TOPRECIS T7 Review – Excellent 720p LCD Projector in the Budget, Great for Both Gaming and Movie!

Meet the brightest budget 720p LCD projector yet.
Yes, TOPRECIS T7 comes with 3800 lumens (200 ANSI lumens) with 30,000 hours lamp life.
1000:1 contrast ratio and can project up to 150” screen size.
Alright, let’s have a closer look at this sub $100 projector…
Build quality is decent with ABS plastic housing.
Small in size and grey in colour.
The main lens and IR receiver are located in the front.
Both focus point and vertical keystone can be adjusted.
There are air intake and AC input on the right.
3W speaker, VGA, IR receiver, HDMI, headphone jack, AV input and 2 USB ports at the back.
A heatsink on the left.
The fan is located inside the projector.
And here are all the navigation buttons that control it.
4 anti-skid pads at the bottom to provide stability.
Finally, 3 holes for the ceiling mount.
Alright, here are the included accessories.
The must-have remote control for navigation.
For video input, RCA AV cable is included only.
Lens cleaning cloth.
Power cord with 2 types of plug to choose – US or EU.
Finally, a very detailed user manual that let you get started easily.
T7 supports screen size from 40”

to 150”.
Suitable for both day and night.
As usual, you need to keep the screen small in order to get a brighter screen.
150” screen size performs best in the low light environment.
Picture quality, colour and contrast are much better then.
No additional TV box is needed.
Just connect your USB hard drive, you can enjoy your favourite movie, music and photo thanks to the built-in media player.
The 3W speaker is still okay to blast in a quiet large bedroom.
Make sure that you adjust EQ to get more bass.
As for fan noise, it is not the best out there.
However, you won’t hear much fan noise when music is being played.
Alright, here is the built-in navigation panel to configure the projector.
Simple and easy to control.
Just play around with it and set the best settings for your preference.
Be sure to follow my projector calibration guide to get the best out of it.
Office work is okay on T7.
You can use it for surfing the Internet.
Or present PowerPoint to your group member during the work.
Decent performance for the price.
Same apply to image quality.
Decent colour and contrast.
Just check out these lovely girls…
For video playback, it supports 24Hz that perfect for the movie.
Image quality for both day and night scene is great.
All the highlights and shadows are well controlled.
Colours are decent as well.
Besides that, it supports 60Hz video.
FYI, 4K 60fps video is being played here.
Fast and smooth video playback is what you get.
Lastly, 50Hz video is supported too.
Great for those who love to watch Chinese TV Drama.
One of the best budget gaming projectors.
Virtually no input lag during testing.
FYI, this video clip is 5X slower than usual one.
You won’t notice input lag in real-time.
As you can see, I am able to play fast-paced action games like pinball easily.
And check out other games too.
Well, that’s all for TOPRECIS T7 Projector review.
Great image quality for the price no doubt.
A nice budget projector for starter.
By the way, feel free to watch my other projector reviews too.
You will find one that suits you.
I am Jayce.
Glad to see you around.

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