TurboStart Battery? Is It Worth It? Unboxing & Review

howdy folks troy with v twins the v8s i’m 
here today to do an unboxing and uh check out  
the turbo start battery uh these batteries 
are supposed to mimic the original battery  
for your classic cars like behind me here i’ve 
been restoring this uh 64 imperial for some time  
now you probably if you if you subscribe to 
my channel you’ll see a lot of how-to videos  
that have used this specific car and um i’ve 
got the engine compartment pretty well dialed in  
and uh the battery thing always becomes a sticking 
point like you know uh in the past we’ve had the  
caps and covers that you put on the top the 
decals that go on the side uh things like that  
they kind of disguise the battery so it looks like 
a um an old-school battery but this is supposed to  
actually be a shell of an old-school battery with 
an all the new stuff on the inside so it’s like a  
resto modded battery so what we’re going to do is 
we’re going to cut this baby open and see what it  
really looks like i’ve yet to see it other than 
in pictures and um i’m anxious to give it a shot  
and see what exactly this sucker looks like

here we go so what is in here a lot of styrofoam  
and yeah it’s a battery all right i’m just going 
to cut this box right open because i don’t need it
cut this baby right down like that
as they say in jersey about a bing
oh you’re seeing the plain side this is the good 
side over here let me slide this right off of here  
like this and look at that i mean wow it looks it 
looks just like a just like a mopar battery should  
i mean it’s mint it’s got the little the yellow 
um caps on the top it says it says mopar on it  
it’s uh this is great i’m gonna set it in the car 
and we’ll get a look at what it looks like so as  
you can see it’s a pretty original looking 
under hood if you can imagine putting the  
napa auto parts special in there it just 
would ruin the look of it i could actually  
throw one in there and show you what it 
would look like versus the other which uh  
yeah we could do that yeah so i mean you know 
th this is what basically you’d be looking at  
the auto parts special in there 
and i mean it’s just nasty  
yeah so there you go so now there’s our mopar 
battery in the spot where it’s supposed to be  
perfect i don’t have any of those clunky side 
terminals i don’t have the flat top i don’t have  
the handle on there i mean you know this looks 
like this battery is supposed to be in this car  
which is what we’re really going for here so there 
it is folks the turbostar battery for the mopar it  
looks mint fits in there perfect kind of caps off 
our whole under under hood look here to have that  
real original type of look please check out the 
description area below the video for links to  
get this product make any comments that you’d 
like like the video please and subscribe if you  
will i’m troy kane from v twins the v8s and thank 
you for tuning in and good luck on your project

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