Tudor Prince Day Date White Roman Dial Steel Mens Watch 76214 Review | SwissWatchExpo

So right here, I have the 36 millimeter Day 
Date. And if you’re not looking closely enough,  
you might not have realized that this is a Tudor. 
So significantly different, but also very similar  
to what you might see from the big sister of Tudor 
with Rolex’s Day Date. Obviously in this case,  
this is a stainless steel watch. So it’s not the 
18 karat gold that you’re used to, and obviously  
not the same price tag. And which I think is 
a really good thing. This one’s only $3,990.  
And the great thing is because you can actually 
get the functionality of having both the day  
and the date without having to pay the $15,000 – 
$25,000 premium for a watch that’s very similar  
from its big sister Rolex. And so I wanted to 
showcase this one just to show you guys what you  
can actually get for from Tudor as a brand, which 
I think is probably one of the best values in the  
industry. They have some of the best game going 
on for me. And I think I wanted to show you this.  
If you were looking for a 36 millimeter with the 
same functionality, this is the one that go with.  
You get your beautiful bracelet along

with that 
too. And it’s just a gorgeous watch to behold.

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