Tudor Fastrider Blackshield Chronograph 42000CN Watch Review | SwissWatchExpo

Fresh from the showcase here 
at SwissWatchExpo. Today,  
we have a beautiful all ceramic chronograph 
to share with you. So let’s check it out,
This super fresh new arrival that I’m excited 
to share with you today is a Tudor Fastrider  
Blackshield, which is a pretty unique entry 
into their line of watches. It was originally  
the Fastrider line was a collaboration 
between Tudor and Ducati. I believe to  
make a super sporty type of chronograph with a 
lot of flair involved. And this is definitely  
what this watch has. It’s been discontinued 
pretty short production run of less than 10  
years. That’s across the entire Fastrider 
line. And I think the most interesting  
offering they have ever given is this beautiful 
all ceramic black shield with an incredible  
ceramic bezel case and dial. And this one’s on 
a super unique strap to just the first thing  
about this watch. Most people associate Tudor 
with being the “Baby Rolex” brand. And there  
is a lot of truth to that and the history of the 
brand, and then a lot of the watches they make.
But you will notice the Fastrider is certainly 
where they come into their own. This watch has  
absolutely nothing in common with a 
Rolex Daytona. So this is definitely  

very unique watch and something that is a very 
intrinsically Tudor and not anything that I think  
they got a whole lot of inspiration from 
Rolex on at least not compared to a lot of  
their other models like dive watches and such, 
but let’s go ahead and get into it. The first  
thing you’ll notice is this watch is all black. 
Everything except the hands and the markers,  
but I’ve noticed that the markings on 
the sub dial are also black ceramic.  
So this is a beautiful looking black matte 
finish which if you love that, I certainly  
do. I love the way it looks on luxury cars and 
I love the way it looks on this watch as well.
Something about this sort of collaboration between 
Ducati and a Tudor with the Fastrider is this is  
definitely a style over substance watch. This is 
not something that’s going to be super effective  
at actually, I don’t know, reading times 
on the fly, if you were actually a timing  
racetrack or race cars around the track. So, 
but this is definitely keeping with sort of  
the monotone look and they do make versions in all 
black, including the hands and markers. That’s if  
you really just want a cool piece of black ceramic 
on your wrist, but at least this one is going to  
be very effective at telling time. And I do love 
the red accent on the sweet chronograph hand here  
as well. That adds just a bit of a splash of 
color and makes it a little more sporty because  
there’s something I don’t know, kind of dressy 
about the black and gold combo of this dial,  
even though I would not consider this a dress 
watch by any stretch of the imagination.
It’s 42 millimeters. So already going to be 
noticeably larger than a Daytona and heftier  
on the wrist. Another interesting combination here 
is what I do like is that this does have the pump  
pusher chronograph pushers, which I do think is 
pretty practical. Even if it’s not as waterproof.  
I definitely think screwing and the pushers 
on the fly can make it a little challenging  
to actually engage the chronograph of one thing 
you’ll notice is that unlike most chronographs  
with the pump pushers, this does have a screw down 
crown, and I did have to look up, this is water  
resistant to 150 meters, which I think is really 
more than you would need for most chronographs,  
especially when this one’s on a strap. So I do 
think that’s a sort of an interesting combination  
that this is still considered waterproof or water 
resistant, at least even though sort of the crown  
and pushers have sort of been switched to the 
way that a lot of other chronograph watches do.
One of the things that’s particularly interesting 
about this model is the strap. This is an  
Alcantara strap, which I had to look it up. I’m 
not that big into different type of faux leather  
finishing, but this is a suede type material, 
which is supposed to be much easier to clean  
and a lot more durable than traditional suede, but 
it is super, super comfortable and is also going  
to be great for those super hot summer months. I 
mean, I know we’ve been steadily cracking 90 here  
in Atlanta, so definitely would prefer to have 
a strap like this on my watch, then some sort of  
calf leather, but it is an incredibly neat look. 
It almost looks, it looks incredibly comfortable  
and not just for a great casual look that goes 
great with this watch as well. Lastly, the  
deployant is also ceramic, which I think is again, 
super consistent in keeping with this really great  
dark sinister look here, and you don’t have 
an exhibition case back or anything like that.
They kept it ceramic all the way around the back, 
which again, I think is great for the consistency  
of this watch. And it’s just a beautiful 
aesthetic. This is probably going to be a  
controversial choice, not for everyone, but then 
again, not everyone has a black ceramics watch in  
their collection. And if that’s something you’ve 
been tossing around in your head or considering,  
this is definitely one to go to, it’s going to 
be a much more different look than say a Panerai  
or a lot of other brands that do black ceramic 
cases and do them very well. But this is a much  
different look, super modern, super sporty, and 
still a very casual watch too. Even if it’s not  
going to be great for actual racetrack use, of 
course, we’ve got a lot more traditional type of  
chronographs and sport watches from a variety 
of brands. I’m sure you already know that,  
but if you don’t like it, subscribe to the 
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