TOPPIK: an honest review + "snow storm" in the south rant & dollar tree makeup favorites

welcome back to my bathroom today we’re trying topic this is a system that apparently makes your hair look thicker and Fuller so if you have fine thin hair like me bald eagles unite this may answer our problems or it may not real quick I have an announcement I have a new YouTube channel I’ll link it below but it’s Brittnee Alexus hair it is strictly geared for people doing their hair at home by themselves a lot of tutorials a lot of how-tos a lot of tips and tricks you can join me on that side of the

internet but please do stay on this side of the internet so make sure you subscribe click the like button All That Jazz so I can continue to make very high quality videos like this I got this at Sally Beauty toy this starter kit is $25 it comes with the hair blower blow puffer the hairline Optimizer and hairspray the hair fibers are sold separately they look like this they are $25 a piece we have black light brown and medium brown there was also a gray one which I did not grab sorry about that step one dry

and style your hair as usual okay then it says to shake it or use the puffer we’ll start with the light brown

it looks like a salt shaker you can just shake it and sprinkle it on your scalp directly like this the Sally’s employee got some powder there he uses this and he told me that you definitely do want to get the puffer because if you just shake it you end up wasting a lot of the product we’re going to take his advice so you can take the salt shaker off and put oh cool the

puffer Twist on like this and then it that is actually cool I don’t know if you can see that so then you just go through on the thin parts of your hair and put this on here do we have a brush we have a conb oh I’ve got flaky scalp again perfect for this video how embarrassing so ignore the dandruff that’s something I’m working on just leave me alone about it it’s snowing out here oh my I got to get into this later about the grocery stores in a snowstorm remind me to tell you about

that so my hair looks the thinnest when I pull it back this is my real hair color I’m growing it out but it’s a medium brown blonde brond all right nobody cares so I have the most notice of thinness when I try to Slick my hair back you can see the scalp through my hair so we’re going to focus on that part let’s put our teu clip in here we go we’re going to spray it this is the hairline tool it’s a flimsy little tool that mimics a hairline or grass you’re supposed to put it

here so you don’t get a harsh line and then take it out guess you do this this product is not new by the way I thought it was I thought it was because when I went into Sally’s they had this huge display of it you know they do that with the new products like Bonar by the way they have a blue Bonar shampoo that I want to try I thought this was new but when I was researching it it’s actually really old would have been good to know I had no idea this was a thing

what do you think it does make the hair have a texture very similar to let me get it this big sexy powder play this is what I have been using to make my hair look thicker it’s a texturizing powder it works really well but it makes your hair feel very gross kind of hayik but it does Puff it up and volumize it so we can trick people into thinking we have more hair than we do and it also leaves a white residue so this doesn’t work well for darker hair colors cuz you can see it

so I like that this is tinted has a similar feeling but not as gross it’s not rubbing off on my hands but it is getting under my fingernails so check out this side with a light brown oh yeah I guess it did work cuz look at this side and that’s the side with nothing oh oops I had snot my nose why didn’t you say anything now we’re going to try the medium brown I don’t know if you can see that yeah no you can’t but there’s a lot in there it’s about this full so that

should last a while we’ll try it on this side now comb thing in here whoa dander alert on that side sexy so it just wipes off if you just make a mistake which side looks better the light brown one to me anyway looks like it has a red tint a little bit of red so warm tones and the dark brown looks to be cool tones my hair pulls naturally red tones which I cannot stand it we always want what we don’t have though if it pulled cool tones I’d probably want it to be warm tones

honestly you need to get rid of that dandruff girl okay get you some head and shoulders I’m talking to me not you but so far I actually really like this let’s try a part line we’ll do that right there oh yeah that is one way to make your hair look way thicker I usually just use ey Shadow but this is honestly a lot better and easier faster I’m going to go with the medium brown color for myself I guess the light brown uh-oh I guess the light brown one would be more for blondes I don’t

know if they had a straight blonde one or not look at that and it doesn’t leave like a harsh line this would be great for men who have the balding in the back I don’t think you really need this you could just use your hand or a piece of paper or something oh maybe you do need that cuz that is a straight line do you see the little hairs the Little Fibers this is the black one I obviously don’t have black hair but I thought it would be nice to see what it looked like on

with the fluffer the fluffer I laugh like a screaming Fox you ever heard a screaming Fox we had a fox out here well you know I feed all the birds the crows and stuff I have eight crows and the fox was coming up and eating the damn peanuts and eggs cuz on Sundays they get scrambled eggs and he’ll and I thought it was a neighbor over here the little well they’re little not average height whatever I need to say to make that right and so sometimes when she’s outside I get concerned about her because things

are hard they are they’re challenging and I run outside because I thought oh my God it’s my neighbor again doing the play set climbing on the rock wall and it’s a fox screaming at my damn peanuts let’s try the black one we’ll do it right here we’re going to go in with the comb and we’re going to pump it ooh can you see that it’s working it through did it stay black I don’t know let’s try it on this blonde part that’s one of those Disney towels they really do have the best towels it’s making

the hairline look a little weird but it does work I don’t think this would cover Grays maybe it would you’d probably have to apply a lot so my favorite is the medium brown one that looks perfect oh it does get everywhere though see look I moved my hair and it’s all over my skin so how you set this in place is with Hairspray the starter kit comes with the spray and this apparently strength strengthens the bond of these building fibers used 48 in away the ret s who also used this product on his hair said

that this is literally just hairspray yeah it smells like Hairspray oh and it’s the same ingredients is hairspray so yeah he’s right he said that because it’s a what is this called a manual Pump It doesn’t work as well as aerosol we’re going to go in with my favorite Tresemme extra holds hairspray apparently locks this in but if you go through and scratch your scalp or touch your hairo it is just going to get all over your nails let’s see what happens if you get in a rainstorm okay it just wipes off key points not

only do you not need to touch your scalp no scratching no padding no tapping no slapping you need to bring a damn umbrella because if it starts raining your hair is going to leak for me I like it nothing is going to replace having hair even with hair extensions there’s issues you can see the tape they’re itchy you can’t shampoo them a lot they only last a month they’re expensive there’s no quick fix even Bosley shampoo I’ve used that in the past and it works amazing 10 out of 10 it takes about 30 days to

see results it really works it is extremely expensive even at my price the hairdresser price it is expensive as soon as you stop using it your hair goes back to the way it was just like it was before so you have to factor in if you want to maintain this cost every month same thing with that neutr foul I haven’t tried that but I have a couple friends that use it it’s like $8 a bottle and it’s the same kind of gimmick according to my friends once you stop taking it your hair slowly goes back

to the way it was so you have to think to yourself do I want to spend $80 a month for vitamins or we can just try to eat better eat more salmon get that fish oil girl just try to do it on our own obviously there’s some flaws it is kind of all over my face but I like it i’ give it a solid eight I do wish it was a little cheaper but there is a lot of powder in the bottle what we could do is try the knockoff there’s a knockoff on Amazon or

an alternative we could try that sometime I also want to show you some favorite products I found at the Dollar Tree and one from Sally’s but before we do that we’re going to get into some tea talk today’s tea bag of choice is one of my personal favorites Simple Truth we got that organic baby cinnamon apple herbal tea this one is very christmy Christmas in a cup it’s very cinnamony very spicy one of my favorites and it’s caffeine free I have to watch that I can’t have caffeine past 2 p.m. fun I’m a good time

okay so before we get into the products let me tell you about the snowstorm let me preface preface this by saying I don’t watch the news the weather I don’t follow politics trending events celebrities or any kind of things like that I have not a clue what’s going on in this world and I don’t want to know because I have high anxiety from just being on this planet this is hard enough trying to figure out how to survive I don’t need to add other things politics Wars religion and all that mess I don’t need to

add it okay it’s not for me so I don’t know what the weather is how I know what the weather is is I do the redneck test I take my hand here Pretend This is a window I put it on the window in the morning and if the window is cold guess what it’s probably cold outside if you touch it and it’s hot it’s probably sunny and it’s probably warm so that’s how I tell the weather I went to the grocery store the other day day just a normal trip to the grocery store getting the

eggs getting the tea I pull up and I’m looking around and it’s panic at the Costco the whole parking lot is full so I hop my Jolly ass out of my car and I see everyone is frantic they’ve got the look on their face like something bad is going to happen not me cuz I don’t have a clue I’m taking my time I get out of my car and I ask a frantic lady beside me well I look in her cart and I see she has eight gallons of milk bread and about 20 eggs you

took my damn eggs and I say ma’am just observing but is there anything is there anything going on and she whipped around honey do you not watch the damn news no I do not watch the news it’s going to be a snow apocalypse and I look up and I see that the sun is shining so that means it’s sunny outside but things can change they might even close the Waffle House good call lady I was actually coming to get eggs well you better hurry up cuz your damn car is going to start hydroplaning off the

road if you’re not careful I think you are hydroplaning cuz you sound crazy as hell you ain’t going to make it if you stay here past 5 don’t tempt me with a good time so I go into Costco and I see that everyone is doing the same thing they all have the eggs bread and milk and I’m just not understanding that if there was a snow apocalypse why would the first three things that you’re going to grab would be the things that have the lowest Shelf life ask yourself this If Today Was a normal day

and I was going to the Costco would I be buying 10 gallons of milk 20 loaves of bread and 600 eggs would I be doing that so why would I do that when there’s a snowstorm that is only predicted to last 2 days how am I going to eat 600 eggs in 2 days so you know what I got at the Costco I got a damn foot long hot dog and I got some nuts for Henry but I did get eggs cuz you know I hyper fixate on eggs it ended up being sunny outside as

I predicted because I felt the glass on the window you should try it and also the weatherman woman weather woman’s you got to give them props because that is the only job that I’m aware of where you can be wrong 90% of the time and not get fired I love that for them all right now let’s get into this hair oil this is also from Sally this is one of my favorite hair oils M Rosemary mint but the cool thing is they came out with this new light hair oil so it’s not as thick ooh

it smells good smell that rosemary oil helps provoke is it provoke invoke evoke helps stimulate the scalp for hair growth dab this all over your scalp after it’s clean I can’t do it right now cuz it’s got all this powder in it massage it in your scalp to penetrate the blood circulation or if you got a man woman you got two men some of y’all got two three men’s hey more power to you I can’t even keep up with one massage it in there for about 10 minutes brush it brush it brush it brush it

called scientific Brushing in the Hair World do that that’s really going to help because believe it or not even though my hair doesn’t look great it has improved a lot I still have a little bit of a mullet but it’s getting longer and it is getting thicker instead of wrapping my ponytail about 10 times now I’m down to nine this is $9 you can make your own if you’re into that kind of Witchcraft taking Rosemary sprigs and a carrier carrier carrier oil they’re using grape seed oil would recommend this light one though the other one

is almost too thick and it will really f up a good time it will mess your pillow up from the Dollar Tree I found a couple of goodies first they have these mini kaboodles remember these I’ve got Andy’s mints in mine you want some candy they don’t have The Tackle Box feature like a original Kaboodle is it a Kaboodle yeah it’s a Kaboodle they had a bunch of different colors oh I love that you got to get the individually wrapped ones not the ones like they give you at the Olive Garden you have to get

this one look it’s plasticky They are thicker this is the number one candy also from the dollar tree just finish your food I was at the bowling alley the other day and I was talking to this lady she was going to town on her hot wings you go to town girl you clean those wings she was doing the making out where their hot wings rotating it and all that okay and we were talking about bowling instead of just pausing with the food or even telling me hey can you come back in 10 minutes so I

can really go to town on these Wings she just kept eating and eating and then she was licking the sauce and then she did the unbelievable thing she took her fingers and she sucked her fingers and she had Nails on and they had hot sauce under them and she was just carrying on a full conversation no stopping I mean maybe she had somewhere to be but damn friendly reminder if you’re talking to someone just pause your eating just pause the eating or tell them to just kindly come back later don’t be licking hot sauce off

your 10in long Square shaped acrylic fingernail and then you can go to the bathroom and probably not wash your hands cuz I’m a sink Watcher I’ll watch it I’ll look under the stall see what kind of shoes you’re wearing and if you don’t use a sink then I’m going to find you outside of the bowling alley and just take a mental note okay you didn’t wash your hands so we’re not sharing bowling balls anyway from the Dollar Tree be pure essentially ageless ageless powder it’s a really dark powder I told you last time I can’t

wear liquid foundation anymore because it’s just not serving me so I use Bare Minerals and they have this one that comes in the starter kit called warmth and it’s just a really dark bronzer I wear that on my cheeks it kind of looks similar to this this is nice because it has a very matte finish if you have greasy skin oh that sounds gross oily skin overactive sebaceous glands I could be doing nothing and I will look in the mirror it looks like I work at the veline and I serviced your Minivan and took the

dipstick and didn’t do the paper towel thing just use my hand went like that and rubbed oil all over my face that’s what it looks like this has a very blurring effect to kind of hide the pores and the oil so I would recommend this it’s a dollar$ do25 another favorite I just picked up a new one this is also from the Dollar Tree be pure green tea infused powder this is fantastic for oily skin and it really does blur those pores I love to wear this the days I don’t wear makeup which is most

days because my skin is so oily I’ll just dab this all over and it’s translucent definitely would recommend picking that up thanks again for joining me here in the bathroom don’t forget to be kind to yourself that’s what we’re going to do this week this week we’re going to be kind to ourselves and how about we just be kind to others wouldn’t that be something wouldn’t that be something let’s just be kind kind to yourself oh I think I said that last week we’re being kind to ourself well I’ve got that on my mind then

just keep being kind keep on keeping on I get flipped off on the road a lot honked at flipped off I drive slow I go the speed limit but for some reason people around here I think we’re playing Mario Kart who can accelerate the fastest who can speed up to the red light the fastest which will never make sense to me everything is fast fast fast fast fast so people are constantly flipping me off yelling at me I live in the south so those men some women have those huge trucks that blow smoke they’ll cut

in front of you and fill up your car with black smoke it’s really not good for the Earth but it I mean it’s a little funny anyway I used to get really mad back flipping you off back rolling down my window what am I going to do what am I going to do I’m getting myself worked up for what how do I know they’re not on their way to the Hospital how do I know they didn’t just get broken up with and they’re depressed and they’re angry and they’re taking it on me because I’m just

an easy target cuz I’m driving too damn slow we don’t know what’s going on with people we really just don’t we don’t have a damn clue let’s just give everybody Grace and be kind to them practice kindness so now when I get flipped off I just do one of these and honestly I think that pisses them off more uh anyway let’s do that together together we can do it don’t forget I’ll have two of these topic topics on my website a dollar free shipping oh this video isn’t sponsored by the way none of them are

so these are are my honest opinions I bought them with my own money I’m just obviously not going to need all three I don’t have black hair so that’s going to be on my website as well as some mystery boxes from atimu hul we did a while ago last week I don’t remember and if you’re interested in any hair content DIY hair tutorials it’s on my other channel Brittnee Alexus hair again they’re very direct tutorials short not a lot of funnies but any hair questions and stuff is going to be easier for me to navigate

through there and if you have any suggestions I’ll take some suggestions as well the intention is to post here every Sunday and to post there maybe every Friday I don’t like commitments so I don’t want to commit to that but I will post every week I’m just not sure on the day so hope you’ll join me on that side of the internet too have a fantastic week you deserve it and I will see you next time for something cool something cool so then you just I haven’t seen a damn one of y’all eating cereal when

there’s a crisis comments box stay my eyes I can just keep them open Can You See speak English no wow big words there’s cat hair there

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