Toyota Corolla Levin AE92 ADVAN livery by Tarmac Works | UNBOXING and REVIEW | with English subtitle

Hello Guys.
Back with me again , William
In this video I want to unbox this item.
From Tarmac Works
This is also an old item ,
I got it unsealed
This is from Tarmac Works , AE92 from
1990 Japan Touring Car Championship
Take a look from the outer box.
There are Tarmac logo , this is the car name
Levin AE92. On the top Hobby64.
There are Advan Yokohama Pattern. Y at the back.
At the back there are tarmac works logo.
And this 1 Dollar
HKD is Hong Kong Dollar , per car
1 HKD per car goes to Tarmac for good
This is kind of a helping
donation organization by Tarmac
At the bottom there are Tarmac Works logo again.
This is Tarmac motto Small Size Big Heart
This is scale model 1:64 , the car name and
caution, warning not for children under 14 years
Okay let’s open this
This Y at the back Advan Yokohama pretty cool
And this base is different from others.
It is white , and Advan triangle printed at the bottom
And the Evo6 from Tarmac Works as well
also different base, the base is Advan red color
If we got the chance we’ll unbox

it in on the other video
I like Tarmac because we got a card like this.
Even though the card is not that good somehow
But it’s okay
There is Tarmac Works logo, Y of the Yokohama.
This is Tarmac Works media social
The limited edition is emboss printed
Like I said usually, Tarmac give us card like this,
Labeled limited production, but it’s also that many on the market
I don’t really know how many they produce for one model for sure
Okay let’s just open it
The base is different from usual,
Usually white , ah not white , black color
And like yesterday , Civic Genio
Kind of like sandblast pattern
This is white color different from the others
At the base there are the car name,
Toyota Corolla Levin AE92 JTCC 1990 Div3 Champion
This is the drivers name.
Another Tarmac logo
This is cool
QC4 below.
On the other Tarmac also have this QC1 QC2 sticker
Looks like a different checking
Okay, look at the base, the Advan triangle is pretty cool,
different from others.
More unique if I say
Okay let’s take a look at the car
For those who don’t know , for the first impression,
Maybe you’ll think is this rims error?
But the default is like this front and back.
If I’m not mistaken the real car also look like this
Let’s look from the front.
The detail of the plastic light , standard
Not that details , no turn signal , all transparent.
But it’s pretty okay
There is LEVIN at the center.
Is this Levin or else? Yes it is LEVIN
There is ADVAN below.
This is the turn signal , oh the turn signal is under but only painted
There is a tow hook , easy to break
On the engine hood given Advan triangle decal,
Toyota , this is car number 25 , given details like engine hood clip
The wiper only 1 at the center.
Here is also TRD sticker , on the roof decal number 25 again
This is a Right Hand Drive.
Tarmac interior details is pretty good
Inside is empty, there is a tank , what tank i’m not sure as well
At the back also looks empty.
There are only a roll cage inside and 1 racing seat
Only for 1 person.
Okay this is from the right.
I like this Advan livery , that’s why I collect them
This is number 25 , quite a lot of sponsors as well
There are Advan , TRD, Toyota.
This is the driver name, K.Suzuki and M.Nitta
The driver is 2? But only 1 seat?
Maybe they switch?
There is also Intertec division.
The right and left suppose to be the same
The difference is only a fuel cap.
Also giver door handle details
The side mirror is made of plastic like usual
If you bump it , it might break
Let’s take a look at the back detail
Why is this tilted? Can we move it?
Forget it , I break it already.
I thought I can move it at least a lil’ bit
But in fact I broke it , and the part
I don’t know where it goes
Because my pad is also in black color,
I’ll look for it again later.
Number 25 on license plate as well.
Stop light also plastic but all red
Spoiler also plastic , and this is like Inno yesterday
What is this 2 holes at the back for? Refuel or what?
I’m not quite sure
No tow hook at the back
The stop light is arise
Maybe it’s like lighting for license plate
And the exhaust.. The exhaust got no detail
Just a bulge like this, lacking detail for the exhaust
And the base is just ordinary , there are Tarmac.
The car name , and this is Made in China
The wheels roll.
Tarmac on the average got rolling wheels
But too bad it got no tire groove.
So it’s too plain for the tire
But overall this model is pretty cool.
The blue one just got released in Indonesia
That color is quite okay
That’s it for this video
We’ll look for the fragment later , I don’t know where
Accident happen
That’s it for this video
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Thank you for watching
And we’ll meet again in the next video
Bye Byee

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