Top 7 Hollywood Movies on Netflix, Prime, Hotstar in Hindi/Eng (Part 38)

If you question your reality after seeing a movie concept. That kind of satisfaction is guaranteed in todays beyond imagination list. “You are going to die” “That’s what you think” Today’s review we will do Top 7 Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination Part 38 Recently after watching Evil Dead Rise I wanted to see a lot of and brutality. Action-horror of 2007 with 2 positive and 2 negative First of all this movie is not for everyone. 1 hour 45 minutes So much gore and brutal it’s shown. If you are bored of watching human Intestines and eyes coming out. Then

you will see testicles coming out here. This is so far the highest level commercially hit disgusting movie. The reason for that is the movie has many big superstars in it. The movies body horror was so good even in 2007. Just coming to the end the movie messes up the logic. Available on Amazon Prime this movie is only for the gore and horror movie fans. Not just brutality this movie also has many adult scenes. The president of USA’s plane has been hijacked. Now it’s a do or die situation. Many comments came from all of you that

we want some 90’s hidden gem. I also recently watched it and was shocked. With 2 positive and 1 negative 80% of all action scene feels real

and special effects. No VFX or CGI. Edge of the seat experience like Independence Day movie. As the situation goes further the movie’s tension also increases. But this movie is only for them who likes 90’s slow paced action movies. And also remember that 25 years ago, this movie made $300 million. So the movie will not disappoint you at the end. Hardly there is 1 or 2 kissing scenes. Available in Hindi

on Disney+ Hotstar. You can watch it with your family. We are bored by watching that immature romance. We want a unique twist. One after another high school students are randomly exploding like a balloon. Now Dylan fears that if tomorrow his number doesn’t come of exploding. So he told Mara that she is his crush. With this unique Sci-fi twist romance black comedy with 3 positive and 1 negative At the start of the movie, you’ll think it’s a Sci-fi thriller movie. The movie wants you to not take it too seriously. And the slow building relation between Maara

and Dylan will definitely remember you of your crush. Katherine from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is enough to hook you for the entire movie. If you don’t have any crush then you’ll definitely get a crush on her. The movie has sexual scenes in some places and a lot of blood. With a very nice Hindi dubbing you’ll find it on Netflix. After watching “The Terminal” movie I felt this will be the last feel good movie of Tom Hanks. But this 66 year old man is not ready to stop. Such a grumpy old man who is

fed up of the world now seeks peace by committing suicide. But then entry happens of very friendly neighbors. Now who will change whose life? But a change will definitely come to you. With 3 positive and 1 negative All the movie actors are of God level. No one is less than another. The Otto character is completely straight forward and very much angry. Trapped in emotional torture every time he keeps on helping his neighbor. But does not stop to try different methods of suicide. And that connects very much. You should definitely watch the movie with your parents.

Available on Netflix with a very good Hindi dubbing. The movie starting is a little slow but you will not be bored anywhere. In the first half of the movie you’ll start to see your family in Otto. And coming to the end this movie may make you cry. The number 3 movie, My God! For 2 hours this movie time traveled me into 1980. When the most played game in the world Tetris was being born. With 3 positive and 1 negative Biopic drama Just the 2D animations shown in between the movie which irritates again and again. Besides

that the screenplay of the movie is God level. Was not bored for even a second. For Henk Rogers, Tetris is not less than a Kohinoor diamond in the world of games. He puts his everything on the line to get the legal rights of this game. “TETRIS” “I don’t get it” But when the solution doesn’t come the right way then you have to go the wrong way. Dictatorship of Russians KGB, the capitalization of Americans. I’ve seen too much human politics and psychology. Such storytelling I didn’t wanted the movie to end. There is a kissing scene in

only one place. Can watch it with family. Available on Apple+ TV. To keep on getting hidden gem movies like these that’s why definitely keep on subscribe to this channel. The next movie is not mine but Quentin Tarantino’s recommendation. then understand there will be a lot of R-rated brutality. “Would be Takashi Miike’s” “Audition” “True masterpiece whatever that was.” Shigeharu’s friend arranges such an audition where Shigeharu will find his wife among these girls. And he finds Asami who is no less than a nightmare for him. With 2 positive and 1 negative The brutality starts very late in

the movie. The starting half an hour is for character development so it can be very boring. But as soon as this girl Asami enters you’ll think this movie is about to seduce But the movie takes you beyond that to ultimate satisfaction. And there your brain will spin in such a way you won’t be able to see some scenes they are so disgusting. And what I like even more in the movie the tearing apart of male dominance. This is among those movies which will stay in your head after its end. You can’t get it out even

if you want to. Available on Amazon Prime must watch for gore horror fans. At number 1, it’s not a movie call it the revolution of the action world. 1000 times more action scenes than your expectations. Top class RGB lights filled Cinematography. And such a character what everyone would like to become once in their life. Fighting to his body’s last breath and the last drop of blood Can Baba Yaga stop this non stop manhunt? Such one take shot action scenes seeing that your body’s adrenaline level will shoot in such a way at least for just some

time but you will also feel that you’re John Wick. So far this year’s best Hollywood movie To continue such Beyond Imagination just aim for 8000 likes in this video. For South’s crime thriller Hindi dub movies video on the right and for the previous video click on the left one. Thank you so much. Love you, Take care Bye Bye.

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