Trying Cookies From D2 Bakery | Food Review | Meringue – Macaroons – Cheese Sticks – Butter Cookies

hi guys today we’re gonna do a food review yes 
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like button yes of course okay let’s tell what  
do we have henson we have blue wings yeah green 
all right an item of street food made by baking  
a mixture of steeple with the dick bites and 
sugar alright and cheese sticks cheese sticks  
yes cheese sticks cheese sticks butter cookies 
and lastly there what do you have a new product  
of d2 macaroons macaroons actually they are 
all new products from d2 if you guys haven’t  
heard of d2d2 is actually a big free store you 
can do it or go to their instagram which is
okay first which one we’re going to 
try first cancer you want to choose
well guys if you like peas you should try this you 
should try this if you’re a fan of cheese try it  
and there is not a single thing 
in the world you can do to stop me
you can go to their store directly or you can go 
to instagram instagram account and check out their  
other products there are tons of other breads

and other cakes which is a lot of things you can  
buy from yes and also good that’s so good okay 
which one you want to try you can choose here’s  
something i’m curious about these two yes if 
you shake this i thought it was going to be  
like much you know like squishy like marshmallow 
but it’s actually hard let’s everyone take one  
okay to tell you frankly we’ve we’ve all never 
tried moorings before and this is our first  
time trying meringue yes okay i’m gonna try 
meringue ready ready go wait it looks like
okay the third one we’re gonna try butter  
i like the packaging though 
it’s very solid it smells good
okay okay that’s why i’m gonna try the macaroon 
so colorful guys look at how many colors they have  
and i like the packaging because you have to see 
through box yes you can see transparent box you  
can see how many macros you have look how colorful 
they are but before we get this let’s play let’s
three okay guys each one 
of us gonna spit the wheel  
and it falls on black one they can 
make five macaroons white they can get  
three and khaki color you get one but 
if it falls on star lucky one lucky one
okay ready spinning ready
three three lucky
i want to try the green one first okay 
green one i want to try the yellow one
inside and the sweetness is okay not too sweet  
guys the shell is very hard and fun and it is 
very crunchy that makes it good looking and good  
these are all have the same feelings which is 
chocolate they’re only different colors okay guys  
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go and check it out and i hope you guys 
enjoy it okay guys thank you for watching  
guys thank you for watching stay 
safe be good we’ll see you next video

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