Trail's End Re-opened | Breakfast | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

hello everybody princess and the bear here 
and we’re back at fort wilderness campgrounds  
we are here on a hot day to go to trails end 
this is finally reopened we have been waiting  
to try this so we’re going back for breakfast 
we’ve actually never been for breakfast so we’re  
gonna run up inside and hope the trail doesn’t end 
be sure to be a friend of me you heard the girl
all right
and i’ll be right back here and uh 
welcome to the dawn of the new era
no pioneer mimosa which is 
basically pogba juice regular mimosa
mimosa-e it’s a it’s like a 60 40 champagne  
to orange juice ratio it’s probably a little 
too orange juicy for me and it’s pulpy  
so three out of five oranges i’m still 
drinking it i commit to my mistakes
i’m sad as much as i love 
trails in the bar that her  
bar that trails in his drink menu is like this 
big but we’re never going to complain about it
unless i’m eating a half an hour 
with it that’s a lot of hope  
it’ll get the job done two and a half out 
of five plus there was a tall glass of wake  

up juice aka bloody mary with some absolute 
pepper vodka let’s uh see how peppery this is
it’s not bad it gets peppery without having 
to worry about getting like the flakes of  
pepper you sometimes get like a bloody mary 
stuffing your throat i kind of like the balance  
i do wish obviously there was some swine 
in this but i will do with the olives
this is above board bloody mary three out of five
we have our normal gluten-free bread we 
have cornbread and then another bread  
and a strawberry butter let’s go with 
your oh gosh gluten-free already super  
dry i don’t even think i want to eat a 
whole bite of it with some of this butter
the butter’s good this just 
dry beyond all the leaf  
the bread is like one out of five glutens the 
butter is like a four out of five butter’s good  
that leaves me with a few plant-based 
options here always afraid of these  
vegan slash fruits like vegan up here 
gluten-free here vegan and gluten-free
there’s ever a bread equivalent to cardboard
what’s that like a child this is 
how i’m actually cardboard tasting
less sharp edges though we’re lucky we’re inside
a zero out of five don’t eat this oh it’s 
terrible it just gets worse you do it  
it’s not any better wet so you start 
drinking something behind it it’s like sand
and then there’s a cornbread little baby 
cornbread thank you so much for your face
it’s also extremely dry
very very dry more dry than the form right 
up whispering canyon i would give that like a  
two out of five cornbreads not the greatest 
cornbread oh i don’t like that at all  
that’s like a kitchen sponge consistency 
you guys know how i love my cornbread
did you just get that gold bloom in it i did 
just go blue man i’m glad i did that’s just as  
bad it’s like the previous bread but sweeter 
it’s like sweet cardboard also 0 out of 5.
and then a sponge bread that’s sticky
smells like i don’t know
this is like a sticky dessert pastry 
thingy but it’s also extremely dry  
like i need some tea with this 
that’s the best thing though
three out of five frostings 
whatever frosting is on there
okay this one at least feels damp
very sticky it’s almost scone-like
okay that’s edible at
like a least sweet scone skip the 
others go straight to this one  
this one it looks decent three out of five and 
um my favorite the sticky buns uh that is uh a
so we have an array of things here uh 
i guess the star of the show is this  
strawberry honey butter decidedly not 
vegan then we have some more non-vegan  
multi-grain croissants to haunt the princess 
uh it looks like we have some what looks like  
blueberry muffins and like a little 
sticky bun had a sticky bun last one
cinnamon roll walnuts the walnuts is your 
thing it’s a pretty good flavor tasty  
warm like a waiter’s head right out 
of the oven three out of five plus
go ahead tease the princess with this croissant 
delicious looking strawberry honey butter
just a little bit because i don’t want to die
so multi grain i’ll give that a two and a half 
and a five o’clock it’s a basic multi-grain item  
croissant i’m special about it but it’s good 
in the butter and then we have a buttered one  
nice and flaky dab with the honey 
butter strawberry honey butter
three out of five claws last 
up we have little mini muffins  
cute little things packed with blueberry 
you can see just staining the paper
it’s dense but it’s got a blueberry 
punch three and a half out of five claws  
the best thing in here by far i love these baby 
mason jars they are so cute and i have a lemon
it tastes like lemon meringue pie it’s 
actually really good i love it this is a  
five out of five parfait i would eat like five of 
these it’s good one commitment to a theme mason  
jar everything really nice blueberry lemon looking 
parfait get some layers in there cozy bit of lemon
a bit of this i’m assuming his whipped cream
you love lemon here love this it’s 
definitely uh like a lemonade a lemon  
head yogurt topped with blueberries but it 
works that’s terrible two and a half out of
five the apprentice get like a 
pretty mason jar i get like a  
a horse drop tent are trying to tell me something  
i feel something away about that i’m still gonna 
eat it but you know so we got somewhat granola  
blackberries and huge chunks of strawberry 
it could have been a little bit smaller
it was very similar to some 
other parfaits we’ve had but
as far as breakfast goes it works i 
could use a little bit more granola but  
i’m not picky three out of five balls
i’m gonna be a savage and just eat 
right out of the plate cause i don’t  
need the side plate thing anymore 
i’m gonna oh my gosh look at this
this is just a huge piece of 
sausage with some just egg
oh it’s jackfruit
okay i’m not mad at that i like jackfruit  
i like jackfruit a lot except for you know 
you gotta chop it a little bit more than this
it’s sweet it’s not bad is it 
better than ohana jack fruit no but
it is worth it to try and make a jackfruit 
breakfast i would experiment with this at  
home i wouldn’t proactively come here 
for this but i do kind of like the  
creativity of putting jackfruit in just 
egg i would have never thought that myself  
i would give it three and a 
half out of five jackfruits
this is definitely an interesting looking 
spread for your plant-based food i feel like  
how the jackfruit and just egg looked 
is how i expected the brisket and eggs  
it definitely looks more like brisket on 
this side than non-plant-based for sure
pretty good
exact fruit a little bit more seasoning 
and it just said just a tiny bit runny  
i don’t really like it all that ready 
but uh it’s definitely a unique option  
but it’s not bad and for the value of 20 
bucks all you can eat you can’t be too
three out of five flaws and then we have some 
crunchy tots kind of wish there was chili on them
it’s a crunchy top i will give it two 
out of five potatoes it’s it’s crunchy
there were tops or potato barrels whichever 
you prefer what do you guys call them they’ve  
always been tops to me the term potato barrel just 
seems fitting but odd let me know in the comments
if there was a breakfast textbook the 
example of a tater tot would be that  
about a perfect disadvantage perfect crunch 
form inside can’t complain four out of five plus  
and then we have the mickey waffle
taking his ear dunking in the syrup
gluten-free okay
not bad for mickey waffles 
i’m gonna try it one other way  
i’m gonna take this i’m gonna take some 
butter just a little bit of strawberry butter
and put this on the other ear
that’s the winning thing to do strawberry 
mickey waffle oh strawberry chocolate mickey  
waffle would be so good mickey waffles are 
a consistent delicious four out of five  
mouses overall the skillet’s not too 
bad i mean it’s 20 can’t complain
that’s for these mickey waffles
it’s funny charles in can do it how 
come some of the other resorts can’t no
the plant-based gluten-free mickey waffles to 
be didn’t turn more cake like but this guys are  
actually lighter like these more than the ones 
that i got give that three and a half out of five
suppose that we can try a little 
bit of the princess’s butter  
a little dab a bit more than that
with the strawberry plant-based 
butter that’s a four out of five claws  
i’m impressed by the waffle 
shocked more than anything
not bad overall give the whole skillet 
three and a half out of five plus
disney i get it family’s still dining however i 
think you forget at the size where some of your  
tables are all these tables were not designed for 
family style dining for even two people like this  
is there’s like no space left one errant move 
you’re gonna have this food flying and then  
again here with uh i like the spread of food 
but i wish you would shrink the portion sizes  
when there’s only like one person at the table in 
turquoise because it’s a lot of food it feels very  
wasteful because i don’t even need half of this 
this is like enough for four people but i get it  
you design family style down with four people 
but you don’t need all this food at once  
my skills are small like you can build those 
into those you’re like one to each general person  
complained enough so where to start um let’s go 
to these ridiculously cheesy looking potato that  
is ah cheesy hash browns it looks like mac and 
cheese but it’s just super cheesy hash browns
big hunks of potato as well interesting
my hash browns are kind of lost in there 
at this point you might as well just be  
cheese fries it’s like cheese with the side 
of potato really you love cheese you’re gonna  
love this you’re looking for potato in 
there maybe not three out of five ones
and we have their unique breakfast item which 
is scrambled eggs stuffed with smoked brisket
i guess you can’t really 
get more country than that  
it definitely comes out in huge chunks but with 
this brisket in here let’s see how it tastes
i was expecting a little bit more brisket flavor
i mean it’s definitely there but it’s more like 
uh just tastes sort of like a sausage mixed in
there we go
when you get the bit of your chunks you can 
definitely taste the brisket it’s not like a  
they’re just a cooked brisket sort of shredded 
in there no added sauce or anything else like  
that it’s okay but it’s just a different form 
of meat in your eggs nothing to write home about  
and i wouldn’t come here specifically 
for that two and a half out of five
we have the bacon and no  
for the last time guys i did not bribe the chef i 
didn’t get extra bacon okay the bacon looks bacony
a little on the greasy side 
got a nice crisp crunch to it  
a decent bacon two and a half out of five
i believe we also have sausage 
links in here for breakfast sausage
they can stand a little bit more 
charred they just look greasy
it tastes greasy
if you like greasy breakfast sausage
we have the infamous mickey waffles i was hoping 
for some character waffles i couldn’t get like a  
jessie or woody bullseye waffle no just mickey
you do get cute little mason jars 
of syrup but you can’t do princess
i still don’t understand what you guys love about 
these minion waffles so much there’s still some  
part of a bad game two and a half and a half that 
is fine probably because i’m sitting not moving
the trail ended it did end it was a breakfast 
given that you’re here at wilderness for  
wilderness campgrounds you don’t have a lot of 
options it’s a decent breakfast i’m not gonna  
hate it it’s cheap 20 bucks for disney breakfast 
it’ll get you full it definitely will i wish  
they had a bigger adult election but you know 
us uh but you know that’s given where you are  
given the times the fact that conference cyber 
isn’t open until four i’ll take what i can get so  
after you’ve seen this do you think this 
is a good value or do you think maybe  
another breakfast is let us know in the comments 
if there’s anywhere else you’d like to see us go  
for breakfast or otherwise that’s going to 
be a place to find us hit the notification  
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