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hey guys welcome back today I’m going to be watching train to Busan from 2016. all I know about it is that it’s a horror although I don’t know what kind of horror it is and I know it has subtitles so that’s that’s it that’s all I know I’m gonna go in just as is no other information and just check it out all right let’s get started train to Busan Zone okay so they’re in some kind of quarantine I don’t know why if it’s a pandemic or something else foreign they’ve had quarantines before in this region

I guess it doesn’t sound good shouldn’t answer your phone while you’re driving oh there we go another thing with the dead animal right at the start it’s spooky about this big white shot is this deer still alive oh oh no oh no oh look at his eyes it’s a zombie situation well that’s good actually I like zombie stuff oh that’s the guy from um squid game I think it’s very handsome mysterious deaths at the reservoir he looks stressed out so it’s her daughters his daughter’s birthday tomorrow got it I really love how low all the

furniture is I love sitting on the floor cute oh she’s talking to her mom oh she’s so cute I hope she doesn’t die that’s her

birthday present okay nice we already has one yeah she already has one duh come on dad oh I won’t waste your time you’re not a waste of time sweetie are you still married no just separated maybe he’s just like a workaholic it seems like yeah man you don’t get very much time with your kids you gotta be there when they need you huh everyone laughed at her well I feel like

this guy knows he’s not a very good dad right now but he’s just more focused on workers go easy on her man what is that like ash yeah something’s happening what’s happening uh-oh all right they’re getting on the train trying to Busan so stuff’s about to go down they’re all like staring at her what is that like they want him to date her is peeling a stinky egg on the trees I feel like this kid’s pretty smart I like her what was that like who is this girl what’s wrong with her he didn’t even see

her going on now if it is a zombie movie She’s bit and she just got on uh oh what what oh put this on there’s gonna be Carnage oh no okay well you should wake up your dad because it’s getting weird okay careful little one all good those eyes look normal oh man oh she’s effed all right if this is a zombie movie I’m wondering what kind of zombies they are like slow or fast foreign I’m worried about this little girl she’s walking around by herself oh God it’s about to get real on this train

yeah put away your stinky eggs and get ready I don’t think it’s riots okay I mean I guess they don’t know probably in in this world like I don’t know what zombies are I’m sure they don’t have the Walking Dead on TV he’s sitting up like a zombie ew oh no okay go find your dad oh yeah lock yourself in the bathroom that’s fine oh no here we go oh that was like instant I mean I guess it’s been a couple minutes how big is this train yeah man good good with it here why your

dad is he not scared I mean I guess he’s still looking first kid yep oh they’re the crazy kind of zombies oh that was right away oh my God yeah get her oh ew it’s so gross that they flip around this guy’s just still waiting for the bathroom oh no she’s pregnant oh are you nuts it looks like it let’s hook you up well you better let’s go is he not gonna go with her oh God that’s so gross the way they move around yeah move it guys oh my God the door is stuck come

on oh my God let the pregnant lady in um he doesn’t know well still you should probably try to lock it cover it cover it up yeah exactly okay so if they can’t see them then they calm the F down here yes just relax okay you guys are all on the same team here foreign ah good morning no no she did yeah look outside what is happening Jesus oh well okay they can’t get off so what they’re just stuck on this train then but there’s also on the train so gross oh they’re on helicopters foreign

because all the entire city is gonna just implode okay good they barricaded that door how many again she’s so sweet she is a weird dad I mean I guess but she’s a good person so you shouldn’t like squash that um but like probably not gonna work out came here oh she knows she’s really perceptive yeah well you both made it yeah foreign I know there’s no traffic no people where’s everyone oh God where is everyone well maybe they quarantined everyone it’s like be really quiet I I had Something’s Gonna Pop out really soon um just

be careful with your kid with you man I’d want to kind of stick close to these guys like they’re young they’re fit they got bats but I mean I guess in a zombie situation you just don’t know who’s gonna be a capable fighter and who’s not yeah the city’s been quarantined they won’t let us in I don’t think this guy’s good news I think he uh he’s looking out for number one for sure although so is the main guy so I thought they said the military was going to be here there’s not even any bodies

or anything though oh wait because duh cause all the bodies can up and start moving again right right separating from the group I feel like it’s not a good idea they all really don’t want to be quarantined yeah she’s right saw some military trucks no no that’s not a good thing stop leaving her don’t leave her we’re gonna get separated the military guys I wonder who’s gonna make it my dog’s just worried he gets worried when I get worked up yeah go back for your daughter run look out these guys are really looking out for

this kid move your eyes oh God where are they gonna go I mean this conductor should like it’s probably just gonna start it up and go because can’t wait for everybody and then what about the dad though oh no damn these zombies are gross what did I sit down all right another one close the door okay what the f where’s the Dad they’re dead they’re still in there okay so the pregnant lady is separated from her husband and now the kid separated from the dead oh my God I forgot they were still here oh no

no oh my God I will say like it makes sense that the zombies are all broken like in other zombie things they always they look fine but they fall down and they would break all kinds of stuff and then they would still be running around but it’s just so gross to see oh I want at least one of these kids to live okay those kids are dead let’s go get him get the guy oh no oh no oh no I want this guy to Live come on I was just gonna say I feel like soon

that no one’s even gonna answer them foreign foreign good job numbers yeah this guy’s kind of a better can you even kill them now God whoa he’s so strong come on guys let’s go that was just car 10. oh it’s all his friends oh no it’s just like paralyzed that would be the worst part just seeing people you know like this oh what’s happening can they not see what is this they’re just going by sound oh zombies can’t see in the dark okay together go faster something’s gonna happen foreign oh not right now fast everybody

should move way faster than this I’m gonna crawl up top they’re going so slow like they’re barely moving they’re gonna bear to the tunnel so soon you go faster please please good good oh come on at least the dad’s helping me I just like run oh I don’t have the feeling this guy is gonna sacrifice himself idiot this guy’s gonna die no no you’re not gonna open it oh my God like did you really have to do that but if they smash it then the zombies will also get through I don’t know his hand they’re

just gonna crush his arm come on oh no yeah oh my God oh my God I didn’t want this guy to die oh my God what’s she doing why is she staying why’d she do that yeah punch that guy out they don’t mean behind them do they that’s insane there’s a kid and a pregnant lady where do they think they’re gonna go foreign and this lady is so sweet and this kid is so sweet the dad seems to have grown some kind of conscience you know what’s gonna happen now is the zombies are gonna get

through and eat all these guys they’re gonna get what’s coming to them they’re locking themselves in it what was the point though there was no point she just didn’t want to fight she’s gonna let him in oh no oh lady yep and there’s literally like six of them now oh man it’s like on fire what are they gonna do I’m just gonna live on this train now for the rest of their lives she’s so little it’s her birthday I forgot oh my God worst birthday ever so much yes please stay with her the English subtitle

said ex-wife I wonder if that’s what it actually said in his phone because that’s funny if it wasn’t her name it was just ex-wife yeah being pretty cool she’s alive that could have been through enough I know I don’t think they thought this was gonna happen obviously what they’re gonna have to get off is it on the tracks something in front of them yep that’s it under the line oh those guys are so loud in this case like remarkably calm although he’s up there in the front I don’t know if he even totally knows everything

that’s going on in the back of the train I don’t know if this plan will work just be careful man just what are they gonna do they’re gonna have to walk come on oh this guy’s gonna die for sure yes look inside first close the door I don’t know I don’t I don’t like this they’re pretty stuck in there so hell no not a good idea you go ahead did he just say that that guy is the worst oh my God I hope he dies what a dick is there something behind him oh no I

see it quiet oh my God oh man seriously what now be careful be careful be careful did you guys even look around they’re gonna die they’re gonna die I don’t know I don’t like this can’t believe this guy he’s the actual bad guy she’s done well I hope she eats this guy oh man you gotta get away from her oh okay oh they’re like they’re just gonna fall down on top of them no this guy cannot survive no no leave him did he just push the oh my God this guy is gonna make it the

only guy that actually should be dead is going to make it you guys gotta go oh my God be careful are they trapped under there oh no oh no this guy’s I knew it sacrificed himself the kid and the lady better make it hello foreign can they catch this train run oh my God they’re so fast oh my God they’re not gonna make it oh my God can they catch this train thank you oh no oh my God oh my God they’re all gonna get on careful oh my God is there still like one hanging

on I don’t feel like it’s over and now what there’s no one even driving this train it’s a zombie for sure yeah yeah wait is that the guy okay good Lily’s dead is he just starting to turn push him over push more yeah well you were a dick this entire movie so you should die right now it’s done dangerous yes you are infected you gotta go it’s time to get off oh yeah yeah yeah now it’s a zombie I don’t want the dad to die okay okay come on yeah just get them off um damn

it all right well he’s done right poor baby um poor kid he loves her thank you thank you no well it doesn’t look very safe are they just gonna die at the end where can I even go I don’t know guys just walking into a dark tunnel does not seem like a good idea oh no they’re not gonna shoot them are they um how can they tell from there again please no no oh my God no no no everyone oh that was trained to Busan and I’m just like I’m a little thrown off it that

was that was a lot I was scared I cried that was a roller coaster I liked it it was good I much prefer zombie movies and things like that to slasher movies it wasn’t as gory as I would have thought for a zombie movie so that’s actually good for me still found it scary yeah I cried the dad died like it was sad the action was really good zombies themselves were pretty cool I liked how they were I mean they were gross I thought they were gross but they were cool contrast to other zombies I’ve

seen they were all crunched and broken which makes a lot of sense because if they’re throwing themselves around they’re gonna have all kinds of broken bones and so that was actually cool to see like freaking dick of a guy that almost made it to the end like that guy’s the worst thank God the pregnant lady and the kid didn’t die I wouldn’t have been it wouldn’t have been great for me to see them die thank God nothing happened to the pregnant lady’s baby I just was thinking like oh my God probably don’t let anything happen

to her stomach thank you so much for watching along with me today I really appreciate it and I will see you next time bye guys

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