Tortilla Jo's | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Downtown Disney | Disneyland Resort | Anaheim, CA

hello everybody princess and the 
bear here we’re here at disney  
downtown disney we keep saying disney springs 
yeah we promised on disneyland but we didn’t  
promise no downtown disney so here we are 
tortilla joe’s dinner tonight so we’re gonna  
go see if we can get some tortillas be sure 
to tortilla tortilla tortilla tortilla tofia
we have some nice hot tortilla chips with 
some lovely what looks like fresh made salsa  
i’ll take a little scoop here it smells 
very cilantroy it’s not bad oh oh goodness  
that’s got a kick to it i would say it’s like a 5 
out of 10 on the heat scale yeah spicy but good um  
three out of five tomatoes these chips are 
a win though yeah you have to appreciate a  
restaurant that is quick on the draw with 
the salsa and chips especially when you’re  
sitting here for five minutes like me trying 
to figure out what you’re gonna eat for the day
i can see the heat that princess is talking about  
she’s not wrong it’s a four and a half five out 
of ten but i like to get crisp chips fresh salsa  
doesn’t taste like a store-bought bottled mess 
i’m impressed three and a

half out of five pasta  
guacamole now it is a table side guac but 
obviously in the current padme amidala it is not
smooth chunky salty not the best wok i’ve ever 
had but it’ll do i like the tomatoes in it  
i will give it three out of five avocados
i feel like this is life speaking to us but this 
time versus about pests and mortar i don’t know  
why we don’t have one at home yet i know i have 
like eight in the cart in amazon right now so  
i think it’s fine so send me your guac recipes  
as for this i love like the little shaping and 
plating of it just like green and tomatoes on top  
nice and thick a little bit of chunks just how i 
like it i’ve gotten guacamole i feel bad that we  
can’t see him make a table side but hopefully 
we back to normal soon four out of five plus
i was gonna get a margarita flight but then i saw 
mezcal on the menu and of course i had to get it
oh yeah this mezcal is nice and smoky this 
is a beautiful margarita if it has some wild  
berry we’d be right back at the black 
magic this is a win i’m gonna give this
three and a half out of five tequilas cheers
drink some mezcal and they’re 
becoming a staple in our house  
we literally do not go without 
mezcal on any of the day anymore
smells like bonfire in a cup it definitely 
kicks like the black magic but there’s  
something on which we have the margarita 
epcot because i like i would love to have  
more mascaras having to go inside pyramid but 
this thing is tasty this is maybe some like uh  
carnitas it’s gonna be amazing four and a half 
out of five cloves this almost makes my list
i swear bear is trolling me with 
this pineapple cilantro margarita
light on the pineapple light on the 
cilantro mini on the kick why is this spicy  
why is it spicy two out of five 
pineapples this is not my jam
no pineapple and cilantro is not my 
first choice for a margarita mixer but  
i’m never gonna say no to alcohol and 
pineapple all these glasses though
oh yes pineapple chunks chocolate there’s 
a hint of spice like a one out of ten  
i have no idea where it comes 
from but i’m not mad at it  
one problem is that the chunks of pineapple 
get stuck on this absolutely miniature straw  
that’s kind of a mess but the drink itself 
is pretty good three out of five plus
so we got the vegetarian burrito with  
house made quinoa meatballs i’m curious about 
that first things first i’m going to defile  
this burrito by cutting it in half so you 
can see what it looks like on the inside
oh i guess i’m not that just looks 
like straight beans and nothing else  
all right well i guess i didn’t cut it all 
the way through but i commit to my mistakes  
legit this just looks like i’m eating a pile of 
beans and nothing else but there’s supposed to be  
other stuff in here so let’s hope it’s not just 
straight like it’s not it is steaming okay well  
that bite was all beans the beans are good 
though i like them nice refried black beans  
delicious i’m gonna give this burrito even though  
well let me try and get some quinoa up in 
here okay here’s a quinoa meatball right here  
let’s just go ahead and try that filling 
even though it’s covered in black beans
that’s really good it’s got like a nice 
smoky taste to it i’m gonna give this burrito  
four out of five black beans 
because it’s all black beans  
and then this weird rice is green 
with i don’t know what this is
chili’s oh whoa oh my gosh it’s spicy oh it’s 
spicy the rice is probably a seven out of ten  
on the heat scale if i ate one of these peppers 
i’d say it’s probably gonna be like an eight with  
the burrito and the rice together it might be like 
a nice like uh savory spicy combo overall i think  
i’m going to give this dish three out of five 
mexican flags this is one massive vegan burrito uh  
the dense population of beans in here worries me 
because this thing is huge and it seems to be like  
75 percent being switches i mean 
if you like beans that’s one thing  
there’s something to over inflate the size of 
doritos you know extra but let’s dig in here  
definitely smells amazing the sauce on top 
all nice and wet tomatoes on the side even  
no idea what i got the fork here because 
there’s so many beans let’s see what we have
i do love my food inside of molten lava
there are some things they can taste in quinoa 
the peppers the tomatoes just heavy on the beans  
though like it almost overpowers everything 
else that’s in it other than the sauce from  
the top appreciate them trying to make it empty 
but i think it was a step too far with the means  
two out of five claws for me that’s for 
this rice this stuff looks dangerous
let me just chop a little bit of 
that huh a little bit more bite-sized
there we go
it looks more like noodles and rice than like rice  
okay there’s lots of flavor in 
the pepper but again it’s um  
it’s pretty spicy as far as spice goes you know 
for me a spice head i would give that four or ten  
for our normal person this is probably gonna 
be a little bit too spicy it must be but it’s  
got a nice flavor to it just tone down the 
heat a little bit so you can actually taste  
the flavor and less of the heat it might be a 
little bit better overall i’m giving this plate  
a two out of five claws honestly even 
though i love spice i would not open this
i got their fajitas they traced so three different 
types of fajitas all one plate in this wonderfully  
sizzling skillet brought out hot of course so we 
have shrimp medium rare steak as it’s supposed  
to be and then a little bit of chicken over 
here got a little bed of onions and peppers  
and because i’m special i asked 
for both corn and flour tortillas  
let’s just go ahead and load 
it up here because of the name  
i’m just going to do all three and one fajita 
a little bit of steak a little bit of chicken  
let’s get a little bit of the onions in here 
not too many because you guys know how i  
am i’m doing shrimp i’m not going to bother taking 
the tail off and then over here we have our side  
of beans rice and sour cream so i’m gonna get 
a little bit of that in there as i spilled this  
cheated cheese all over the place
and then peas and mexican rice is that a thing  
i don’t usually put peas on 
mexicans but that’s the thing
it’s definitely filled to the brim
the chicken is wonderfully seasoned 
the beef is perfect the steak  
well seasoned medium rare all the way through 
and then the shrimp has nice seasoning on top  
not dried out nice and juicy because you 
can’t decide what you want to eat like me  
this is definitely i think the way to go it’s 
completely useless it’s on their specialties menu  
this is a four out of five claws i wish 
there was less peppers and onions in here  
definitely less onions because there’s far more 
onions than anything else from the skillet but  
i definitely still think that 
it’s worth the price admission
so we have their carnitas tacos which looks 
like pork tacos which look wonderfully  
seasoned with some cilantro everything else 
guacamole in there a little bit of onion
i love the flavor
like a slightly sweet but very savory pork goes 
down very easy i could have got these three  
and a half out of five plus all right so now we 
have the flour tortilla go ahead and load her up  
which one benefit i give to flower tortillas 
is the room now it’s a little bit more roomy  
and easily to fold in the corn tortillas 
chicken again holding a fine tortilla
same bursts of flavor i definitely think for me 
flowers here is the way to go but i wonder what  
you guys think do you go flower do you kill 
corn tortilla overall i’m giving this a 4 5
had to get a flight i got pomegranate 
blood orange and strawberry i think  
this is pomegranate this is blood orange 
and this is strawberry but let’s find out
i think this is a sugar room too  
oh yeah this is pomegranate and it 
tastes almost like vitamin water  
not really like a margarita i would 
give this two out of five pomegranates
i was a little worried about the princess 
in his flight but seeing in the size of them  
not so terrible cute little things 
it’s like a margarita shooter for me
before i even get to the margin itself the 
problem is the syrup it is very very syrupy  
and not in a good like and this is the back off 
the serve or like diluted because it’s just too
too artificial pomegranate to two out 
of five is definitely the blood orange  
and the only one with a straw so i suppose i’m 
supposed to play musical straws with my drinks
this is tart but like not an artificial 
orange so i actually like this one  
i’ll give this one three out of five oranges
as for the blood orange okay this 
is more manageable because the blood  
orange a little bit more light sort 
of tastes like tea to go through it um
i’m usually on the fence about 
orange but i kind of like this one  
three and a half out of five claws 
and then this one’s a strawberry
i love strawberry i don’t like the strawberry this 
was a two out of five strawberry let me stir it
no that doesn’t help it at all no  
this is the first strawberry margarita 
fail that i think i’ve ever had in my life
you might as well just drink strawberry syrup 
strawberry is one out of five strawberries
the strawberry one looks like 
a good juice box watercolor  
and less like strawberry but uh don’t don’t let 
it be said that i didn’t at least give it a chance
no sir i don’t like it one of the five blocks 
the blood orange is the winner on this flank  
the fact that you can pick all of your own 
flavors is really cool so i’ll give the flight  
a four out of five tequilas even though 
i’m not a huge fan of the tequilas
i like the flight the whole thing itself 
is getting two out of five calls for me  
this is what i had to order remind you there 
are some other choices be a no for me bear  
in his freaking spicy cucumber margaritas every 
time every time but i will steal all this tahin
yeah i did that
it almost tastes like cucumber 
water with like some spice to it
two out of five tequilas not my jam
so i got the spicy mamacita margarita i don’t know 
why they call it that but it’s basically a spicy  
cucumber margarita uh with the tahini 
rim give you the option to eat or salt  
of course i want the team it’s definitely got some  
huge cucumber pieces in it it smells 
like cucumber let’s see how it tastes
it’s got a nice deep flavor i would say that 
it’s less spicy than the pineapple margarita  
but the tahini with the cucumber gives it a 
nice like cooling margarita sort of flavor  
i would say if you don’t like cubicle margaritas 
definitely skip this one but i could definitely  
drink this if it was like a hot day outside three 
and a half out of five plus was so delicious  
service was great the drinks were all right they 
didn’t miss the drink some of the drinks are good  
i would say we’re going to come and get margaritas 
get the special marble food it’s not the basement  
i’ll agree the special margaritas are definitely 
a lot better i definitely loved my portion  
your portion needed some more tweaking of the 
ratios would improve that dish a lot but those  
quinoa meatballs were like off the chain i 
would recommend the burrito even though it  
was very beany so i want to know what do you 
guys think tortilla juice have you been or do  
you have plans to be let us know in the comments 
if there’s anywhere else around downtown did you  
like to see us go or california period that’s the 
only place to find us hit that notification bell  
you’ll see other videos like this and we have new 
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