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do you have anything to add before we start n man I’m just I’m excited to get Dred with you oh I understood that you and you and you oh if we get DRZ we might not survive but let’s get into it oh my God the effects already oh my goodness how did they achieve this that is very cool I do like that that is very very cool yes I like that a lot actually yeah I’m loving the S here we go Frontier I tried to picture clusters of information computer what did they look like ships

motorcycles were the circuit’s like freeways I kept dreaming of the world I thought I’d never see an information Super Highway one day you got in it’s the Matrix I was just thinking that yes this is this is V cool so far and like 40 seconds in see he was getting ready to direct Top Gun he’s pretending like he’s in an F-16 right now Joseph kazinski I want to watch this in the sore and over California screen 1989 I like how we 80s best ever decade of all time and and I like how we referenced Honey

I Shrunk the Kids in the first movie even though this came out before which that came out in ‘ 89 I met a brave Warrior Tron Tron I want to get that action figure sure does oh man told me things the poster of movie it’s m disc battles fought in spectacular Arenas and cycles that erased on ribbons of light and together you built a grid we built a new grid sure for programs and users it’s called The Oasis I created a program in my own image that could think like you and me and I called

him clue chat GP clue and clue Tron and I we we built a system where all information was free and open oh that that is a digital Bridges and then one day something happened oh a miracle was a bad Miracle what was it that’ll have the way till next time you’re the miracle I want to go with you Dad one day you will is that a promise or a threat not to get on a negative note but the daging is not cut up yet there’s daging no can we play doubles on the same team wowe

that is a hero shot boy that is a ful e CG Jeff Bridges just a little bit which it’s surprising the amount of the time they do replace like full head but this is 2010 for what they’re using it for here it’s still early on so it’s weird it’s like it’s not bad but also it’s encom CEO and video game Icon Kevin Flynn has disappeared where did he go best known for Designing Trum and space paranoids the two bestelling video gam space paranoids boy things changed in 1985 with the untimely death of Flynn’s wife oh

is that Cindy Morgan or a different character and comp board members have been troubled by the reports of Flynn’s erratic even obsessive Behavior with Flynn missing the company is now in Tony Stark take over the company yes encom’s board moved to seize control from Flynn’s partner Alan Bradley Alan oh Alan Bradley maintains his belief that Flynn is not missing and is instead pursuing his dream of quote a digital Frontier to reshape The Human Condition Westworld yeah love that Allan knows exactly where he is in there is our f in there is our destiny wo in

there is a box of scraps yes Kevin Flynn may have simply run away oh no run away to the digital world yeah perhaps no one I think I just saw that actor in Smallville I could be wrong Grandpa yeah season seven of Smallville who what will be his dad was very important to him what makes you say that I’m just guessing come oh and he’s been running ever since can’t get any more emotional attachments since that happened it’s a rebel interesting it’s interesting the way they’re shooting these scenes and like the frame rate and the

color because like when we’re out in the world you feel like it’s I mean this is more subjective but it feels almost like a surveillance camera or something that’s a great shot yeah oh man it’s like a light cycle race well this will serve him well later on when he gets into the digital world oo damn dude that cop got cooked like where we go oh big brother over here got some product placement Starbucks ducatti pretty sure that’s what Trinity was on in Matrix Reloaded a Ducati Trinity help oh yeah that door I remember that

it’s the door from the first movie that’s right that’s right right sir sure we’re going to get plenty of callbacks oh that’s the same date that Marty went to on the flux capacitor of the delore Back to the Future now that is a big door it is a big door now that is a big door tonight I am pleased to announce that encom’s last fiscal year was our most profitable ever ever forever ever wow does that really work let’s find out Andrew get me a green laser let let’s try it on the cameras here tonight

the 12th version of our Flagship operating system will hit the shelves around the world gen genisis Genesis I understood that reference a man whose father own uh notable history with encom helped make this company what it is today yeah Edward Dillinger oh course damn Killian Murphy that is Killian Murphy what I had no idea he was in this movie oh my God I love I had no idea he was David Warner’s son encom stock will now trade around the world 247 yes that’s good I assume no not the blue laser the Blu-ray he’s in the

physical media Department given the prices that we charge to students schools what sort of improvements have been made in Flynn I mean um income os2 and this year we put a 12 on the box you evil corporate bastard the idea of sharing our software or giving it away for free disappeared with Kevin Flynn this is totally a role I could see kilan Murphy doing now yeah hey but it’s nice that Allen has come full circle like with appreciating Flynn or Kevin sure I mean cuz he did not care for him much in the first film

come on come on yeah you can’t hoard information gang I think I’ve seen this guy in Scary Movie in Halloween resurrection whoa okay ah you snooze you lose I would like you to meet our next Blockbuster encom os2 whoa good job Sam ma that is what it will be used for he uploaded a virus you don’t appreciate my dad this is what you get their headquarters where’s chairman Richard I can’t tell is that Jeffrey Dean what we’re about to go live on TV does anyone know where the master f is I do it’s on the

web oh no he pulling Natasha Romanov hey gave information to the people he’s digital Robin Hood just just shut it down kill relax it’s under control our most valuable and most secure operating system is out there for free say it was all part of the plan it’s all part of the plan was that a reference I’ll leave it up to you to decide there’s nothing like a good top of a building establishing shot he’s getting his Batman on oh damn I didn’t even notice that until you said that Jesus income City damn he really lives

on the edge I’m a Dy on the edge Hey Dad how you doing I’m good where you going to run to now he’s got a parachute this guy he’s really taking a risk for a security job your boss works for the CEO and the CEO works for the shareholders now do you know who the biggest shareholder is yeah I don’t know some kid you’re Mr Flyn yeah why this is your father’s company not anymore not anymore called it hey K whoa nice he did like damn he pulled that up late that must be the greatest

parachute ever assembled it’s extremely late oh yeah yeah oh he really did that yes dude hit the brakes I see it the brakes nice nice Hood slide nice jumps parkour you outan the bike what’s what’s a helicopter look at this man rebellious he wanted me to arrest him he wanted me to lock him up in the MC go oh but he can always pay his way out yeah wait does he get towed often n he just knows all the guards he’s out here getting arrested every day Dumont shipping that’s a pretty cool little pad Yeah

Boy enjoy Mar that was his dog Marv where’s Harry how you been Sam oh you know when I was 12 I really appreciated the sakate father thing but come on Allan I got all under control now oh clearly clearly did you write Co wrote this movie spoilers heard you did a triple axle off of her a few hours ago rough Landing huh I’m not a figure skater I also thought your message to the board was very clever that Mar’s idea he produces all of Matthew Von’s movies are we really going to do this again do

I really look like I’m ready to run a Fortune 500 company the ducatti logo just right over her shoulder got to have it right in frame see that way they can just keep doing whatever they want you know I guess what I find Curious is the crazy charity the annual prank on the company the Halloween Heist you have an interesting way of being disinterested s why are you here Alan a pager hell yeah Allan Alan’s a doctor paig came from your dad’s office at the arcade what the arcade at the arcade that number has been

disconnected for 20 years oh two nights before he disappeared he came to my house the CGI figure of him he said he was about to change everything science medicine religion he wouldn’t have left that Sam unless he got sucked back in he wouldn’t have left you he wouldn’t have left you oh we both wrot this good good work Andrew and clue and trono he’s either dead or chilling in Coaster probably both I’m tired I smell like jail I just like the idea that his dad is both dead and chilling cuz it’s it works the the

keys to the arcade oh I haven’t gone over there yet I thought you should be the one Allan you’re acting like I’m going to find him sitting at work you might hey kiddo lost track of time he’s going to say that be something that be something oh my God Andrew I remember that from that I remember from the trailer all right all right all right I’ve seen the trailer many I was like what’s going on the da Punk that that the da punk in the trailer that was so good nice dissolve there damn it still

looks the same uh minus the bars hold minus the dilapidation of course yes wow they really are doing a lot with this like brown gray drab palette oh let’s go what game you playing first Twilight Zone pinball baby Fix It Felix junor first space paranoids of course all right he used to live there yep damn dude the most epic song of the 80s I don’t remember but this song was probably in the first movie oh yeah is it like a secret door do you open it with your blood oh the game’s been renamed uh-oh uh-oh

they really shot this a California Adventure no the worst well at least they didn’t eat it uh oh you can tell something’s been you got to move it actually true it’s just disappo I’m not mad I’m just disappointed Secret Door separate ways that’s a medium door dream down stairs to another needle drop this am I to disagree got to do it another Jeff Jeff Bri course everybody’s looking for something and you found my keys I’m interested to see how I warm up to this guy across the movie they’ve given him a fun intro which I

wasn’t expecting he’s not as brooding as I thought he would be so I’m optimistic it’s up to you Garrett Headland I think that’s your I think the only thing I’ve seen him in is Troy oh yeah believe he’s Achilles cousin oo nice it’s old school yeah well done it’s a great trick if you want to make sci-fi stuff look even better and more lived in just cake some dirt on it put a bird on it try the back door feel like you should always just try the back door first in these situations uh uh oh

you’re about to get shrunk a digal yeah the laser aperture he just immediately knows to activate the laser oh oh they did that digital effect again yes oh I love it damn I did not expect to to to be here this fast yeah cuz what was it like about 25 minutes or so in the first film right that we took to get in woe Tron Runner 209 whenever I don’t remember the year whatever this was made Oh Be Me Up Scotty wow wow they are fully rendered give us the effects of the first film oh

man this is happening this is happening LCD sound system oh oh and I’m loving the soundtrack so much already we got a graphics upgrade this program has no disc another spread this program has no disc I’ll wait till you guys get to the solid state Future No illegals here Jesus that’s amazing he actually did it I’m on the grid damn so he just knew he just knew exactly what to do that one story he told me as a child gave me enough insight to lead me to this moment does the name Kevin Flynn mean anything

to you quiet you want to live whoa damn jiggalo Joe what’s his problem whoa all right we need another actor from Bill and Ted in this yeah right where’s uh what’s his name aliong the guy plays gangas con get him in here want to twe the update on these ships so good yeah this reminds me yeah well no this this this is make like making me flash back to old episodes like Johnny Quest on tunami and like how cool I thought all that CG stuff was yeah Rectify whoa buy me a drink first games games

Rectify look I know you probably get the slot but there’s been a big mistake games oh yeah who you’re a gladiator now son Erase Me erase me oh my God you turn into pixels or coins is this haunted room actually stretching oh there is a welcoming burlesque number what like the way they walk is happening wowe oh my what on Earth whoa that’s so cool so his clothes are still technically like real sort of he’s different oh he’s the special this can’t be good I hope I live to see the day where like going to

laser tag is like this oh that’d be awesome attention program you will receive an identity dis identity disc everything you do all load oh that’s uh what’s her name serenda Swan pure Reacher you will be subject to immediate D resolution oh and a really cool music queue wowe Mar complete dis activated synchronized proceed to gam you’re in The Hunger Games now boy Fight for Your Life May the odds be ever in your flavor what am I supposed to do survive survive hey hey well done well done was this written by an artificial intelligence wow cool

I I want some death punk I like how all the people working here have like their own little docking station go back and charge up oh and he’s got those little archery gloves W yeah let’s go command prepare for dis Wars disc Wars damn the server has been upgraded if you open up the top of your computer or the back of it this is what’s going on inside I can’t believe they got David Warner back I wish they would cut to like a live you know digital orchestra playing all this that’s the only extra flourish

I desire combat he like good for you I’m going to I’m going to delete you now yeah that’s one Fierce action figure you definitely didn’t do talk to NECA about that whoa DZ and all those pixels just go back into the cosmic Reservoir yeah buddy use all your bruting skills yeah use all that Ultimate Frisbee block it oh oh damn I like is yes I like the hexagons of the shape of the future it’s like what difficulty level am I playing on whoa damn whoa I won let me out not how I won the squid

game no unusual activity on the grid security sweeps and patrols are being intensified Rectify our on schedule where initiative should be fully operational within 12 Cycles hey perhaps if you were to include me in this initiative I could be of even greater service all right careful boy don’t push it buddy ini W let’s go I’m out oh oh oh Jesus 113 vict he oh look out now did you leave your disc though or did you get it back all right he got it back resolution what is that program well we know he’s good at escaping

and jumping places where’s your parachute he ain’t no program ini damn comat three versus rler look at those lights you got to be kidding me uhoh so he’s like controlling him whoa he’s Darth Maul oh crap you weren’t lying he really is yeah and he’s calming himself in the process you know this guy also break dances oh nice was that a triple axle this dude also figure skates as well let’s turn back time come on uhoh is the thing going to flip yeah there’s good visual suggestion in in this oh cool shot I love it

upside down or disc to dis interesting I wonder if they shot the wow I wonder if they shot that right side up and then just flipped it or if they like really composed for upside down right in the camera boy uh-oh spider blood Spider-Man blood drop user oh what we got he’s not supposed to bleed this guy over here this Hench looks real familiar I’m not a program I’m I ain’t a part of your system I’m an adult my name is Sam Flynn he said the Flynn word the the only that matters in this universe

bring to me did that sound like Jeff that sounded a little Jeff where am I am I on the grid you’re in a really cool BDSM Club who are you oh yeah that is good CGI look at you man look at the size of you it is it is CGI I got your message oh so it’s just you yeah just you uhoh oh Lots happened Sam more than you can imagine this let’s have a look it’s obviously way more updated but at least this scene does have some of that sort of previous movie charm of

how like the lining pops on all the suits and stuff oh yeah totally got it I know Kung Fu you were trapped in here that’s right I’ve been trapped in here and you’re in charge all right again you’re two for two shall we go for a third so can we just go home now can we play catch Dad please not in the cards not for you that’s a hell way to treat your son oh that oh that I’m not your father Sam yeah Clues good Rogue hand clue and clue how could you oh yeah we

saw he got dered in the first one right something’s up where is he what you do to him same thing I’m going to do to you confuser I’m going to deage you to a CGI monstrosity he said the U word see this is cool this feels like like a tao drumming ceremony but with like really bit crushed audio your rumors are true we do indeed a user our a user user what does this user deserve might I suggest perhaps the challenge of the grid want to see the motorcycle rides oh yes indeed programs your Liberator

your luminary oh no R the same guy he just F played the one who vanquished the tyranny of the user many CES before I’ve been waiting a long time oh clue clue excellent words sir you words real good execution oh it’s magn seem quite energized my man is just always trying for that promotion respect your hustle what do I do with this lightsaber battle I’ll give you a hint it’s upside down that you’re going to Play Boggle grid is live initiate light cycle battle uh-oh uhoh light cycle oh damn here we go nice nice oh

their buts are faster than ours use the levels use the levels you don’t know he is a motorcyclist yeah he’s got a du now this I can do yes yes death P let’s go cut to them in the pyramid you cowards hey popping a wheelie like a cool guy oh man this is so good is there like an actual video game tie in I I feel like I would hear more about it who it’s cool the way they’re animating the updated light streams too this like translucent glass-like quality w wow let’s go show your skills

oh wow smacked him no God the updated version of the game game has so many more axes for you to maneuver on yeah they were so limited what they could do in the previous film even the sound design let’s go wowe and it’s good cuz the orange ones still look like they’re blowing up oh no oh no oh no whoa we got to work together it’s the only way dude I love the colors in this I’m going this way on your left boom boom oh now that’s what I’m talking about another customer let’s go another

customer yes wow not bad very cool very cool is that Sam’s if clue doesn’t beat you there uh-oh oh come on what yeah no poor guy yeah I was going to say it’s the hand still on it this is it come on let’s play chicken oh wao nice POV oh well he still has the other one yeah that’s true but will it work it well because he hasn’t bonded with it oh boy oh boy wa woo oh you L you got lucky dude on the the the Tron Mobile in loser I like it we got

the Tron mobile yeah woo nice cockpit shot release rler game on old friend wow do a barrel roll hang on do you think rler is Killian Murphy I don’t know oh would he be maybe that’d be my guess I that was the word the first time and it’s coming back again wow wow whoa damn it y’all got extra bonus lives and stuff yeah hold up man you can’t make that nah you’re a master builder I can make it you can go off the grid nice made it H LOLs Olivia what hey oh wow you’re hot

don’t worry darling they’re turning around not by choice their vehicles aren’t designed to go off grid they’ll malfunction on this terrain yeah they’ll glitch dude it’s an open world Tron now that that’s cool too this looks like just fractured pieces of obsidian now we’re in the Mad Max side of Tron just roving gangs of people shanking each other for RAM chips that that’s bait graphics cards wow really is the back cave it is or the Tron cave who could it be are you an effective team it’s the architect yeah I dreamed of Tron first time

in years do robots dream of electric Tron I’m afraid Something’s Happened something has happened we have a guest Jesus has arrived long time you have no idea that’s a Jeff Bridges I wonder how uh again how time works there you’re here my boy you’re big you’re old old yes Alan came over you got your page I found under the arcade this is really touching Flynn shared them with me I’ve read them all Light reading what else is there to do there where did they get these books in this world Flynn is teaching me about the

art of the selfless about removing oneself from the equation but between you and me Jules ver is my favorite and Doc EMT Browns hey look out I’m sure you must have a few questions that your own Sam Actually just one why I never came home yeah those nights when I went to the office I’m sure you figured it out by now was coming here you’re an addict uniform into digital space heavy stuff it is heavy doc but I also had you I had encom I couldn’t be in here all the time I needed Partners to

help wow Tron and clue that’s right here’s the backstory Tron was created by alen for the old system I I brought him here to protect this one clue was my creation and the TR C this is a mid movie cut scene is what this is oh we were jamming man building Utopia hours in here were just minutes back on okay jamming man there we go that’s the answer just when I thought it couldn’t get any more profound something unexpected happen the miracle oh boy isos isomorphic algorithms yes of course you created them no no like

a flame they weren’t really really from anywhere the conditions were right and they came into being oh like the big bang like us I found them in here like flowers in a wasteland wow that’s poetic profoundly naive they throw this filter on here to improve improve the effects they were spectacular everything I’d hope to find in the system that’s a cool detail that is really cool the possibilities of their root code their digital DNA disease history sure every idea man has ever had about the universe up for grabs you could just patch anything and everything

man digital Jazz man they going to be my gift to the world so what happen clue clue which clue Clues agent Smith he became self-aware yeah turned into into Sky am I still to create the perfect system yeah yeah was a oh my God what if he said no wow oh boy oh yin and yang light and dark he’s got the double things like the other one he’s a great Jedi the one you call Darth Maul what rener rinsler yeah rinsler damn ah Jesus Tron he fought for me sure it was impressive really and my

Miracle PL saw the isos as an imperfection of course so he destroyed them damn it he has no appreciation for wabisabi I tried to get back but I I couldn’t get to the portal it uses massive power and it can’t stay open forever and like a safe it can only be open from the outside sure it closed on me Sam that’s why I never came home so you’re not a dead beat father yeah okay good to know I just couldn’t get there it activated when I came in so it’s open now not for long so

they only have a limited time yep the moment Flynn is on the grid clue will stop at nothing to obtain his disc my disc is everything Sam it’s the master key the golden ticket the way out is my disc in a box so he’s Charlie Bucket no that’s that’s ready player one man ah so what do we do nothing it’s amazing how productive doing nothing can be clue is planning something we’ve known that for a while he’s on the tow of Pooh right here we sit tight clue might be brought down from the inside the

Portal’s closed and we can’t just sit around we have to move now this definitely add Stakes with the time frame can she be trusted Alan got your page I didn’t send any page uh is it clue it was clue clue sent that page that’s why you’re here this is all his design he wanted a new piece on the board to change the game and he perfected pager technology this is precisely what he want once us together heading for the portal it’s his game now the only way to win is not to play also if you

noticed they cut away the board from Tron being dered like we didn’t actually see it happen or he could have built more I mean he’s got like a bunch of himself I guess how can he be so afraid of his own creation I mean he built clue why doesn’t he just end them he could but it would require reintegration yeah all right Clint would never survive the event it would mean the end of them both if he refus to save himself then I will I’m going to knock him out and carry him out if I

have to I’m going through the portal who wants Flynn’s this not mine I find out we’re going to figure this thing out from the other side but I can’t do anything unless I get to the portal my guts tell me that you don’t want to be stuck in this place forey either you want to be a real boy I see them being friends in the real world too to hell with you women am I right there’s someone I once knew program named Zeus who fought alongside the isos they say he can get anyone anywhere oh

yeah how do I find him he finds you this is his sector make it there alive and he’ll find you yeah buddy damn oh no he wanted to read him a story he took the bike oh my God and it’s got the coolest face facial light spill readout uhoh Luke over here with the blue milk hey man it’s your lucky day hey man get in loser we’re breaking out oh traded him he got his Jedi robe on you remember me yeah uh-oh you gave me some advice and you found it survive it’s unfortunate we met

the way we did I was at work centuries downtown have recovered Flynn’s light cycle we’ve traced it to its point of origin oh no you’ve got the promotion finally prepare the Light Runner cor it’s time we’re going downtown we’re going out does she have to install those lashes or is that just part of the program how many software updates does this system require what about the firmware does it ever just buffer you don’t need to go I’ve sent him to someone we can trust corl there is no choice I won’t lose him again a he’s

still a father at heart first good news ooh disorder oh this music is so good why can I get one of these suits man seriously Halloween we got to wear one of these hey there they are there’re the Robot Boys da Punk cam yo shouts out to Tony Gardner on those helmets I wonder if they actually showed up or if it’s just two dudes in the what if you want to speak to Zeus you’re going to have to go through him where’s your sense of humor my friend programs are disappearing what is that Michael Michael

Sheen of course you can do these things and Grant me an audience wow what a scar intoxicating my dear Bic but Zeus’s time is precious The Thin White Duke over here Jesus full Bowie but have a drink courtesy of the end of lion club it is happening oh the prophecy the son of Flynn of all the innumerable possibilities he has to walk into mine libations for everybody on the house I’m cter your host o provider of any and all entertainments and diversions cter Troy I understood that reference that’s not my Keana Reeves by the way

way I’m looking for zoos where can I find him this pretty Miss is a conversation best had behind closed doors perhaps we should retire to my private Lou where are we in the like Michael Sheen typ casting cycle change the scheme all to the move Electrify the boys and girls if you’d be so kind yes yeah I like their Tron era suits as well Jen my name is Jen you are are a gem and you are a gem a don’t cut away from the tunes they dro the beat that’s a good that’s a pretty good

looking shot and then we got this one hey can’t have too many the animators rendered this in a cave with a with a box of scrub the box of old PS3s it’s still warm depromoted dude what are you doing yeah I guess we’re about to say whoa you are clu I am clue you will create the perfect system I will create the perfect system peace in our time oh boy together we’re going to change the world now yeah man yeah I need to get to the portal well it’s closing quickly as I’m sure you’re aware

you’ll have to wait for Portal 2 and it’s quite the journey beyond the far reaches of the outlands of the Borderlands can you help me of course but first as a man man who prides himself on staying well informed I must ask who sent you my way oh her name’s Kora said she met you a long time ago indeed she did she dumped me I Googled something and she had an answer it was a different time but we’re not here to relive the past let’s see about your future shall we now we’ll have to uh

change your attire and you’ll need a forge disc not easy these days by the way and of course you’ll need transport to cross the sea of simulation turn on the VPN this is going to be quite the ride thought he was going to say this is going to be cool oh I got just a song for this really do have a lightsabers oh res resistance the game has changed son of fln oh you knew it you backstabber yeah quo Coro let’s go woo ah oh met your friend he’s fantastic behold the son of Amer jeez

he’s so he’s really chewing up the scenery yeah wow of course oh you’re not being very excellent to these guys sir oh nice no jeez how long do they have him up their recording bits oh dad Papa H the maker yeah God has returned oh man I love when he says man let’s split man I do appreciate that they kept his Vibe intact everyone’s praying no oh no got the disc the disc this looks like the making of a roller coaster ride wow I’ll take that thank you little Charlie Chaplain this movie has a little

bit more wildness in it than I would have expected I expected this to only go for like sleek and cool brooding modern but it’s like actually having a bit of fun it’s nice having the maker with you I can go back no we stay together dad I can do this you’ve done enough already yeah boy I miss yelling at you for the last 20 years we do it your way full on Sprint to the portal if we beat clue there we have a chance something tells me Clue’s going to be waiting at the portal cuz

he looked directly at the portal is she going to make it I don’t know I got to identify the damage code the sequencing is just enormously complex use your Zen yeah but didn’t you write it some of it the rest of it is just beyond me hey she’s an ISO oh of course she want the last ISO oh no she’s the chosen all this time just she’s the one protecting her she’s the Miracle Man a digital Frontier to reshape The Human Condition all right she’s got to get up the portal a digital Frontier to reshape

The Human Condition check that out you got to replace it with something though cool not bad very cool ice caps are melting war in the Middle East Lakers Celtics back at it some things never change that was actually that year to 2010 and 2008 WiFi what’s wifi why to Lincoln yeah I thought of that in 85 yeah you did and I was this close mom and dad I assume that uh yeah oh man they did join a ARP should have seen this place back then couldn’t wait to show it to you must have been something

before clue screwed it up no no he he’s me I screwed it up chasing after Perfection chasing after what was right in front of me a I’d have given it all up for one more time day with you now you don’t have to give her this the old man’s going to knock on the sky listen to the sound got to get my zen on how long have you been searching for this about thousand Cycles oh I would not threaten him the master key to any and all riddles of the great great okay okay that’s let’s

calm it down a little bit I’ve heard the chatter about this private initiative little glass umbrella give me the drink I’ll throw you the idol what did he do to the drink oh Jesus End of Line man no we had a deal oh he might be all right we didn’t see it that’s right clue has the disc once I get out I can shut him down everybody’s looking for the golden yeah Golden Disc it was during The Purge clue was relentless The Black Guard were executing isos in the streets everyone I knew disappeared she’s got

a tragic backstory then they came for me so I ran a sympathetic program smuggled me out of the city but soon they had me surrounded oh boy just as everything was going dark I felt a hand on my shoulder said what’s up man and when I opened my eyes I was in a fuzzy bathroom was the creator Your Father Who Art in Heaven I guess you could say I’m a rescue like Marv oh my God the parallels you’re Marv also hell of a view it used to let us know that Flynn was here it became

the symbol of something bigger the Messiah I’ve never been the close before it’s how I imagine a sunrise to be trust me there’s no comparison first sunrise in The Matrix what’s it like the Sun never had to describe it before pretty sunny sunlike and it gets everywhere yes beautiful are we still talking about the sun you’re like the sun they did a good job of making the visuals in this movie also be a character oh oh Sam I like that he’s excited for their little meat cute right here this isn’t supposed to be here a

new course what what is this fluk can’t create programs he can only destroy or repurpose whoa farious Deeds damn damn yes goodbye what no oh no take him down wowe superhero Landing nice sound effects oh no please don’t jeez who of course it had to be of course it had to be it’s his legacy we can’t just let her go no Sam there’s another way there’s no other way okay at least you didn’t der no other way you are a very rare bird aren’t you ISO must have been so lonely out there tragic to be

the only one so patronizing I’ve seen what users are capable of clue you don’t belong with them yeah you’re not a real master builder I have something very special in mind for you take her upstairs put her in the Iron Maiden we have achieved a great many things L complex system we have rid it of its imperfection rid of the false deity who sought to enslave us oh my fellow programs let there be no doubt that our world is a cage no more the key to the next Frontier is finally in our possession oh yeah

activate the laser and unlike our selfish Creator who reserve the privilege of our world only for himself I will make their World open and available to all of us damn dude why don’t you just make your own world great going colonize our world is he going to technor the world into the real world Dad we have to get your disc no we got to get to the portal you shut them down from the outside even if I make it out you won’t last in here cor won’t last be all right come on you let it

go I’m not going home without you not going to lose you again meet me on the flight deck and five and get her some wheels wheels what’s your plan I’m a user I’ll improvise yes I hope this leads to one of those scenes where he has to act so irrationally that they could never predict his choices do a bunch of silly I’m a user oh yeah I’m not a program I love the Expressions on this guy identify yourself I’m taking this vehicle you are not authorized right away sir these are not the droids you’re looking

for I I wish you could just do that to everybody and just be like Bonk do what I say Bonk master key disengaged got the big Zoom I came with a girl a program where is she I love how this guy’s such an opportunist go owie Tron damn it Tron ooh use the other disc oo come on Captain Boomerang wo oh dropping him what are you doing here we got to get to the flight deck but clue will be here any minute we’ll never make it come on I’m getting a clue radical man radical the

base jump came back and he opened the shoot way earlier way earlier that was really at the last second the first time made it yes we did you got this it’s all in the wrist hell yeah flick of the wrist yeah you saw that coming go team whoa not bad that is sick that would have been a little tough to pull off an 82 I would have liked to have seen their attempt oh I I would have loved to have seen it too here they come Sam take the turret a you got this Bud remember

don’t get cocky oh man I’m all over this truly your Father’s son that’s a cool touch with the jet stream light bars we got to split him up do a barroll nice classic come on dude I love the water pixels got to get behind them I want to be in a life and death situation but still feel good enough to go woo wowe if ever a movie was made to sell TVs yes you’re trying too high and so are we oh no wow oh damn you become so strong Fox oh damn you got to go

out there and fix it Tron what have you become he used to fight for this place for Freedom remember remember Tron take a shot my name is not rensler he’s emotionally conflicting did damn tronald tronald do a Barr roll do a Barr roll yeah Pepe is shedding a tear a single tear joy and wisdom I fight for the users yeah my man oh yes you do Tron he had no clue it was coming I see what you did there oh oh no is he going to learn Sam’s freef falling trick oh damn what a way

to wake up damn it damn it damn it dude ah oh of of course that is very cool oh there is actual water in there too oh no yeah oh it’s all in the wrs and and a great plunge How Far We’ve Come course you called it he said he was going to be there although he he made it by like the skin of his teeth the Cycles haven’t been time have they oh you don’t look so bad besides the CGI face I did everything I know you did I executed the plan as you saw

it you promised that we would change the world together I’m getting a Han Solo Ben solo Vibe I created the perfect system the thing about perfection is that it’s unknowable bars it’s impossible but it’s also right in front of us all the time it’s a matter of perspective I’m sorry what are we doing here flick at the wrist yeah damn it oh oh kick him in the program balls go we need a Tron rescue right now yeah whoa hey that’s pretty cool that that’s sweet that is really cool actually he remember what you came for

if he destroys boy can he be alive if he destroys uh Flynn I mean I guess he’s his own little program yeah I guess so instead you did all this for him ah you’ve been tricked sir uh-oh oh go no dude you can always come back and get him yeah they’ve got your disc Sam it’s time no it’s what he wants let him die with his creation take her a Sophie’s choice right now damn to have found father only to have lost him again no oh nice like the poster the poster out through the land

cable damn this dude does not give up oh damn oh boy oh okay whoa wowe what on Earth oh what what does the merge mean oh that’s a nice that’s a nice rack Focus out yes slash dissolve very nice transition oh that was an emotional transition emotional transfer complete and none of this actually happened it was just the gameplay of the game that he played and he’s just been here playing a video game for the past two hours did qu come out with him or is she in that well he had her disc back there

or I guess is she which one of them is in the little chip right now you page me need you at enom at 8: a.m. who are you what if you don’t want Sam Flynn you’re chairman now I’m taking the company back alen my man and I’m going to make a lot of money oh and you were right about what everything about everything oh hey my man my man just guessing these button lines Vindicated after so many years what’s next Sam she’s in a party hey I guess we’re supposed to change the world this world

come on I want to show you something Marv got to introduce her to Marv now and real world physics yeah got to show her what a Cricut cheeseburger tastes like that’s right I love how fascinated she is by the the real world away from the digital world yeah it’s like part of me I could see like her as like the main character in an Alita battle angelesque sort of Tron movie happening like alongside this one almost this is the nicest the real world has looked thus far this is the most saturated and color yes yes

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out of the way usually so accurate in your observations I know um just gonna get that out of the way really quick oh was that the director the first one I think so uh anyways the producer um I mean not the greatest CGI but again they were still at the early stages so I kind of just I still kind of view it as like you know as groundbreaking as the first film was and like you know it’s dated but it’s still like a charm a Charming thing of the first film that I love and yes

when you watch it now Miranda when you watch it now like the CGI it is very distracting and it’s definitely dated but again they were still at the very early stages so it is what it is um it’s weird it’s a thing where it’s like if the first movie hadn’t been in a position where it had to have just all the actual actors on screen da Punk of course stars stars of the movie da Punk and Sarah Hy fin cast this damn not bad um but yeah like the original movie having to have all the

actors just on screen with effects all around them weirdly I think works against this because if you didn’t have that precedent and you watch this I feel like it is well it it it’s two things it’s yeah it’s like it makes sense for him to look a bit CG in an all computer world but the problem is that everybody around them is like a photo real human being for the most part so likeing yeah it’s weird it’s like I wouldn’t have a problem with it as a Dage in context if that other detail wasn’t the

case it’s like I could easily forgive this for not looking you know like it would have been interesting to watch this the year it came out because I bet the year it came out there would probably be just a different the levels on the conversation of like it doesn’t look 100% real but like man how far this technology has come like was probably a little bit more like outwardly impressive initially yeah um but even still it was like watching it yeah it’s like it is one of the more distracting elements of the movie It’s but

the was that one shot when he came up though that actually did look pretty good yeah overall oh that one guy’s name was Jarvis look at that ah okay we’re not the only one who make Marvel references oh and Steven lisberger was in it oh and oh the uh the director the first one and by the way if you are listening to this on Spotify or apple or you’re listening in the digital world if you don’t mind giving us a rating we would very much appreciate it absolutely having said that um the rest of the

the visual effects um not as good as the 1982 film um but very very I love again I love the world um just it’s so cool and also like the the battles and the gaming and the the psych uh you know the bike cycling and also with the the jet cycling too A lot of the updates that they’ve done um and the suits and everything I mean it’s just so well updated and again obviously at this time in 2010 we’re so used to seeing C GI and visual effects we’re at a point now in time

where it’s not as groundbreaking but still having come from 1982 to this point in time I just thought they really updated everything in a very beautiful way yeah like part of the fun of Tron of the first Tron and certainly this one is just yeah getting to spend time in the world and all the little details and everything and and yeah this was continuing that tradition and flourishing that in a nice way and it split the difference in terms of tone because one thing that hit me whilst watching this and and certainly it was apparent

when we watched the first one was like this is very I kept thinking about Dune while I was watching this and being like this as a franchise if you want to you know go because now we’re getting a third one and all that stuff like you know you could do some interesting stuff in that you have this world that really lends itself to Big CGI spectacle but again the charm to me of the first movie and why I was pleasantly surprised by maybe less everybody when kind of talking about the first Tron is always like

oh yeah you like groundbreaking for the effects but like the story is a little boring boring uh and I didn’t have that experience but I can definitely see how you would or could and and I feel like this movie kind of splits the difference in that it is definitely more geared toward the modern sensibility of action Blockbusters and whatnot and especially in the First Act I was you know a little on the fence about like okay how are we how is uh the pace of this movie going to feel because like early on it felt

a little quick how you know uh Sam Flynn is is you know out here doing his thing and then you know he just that one day breaks into the the encom you know lab and and just immediately activates laser and goes in and then he’s immediately like thrust into the games and like and and yeah like there’s a little less of that air and breathing space to just like feel like you are in the world or like the thing is like because the first movie is a little less populated by so many things uh there’s

like you buy the space between set pieces and stuff a little bit more than you do in something like this however I do appreciate that this movie still maintains at least a certain degree of that element of I guess nowadays you would call it World building but you know spending time in this place getting to know what it’s like and what you you know beautiful special things might have happened here that are worth fighting for or whatever I wish some of those things were richer because it’s like especially for how important the Kora character is

uh part of me was like I like seeing the Sam you know I like seeing the story of like his son and all that stuff like that’s a good idea fine uh and a good way to like tie it all back to Jeff Bridges because we love Jeff Bridges in the first movie yes but part of me is like man she’s part of this like special race and stuff and and she’s like you know a a a she’s the last one of them and you know she’s a bit of a special case and a chosen

one of sworts like I kind of want to see this character story from inside the Tron world and maybe if they could have it it’s weird I I liked this more than I expected to not that I didn’t expect to enjoy it but a lot of the sentiments I heard beforehand and around the time the movie came out was a similar thing to the previous movie in that it’s like wow the effects and the spectacle and the world are really cool but the storytelling is whatever and there some questionable but what I what I found

here was like yeah there are times when it got to be sort of cacophonous and you are sort of like okay I know we have to do all the action movie beats to get to a certain place or get to a certain part of the plot so there were times where it did feel a little draggy or a little weighed down by you know all the Beats all the plot beats we got to hit but I did think again that they did have at least some amount of that Charming world flesh that makes something like

this appealing and and you know worth coming back to or whatever yeah and uh just you know piggybacking a little bit off what you said I I did like the whole element of you know with Jeff Bridges and his son and also too Jeff Bridges bringing back that that energy and also too you could just see like you know with age and time he’d become a lot wiser and more zenier if you will um so OB the dude yeah exactly yeah he really did um so he’s obviously not the exact same character he was in

the first film and obviously 20 years will do that to you um but like you said I I actually do agree with you in terms of qu’s character I I get we had to focus a lot more on you know what’s happening with clue and then the the reveal of Tron being rler rensler R whatever it was um and obviously we got to focus on the relationship between Sam and his father which I Sam and Kevin which I really liked all that stuff but I would have liked to have gotten even more with cor because

I she was my favorite character in the movie and and just the whole idea of the iso and how it could you know repair the world in terms of uh well I forgot that great line he said you you kind of repeated the line um I forgot what the line was it was a great line though uh but I’m just you know about how the isos were like going to heal the world with uh you know medicine and all that stuff and I just I found that whole thing to be so fascinating they just hold

the key to kind of all the things that a us they could you know help us fix that yeah and it would make sense like obviously like Kevin was so fascinated by the world I mean that was his life but like now you insert like the fact that he could like Heal the World like I mean makes sense why he would want to go there and then you have that whole Arc of him understanding like what he’d lost was even greater than that with his son like of course that was the emotional touch of the

film which I appreciated um but yeah I really would have liked more Focus too on uh cor because she is such a great character and I love too for a character that was digitally created like she was H have such a fascination of the real world and I thought that was uh Olivia wild did such a great job playing that off you could see in her in her emot and her facial expressions was just so well done yeah her body language and that sense of wonder and that like yeah that that thing where like she’s

a humanoid character with like she’s essentially supposed to be you know like a human character but she also has that that thing when you’re watching some sometimes you’ll watch something where you’ll have like an alien or somebody somebody having to embody like a a a yeah some other entity that isn’t used to this place and all these traditions and stuff and and so there’s like yeah a genuine curiosity that came with a lot of her performance especially when interacting with Sam and this is one of those movies that because of all these things it it

does make me think of so many options of what it could have been because I think they chose like this makes sense to be the big budget sequel to Tron and to have to play as wide as it does and part of me does wish they could go a little bit more Dune with it or a little bit more like a lead a battle angel with it where where certain things it’s like the set pieces are really cool and you do again Glimpse some of what it’s like to be in here but I I would

love to see a version of this that goes even further down that sort of Dune hole of like let’s really soak in the environment and like what is you know there’s a lot of interesting ideas but but very surface Lev kind of stuff where it’s like oh yeah he’s this reclusive Kevin Flynn is this reclusive sort of zen master who is yeah feeling resigned enough to be like the only way to win is not to play because I’m just stuck here uh and you know there’s like so much about their lives together where you’re like

oh man I would love to see a little bit of this or like see a little bit more of what the iso you know the their little pocket of this world was like before everything you know encroached upon them and they were all wiped out and stuff and and even the contrast it’s like I like that they had a visual contrast between our world and and the computer yes that’s a good point uh but but at the same time like the the all the graphics for inside the computer and all the the way that’s realized

is like for the most part looked really good in terms of the lighting and the movie Magic of marrying all the animation the performances whatever props are there plus all these reflective surfaces and panes of glass and stuff like like it’s really well pulled together in in the world I keep wanting to call it Tron I guess in this version the game is called Tron but but uh uh like there the real world stuff I thought you know it didn’t look bad but there was something about the way that they shot it where I I

I don’t know there was like a a quality to the motion or like a fluidity that did feel like in contrast in a way that didn’t 100% click for me but but you know I like that they at least went to the trouble I I guess I wish some of the real world scenes got a little more TLC and that could be from the pacing too because I feel like in the first movie you did have moments in the real world where you would be kind of taken a back and you’re like oh that’s right

we haven’t been back here in a while and like granted most of the movie takes place in the computer but uh but yeah again it’s it’s one of those things where it’s like I would have traded a couple minutes maybe of really cool spectacles and chases and stuff because after a while it does become that thing of like yeah it it’s each one is cool and they’re cool to experience for the first time but I bet on a rewatch especially it’s like uh there’s a lot of yeah it’s like you got a lot of neon

lit stuff and a lot of really cool again set pieces and stuff but there there does become that thing when you don’t have as much of the it because that’s the thing is it poses ideas and there’s this whole thing about like you know hoarding information and charging for it versus making it free and giving it to all the people and like there are little you know Robin hoodie themes or populist themes or whatever and the theme of of yeah I wanted to make this perfect world uh and I got so obsessed with that that

I you know became a tyrant I basically made a fascist World instead because I was trying to find just the one way everything should exist when really chaos is part of it and those are the times where I wish this could behave more like uh some kind of sci-fi epic rather than having to behave like a popcorn Blockbuster and again I think that there is some of that blend and I did feel not the same kind but like especially for the moment this takes place in in terms of when it came out and everything like

there is still a dazzling quality to how the world comes to life even if it doesn’t have as many thumb prints and as many sort of like the first movie felt like watching a stop motion animation movie only in the sense that you can just feel how much hand crafting had to go into each frame and that’s not to slight CG animators because like a movie like this sings because of the tremendous work from the animators and I think that this is a case where maybe not quite as awe inspiring as the first movie it

still does give you that feeling of like man I would love to play a VR game in this world I would love to visit this place everything looks so freaking cool I want to know more about this Society so my only hope is that going into Tron 3 they Embrace more of those space operatic kind of qualities cuz there were things about this movie that did get a little kooky you know it’s like the the stuff between um Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedland I thought was nice and and you know relatively heartfelt in Earnest um

but it is like a more famili Amar and a more straight played thing whereas you have like Michael Sheen dressed as David Bowie doing all sorts of craziness and you know even Kora is like a little bit quirky in her you know interactions and the way she observes things then you’ve got like the Hench dude who is clearly like just a complete spineless opportunist and so yeah it’s like I appreciate those things and those are spiritual elements where I’m like okay so you didn’t fully misunderstand what the assignment ought to be but yeah next time

I hope you bring more of this look and of kazinski like you know a very commanding visual stylist at the very least uh so yeah it’s just about you know how how does he nail out the storytelling Dynamics basically John wants Dune and blade meets Blade Runner 249 and Tron kind of yeah it’s like if Dune was also Ready Player one you know too that that’ be that’s a good combination of the three yeah oh sorry go ahead no I feel like that would be the ideal modern Tron movie because because again the thing that

surprised me so much about the first one was that yeah You’ I felt less like I was in this kind of like Sleek Computer World in this exact Cadence and more like oh wow this feels like some kind of strange Empire of another realm and this does have that but it it does feel a little bit more like you’re in some kind of Matrix whereas the older Tron felt a bit more tangible in a different way so yeah it’s like that’s the duny that I guess I’m talking about I wasn’t the biggest fan of the

fifth Pirates of the Caribbean I know that’s the director the best yes I know I know the best one the director is doing that so uh having said that I do like the cast of The of Tron Aries I believe is what it’s called it’s got Jared Leto Evan Peters called Trine Tren three uh and Cameron Monahan I think we saw it was on the cast so I mean it’s definitely got a very good cast I’m intrigued by what the possibilities could be if anything I’m just glad to get back into the digital world uh

and also to uh you mentioned Michael Sheen I really loved the way he was chewing the scenery I love what you were saying too and I wonder how many takes they had of him just ramping up and doing messing around doing bits yeah yeah oh they probably just like just do what you got to do we we’ll just uh we’ll film you do your thing yeah exactly exactly I mean still I I had a fun time uh it was a good uh good you know for first time but I think like what you said it

could be a little tedious on on the action sequences is um probably on repeat viewings but uh we’d love to hear in the comments section what did you guys think do you prefer the first one do you like this one are they equally as great are you looking forward to how did you say it TR tran tran you’re looking forward to Jared Leto Tron starring Jared Leto yes yes okay I I I’m actually excited to see I’m curious what they’re going to do U but yeah no these were uh I I I honestly I enjoyed

these these two films they were fun I had a good time I appreciated the the digital uh stuff that we got and just like living inside the World building I just thought it was really cool and and also Kevin Flynn I thought he was a cool character um if this really is the end cuz it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be in the third one they’ll surprise us with the bridges you know they will you know they will what’s going on guys I’m back inside the machine oh God maybe he’ll show up as like

a Zordon head cuz like you know that thing at the end he explodes and becomes you know the the one Singularity whatever fuses with himself want to see that so bad now we don’t if we don’t get that I will be so disappointed but anyways let us know what you thought of this film and are you looking forward to the third one and uh yes do all the YouTube things hit that subscribe button Bell icon notifications and smash the like button and we shall see you next timeo

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