Trump asks appeals court to review ruling allowing Fani Willis to remain on Georgia election case

Defense attorneys in the Fulton County election interference case have officially asked the Georgia Court of appeals to immediately review Judge Scott mcafee’s disqualification ruling from earlier this month. The ruling allowed district attorney Fannie Willis to remain on the case after special prosecutor, Nathan Wade resigned in a filing

today. Attorneys representing former president Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and other defendants argued that Wade’s resignation wasn’t enough and Judge mcafee should have disqualified the list and her entire office from the case. The defense attorneys claim that Willis’s romantic relationship with Wade created an impermissible conflict of interest that

damaged her ability to impartially prosecute the case. The appellate court has discretion now over whether to hear this appeal, legal experts have told 11 alive. The court of appeals has 45 days to accept or deny it. So far. The Fulton County das office hasn’t responded to a request

for comment on the defense team’s filing.

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