Top 7 Hollywood Movies on YouTube, Netflix, Prime in Hindi/Eng (Part 36)

Movie’s impact should be so deep on us We’re grabbing our friends to tell Just watch this movie once *music* Today’s review we’ll do TOP 7 HOLLYWOOD MOVIES BEYOND IMAGINATION part 36 *music* After breaking up with his girlfriend in a night party Wakes up next day in world of zombie apocalypse No matter how introvert Sam is, but how long can he stay alone A twist which can change Sam’s and your thinking Very underrated zombie movie 2018’s With 2 positive and 1 negative point THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD We’ve already seen concept in other movies But Sam’s

character hit me Because I’m also an introvert like him Chaos outside this building When he reaches different floors in search of food That’s it, else it’ll be spoiler Movie isn’t for all If you aren’t the fan of zombie apocalypse Then 1 hours 30 minutes will be felt Movie is available on YouTube 2022’s movement of BLACK LIVES MATTER Shook the whole world Next movie’s Science fiction twist will shake you Why don’t keep killing forever SCI FI drama of 2020 TWO DISTANT STRANGERS Only 32 minutes short film on Netflix Start it without know much about it The

change of thought the movie will bring in the end The message will hit you deep inside Comment and tell Do you also want such underrated short

film in movies beyond imagination *music* The time is slipping for Jerry and Rachael Someone is keeping an eye on them and instructing them on phone to do a big terrorist activity *phone rings* Hello!! The FBI will arrive in your apartment in 30 seconds You must leave the premises Who’s this We’re everywhere With 2 positive and 1 negative point 2008’s Action thriller EAGLE EYE The situation builds the movie characters Because

of which 2 hours long length is felt in the start But as soon as the phone call happens Movie’s screenplay isn’t less than a masterclass Everything goes quick Action scenes are so real Dozens of vehicles have been blown Available on Netflix with great Hindi dubbing The boy is in love with a girl who eats humans They go out on a road trip Will the cannibalism of the girl keep the love alive?? Or will she eat her love? Many questions in mind With 2 positive and 2 negative point 2022’s Romance horror BONES & ALL See for

me this was the weirdest romantic movie of my life I was constantly telling myself The love isn’t blind but f*cked too But the core romance of Lee and Maren is shown in a unique way Just they stretched it for 2 hours 10 minutes *music* Specially the night scenes Where nothing happens on the screen could’ve been struck off in editing But how does their past haunts them on this road trip This is a must watch for something different in romance *music* Visiting different countries Stan Lee found his ace of spades Almost 7.5 ft long Bo Cruz

Can he bring revolution in basketball Do you want to be in NBA?? Yes!! Sports drama, with 2 positive and 1 negative point 2022’s HUSTLE Now he’s Leonardo DiCaprio of Hollywood he should get an Oscar as soon as possible I don’t personally like basketball so much But movie has strongly influenced me for this sport and the villain who disturbs in the between I found that illogical and fake *music* Must watch for sports drama fan, available on Netflix Before Top 2 movies; 12000 likes on this video and I’ll bring movies for you from the hell On number

2… Oh my god!! What did I saw A very dirty and brutal jail of Thailand Where Billy is stuck because of drugs For freedom he needs to win boxing tournament No family No money Just give me this one chance I want to fight With 3 positive and 1 negative point action drama of 2017 A PLAYER BEFORE DAWN Billy Moore; I’ll remember this character for lifetime So much torture, rapes happening in jail Forcefully giving drugs anytime anyone can slash behind with a blade Jail filled with rowdy and dangerous people In all this Billy has became a

drug addict and he finds his hope in boxing The most impactful was the suicide scene I had goosebumps when I found its inspired from true story *music* A24 productions’ movie so the content will be great, Available on Netflix Slashing, cutting, breaking, river of blood will flow Your both eyes will beg you Just stop Stop it.. A serial killer of Korea Who hits beautiful women by hammer and yearns to death till the last drop of blood and he’s in the hands of ex police officer, Joong Ho Who’s chasing and beating him down But Young-min isn’t ready

to stop He’s thirsty for blood *music* 2008’s, action thriller, available on YouTube THE CHASER For such different beyond imagination movies Right video and click the left for previous video Do subscribe the channel and press bell icon Thank you so much Love You Take care Bye bye

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