Trying the new SIREN SUNSET collection | Lunar Beauty review and tutorial

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. We are doing a review. Oops, something’s happening over here. We are doing a review today. I’m getting ready. I’m doing a foundation wear test. So I thought, let me do some eye makeup just to pass some time and see how it is. Yeah. So we’re gonna look at the Lunar Beauty Siren Sunset, which is new. Not necessarily, like, for Halloween, just happens to be near the same time. But as you can see, there’s some incredible purples down here, which I absolutely love. Listen, I feel like I haven’t done a purple look

in so long, and I know I say that every time I do a purple look, but I think I’ve been doing, like, greens and blues and stuff like that. So I’m looking at the purples. The Lunar Beauty eyeshadow textures are beautiful. Anyway, I will always, always like them. We have three liquid lipsticks that are $18 each. We have, Sailor. This is more of like a nude shade, which I think is going to be more my kind of color. I love these little diamonds up here. So cute. Then we have Pink Pearl, which is very much

like a true dusky pink, I would say. And then we have Abyss, which is this deep purple. This looks so good. So let’s do a

quick tutorial. Quick look. Let’s get into it. Let’s go first with… what am I going to do? Okay, let’s go in with… Oh, my God. I don’t even know where to start. Okay, let’s start with Mystery. This, like, grayish tone. I think this will be really nice as… wait, let me put it on before I say it. No. I was going to say a contour, but it’s very, very… mm, I

don’t know. Or maybe Low Tide would be nice as a contour. I just want to shape up. What is this? Aww, it’s a Beauty and the Beast brush. I’ll link all the brushes and everything I use down below also, because people always ask, and I feel like it’s old fashioned to be like, this is my Sigma E 24 brush. I feel like no one does that anymore. Maybe because no one does tutorials anymore. But let me know, let me know down below if you’re interested in the brushes people are using. That might be a really

stupid question, but I feel like it’s such an old fashioned thing to do. Like, hey, guys, I’m using my… you know what I mean? That’s kind of nice just by itself. And that’s it. That’s the whole tutorial done. I’m joking. I’m joking. Let’s…. yeah… Let’s go into Starfish, which is this pinky, pinky gray. And I’m just going to halo that gray more so on the outside edge here, just to give it, like, the suggestion of the shape. I just want to remind everyone that when I say if that makes sense, I’m confirming with myself that

what I said just makes sense. It’s not me thinking that you’re stupid. Like somebody once said, they felt attacked because I kept saying if that makes sense. Just confirming that what I said makes sense, as the phrase suggests. I love gray. I just love gray. There’s something about grays that really, like, I just love. You know what would be really great, if I could get this eye makeup symmetrical today. That would be great, that’d be a great time. That’s all I want. All I want for Christmas. Okay, let’s use Sea Witch on the lid. It’s

this really beautiful… It looks like a gray, but has, like, a very purpley pinky shift to it. It looks really nice. I’m trying to be careful not to get any fallout on my foundation. Usually I would do my eyes before and then do foundation afterwards, but because I’m doing a foundation test, this probably wasn’t the best idea. Am I out of focus? Oh, that’s different to how I thought it was going to go on. I thought it was going to go on a little bit more subtle in the purple department, but it’s still nice. I

thought it was going to be a little bit less purple. You know, I want to use my finger because sometimes I feel like shimmers like this go on a lot nicer with a finger. It doesn’t look any different. Okay. Yeah, I like it. I like it a lot. So this is where I would usually do concealer, but you know what I think I’m going to do? I want to take, there’s a blue in here, Deep Sea, that looks so beautiful, and… I was about to say deep, but it’s called Deep Sea. And rich. So I

kind of want to do it underneath and bring it up from underneath. Does that make sense? Going to use this brush from Blend Bunny, into Deep Sea. I do want to tap this off and get it, make sure I don’t.. Go right up by the lash line first. Down here. Just going to make a nice line like this, and I just want to bring it up almost like a liner from underneath and then join it to the top. Yeah, just a little. Just a little. I don’t want anything dramatic. Nothing crazy. It’s Sunday. You know

what I mean? Okay, and then let’s blend out the blue underneath so it’s a little bit more smudgy, because at the moment it’s looking like old tattoo eyeliner. I like it. I like it. I’m going to go in with a denser brush and then just tap some of that blue on top. But I also want to go over the blue with the Temptress, like blue shimmer. I love it when a blue works out. I just love when blue in a palette works and it’s not all weird and being, like, behaving strange. Like, it won’t sit…

I have a real issue with blues. Blues and yellows. Okay, let’s take Temptress, that like shimmery blue, and I just want to go underneath the whole eye pretty much. Cute. I’m going to take Siren. I think. Let’s try it and do a little bit just on this inside corner here. Like, bloop, bloop. I think I’m going to take Deep Sea, a little bit more that blue, and just kind of… My God, I really don’t want to get it on my cheeks. Yeah, just join it in a little bit more. Sorry, I’m down here. I like

it. Okay, let me… I feel like it needs maybe something a bit darker through the socket. Let’s take Aluring. No. Yes. We’ll do it in this inside corner first and see, like, around here. Like, I don’t want it to be overpowering, though. Okay. We’ll maybe get some lashes on and see see how it looks after that. Let’s try these lip colors first. Let’s go in with Sailor. Oh, I see. Okay. We can do something with this. It’s got that, like, signature Lunar Beauty smell. It’s really beautiful. It’s not too overwhelming either on the lip. I

want to blot this into my skin almost and then go over with some foundation. Oh, yeah. I look like a spooky, spooky mermaid. Yeah, I like it. I look disheveled. Okay, let’s take Abyss, which is this, like, deeper purple, and I’m going to go right in. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God these shades were made for this look. Absolutely. Absolutely. If I could walk around with this decaying body lip all day, I absolutely would. I look like a mermaid in trouble. Okay, let’s get on some lashes, and then we’ll be done with this look. Okay, so

the glue isn’t dry on my lashes yet. So you’ll see a little of the glue drying on the inside corner here. But I really like this palette. This is really nice. Now the lashes are on, I kind of want to extend that blue. 1 second, please. I do have a bit of fallout under here from when I went in with my fluffy brush to fluff up the edges. Usually, like I say, doesn’t really bother me because I do my foundation first, usually. Sorry, my eyes first, usually, but no, I really like it. Another great palette.

I love these lips. You know what? I just want to try something very quickly. Okay, no. I think I kind of ruined it. Okay, anyway. Well, thank you so much for joining me. Thank you so much for being here. I’d love to know your opinions on this collection down below. Do consider subscribing. Give this video a thumbs up, and I will see you very soon. Bye.

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