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What is a Destro left-handed watch and 
why in the world would you want one?  
Coming up Fresh from the 
Showcase at SwissWatchExpo.
Fresh from the Showcase at SwissWatchExpo, 
we’re talking about Destro watches. There’s  
a lot of weird nomenclature around these watches 
and it might be a little bit confusing. We’ll try  
to cut through all that and make it clear for 
you. It’s an interesting concept. We’re really  
talking about any watch where the crown is on 
the left side instead of the traditional right.  
That’s what we mean when we talk about 
a Destro watch or a left-handed watch,  
but there’s a few different words that 
people use around that. So let’s try to  
make that clear. So the word Destro, it’s 
an Italian word. That means, right. So  
why would we call this a right-handed 
watch? Well, it’s because the idea would  
be that you would wear it on the right hand. 
So let’s just say you’re a left-handed person.  
About 10% of the population out there is including 
myself and a few of the salespeople here.
It turns out. And if you were wearing a watch the 
traditional way, you’re wearing it on your left  
hand. And so it’s perfect for you to reach over 

/> with your right hand and manipulate the crown.  
Also the left hand probably doesn’t get used as 
much by a right-handed person. So it would help  
protect the watch from any kind of extraneous 
knocks where that sort of thing. So this is  
the way we think of it. Even being a left-handed 
person, I usually wear my watch on my left hand.  
Most left-handed people, I think wear it on the 
right for the same reasons. It keeps it out of  
the way on the right side. But now if you think 
about it, the crown is now on the right side.  
Most watches when they’re that way you 
would have to reach around with your  
left hand to try to awkwardly manipulate 
the crown, or you just couldn’t do it.
So instead, these left-handed watches, they 
conveniently relocated the crown from the right  
side to the left. You can wear it on your right 
hand and then you can manipulate the crown with  
your left hand, much more easily. But what 
if you’re not left-handed? Well, you could  
still always wear a watch on your right hand. I 
know a guy who wears two watches all the time,  
an Apple watch and a real 
watch. So you could do that.  
But for a lot of people, when I 
hear some feedback on Panerai,  
one of the things that people are concerned about 
is that because this crown guard is so large,  
they’re afraid that if they have it pointed toward 
their hand, that it’s going to somehow get in the  
way when they flex their hand and it’s going 
to dig into their rest and dig into their hand.
I always wear my Panerai on my left hand, the 
crown has never bothered me once. So don’t  
really worry about that. But if you are concerned 
about it, you can always get the left-handed watch  
like this Luminor and you could wear it on your 
left hand as a left-handed watch, and it would  
relocate the crown to inside instead of toward 
the, toward your hand. And you would never have to  
worry about that digging into your wrist – feature 
of the, of the large crown garden on the Panerai,  
or if you are left-handed or you just liked the 
look of it, you can always wear it over here on  
the right side. And it’s a perfect reverse. Now, 
one of the interesting things about the history of  
these watches is that the story goes that in 1952, 
Charlie Chaplin, the famous silent movie star  
that he was left-handed and he wanted a watch 
that he could use the crown with his left hand.
And so he ordered one from Rolex. 
I guess if you’re Charlie Chaplin,  
they’ll make a one-off watch 
for you. They wouldn’t for me.  
But they did for him. And his watch was sold for 
millions of dollars at an auction a few years ago.  
When – I don’t think that Rolex has ever done a 
left-handed watch though, as a production watch  
that you have to correct me if I’m wrong. Tell us 
in the comments. I know that their sister company  
tutor that in the Tudor Pelagos line, there were 
special orders that were done all through the  
seventies, quite a few of them apparently to the 
point that it’s a -I wouldn’t say common watch,  
but a lot more common than a left-handed Rolex. 
So the company decided to take their Pelagos line  
and the current sportiest tool watch you 
do see a lot of these left-handed watches.
They’re really, they’re focused 
on being tool watches. They’re not  
dress watches or anything like that. They 
are watches that people really are using  
day to day for some sort of timekeeping function. 
But in their Pelagos line, they’ve come out with  
what they call the LHD for left-hand drive. 
And we have it in stock here in titanium.  
It’s just a great look, but you can see, 
this is actually a production watch.  
With Tag Heuer back in the sixties when Heuer 
was part of the conglomerate and they came out  
with the first automatic chronographs, they 
located the crown on the left side. Apparently  
at the time they, it was too complicated 
to be able to have the chronograph module  
and have the pushers and also have the crown 
all on the same side. So it’s just naturally on  
the left. So if you’re a purist, when it comes to 
all things, Steve McQueen and racing, and you can  
see this one has the Gulf levery. The definitely 
the, the caliber 11 Monaco, you’re going to one  
is the one with the crown on the left, because 
that was the one that the King of Cool wore.
So you’ve got a few different choices here for 
the left-handed watches for the Destros. If you  
call us up, we’ll be, we’ll know exactly what 
you’re talking about. I think that the Panerai,  
that this is one of the coolest looks because 
it’s already a really unusual watch. That’s  
a real conversation piece. Whenever I, I used 
to have a left-handed titanium Luminor Marina,  
and every time I wore it, it got 
all kinds of conversation around  
it because people want to know exactly 
what that was going on. And, you know,  
they thought it looked like a throwback military 
watch, which of course it was. So a lot of fun you  
can have with these, whether you’re left-handed 
or right-handed, it really makes a good choice.  
If you’ve ever thought at all about the idea that 
the Panerai crown guard might sort of dig into  
you, this is a solution for you, but just going 
back historical pieces. Really some interesting  
stories behind these and a great chance for you to 
have an unusual, interesting conversation piece.

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