Top 7 Hollywood Web/TV Series in 2024 (Netflix, Prime & Disney+ Hotstar)

Such Hollywood web series of 2024 which with only the power of its content will slowly pull you in it. And almost all are available in Hindi. So finish all your work because once you start these web series then none of your work will be completed. Today’s review we

will do 2024’s Hollywood’s Top 7 web series By wearing this silver VR they are teleported to another world and that world has very little time left it’s going to end soon and why are there signals of aliens coming to Earth? And these signals are pointing towards mass destruction.

1 lakh people have given an average rating of 7.6 on IMDB. Sci-Fi drama 8 episodes, 50 min to 1 hour each available on Netflix in Hindi. “They are coming.” “Who are they?” Watch the series for 3 reasons as the makers of Game of Thrones have made it so

the mystery is filled in it. My full focus was in the series. The suspense that was built up for 4-5 episodes why is this sci-fi thing happening? But after 4-5 episodes they reveal why this is happening after that, I was thinking why should I watch it further? And

on top of that in the way left the last episode on a cliffhanger. I was so angry. You’ve built such a good suspense and you guys are

leaving it on a cliffhanger. But this is the specialty of the series while building so much sci-fi, mystery, you get so

engaged with every character that you feel that they should reveal something about it I want its end result. In short, it’s must watch for all those who like sci-fi, mystery and reading books and novels in which there is suspense. It is a must for them. But there is

one character who was so annoying if I tell you it will be a spoiler. Such a great series is going on and such a useless acting it has done. Maybe you liked that character. Available on Netflix with a very good Hindi dubbing. In the 1950s, a black family

migrates to live in a white community. And a black person living with us is not liked by the white people. They use different ways to drive them away and this discrimination in going in the office, outside garden, everywhere. But the house they live in there is something dangerous

in its basement. After so many problems will this family fight it together or will they run away? 25,000 people have given an average rating of 7.5 The second season has also recently dubbed in Hindi and has come on Amazon Prime. The series has mastered character build-up. The climate,

the build-up that is done you feel at every moment that something is going to happen. Something will happen now… And this is what I liked the best about this series. It engaged and hooked me very much. And that cheap someone comes from behind and boo’s someone there is

no such foolish horror in it. The horror is mature and quality one. You get emotionally connected with every character of this family, but the people outside the family all the outside people are acting like I am the villain. I am the biggest villain of this series. The performance

is god-level. The series scares you only with expressions and background music. The series will feel a little long for those who need a twist and turn at every moment because the series takes time to build up. For me, one of the best web series of Netflix in 2024.

A man who is going through his dark and dangerous trauma and a female stalker is after him. Now these two can’t live with each other they can’t be separated from each other. They are obsessed with each other and this level of obsession gradually increases. You feel from inside

that what will happen next. Full-on drama 2024’s recently dubbed in Hindi on Netflix “That woman is following you.” “It has been some 6 months.” “She comes everywhere” “at my work, at my house.” “She keeps sending me emails.” 44,000 people have given an average rating of 8.1 on IMDB.

Watch the series for two reasons the lead actors Martha and Donnie you will get addicted to their performance. On top of that, every 10-15 minutes there is a twist and turn and my favorite thing is 7 episodes of 30 minutes each. Finally, the world’s most-watched web series The

Walking Dead franchise got justice. my favorite franchise 26,000 people have given an average rating of 8.1 on IMDB and the story is about the two famous characters of The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne. they are both looking for their identity and each other. And there is a war

going on against zombies all over the world. They have shown different ways of killing zombies in the series series they have set the zombie’s fire they are coming burning, they are cutting their throats. We must watch all this. This is what we wanted. And even better I again

got emotionally connected with the character Rick in this series. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and you have stopped watching this series after a point then now is the time for you to go back to this series. These two school kids have superpowers in them

one who can fly in the air and the other has a superpower strength and speed like the flash. Now despite having this power, they are hiding it from the world why? And there is a brutal army behind them they will hunt them. There is a big secret behind

this superpower. You may forget the Boys web series such a level of detailing is in this series. With 20 episodes, came this year on Disney+ Hotstar 10,000 people on IMDb have rated an average of 8.5. And because the story of each and every character is so addictive there

is no unwanted character in this series. I just want to give a warning this is a Korean series so their style is that they take time for long shots and do long storytelling. There are long episodes of 45 to 1 hour each and the second big problem that

I felt after a point that it has no English or Hindi dubbing. In the Korean language, after a point, the subtitles feel a little painful but there is power in the content. They have a balanced romance and friendship so well excellence. Just the flashbacks that come in the

middle after every 10-15 minutes they were irritating me a little but it’s okay, there is power in the content. There has been a nuclear war on Earth the world has ended, to save ourselves from radiation all the people who are left have started living underground. Now they have

to save themselves From the people above brutal, dangerous and the people who live like the devil have come down. My Amazon Prime yearly subscription become worth it by this series. 1.25 lakh people have rated an average 8.5 on IMDB. Inspired by the video game Watch it for two

reasons. First of all, my favorite is brutality is filled in the action scenes. Just if the choreography of some action scene was a little better that it would have been more fun. But the brutality covered it up. Second, when you see after the first episode when the people

of the bunker go up to the Earth and the post-apocalyptic world that is shown how are all the situations are there, how the society is there, what are the different brutal ways. Anyone is killing anyone anywhere. All this is shown in such a relocatable way that you can

compare it with the ways of today’s world and relate to it. One hour long episode but with a very good Hindi dubbing on Amazon Prime. Just it’s adult. I mean sex and everything is shown openly. The Number 1 series, My God! 16th century Japan whose ruler king is

dead and his son is very young to take over that throne. Now in such a situation, war starts between five different kings five different colonies that I will rule alone. But no one wants to stay together. Everyone wants to create their own conspiracy. Watch the series for 3

reasons. First of all, it’s not a series, it’s an art. If you look at each frame of the series the lighting, the costume the way the climate and the atmosphere is made it feels like I am there. And in between they show something extremely brutal. I am telling

you, getting a throat cut like butter it was the best scene. He came and directly cut the throat and… it was awesome. If you are a Game of Thrones type person who likes drama, politics, creating conspiracies connecting one move with other like chess like connecting dots type of,

then it’s a 100% must watch for you. If you want a sudden twist and action scene in the series then you won’t get anything like that in the series because each episode is 1 hour long. It’s not for everyone but for those it is, it is Nectar. 10

episodes, available in English on Disney+ Hotstar If you also like such quality web series then let’s aim for 8000 likes for the next part. For suspense thriller movies the video on the right and click the left one for the previous video. Thank you so much. Love you, take

care. Bye-bye.

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