Tottenham Hotspur v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/17/2022 | NBC Sports

The emission of songs young men is the headline for the home team, they anchor the chef’s, give recalled in his place. As Spurs, make three changes to the team that beat Fulham and Davis injured, his leg against sporting in the Champions League. So, come along Lake continues, it said a half where Davis and Sanchez replace his Christian Romero whilst the recall for Rye. Assessing your sees even Paris each move to right wing back Emerson Royale, jobs to the bench and Harry Kane faces a club. He play for on low. Own a decade ago. Lester of

had a fortnight to contemplate, their 5-2 defeat at Brighton and Brendan Rodgers, makes three changes without fast makes his debut after his 15 million pound moved from France. Which sees Wilfred indeed he moved back into Midfield. First place alongside Johnny Evans who makes his 350th Premier League appearance. While sympathy castagna returns at left, back in Keene and Juice. Perry Hall is also recall, Thomas Samar A & E and nature will drop to the bench. Jamie vardy is named as a Substitute again. But a very good day to you at the end of the most extraordinary

week in the English Capital, and the Wake right here of moving science and ceremony tomorrow parade of our Queen Elizabeth. We welcome you to North

London where life goes on where Tottenham Hotspur continue to reach for the sky and that’s the city seek to drag themselves up off the floor by castagna. Looked up towards Pat’s and Decker who is at the top of the Lester formation in preference to Jamie vardy? There’s Dapper again off the back of a touching moment from Sanchez. In free parasites, referee. Let It Go. This is James Justin on the overlap.

I’m Justin has tumbled as he penetrates the penalty area and it is a penalty against a Vincent Sanchez. And then all of a sudden this break, a quick breaks, couple of terrible moments. By Sanchez, firstly with the clearance that fell kindly for DACA and then this Challenger goes to ground. So early, just in just gets his foot in line with the ball. There’s contact there. It looks like it’s on the line so that would constitute a penalty. There’s your contact. Hey, the moment of need Tina buns. That’s a simple. Say he had a fair journey

to make and when you down, you stay down. Just saw a graphic of T lemons, last half a dozen penalties or there’s gonna be a retake. I think there’s going to be a retake rent. He’s off the line, isn’t he? A key military Massacre. Lee moment and Tillman’s. Correct and scores. And Lester to lead in their hour of need. The psychology of a second penalty against the keeper that’s just saved one. You think, is he going to go the other way? Can I call his bluff? He decides to minister to keep that consistency, and go

into that right hand corner. What’s a penalty? This is Second Time Around It, Nestle’s in the inside of that side netting. And although Louis goes the right way, again, the pace and the accuracy beats him as a tremendous penalty. His first goal since he scored also from the spot against West Ham in February. to be taken by day and killer surf ski selected today, in place of son, heung-min to headline in itself, Call the surf ski. This ball is fantastic by Cooler, sesc, the short Corner changes, the angle, just opens it up even more and

then fires it to that. Far post, takes out the whole Lester defense, Harry Kane his patients at the far post keeps his position doesn’t get drawn towards the goal times is run. Perfectly stays on side and powers that header header past. Ward leaving the Lester goalkeeper. No chance. Him by parasites. That is such a wonderful week. Back in International Falls, and now, back in the top of goals, because earlier, it dire into position and that near post, and then just drops out to the 6-yard line, reach the flag. This is an excellent heavy seeing, they’re

just coming away from the goal and just flicking it back towards that foot. Far corner, it’s a delightful header Sanchez has dropped in. And taught them believe they have stalled. But Simon Hooper, maybe disabusing them of that notion didn’t look convincing. Did it when he came out for this. He’s wonder the ball. You just see Sanchez arm go up across him. It’s the right decision. But Looks nervous Warden that situation rather than timing it and coming out and clearing with real positivity sort of got into position and then got under the ball a bit. But

it is a felt Sauce is pushed it through for Decca, who’s on side here, away from Sanchez. Shooting without conviction. Picked up the ball. Well, here. Lester spouse. Breaking into Midfield. Nice. First, touch into DACA but he looks. Like, he knows he’s going to get caught decides to take the shot from well outside the penalty area. Stanley a jumping which says in your past and your medicine? That’s a super goal. What’s a smart finish hopeful ball out from dewsbury Hall with castagna, beating session. You’re getting there first. It’s a great ball in and that is

such a difficult finish by James Madison. The ball bounces in front of him, it’s rising. And he times his strike to absolute perfection. Is this ball bounces up? Coming up towards his knee. It probably comes off his In a little bit. Slugging by Paris. Each of the he got a touch on that came back off the bar kind of surf ski. Just fed into that area. Sanchez gets up. Well can’t see from there with a wall. Gets a touch. Certainly Sanchez gets a really good header on that or he dies right? Hand onto that onto

the crossbow. Excellent! Save my Danny, Ward Bonds. Last seconds of the half, Harvey bonds, Pat’s and darker, and change the key block. Alison. That’s lovely football by Lester really sharp. Good awareness as well. It’s ball. He is excellent. Good term by DACA to touches out. Madison who does everything right in terms of the strike, head over the ball down, he knows he has to hit the target, gives himself a chance and the res does. Well to say with the right foot first and really for me Peter, it’s Lester’s players horse, a steal by Ben 10

core. That’s picture pocket and splashed out with the prophet. It’s a steal of a goal. Ball into into feet. He has to play it first time. It’s not the best ball into him by Jonny Evans but he’s got plenty of time here to make his mind up to turn, he stops the ball. Dead allows Benton quarter continued his run. It’s a lovely finish off the inside of that left post. But you can’t allow yourself the presumption that you’ve got that much time in a Premier League match specially against a team like Tottenham. And indeed he

has flown in and done damage to. Hi Pia and the card is yellow. This is the ball by Evans into feet is under huge pressure, indeed. He’s going backwards on his heels when he receives the ball and Hoiberg is attacking it. Flicked on bike tire, this time cluster, with relative Comfort by war that is their post, or you’d think Lester would have learned from the previous set pieces. Get someone on the edge of the 6-yard line. At least Force the player taking the corner to have to get it over your head. That’s Daniel Madison. Darker

great Rich Therese. Hugo is to cry around this vast footballing bowl, and he might be busy again here in French World Cup winner. Bonds, DACA once again. Lester from start to finish in transition that will thereby Madison. The gold might have been efficient with that Parcels really anticipated by dagger and equally brilliantly. Anticipated by Lugo Lloris also savers. Anse Dhaka Barnes Yuri Tillman’s, James Madison, tack affluent at the near post. I used an arm of squirrel. It was too far ahead of him. This of the disappointing part of that, excellent break was the ball from

T lemons. Just sent him a little bit too wide here with that pasta Madison little bit too much pace and you see Decker their dime with his hand has been booked for that, I would hope so, Temptation was just too great. Back in the day once or twice a season. Someone got away with that. These guys, it’s a good nap. I’ve been tank or now son. How much confidence does he have? Because have high gear alongside son went himself. He hungered for that. It’s an excellent Steel by Benson core played in Tucson. You can see

he’s got one thing on his mind. He’s got support from Hawaii, BEC just opens the ball away from fouls, who backs off. Two players to do with look at positivity, is he just moves the ball to the side himself? Set an absolutely unleashes, a beauty of a strike. What a finish. This is, The Jews left behind by farce. Ben tank or a dingo setting as well? With a challenge just to vigorous. Fantastic football by Harry Kane down, that left hand side bit of skill to get past T, lemons, and then goes past Evans. It’s a

decent save that by Danny. Ward gets down well, and Is that bit of scale getting away from castagna? I should say, Nazi lemons. DDS to do a bit better there, I think with the challenge and Justin does well to intercept Kane. Sun sun. What a quality player. It’s kind of feeds him again. Everybody steps off him and I’m a similar position really certainly similar range to his first goal, 26 himself up. So well balanced as a player looked equally as comfortable on his left foot, as he does his right. And there’s a beautiful strike even

better than the first one. How comes hope your how open a less than now he’s played in son, heung-min and son, heung-min complete, he doesn’t, I’m afraid the flags are Wait, for the decision, is on site. Look at O2 wide, Kevin’s left, right foot on the ground, there that looks To be playing son on side. Dante thinks he knows we all think we know Joy. I’m confined crazy. Just crazy. Just fabulous. Huge effort to get into that position and commitment belief in himself as well and like I said he’s a clever player, he would have

held his run, he would have been really aware of what was around him and he timed it to Perfection as the VAR showed. Glory Glory told the boss /? What an extraordinary football match for an extraordinary contribution by the Tottenham. Hotspur substitutes on that young men whose hat trick came off the back of goals from Kane tire and bent tank or tee. Lemons twice, taken penalty had a for need Lester, a very early lead Madison was on the score sheet as well. But what transpired in the second half was pretty well. The on foreseeable, it

has been a party night. It is for all folk. Tottenham Hotspur, our men has champagne evening down, White Hart, Lane Tom about spur, six less the city too.

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