Tornado Warning issued for southcentral areas San Diego County

NATO warning that was issued at 1155 about five minutes ago, uh remains in effect until 1215. For South Central San Diego County, you could see some of the area covered. And in fact, what I’ll do is I’ll give you a little bit of a closer look at the area that we’re talking about and kind of move this camera over at some of the areas affected. So this is uh covering portions of the county like El Cajon, like Lemon Grove, uh Chula vista, la mesa, Tierra, Santa Santee, Rancho, San Diego, Paradise Hills. Uh at 1155 a

severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located over the area that’s the entire area and red there on your screen. And you can kind of see under that. I’ve left radar imagery up so you could see where those stronger cells are appearing right now. I wanna show you what that radar imagery is like as we speak because those areas of yellow are where we’re most concerned about that possibility of rotation. And again, I wanna reiterate that a tornado warning does not mean a tornado has popped up. It means that thunderstorm capable of producing tornadoes

have popped up. So we have thunderstorms over that area. And the indication is that there is a possibility of rotation to allow for a, for a tornado does not

mean that a tornado has popped up. So wanna make that emphasis clear. But again, the uh precautions that you should be taking according to the National weather service is to be inside right now, avoid windows. If you’re outdoors in a mobile home or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself.

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