Tuomionpäivän levyarvostelut: Prestige- You Weep (Music video review with english subtitles)

Today here is.
This band for review
Finnish Thrash Metal
And what I know about their earlier stuff
They handle this genre
There surely will be good riffs and stuff
But without any more bullshit. lets listen and check what thoughts we get about this new song
Well first thoughts are
This starts with good “sahaus” riff (sahaus=sawing)
Good sounds
Video also looks interesting
This is probably not the reproach but
There are these “HEY! HEY!” shouts
Those could be done little stronger those are little too quiet and shy in my opinion
Ofcourse they maybe try to keep that realistic how it could be in live show
But I think those are little too quiet/ shy anyway
Thats damn nice part they let bass play some riff alone
And drums stops that and then repeat
There was this kind of part which is really basic and populary used in Thrash metal
That rhythm can change so fast
Thats really relevant thing for this genre
And here its not jump too much in annoying way to ears
But that was great example about that
What is so relevant and used thing for the genre
I could say that, riffs sounds

good already
This can be compared to
Exodus, Kreator
Something like that
These guys don´t lose for those
I think the drummer play really sharp too
There is these fast drum fills and he play that
Its not too fast and it does not wedge
Its just perfect
That was hell a good sounding guitar solo part and even there these drums are made so perfectly fit for music.
And how this solo ends and this music continue
You can hear this all experience behind this
They don’t stumble
at any point where many stumble really often
everything has been matched really well
Well okay! that was really amazing ending part with all those solos and speed
And personally I like when they end that song like that. with some real good wheezing sound!
Guitar wheezing sound
This was talented job again
There you can see that another
new music video from this band that one I checked earlier already
There I also stated
You can see when band have experience
They do great job
About this song
I didn´t found any weakness in this genre
Those moments when that rhythm is changing it was done well
Thats relevant for the genre it happens (that rhythm changing)
But if you listen bands from this genre with full focus
There is so many of them
Lets say even band Pantera (groove metal) have those kind of moments if you listen their songs with full focus
Start think that rhythm changed little suprisely way
in a way because
those different parts
those both are so
Those are just so coddamn good ones
And it immediately continue so damn nicely way that second part
Thats why this change dont disturb
And maybe its done somehow like
This change is so short
They dont try to make there any tricks between
And then this style stays pretty same all the time
I have sometimes criticized something like that if there is
Example acoustic part
And that change to heavier part the change is too drastic
Here is not those kind of things
It comes all the time with that heavy sound
But thats all. It was good song and video also
See ya!

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