Trooper Shooter: Critical Assault FPS Review | Is this game good?

Ok let’s shoot this guy okay okay Got double
kill A headshot another headshot
What’s up everyone, my name is Rohit and,
in this video, I am going to review Trooper
Shooter: Critical Assault FPS. The game includes
many small little characters with a wide variety
of guns, rifles or knives which look pretty
awesome. It is an online FPS multiplayer game
that have very simple controls. The graphics
are also great. I am just a beginner in this
game and my first impressions for this game
are really good. This game has a high potential
of becoming a great game, if the developers
would add some more game modes and a bit more
concentration towards the free to play players.
I am going to talk about them in details,
so make sure to watch the full video.
First of all, the most important thing is
the developers are becoming too greedy. Why
I’m telling that is because you cannot buy
any high-level characters without spending
actual money. Not just characters, even the
guns and armors couldn’t be bought without
spending actual money. The developers must
give an option for buying legendary characters,
weapons and armors by using credits which
is an in-game currency. Yes, they will be
costly but by saving some

credits, free to
play players can definitely buy them. But
if they don’t do so, then they would decrease
the cost so that almost all players can spend
a small amount of money behind the game and
buy something. My second suggestion for this
game is that they would definitely add some
more game modes and different maps so that
people do not get bored by playing the same
type of game mode and map. When I am recording
this video, this game has only a single game
mode where you have to take control over a
specific area for a limited amount of time
and save it from your enemies and if you can
do so, you win. This is basically a capture
the flag game mode, but I personally am not
a great fan of it. So, they must add some
more game modes such a battle royale type
or maybe a grab the gem type and many others
so that players like me don’t get bored.These
are the two problems, but other than that
everything is fine in this game. So that’s
all for today’s video, hope you guys enjoyed
and if you liked my review then make sure
to subscribe. This is Rohit and I hope to
see you in my next video. Thanks for watching.

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