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Today’s video.
We’re going to be discussing
a new makeup line
that recently came out
and Sephora which is
by the gorgeous Selena Gomez.
She actually came out
with her new makeup brand
which is called rare Beauty.
You guys already know
that your girl had to get
to Sephora to pick up
some products for you guys
so we can discuss
it on my channel.
So this is the look
using all of the products
and I Was definitely inspired
by Selena’s campaign photo.
I think she looked
absolutely stunning that is
where my inspiration
came from this look
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and jump right into the testing
portion of the video.
Ok, so Go ahead and move right
into using the products.
I’m honestly really excited
to see how everything
is going to work for me
because you already know
I love a good full
coverage be like girl.
I love to be slayed
to the gods and I feel
like rare beauty
is definitely going to be more
on that minimal make-up.
Looks Selena Gomez is
makeup is definitely more
on the natural side.
She doesn’t really wear
that full coverage be like,
we normally see so
I’m really excited to see
how these products are going.
I work for me.
So we’re going to go
ahead and move right
into the first product
and I’m going to be doing
my brows with the brow
Harmony Crayon and gel.
I did pick this up in the shade
deep Brown and I feel
like it’ll be a really
nice shade for me.
This brown pencil is a dual
in waterproof pencil
and tinted brow gel
with a precise brush
to sculpt and set and I’m
really excited about this.
They actually had a really
good range when it came
to the brow selection.
This is the brow pencil.
Packaging very Sleek very clean.
I really like the packaging
on this but it also comes
with the product appear in
a very angular shape on this end
is the brow gel right here.
So it doesn’t really
come with a spoolie
like a typical brow pencil,
which I’m like hmm.
I don’t really know
how I feel about that just
by looking at the pencil.
I can already tell
right off the bat
that this would definitely be
a pencil that I use
on the back end of my brow just
because I like the tail end
of my eyebrow to be a lot
more darker and stuff.
So let’s go ahead and try it on.
Right off the bat.
I can tell you guys
that the pencil is
very smooth very pigmented.
So you probably want
to use a light hand,
especially when you’re
at the front tip of your brow.
But I like how creamy
the product is.
Like I barely have to tug
on my browser anything to get
the product to come out.
So I’m just going
to feel in my brow
and I really like this color.
I think deep Brown is
honestly a really good color
for my eyebrows.
Now I’m getting in the front.
Let’s see if I can get
some white hair like Strokes.
Okay, not too bad.
Not too bad.
I feel like if you already
have really nice browse
and you just need to fill
them in this pencil
would be really good
for doing that.
And if y’all hear
any background noise,
it is actually my neighbor doing
his yard work this morning.
I don’t know what made
him want to decide to do it
while I had to film just
going to try to push through
and ignore it girl.
Okay, so that’s pretty
much the Brows done
with the pencil side.
Let’s go.
Read and use that Jill and see
how it tents the Brows
a little bit.
So I’m just going to go ahead
and just brush it up.
Oh, yeah, that is
really really nice.
And I feel like it Combs
the Brows really really
nicely don’t want to put
too much in the front.
I like how this grabs
the brow hairs
and it just places
them right in place.
Like it does a really
good job at doing
that and the tent just
applies really nicely
on top of that brow pencil.
So that’s pretty much the browse
all finish using both sides,
and honestly, I really
Like the brow pencil I
kind of just wish it was
a little bit more precise
in the front end of my brows.
But other than that overall,
I really like the pencil
is very pigmented very creamy.
It Glides on and I feel
like it filled
in my brows really nicely.
So yeah, so I went ahead
and cleaned up my brows and add
a little bit of bronzer
to my eyelids and
we’re going to move on
to the next product
which is the rare Beauty perfect
Strokes matte liquid liner.
And this is in the shade
black and this is
an intense waterproof ladder
that delivers bold even Strokes
with a calligraphy style brush
and you already know I’m
really excited about a liner
because I love my liquid liner
y’all it has been my signature
literally since middle school.
So yes, when I heard
they got a liquid liner
I had to pick it up.
This is the rare Beauty
liquid liner right here.
Honestly, this kind
of reminds me of like
a fancy pen or something.
Like I’m kind of here for it.
I love the minimal look
and it just looks really pretty
and this is what
the tip looks like.
It looks almost
like a felt tip liner,
but I’m excited to see
how it applies a product
if it goes on smooth
and if it’s easy
to create a wing with it.
So here we go.
Okay, very smooth like
Like it just goes on like
you don’t even have
to put any effort into it.
The tip on it is
not hard at all.
Like I don’t feel
like it’s tugging at my eye
and it’s black like
this liner is black
and I like that.
Okay, honestly, I
really like this liner.
Like I’m honestly
really surprised.
I thought it was going to feel
more like a felt tip liner
but it doesn’t is
actually a lot software
and it definitely just
Glides on really easily
and I can definitely see why
it’s named perfect stroke.
It is definitely a product
that I could see a beginner
or someone using
like I love how black it is.
I love how easy it is to apply
it Glides on really nicely
and I love the packaging.
I love how it’s easy to grip
and it just goes
on really smooth.
So girl, Miss Selena.
She might add is some so I went
ahead and threw some lashes on
and we’re going to go ahead and
jump right into the base makeup,
and I’m just in quickly
apply my moisturizer,
which is the pixie intense
moisturizer really quickly.
You guys know I have dry skin.
So I like to make sure
my skin is moisturized
when I put on foundation
and stuff, too.
Honestly, give it a fair shot.
So I’m just going to go ahead
and apply my everyday
moisturizer to my face.
So now for primer rare Beauty
actually did come out
with a primer
in it is the always
an optimist Illuminating primer.
This is a weightless
Universal gel primer
in Richwood ultra fine pearls
for a lit from within glow.
So honestly, that sounds
absolutely amazing.
I’m definitely here for a glow
underneath my Foundation now,
I don’t know
how this is going to work
for my oily skin girls out there
because I know you definitely
don’t want to be Illuminated
if you’re already having
trouble with your oil,
but I would just say just
to try it out and see
how it works for your skin.
I think this would honestly
work is best for dry skin,
but we’re going to say
we’re going to put it
to the test because a girl
I might not like it either.
So this is the packaging for it.
Definitely give me
a little bit of Fenty Vibes,
but I feel
like it looks the same
because they’re both using
that minimal neutral packaging
that is honestly just
aesthetically we pleasing
and I’m kind of here for it.
I love just
how sleek and beautiful.
It looks I’m gonna go ahead
and just apply some
to my fingers and apply it
to my face right off the bat.
It feels amazing.
It feels really
really good on the skin.
I don’t know if you guys can see
but it is definitely
Illuminating my skin
like I can definitely see the Lo
I love how does making my skin
look and I can just imagine
how beautiful the foundation
is going to lay on top of this
but I could definitely see
myself using this primer
all the time just
because it just gives us
that really nice gloves now.
I don’t know if this is going
to help make your makeup last
on it does have a bit
of a tacky feeling to it.
So that does mean it will adhere
to the foundation a little bit.
So let’s go ahead and move right
into the foundation
and this is The rare
Beauty liquid touch
weightless foundation and for
my shade twins out there.
I picked up the shade 430w.
We’re going to pray
that it matches because
if you haven’t been
in Sephora since the whole
pandemic then girl,
you literally can’t Swatch
anything in store
and it’s honestly kind of weird
and not as enjoyable as before
because girl I normally go
into somewhere to play
in the makeup and look at it.
But now it just feels
so weird going in there now.
Let me know
if any of I have been in Sephora
since the whole pandemic
and how you feel about not being
able to Swatch anything.
It’s kind of weird, isn’t it?
So hopefully the shade matches.
So this is a foundation Elixir
that feels barely-there why
building coverage and boosting
that Natural Glow and I
really like that description
for the foundation.
I honestly feel
like it’s going to give us
that more minimal natural makeup
than a full beat.
Y’all know.
I love my full be girl,
but we’re going to test
this out and see
how we feel about it.
We’re not going to just knock
it down right off the bat.
It might be buildable.
So that also might be
a plus as well.
Here is the packaging
for the foundation is
a little bit different
than the primer as you can see.
We have this light
pink packaging on here.
Very Sleek has
the Frosted bottle.
This is actually plastic though
and it has the rare Beauty text
and gold I think is really cute
and it’s very like sleek
and Animal and I like that and
a lot of people say
they think is cheap.
But now that I have
it in my hand.
I think it looks
really nice and cute.
This Foundation also
does not have a pump.
This has a doe foot applicator.
So you can just go ahead
and apply it to your face.
I honestly really like this
because it makes
it easier to apply.
I know a lot of people
don’t like this
because it’s not sanitary girl.
I don’t really mind it
because I’m the only person
that’s going to be
using this foundation.
So for me, I don’t really care.
I’m just going
to apply it right on.
to my face I don’t really know
how much I should apply but.
I’m going to apply a good amount
and I’m only going
to do one side at a time
because I don’t know
how fast it dries down
and I don’t want
to mess myself up.
So and I’m gonna go in
with my morphe times
Jaclyn Hill JH o
3 brush now,
they did come out
with a brush from rare Beauty.
I didn’t pick it up
because I didn’t feel
like it was necessary
for me to buy so I’m just
going to go ahead
and blend this shade out.
Oh, yeah, that’s
actually really nice.
It has like a medium coverage.
I wouldn’t say it was light.
I can definitely see
through a little bit is
definitely not full coverage.
So if you’re someone
that strictly only
needs full coverage.
This probably ain’t going
to be the foundation for you.
Oh that is actually
really pretty y’all
and you can kind of still
see that glow from the primer
underneath which I really like
and it Blended out so seamless
like I’m so Impressed.
Wow, this looks really good.
I’m actually kind of shit.
It looks like your skin
but better we have
the foundation on
and I’m pretty shook.
I honestly really
love this foundation
and I honestly did not think
I was going to like it
because I really thought it
was going to be a lot more light
but it definitely
isn’t that full coverage.
It’s more of a medium coverage,
but I like it and I
could definitely see this being
a buildable Foundation as well.
And I also feel
like the Skin has a really nice
luminous hydrating feel to it.
And I think it just lays
beautifully on the skin.
It is not laying
on top of my skin.
It definitely Blends
right into my skin,
which I love I also want
to let you guys know
that this Foundation did come
out and forty eight Shades,
which I think is a great range
for their first launch.
I think there’s definitely
a shade for everyone
in this collection.
So I really love that as well.
We love us a good
Shade Range, honey.
So moving right
along into concealer.
We have the rare Beauty liquid
touch brightening concealer
and I picked up the shape
or ten neutral and this is a
moisturizing buildable concealer
that melts seamlessly
into the skin
for an undetectable
cake free coverage.
Okay, like that sounds amazing.
And this is actually
the packaging for the concealer.
It is pretty much the same
as the foundation just
a smaller version
if y’all want
to see side-by-side.
Here is the foundation
and the concealer
and they are so cute.
But I like the doe
foot applicator on this
because I feel like
since has angular it
is perfect to get right in
between your nose
and the eye to go ahead
and just give you
that motion to go back
and forth with the concealer.
So let’s go ahead and apply it.
Did y’all see how easy that was
to apply that concealer?
Like you can definitely
just do that swooping motion
underneath your eyes and I like
that right in there
and No, yeah that tip can get
so close to that inner corner.
I like that as well.
So I’m going to go
ahead and apply
that the like I could have went
one shade lighter than this
but we’re going to make
this work now rare Beauty
did come out with a sponge
and I think
a concealer brush as well.
I did not pick up either one
of those products either
because most of the products
that I use I have been using
and I love them and a girl
if it ain’t broke then
don’t fix it.
So I And I feel
like he was that necessary
for me to pick up either one
of those products
because I love my sponges
and brushes that I already have.
So we’re going to go
in with my sponge.
I’m just going to blend out
that concealer this point out
like instantly like
it is very seamless.
I will say it’s
not the fullest of coverage
when it comes to concealer,
but it definitely
has like that light
to medium coverage it.
Does say on the packaging
it is buildable.
So for the concealer,
I just love
how easy and effortless.
It was to just blend
out the concealer
and definitely Blends
beautifully on top
of that foundation
and I can definitely
tell the formula
of this concealer is definitely
on the hydrating side as well,
which I personally loved
and I would definitely
say this has more
of like a medium coverage.
I would not consider this
concealer to be full coverage
or anything but I like it
and I think it looks beautiful.
The face I’m gonna go
ahead and set it
with my setting powder
and the setting powder
I’m going to be using
is the Huda Beauty setting
powder in the shade Blondie,
and I’m going to set everywhere
that I apply the concealer.
When I saw you
that this sets so
pretty I cannot tell you
how beautiful it looks like now
that I’ve said it.
Oh, I’m sold I am sold on it.
The blush we’re going
to be using is the rare Beauty
soft pinch blush.
This is a long lasting
liquid blush that blends
and bills beautifully
for a soft healthy finish.
I normally don’t do
cream products that much
but I was very intrigued to see
what this was going
to Like on the face
and I pick it up
this shade love.
I also have a little sample
of a different shade,
which is Grace.
So I went ahead and Swatch both
of those blushes for you guys.
This is the shade Grace which is
a really nice pink color.
And then this is a shade love
which is the color I picked up.
This is more of a warm
terracotta Peach shade
and I think it is
really really pretty.
So let’s go ahead and
get into applying.
I think I’m going to apply
on the back of my hand
and then apply it to to a brush
and then go into my face
apply about that much.
I’m going to take my brush
and kind of go all over
and just go in.
Oh, yeah.
I definitely think that was
the best way to do this.
If you get this product,
I would highly recommend you put
it on the back of your hand get
your brush go in
and then apply it
and I love the fact
that this blush dries down
to a powder finish and
that color love is Beautiful
definitely the perfect shade
for me the definitely see myself
wearing this all the time.
It was so easy to apply
definitely a lot easier
than I expected.
We have another product
that is also another
like liquid product.
This is their positive
light liquid illuminizer.
This is like a liquid
highlighter and I got
the shade outshine,
which is more of like
a Goldie champagne a shade.
This is a silky
secondhand liquid highlighter
that creates a long-lasting lit
from within glow all the colors
that they had in this
were absolutely stunning.
But this was the one
that made the most sense for me.
So I’m really excited to see
how this is going to apply
on top of that blush.
I’m going to apply
this the same way.
I apply the blush
on the back of my hand.
And then I’m going to go in
with that little brush.
Into my skin I
would definitely say
when I’m applying this.
This definitely is
a very natural highlight
like it’s not going to give
you that boom in my face.
I am glowing definitely
dries down to like
a very Natural Glow.
I’m not really
a liquid highlighter person.
Like I would prefer
just a powder highlight
in a compact light
on my Cupid’s bow my use
our finger to kind of
blend out and dogs,
so, that’s me.
You pretty much apply
the liquid highlighter.
Honestly, really think
it is cute isn’t my cup of tea?
Not really.
I honestly just like
a powder compact highlighter
and that’s just me.
But if you’re someone
that likes a liquid highlighter
anything then you’ll like
this product is
very easy to blend out
and it does dry down
to a powder finish.
I just don’t like
liquid highlighters
and I never really have
but it’s cute.
It’s cute.
It’s definitely very
pigmented light as you can see
with my nose highlight
in my Cupid’s bow girls.
She is glowing
but you can also get
that like subtle look as well.
All right, so onto
the lip products so
I went with the lip
sole matte liquid Lip Cream.
They also came out with a lip
balm but I didn’t pick that up
because I have a lot of light
cream lipsticks and stuff.
These are described
to be a width lip cream
that delivers comfortable
one stroke color
with a vivid velvety finish.
I picked up the shade Inspire,
which is the red that Selena
is wearing in the campaign.
I also went with a neutral
of course and I picked
up the shade Fearless.
Let’s go ahead and apply it.
Oh, this is like so smooth
this color y’all I love it.
I love the formula
this like honestly,
I’m going to pick up
so many more of these
this nude is gorgeous.
The formula is absolutely bomb.
Like I’m so impressed
with the formula on this
like this is not what I thought
it was going to feel like
when I put it on it
went on so smooth.
So now I’m going
to go in with the red
which is the shade
and Like I said,
this was the color
Selena was wearing
in her campaign shots.
If you also go in Sephora
and look at the display,
then she also has
her signature up there.
So I’m assuming this one was
her favorite shade.
So I definitely wanted
to pick it up and try it out.
Oh, yeah, very vibrant very
vibrant and it is Glides
on so nicely but can we get
into this red lip girl?
This red lip is stunning.
I am obsessed with it.
The nude lip was
perfect for everyday,
but this right here
if you want a bold look
if you want to just take
your look to nighttime
by just changing
your lip to read girl.
This is stunning.
Like I’m so glad
I picked up this shade
and I can definitely see
why Selena loves this one.
Well and I feel
like it looks beautiful
on so many different skin tones
is such a really nice red like
I’m here for this.
So I’m gonna go ahead
and do my hair really quickly
and then I’ll be back
so we can discuss everything
from rare Beauty
and I can give you
guys my final thoughts
on all of the products.
Okay, so I’m back and let’s go
ahead and discuss everything
with rare Beauty.
So overall I am really impressed
with a lot of the products
that Why use today?
Honestly, it turned
out a lot better
than I expected to
and I think Miss Selena Gomez.
Did her thing with this line.
I definitely think
this lot is perfect for someone
who wants everyday makeup.
I also like the fact
that it almost has more
of a beginner friendly feel
to it and I feel
like if you’re
not that experience
and make up this is definitely
a good line to try as well.
I love the whole concept
of it being more of like
model makeup more minimal.
I know a lot of people
will probably ask
this question as well.
Is it comparable to fante
and honestly when I think
about both of these Brands,
I would not honestly
compare them to each other.
Now the packaging
might look the same
or have that similar vibe to it.
But when it comes
to the products,
I definitely wouldn’t say they
have similar things about them
because what Fenty everything
is a lot more full coverage.
You’re getting
that Full Beat look
and what Selenas rare
Beauty collection has
more of that minimal
lightweight fresh makeup
that you’re not going
to get from Fenty.
So that’s pretty much everything
with my rare Beauty review.
Let me know
in the comments below.
Do you plan on picking up
anything from rare beauty
or what is your overall
thoughts on the brand
the packaging or the products
that Selena Gomez decided
to launch in her makeup line.
I would love to chat it up with
you guys in the comments below.
Don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button
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I love you guys so so much.
Thank you for all the love
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and I will see you
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