Traffic Underdog Review Demo Bonuses~^~Watch Traffic Underdog Review Demo Bonuses before you buy~^~

hi larry keane here
with a review and demo
of traffic underdog
this is a new
program put out at
i think it’s 9 00 a.m on
uh july 31st by robin palmer
and what you have here is
revealed new hack turned stone cold
newbies into profit magnets in 50
hmm sounds a little suspect
but we’re going to take a look and when
you do look you’ll see
that there’s a lot of value here
uh here we are on the larry king
bonus page i have some tremendous
bonuses for you and
we’ll run down my page here first check
my review of the traffic underdog
and look at a little bit about what the
underdog is
and look at my bonuses and then we’ll
take a look at the software
and what robin has to say on his sales
so here we go so what is the traffic
well what he does is give you
about 10 different ways
that he uses to get traffic
uh some of them you may not have ever
heard of or tried
some of them you may have but he’s got
his little twist
for how he does it on every one of them
for seven dollars
it is worth every penny
i went through every one of them and
you get a lot more value than seven
dollars trust me
if you are anyways a newbie if you need
traffic you need to buy this one at
seven bucks okay
so the
like i say the front end seven bucks
the private label rights and all that
you get
with that you get the igniter and the
traffic underdog
for 197. if you are a stone cold newbie
you probably don’t want to go there
but you might try one of these others
and straight reseller rights now what
that label
the under upsell number one means is
you’re gonna put your name and
all that on it the upsell number two is
you get a link that just pays you a
hundred percent
which uh if you’re new
is a better deal
the uh hall of fame
is a uh
way that you will put your link
into the igniter and the traffic
members area the unlimited traffic
is you gonna put your pixel on robin’s
page and then the traffic accelerator
is uh he’s going to help you
get the secret traffic acceleration
that will help you supercharge your
and you can take a look at each one of
those has a video sales page
and sales letter and you can decide how
want to deal with those now
the most important point of this page
is the bonuses that i have
for you compliments of jono armstrong
now the thing about jono is he’s my
teacher he was robin’s teacher
uh it all runs together here okay
jono is giving you super funnels
this is a new product but it’s only for
the first 12 hours
so at 9 00 pm
this will be withdrawn
you got 12 hours to get a brand new
for seven bucks plus what you’re already
getting for the seven bucks you
understand what we’re getting here
and bonus number two is
three monetization strategies
for traffic underdog what he’s giving
is three strategies that you can use
with the tactics that you’re learning
in traffic underdog
bonus number three
is 40 high quality bonuses
that you can give away and
these are products
that are good products these are great
this is no normal plr
thing that you get 50 for buck
these are high quality bonuses
and number four is stealth
this is uh jondo’s product it’s probably
about a year old
and you get stealth
and some advanced strategies
okay and then number five is the
other bonuses that the vendor provides
for you
so you get these bonuses for a seven
dollar purchase
that is just a deal like you’ve never
and then if you pick up any of the
others you just need to
use the green bar
to go to the sales page to pick up these
after you get to your
warrior plus
thank you page for your product you
click that blue button
and you will get a
reply email that looks like this every
access here
is one of your bonuses just that simple
okay make it easy for you
these tremendous bonuses you won’t see
anyplace else
so you can’t beat this use that green
it will take you to the sales page
you make your purchase and
hit the button you get your email with
your bonuses in it
okay so here uh robin goes through
his results other people’s results
using his traffic methods now
what everybody’s been waiting for can i
get a drum roll
here is the traffic underdog
and robin is going to welcome you
in the first video invite you to join
his coaching
group join his youtube channel
and get guaranteed approval to promote
traffic underdog okay so what he’s
letting you do is join in on the launch
if you don’t have access
you will as soon as you purchase
okay so like i say you got your
dashboard here it’s where we are now
support and log out here’s your underdog
this is the meat of the traffic underdog
right here each one of these
videos is a different
way to get traffic
some of them cost you a little money uh
some of them are free none of them i
through every one of them cost you a lot
of money
some of them you need to buy software
every place where
robin can give you a free version of
something he’s given it to you
so he’s giving you uh templates
that you can use uh
he’s telling you how and where to get
things done
on fiverr this one is
a youtube hack with free software
free software everything that you need
to get going and those are the different
traffic methods that you will be
in the traffic underdog
now he has the next step is how to
increase your chances of getting
approved as an affiliate that’s another
video everybody
uh has that issue when they’re new
you can’t sell anything if nobody will
let you
be an affiliate so he has a pretty neat
little method of
getting that done uh unannounced bonuses
included bonuses and then we go back
those same upgrades that we showed you
so there we have
the traffic underdog
if you have any questions right below
this video
you can leave your question
in the comment section you
get to this bonus page
right below this video
and the first link that says bonus crate
you make your purchase with one of these
green bars
it takes you to the sales page
you make that purchase and come back
afterwards and get your bonuses
that is the traffic underdog

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