Tuomionpäivän levyarvostelut:Mortyfear-Misfortunate Phoenix (music video review with english subt.)

Hello everyone again!
Today here is
New single from band Mortyfear
And music video
for review, so lets watch that
And what thoughts we get from that
I haven´t listen or watch that before
And I should listen this upcoming album.
When I just have time for that
I need to say, in this summertime my release speed for reviews is slower
But I will try
But now… Lets listen….
First thing I can say that
There is some psychedelic vibes
In video and in music also in some way and then about the sounds
They have made it kinda
old school sounding
Its not so bright sound and
And its kinda
Stale is not maybe right word for that but
That sounds pretty nice I think
there was nicely done implementation
to describe agony
What I started to think right now
That kind of part would be nice to see in live performance how it
can be done in live action
And when after that start sing more heavy
This sounds damn awesome!
This vocal part little surprised me now
And it´s little kinda
I can´t get that rhythm from this part
Its kinda

messy I think
Even these vocals sounds nice and
And this guitar sound also start to be more bright
They have made that there is coming some change in music
But on first listen this goes somehow little messy with this rhythm
I am a little confused after this first listening
This is also maybe this kind of song you need to listen multiple times
Before you can say everything but
Or maybe not even after that
But yeah. This was versatile song
For me there was little messy rhythms in some moments
The music and vocals go a little crosswise
Its maybe because here is these psychedelic vibes
Maybe because that. This have made like this?
It was little hard to
feel that beat and party with music
But ofcourse that wasnt maybe even purpose of this music..
This was interesting song
And video is also interesting
And I think in Finland we don´t have many bands like this so
they stand out from the crowd
Sounds was
kinda old school in my opinion
And I like that style
So its good thing
And everything is in good balance
I can´t say many reprehensible things from this song maybe just this
This rhythm goes little messy on that one part in my opinion
But this was nice song have to listen couple more times
Can I hear there something more while listening it again
But thats all. Thank you for this and see you again!

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