 20 minutes filled with comedy, adventure, drama. “Welcome to the Moosehead Lake.” “Welcome to the Moosehead Lake.” IMDb rating of 6.7 given by 26,000 people. While living a comfortable life, a

family decides that we will go to Jamaica for migration. Adventure journey and quality of animation, comic timing and the dangers that are shown in this movie. I was so much into this movie, I had literally forgotten that this is an animated movie. I started feeling for both the

duck kids. The movie is made in 72 million and earned 4 times more 270 million in the box office. So there must be something, watch with the whole family, with a very good Hindi dubbing on Jio Cinema. You must be thinking that the world’s first smartphone was iPhone.

Wrong Have you heard of Blackberry? The 80s and 90s people will know that it was our dream phone. How did the Blackberry company, which started from zero, ruled the world of smartphones. Nokia and iPhone were ants at a point in front of it. And how did the downfall

happen after reaching such a successful level? 2 hours long with very good Hindi dubbing on Amazon Prime 44,000 people have given an average rating of 7.4 on the IMDb. If you like movies like Social Network, Ford vs Ferrari, Steve Jobs, Dumb Money, or Founder, if you like such

movies, then go and your easily 2 hours will be spent in satisfaction. And if you are from the 80s or 90s, then like me, you will become nostalgic after watching Blackberry. You will like the next movie only when you take off your John Wick glasses and watch it.

To take revenge for his mother, what limits can a boy go to. Not only body transformation, but also mentally strong after training. 41,000 people have given an IMDb rating of 7.0. Watch the movie for 2 reasons. First of all, its storytelling is very outstanding by Dev Patel. The

guy himself is acting, he has done body transformation, action, etc. He has written the story himself. How many things is he doing alone? And, personally, I was not disappointed in anything because I had not watched it with John Wick glasses. There is a lot of story build-up in

the movie. India has shown a lot poor, shown a lot of negative things. It will almost look like a copy and paste of Slumdog Millionaire. But if you feel bad from these things, these realities then the movie will seem useless to you. Maybe that is why they did

not let it release in the theater in India. The chase action scene of the modified rickshaw, or the one-on-one scene in the bathroom. The camera angles and brutality are perfect. The next movie will bring your blood circulation from your brain to down there. Bodybuilder Jackie and Lou have

become fully one with each other. Now if some third person troubles this bodybuilder Jackie’s girlfriend, then she rips their jaw out. In anger, a murder, a crime has been done. Now how many lies will have to be told to hide one murder? Will they have to murder again

at one point? Second, third, how many murders have to be done? How many will they hide? As it’s a movie of A24 production, so it is a simple concept but the presentation is outstanding. Crime, romance, sex, nudity, thrill, suspense. 20,000 people have given a rating of 6.8 on

IMDB. The performance of all the lead actors in the movie are on the next level. Salute to you, what engagement you have done. I was not now bored anywhere. The girl’s sex in shown in such innovative ways from different angles. And there is not much action in the

movie, but the murder shown is so disgusting and brutal. Before the next movie, I would like to thank YouTube members, who recommend different and unique movies on the live stream. Like we have Kapil Sharma Show here, in the same way, a talk show on television at Halloween 1977.

This movie is actually an episode of that talk show, in which ghosts are called, whether the ghosts are real or not. The people who are there to drive away the ghosts, the psychiatrists who are there to control the ghosts, they have interviewed all of them and literally showed

them calling ghosts on stage. It’s just a 1 hour 30 minutes long movie but at least three or four times I got scared. This movie had such a deep impact on my mind. I started to feel a little like 1% that these spirits, ghosts, and all that they

exist. Watch this movie late at night while turning off the lights. Dangerous! If you want the next part of movies beyond imagination then let’s aim for only 8000 likes on this video. For suspense-filled Hollywood movies the video on the right and click the left one for the previous

video. Thank you so much. Love you, take care. Bye-bye.

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