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If you haven’t gone remote yet,
you have no clue what you are missing out on!
Hey, I am Faizal from India.
I am a Full Stack developer.
I have solid expertise in highly in-demand skills
such as Node, Angular, React,
MongoDB, SQL among others.
My leadership skills have also earned me a Tech Lead role.
I have also delivered multiple white labelled
Blockchain solutions in the past.
With a stellar profile, I was looking out
for top remote U.S opportunities.
I was lucky to come across Turing almost instantly.
I watched videos on what other developers had to say,
and the reviews impressed me so I decided to give it a shot!
All the skepticism I had about working remotely
as a full-time employee has now vanished.
Along with the latest and the greatest technologies,
I have a brilliant and diverse team that is awesome to work with.
Getting my salary is also quite easy.
With a single click on the Deel platform,
I get paid in U.S dollars!
I see myself at Turing for the long term.
As a Turing developer, I am not restricted from
exploring technologies and can keep expanding my skills.
I am

interested in leadership roles
so I will keep working hard to raise my ranks.
Outside the daily overlap of 4-5 hours
with the U.S timezone,
I have the freedom to work at any time of the day.
This means I get more time for my family,
and for my own personal growth!
So, what are you waiting for?
Take your first step towards building
your dream engineering career!
Sign up at Turing.com and take the test.

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