Top 7 SCI-FI ACTION Thriller Movies on YouTube, Netflix, Prime (Part 2)

Today’s underrated Sci-fi movies concept will challenge your brain and you’ll be compelled to think about its concept. Today’s review we will do Top 7 Sci-Fi Action Thriller Movies Part 2 The entire world is going to destroy in 12 hours. James wants to go to the world’s most biggest and last party. But he finds a baby girl on the road who is separated from her father. Very much underrated with 2 positive and 2 negative Sci-fi thriller only 1 hour 30 minutes The movie’s surroundings and the situation is like that that you feel if the world finds

out that they are all about to die then a similar scenario like this will happen. The movie is character oriented. The situation keeps on getting worse and what reaction the characters gives about it? Action is almost non-existent. This hidden gem movie for Sci-fi fans is available on YouTube with English subtitles. The world’s most richest man is going to die. But before dying, with the help of his money he transfers in an artificial body. After transferring into the body his symptoms and his truth is something else. With 2 positive and 1 negative Movies concept and the

way it is presented that is extremely relatable. Especially when an old billionaire shifts into a young body. “You OK?” Then slowly the story progresses and it’s

found out that lot of lies have been told. In short, movie will definitely satisfy you with its storytelling. Ryan Reynolds acting and some action scenes will tie you till the end. Just it’s an 8 year old movie and that even 2 hours long can feel a little slow. You’ll find the movie on Amazon Prime. At number 5, Oh My God! Roy is stuck in a time loop where again and

again he will be killed. Now to escape from it he has to kill highly trained assassin and have to find out who is doing it and why. With 3 positive and 1 negative Movies action are top class that never ends. We have already seen many movies on time loop best action choreography will tie you up. On top of it Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts Michelle Yeoh, Frank Grillo one after another great actors. Doesn’t let the movie get boring at all. Just its ending is very much cliche and Bollywood type. You can watch it on Hulu using

VPN. A future where your age doesn’t increase after 25 years. Not money but time is the currency to survive. Here the rich will always be alive and the poor will die every day. Will Salas infiltrate among these rich people kidnaps the richest man’s daughter and about to bring a revolution in this world of time currency. With 3 positive and 1 negative What I found the most unique and interesting about this world the way time is used as a currency. Just our hero gets many things easy in the movie. How can we transfer time to each

other. Humans are divided between three time zones. I’ve never seen such a unique concept in any movie to date. You should definitely try it once for its unique concept. Available on YouTube and Amazon Prime. Let’s aim for 10,000 likes on this video. For the next part of such more hidden gem Sci-fi movies. Three high school friends get superpowers during a discovery. Now they have fun by keeping it a secret. But when these powers start to go out of control then disaster starts in the entire city. With 2 positive and 2 negative Movies found footage superhero

theme is very unique. And just 1 hour 30 minutes, you’ll not feel bored. Just the science fiction concept which is used it would be more realistic if they have explained it more. But the movie’s theme makes you feel that you are living in that movie yourself. You may see your friends in these three high school friends. Available on Apple+ TV the movie is a must watch for Sci-fi fans. After living in a space station for 3 years astronaut Sam is just about to return home then an accident happens. From there borns another Sam who looks

like him. By seeing the detailing of the movie you won’t even feel that it’s 15 years old. As it’s a psychological drama, so it can feel a little slow. The movie will not impress with its VFX, CGI but it will impress you with its concept. If you are bored of watching over the top alien, disaster Sci-fi movies. You want some realistic and understandable movie then this movie can feel very realistic to you. Available on Apple+ TV it’s my personal recommendation. In today’s AI and ChatGPT world this number 1 movie feels the most realistic to me.

The movie is made ahead of it’s time. One such robot such an artificial intelligence is installed in it which is almost equal to a human. Or it’s more clever than a human. Now this robot’s creator has called Caleb. Now doing the testing of Ava what complications come into their relationship and above it all the movie will show you the future of AI. 2014’s Sci-fi thriller recently available in Hindi on Netflix For some different brutal action movies the video on the right and for the previous video click on the left one. If your time is precious

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