Tripod Unboxing and Review

Hello everyone! yet another unboxing video
Awesome Saamonion, you my friend Are you
someone who is interested in photography?
Are you a novice photographer who loves
to take photos on your smartphone?
Then this unboxing video is for you
Wanna know more, let’s hop into the video
so come let’s unbox the package
so here it is
and again this is from Amazon
‘fragile handle with care’
let’s cut it off!
so guys today we are unboxing
pro smart aluminium portable
let’s see how it is
it’s comes.. it comes with a portable bag
so come let’s open the tripod and we’ll
see what it has got!
here comes our hero
so so the main reason for me to buy this
tripod is to
fix my smartphone with it, so
here is the mobile phone holder
so come let’s check this out. so the main
function of this aluminium
tripod is to hold your mobile phone
so you can see a screw is there, so let’s
let’s screw it
so there is a lever out here you can
tight it up
so now i have fixed
the mobile phone holder and let’s see
let’s uh let’s uh so let’s see let’s
play around and see what it can do, so..
so the neck is a tilting neck
you can uh you can fix your camera and
you can
you can adjust the position as you need
and there is a knob over here
there is a knob to..
okay let’s play with it! let’s play with
yeah here it’s getting extended, i think
this rod can extend till this and
here you go and your tripod
has got extendable legs so let’s
just push it out let’s push it out
or you can even
keep it in, so like this.. let’s see how many
leg extension it has got?
so i’m pulling the bottom leg
here you go, here we go..
so this is the first extension
and it comes to
this height.
it’s pretty cool! let us extend the leg
one more time, now the height is
pretty much higher. here you go..
let me show you, so this tripod is pretty
good. if you are a novice photographer or
if you’re a Youtuber, if you’re a budding
uh you can make use of this tripod the
neck is tilting and it has got
the adjustable legs it’s made of
it’s good!
you know i need to play around a lot
with it to know all of its functionality
uh let me do that. In the product
description of this tripod they have
uh it can take a 360 degree panorama
so as you can see uh it’s it’s it’s..
as you can see it’s swivel function
it’s turning around
to a 360 degree uh direction yes i think
you can take a panorama shot with it.
and the extendable legs are pretty
useful to give you a desired height
so it’s so if you need more height you
can even place this tripod
on a cardboard box or on a stool or
something like that to get
the desired shot. i would say uh
anyone who is interested in photography
or if you are a newbie in photography
uh it’s always a better uh it’s it’s
always a better option to have a tripod
with you.
Before getting into the review and how
the product work I’d say a better
reason to have a tripod
when you see if it is a Birthday party
or if it’s my
parents Wedding anniversary, usually I
used to take
photos for them so most of the times
I won’t be there in the photos or in the
video, so if you have a tripod
if you have set a frame no one will be
missed in the family celebration
so at least for that reason, everyone
should buy a tripod. i have played around
with it for some time, so you need to
tighten this knob here to make your
camera holder
here we go.. so I have
set up the smartphone to it.
so i placed the mobile here and my
tripod is fixed
so i can take photos or videos
without much shake. so
so i have set up the tripod to its
minimum height now
I already shown you guys it can be
extended, the legs are extended, the neck
is extended
uh but the best thing i would say about
this tripod here this is a handy
tilt motion
you can adjust the camera you can even
take photograph of the skies or
something you can you can
adjust the camera so this has a handy
tilt motion as you can see
so the best thing about this tripod I
would say is, this knob
i just loosened it up so you can even
take a portrait picture
by making your camera fit like this
here we go, so as of now the camera is in
upside down. i’m taking off the camera
and fixing it in
the portrait view
so you can see so you need to make the
arrangements correct.
you need to ti.. tighten some knobs
and you you need to loosen some knobs
and you need to play around with
this tilt motion
so i think it’s it’s good for its price
so one thing we need to understand here
is that uh a products quality
rely on the price we pay
so I just bought this tripod for rupees
490 on Amazon
but when you see its price today
it’s almost uh but right now
on 12th of june uh if you check the same
products price on amazon it’s uh
729 plus 60 rupees delivery
not not 60 rupees 70 rupees delivery
um so what I would suggest if you are
doing an online shopping
so if you like a product add it to your
wish list
and if it is not urgent you can keep it
in your wish list and
track the product for some time so
amazon will give you a suggestion if the
product price is
reduced to some extent it will show the
it has got reduced from the time you
added the product
so amazon usually uh shows you
when the product price is dropped, so if
you feel
if that’s the right price for the
product you can buy it.
so I would say uh this tripod is worth
for rupees 500
but if you are paying uh 729 plus 70
almost 800 uh.. if you’re going to buy
this for 800 it’s still
worth but I prefer you can buy it for
so that will cover most of your
photography needs if you are a newbie or
a starter
but if you are a professional or who
looking for a better tripod
this is not the one for you but if you
are a newbie you will really like this
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Awesome take care tata bubye!

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