Travel Review, Eat out in a Phnom Phen restaurant, and have a chat with The Hopes.

hi guys today we’re going to go out i’m
not cooking
we’re going to go to restaurant in
cambodia come there now
it’s like really hot season and have a
afternoon sometime
okay i’m going to show you how to go
that’s just with my husband hello hello
hello let’s go let’s go are you really
oh have you got the keys oh yeah the key
with me okay
all right we’ll get to the chuck chuck
and we’ll see you later hi again hi
okay so we are in a tuk-tuk this is my
lovely wife as you know jackie she’s her
birthday today so
we’re going to take her down to the
chicken rotisserie right which is a
ah absolutely beautiful place to go um
and nice and quiet but beautiful chicken
absolutely delicious so we’re going to
take a nice little journey down to
the chicken rotisserie um so what we’ll
do we want to show you the journey we’re
actually in a tuk-tuk right now so we
want to show you the journey
of uh well the cambodian way okay it
might get

a bit crazy
for you all right and then you can see
the cars that are going to crash into us
or hopefully not
get that little look see that when they
drive a look
every year
okay once we get to the end of this road
it’s manic
this is a this is a street you do not
want to drive through
it scares me every time hopefully we
don’t have much traffic
and we’ll be okay this
everybody should be
another tower they’re building chipmunk
wow it’s quite big
because cambodia is in the new
town now they tried building everything
really big
new generation buildings
see them
this is the last year market
no idea yeah
yeah they have the dorm right oh yeah
yeah yeah russian market is a very
well-known market in phenomena
mom loves it i love every market
small big i always love it
yeah yeah we were just saying i don’t
know if you can hear but where we’re
going it’s not actually where we want to
you know it’s not
and so um but where we live we have a
load of schools and it’s a
kind of more of a high class area not to
say that we’re high class of course but
quite is and quiet enough everybody has
a car
that’s not at us by the way in here the
beef fly
is normal you know when the beef is just
it’s okay well i mean i’ve seen them
crash into people and they don’t say
no they’ll let you crash and break the
mirror they leave the
mirror on the floor and just carry on
driving like that day the motorbike
he catch with the big truck
and it just came out live
doesn’t have a problem anything no this
is the beauty about that
it’s quite nice before just like they
never make a problem
it’s crazy it’s crazy but that’s the way
of life it’s uh it’s their way of life
it’s fantastic it’s their cultures
it’s a good way to be in in the uk we
would kill people
and things like that absolutely terrible
i would back in those days
so much more passive now
yeah let me get something in cambodia
it’s a canadian bank that’s here in
um i find it the most easiest bank to
ferret is an international bank cheap
customer service fantastic brilliant any
anything you need
any help you need they’re happy to help
you it doesn’t matter if your english
thai cambodia you know whatever country
comes from yeah they’re really nice
friendly amount of chance i’ve had a
problem with my pin number
don’t need it but we still use it
and i i think even in the future even if
we move countries we’re still going to
use it
uh because it’s one that we trust is
it’s the most trustworthy bank i’ve ever
had and
all right before we get run over all
right this is the chicken this is the
chicken there’s the chicken rotisserie
and it’s this is the street it’s on if i
don’t get run over
it’s you know it’s a it’s a as you can
it’s a very very very busy okay you
starving i know
all right just to give you an idea there
we go bikes people there having a good
old chat
and we’re gonna make our way into now
follow jackie here before
i trip over so we walk through
take the sunglasses off hello
just going to give you a shout look at
the menu just have a little look at the
all right they even do burgers here
we’ve never actually had a burger here
we’re going to the chicken we’re going
for the chicken there’s the chicken the
roast chicken
that’s the set we have we kind of have
the same thing every time
no water for me please we’ll appear
okay oh she can
cut every time oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
we’ll take it home
yeah yeah it’s that delicious i mean
we’ll go in and we’ll sit our normal
all right so we usually have this small
little table here this is a small little
table that we use
that’s mum’s side she always sits there
and i always see on this one which is
crazy i don’t understand
okay so uh well happy birthday to you
looking beautiful on the camera all
right i’ll stop it now
and we’ll start when the food comes okay
nice all right so we’re going to zoom
down to the chicken
all right so this is the chicken that
we’ve got so we’ve got one cut half for
me and half for
jackie but generally we only eat like
half each didn’t they yeah you know
or one half for both of us and then
we’ve got the
potatoes and everything that goes with
it and some uh
some vegetables there absolutely see
this black sauce on top
oh it is to die for it is amazing
and then you’ve got some onions and
you’ve got some peppers in there as well
um chili peppers which are really super
that i can’t eat so i always give them
to jackie and then we got some rice
because you know you can’t eat dinner
without rice
absolutely correct so uh
okay so um for this one i’m eating so
see you later
nice really good
very nice

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